Slaughter in Nigeria — Where Is the State Department?

unnamedAn explosion devastated a busy bus station on the outskirts of the Nigerian capital of Abuja on Monday, April 14, 2014. It was the latest in a series of terrorist attacks on Africa’s most populous nation. No group had claimed credit for the attack as of Monday, but Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan laid the blame at the feet of Boko Haram, the Islamist terrorist group seeking the eradication of Christians and the Islamization of Nigeria.  

The blast took place at 6:55 a.m. according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). Reuters reported at least 71 dead and 124 injured, but on Tuesday, Punch raised the number dead to 89, including three perpetrators, with 257 injured. And this was not the week’s only attack. 

Just days earlier, Boko Haram jihadists killed some 200 in Borno, a northeastern Nigerian state that has seen far more than its share of jihad terrorism. Punch reported that on April 9-10 attacks took place on communities in several towns, as well as on a teachers’ training college and a group of students traveling to their matriculation exams. Boko Haram seemed determined to show that “western education is forbidden.”

Rarer was Monday’s attack on Abuja’s Nyanya Mass Transit Park – demonstrating the terrorists’ brazenness, operating in the country’s capital, as well as the northern and middle state belts to which they have already laid claim. The blast destroyed 16 high-capacity buses and damaged another 24, as well as affecting smaller vehicles, a police spokesman told Reuters. Many of the buses were loaded with commuters, so the attack left a hellish scene of charred bodies, body parts, and twisted metal. In Tuesday’s report, Punch told of an eyewitness who said that the attack was carried out by four insurgents in a Volkswagen Golf.

According to NAN, many of the commuters in this transit point for the satellite communities of the Federal Capital Territory surrounding Abuja were on their way to work and their businesses. But Nigerian attorney and human rights activist Emmanuel Ogebe pointed out that this attack took place on the first day of Holy Week in a country in which Easter is a major holiday.

“Abuja is emptying out as people travel to their home states for the long holiday,” said Ogebe. He believes the bus station was targeted deliberately on the week of Easter. This would be no surprise, as a majority of Islamist attacks in Nigeria target Christians, Christian holidays (holy days), and have occurred at churches and Christian schools and universities.

When President Jonathan visited the scene of the carnage, Reuters said he denounced “the activities of those who are trying to move our country backwards,” mentioning Boko Haram by name. The Nigerian government has not been successful in stopping Boko Haram, nor in assisting those who have been victimized the jihadists. But even their efforts in that direction have been constantly criticized for heavy-handedness and/or unfairness by the US State Department. The State Department favors a more nuanced approach to northern Nigerian Islamists.

For years, in the face of aggressive advocacy by the Working Group on Nigeria, a coalition of Christian and human rights groups based in Washington, DC, along with some members of Congress, and even the Treasury and Justice Departments, the State Department resisted naming Boko Haram as terrorists, seeing them as victims of poverty and disenfranchisement. Then, a scant two hours before the start of a November 13, 2013 House Joint-Subcommittee hearing on “The Rising Global Threat of Boko Haram & US Policy Intransigence,” their policy suddenly became less intransigent and they announced the designation of Boko Haram and Ansaru (a Boko Haram splinter faction) as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO). 

But even on the very day on which they called Boko Haram terrorists for the first time, the State Department displayed mixed feelings and moral equivalence regarding the jihadists. Testifying at the House hearing, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said that “Boko Haram’s activities call our attention not just to violence, but also to poverty and inequality in Nigeria.” It’s true that there is poverty and inequality in Nigeria. But none of it touches Boko Haram. They carried out their latest slaughter in two armored personnel cars and seven double cabin pickups, according to Punch.

In addition, the State Department is always loath to attribute religious motivation to Boko Haram (or any other Islamists). In her testimony, Thomas-Greenfield rolled out the typical State Department talking point that Boko Haram “had killed numerous Christians and an even greater number of Muslims.”

The death of every human being killed by Boko Haram, whether Muslim or Christian, is a tragedy, but the US government’s downplaying of the deliberate and strategic killing of Nigeria’s Christians is offensive. The Working Group on Nigeria refuted the erroneous statement in a November 20, 2013 letter to Thomas-Greenfield, saying: 

Based on 2012 data, Nigeria alone accounted for almost 60 percent of Christians killed globally.  Our statistics also show that overwhelmingly more Christians than Muslims have been targeted and killed by Boko Haram. Last year, our database shows that attacks on Christians represented 46%, Muslims 3%, Government 20%, other categories accounted for the rest.

Ironically, a fellow witness at the House hearing was Northern Nigerian Christian Habila Adamu, who was shot through the face by Boko Haram on November 28, 2012. Subcommittee Chairman U.S. Representative Christopher Smith declared of Adamu, who was the only one of the targeted Christians to not die in the attack, “Miraculously, he survived and joins us today with one of the most inspiring examples of faith any of us will ever hear.” Unfortunately, Thomas-Greenfield did not hear Habila Adamu’s inspiring example of faith as she left the hearing immediately after her own testimony.

If data from the Working Group on Nigeria is not sufficient to expose Boko Haram’s only motivation, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau provides ongoing assurances that he kills to promote Islam and rid Nigeria of infidels. In his latest statement, published in News Issues Magazine on March 24, 2014, Shekau threatened Nigeria’s Civilian Joint Task Force for attempting to protect people:

I swear by Allah’s holy name that I will slaughter you. I will not be happy if I don’t personally put my knife on your necks and slit your throats. Yes! I’ll slaughter you! I’ll slaughter you! And I’ll slaughter you again and again. 

Shekau also threatens that “In Islam, it is allowed to take infidel women as slaves and in due course we will start taking women away and sell in the market.”

Whether or not the State Department is willing to admit that the violence of Boko Haram is religiously-based, the victims of Boko Haram are dead all the same. At Monday’s attack, a stockbroker, Abbas Adamu told NAN that he was on his way to the bus station to meet four friends that he was giving a ride north to Kaduna. All four were killed. “As I speak to you now, my friends are all dead,’’ Adamu said.

This declaration, “my friends are all dead,” could be echoed throughout Nigeria. Over five thousand people have been killed by Boko Haram from all walks of life, including members of the U.N. staff and the Nigerian government, babies and pregnant women, toddlers, Boy Scouts, students, mothers and fathers, pastors, and the elderly. There is hardly a northern Nigerian Christian who has not lost a family member, friend, or fellow church member in Boko Haram attacks. Many can state without exaggeration, “my friends are all dead,” or even “my family is all dead.”

Regardless of how any US official wishes to see Boko Haram, the FTO designation obliges the United States to take effective steps to help end Boko Haram’s murderous jihad.

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  • Larry Larkin

    Nothing to see here, move along, no muslimes were involved, move along, it’s just confected outrage, no muslimes were involved, nothing to see here.

    • victoryman

      No golf courses in Nigeria?

    • kasandra

      It was just an outgrowth of a protest against a movie. What difference does it make at this point, anyway?

  • StanleyT

    Where is the state department? Busy leaning on Israel to surrender to folks just like these. Where else?

    • victoryman

      Right on target. A state department led by Lurch (Taking orders from Obambi) is an international joke.

    • nood2

      So well said.

  • A Z

    The definition I learned was where at least nation state involved and 1,000 or more deaths. Could William Jeffson Blythe (or is it Blasé?) Clinton parse this definition so as to dissemble it all to HeII?

    Anyway, what is happening in Nigeria matters. It is at least a regional African power. South of the Sahara I watch what South Africa and Nigeria do and judge the prospects for Africa. Nigeria is to Africa (almost) what Brasil is to South America. It is an 800 # gorilla. If it falls, the inmates are running th asylum. No racist jokes please; we do get a few Storm front cretinsstopping by here form time to time. This is f______ serious. The inmates are Boko Haram.

    Put it this way. George H.W. Bush talked about a 1,000 points of light. If Nigeria is allowed to prosper is would be a bonfire of light. It matters. We lose Nigeria and we might as well kiss the continent goodbye.

    Now President Obama a might not care because his relatives are not from West Africa, but most African Americans are descended from various West African People. It matters.

    From Columbia University

    They define a civil war as an armed conflict that meets the following criteria:
    a) the war has caused more than 1,000 battle deaths
    b) the war represented a challenge to the sovereignty of an internationally
    recognized state
    c) the war occurred within the recognized boundary of that state
    d) the war involved the state as one of the principal combatants
    e) the rebels were able to mount an organized military opposition to the
    state and to inflict significant casualties on the state.

    • BayouCoyote

      Nigeria wouldn’t be the first country our “leaders’ sold out.

      • pfbonney

        Yeah I remember Savimbi. Hardly a saint. But, he was OUR S.O.B.

        The last I remember of him, He was in multi-party talks in Portugal when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. I don’t think I ever heard of him again until you just brought him up.

        Good article.

  • Seek

    An all-black country with a weak central government, rampant tribalism, religious fanaticism (especially among Muslims) and enormous opportunities for oil industry graft — gee, what could go wrong?

    • A Z

      ” enormous opportunities for oil industry graft”

      That transcends race. See Venezuela, Mexico, the Middle East, Russia,etc.

      • Seek

        I’m saying oil is a contributing factor. But the racial warfare in that country is what drives most of this.

        • A Z

          Oil is a contributing factor as you say. Many people have written that there are so many countries with such a boon of mineral resources and yet it seems to contribute to corruption and poverty.

          There are all the same race in Nigeria unless the poeple in the north be of the Nilotic group and thus different from the Bantu group.

          Depending on how you define race, I myself am using the Penguin atlas of African History which probably is not authorative, Africa has 5 races. They are the Pygmy, Khoisa, Negroid, Nilotic and Caucasian.

          I would say the northern Nigerian might have a little Nilotic or Semitic blood, but by and large their difference is religion.

          There is conflict wherever Islam has a border with other religions (Burma, India, Africa, Europe, …).

        • pfbonney

          Africans would likely say that it was how the western colonizers carved up their continent, to keep the continent weak, by keeping the tribes at each other’s throats.

          While certainly, in my view, how the borders were created by the western powers has played a role in keeping the tribes split up, weak, and warring, I’m not seeing it as being deliberate. Just cluelessness on the colonial power’s part.

    • A Z

      Europe was quite tribal.

      A person might regard cliques, cabals & nepotism networks as tribes. Abstract certain human interactions, defines sets as they would in set theory and apply it to different cultures.

      Now, you are in a whole different world. You will never see things the same way again.

      On thing that sets us apart is the concept of civil service based on meritocracy. It really got going in the 19th century. Do you have the same faith in it in the last 10 years or 30 years as you did when you were growing up?

      Kings, empires, wars, expansion due to other reasons provide enormous opportunity for people to rise above their station based on ability. But once the expansion stops things begin to calcify and it seems as though promotion is based more on “who you know than what you know”. If we were so much better for ever and ever, then why is is that phrase on the tip of our tongue.

      For things to things to stay right, it is a constant struggle. I’ll posit and i believe that the major reason sub-Saharan Africa is not technological advanced as Europe and Asia is the Sahara. Europe has the Mediterranean Sea. We also had the “Sea of Grass” stretching form Korea to Hungary. That Sea of Grass is a blessing and a curse.

      Consider further that so much of Africa in the equatorial zone. I remember one “survival” writer said he would rather be marooned on an island at mid latitudes with the cold, the damp and other problems than a tropical island. Disease is a big stressor.

      Another factor is loess. Look at where civilization appeared and where farming go a good start in in china and Europe. It is where the loess was. It is freaking important.

  • Joel Raupe

    More than a hundred Christian school girls were kidnapped before dawn, Tuesday, in Chibok (on the edge of the Sambisa Forest, a Boko hideout). Their military guard was murdered. All this is presumably a follow-up to Shekau’s threat to steal and sale Christian slaves.

    Quoting Eisenhower, “this is not science fiction.” if any of the rhetoric of our professional Outrage industry, regarding equality and the mitigation of terror tactics, is genuine where are the headlines? Forget Foggy Bottom, for the moment, which could have been more properly purged of its mandarin during one or all three Republican administrations since 1981. There’s naked hypocrisy in the Legacy Media’s echo chamber that’s earned a threshing.

    We don’t strain to imagine the terror a similar bus station bombing would incite had the body count been tallied in London or New York dead.

    Based on the present and projected population of Nigeria, those charged with protecting America’s national interests better start paying attention to the very serious battle beginning for Nigeria. I can easily remember better coverage and consciousness of events in Biafra forty years ago. Has news gathering and opinion, the great advances in communications technology, really advanced over the decades since or only better skill at creating the illusion of comprehensive news?

    Its a sad thing to watch our Press establishment being lead by the nose by this administration’s twisted academics. But the Fifth Estate didn’t turn from junk yard dog to toothless hound overnight.

    • nood2

      America, thanks to CNN, is busy looking for an airplane.
      Not to belittle the plight of the victims and their families, we just don’t have time for Nigeria. First of all, just where the heck is that place? Is it American?
      The new reality season is on, please leave us to our tranquility.

  • DennisMets

    The current governments solution to any crises is to get as many of the black Muslims as possible over here as refugees and house them and put them up in decent communities so they can terrorized the devil white crackers

  • DennisMets
  • Long Ben

    Why aren’t we arming the Christians of Nigeria?

    • A Z

      Many Americans have roots in Nigeria. The bights of Africa would refer to Nigeria or surrounding regions.

      But these are not Obama’s roots. He visits his relatives who are Muslim not the one who is Christian. One could draw conclusions from his actions such as he might hate Christians.

      why any African-American who attends church would support for Obama is beyond me.

      African roots

      According to Port of Charleston records, African slaves brought to the port came from the following areas: Angola (39%), Senegambia (20%), the Windward Coast (17%), the Gold Coast (13%), Sierra Leone (6%), and Madagascar, Mozambique, and the two Bights (5% combined) (Pollitzer, 1999:43)

      • Nabukuduriuzhur

        That may not be where they originated from. Slavery was practiced in Africa for millennia, and even into the 1700s, it was not uncommon for Africans to enslave Europeans. (The Barbary Pirates are a typical example, and thanks to Jefferson, they learned that we wouldn’t allow it, unlike Europe.) Slaves were caught by Africa tribes, often to get rid of rivals, and were traded to those areas where Europeans, Americans, Arabs, and other groups bought them.

        One of the reasons that Africa has degenerated into a hate-fest with groups killing each other is old hates from enslaving each other and selling each other as slaves.

        • A Z

          I think some people have traced roots back to the Yoruba using genetic analysis (microsatellites).

          Prior to 2008 I would have told you that we were head and shoulders better than other people in terms of corruption, but not any more. People like Lois Lerner Eric Holder, Michael Mann, obama, Carter and so many others have disabused me of that conceit.

          Point being is that Nigeria is important regardless of its’ corruption or its oil. For example its music scene influences ours. It does have a middle class with intelligent people. We cannot afford to throw it away without making a real effort to fight the Islamicists.

      • honeybee

        It’s a case of , ” he may be an Sob but he’s our sob.

        • A Z

          That is the thinking of Obama’s supporters?

          • honeybee

            Yup!!!!!! Darlin

      • pfbonney

        Some good info. Thanks for sharing.

    • Betty4440

      because they haven’t been able to take ours away yet.

  • wileyvet

    It does not fit the narrative. Chiefly that Islam has nothing to do with it, and secondly people of colour can’t possibly be perpetrators of oppression. So as Larry Larkin notes, nothing to see here.

  • Walter Sieruk

    The members of the bloody and deadly Islamic terror group Boko Haram committed violence and mass murders in the evil and mad Islamic quest by engaging in the militant jihadism of Islam,Sura 9:11. 47:4. This brings to mind the Wisdom of the Bible . Which in Ecclesiastes 9:3. reads “The hearts of men are full of evil and there is madness in there hearts while they live, and afterwards they join the dead.” [N.I.V.]

  • steve b


  • chrism12743

    Of course our state department isn’t responding, 1., there’s no money to steal, 2., there are no natural resources to plunder, and 3., they’re the wrong kind of blacks; our government only wants blacks that won’t work, sire children out of wedlock and live on our hard earned tax dollars.

    • Fritz

      No resources to plunder? Really? In Nigeria? An OPEC member country? Sorry but the premise of your argument pretty much falls flat in this case, not to mention how convoluted it is.

  • edlancey

    “Where is the state department?” – probably at Friday prayers…

  • truebearing

    There is no point in pretending Obama and his adminstration care about Christians or Jews. Their every move favors Muslims, regardless of how brutal and barbaric the Muslims behave. Obama hates Christians, Jews, whites, capitalists, or anyone who opposes him in any way. His administration was hand-picked to reflect the same bigotry and sociopathic outlook.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Obama blames the Christian government of Nigeria for the acts of the Boko Haram (of course).

    The Boko are BO’s Bros.

  • Paul Golden

    How come we haven’t heard from the churches that only speak up when they boycott Israel? Christians are getting killed by muslim terrorists everyday and no one speaks out against this despicable act. The UN, America, Europe have all been silent. What will it take for some country to go in and eradicate these murderers?

    • Rmic

      The only churches that I am aware of that boycott Israel are either progressive frauds who go by the name church or believers who have been misled being untaught and ignorant of the teachings of the Bible. Israel has many Christian friends and allies

      • Habbgun

        Good. You should be speaking up about this. Terror is terror. We need an America where the diplomats aren’t fed policy statements by the Moslem Brotherhood. Where college curricula aren’t written by the Moslem Brotherhood.Maybe showing Islamic bloodthirstiness for what is it is a good start.

    • pfbonney

      “… the churches that only speak up when they boycott Israel?”

      That would be the “religious left”.

      I point that out because the MSM will only refer to the “religious right”. They never dare mention the phrase, “religious left”, even when Obama’s minister, Jeremiah Wright was front page news.

      But I do have to admit, the religious right (and my own Roman Catholic Church) is too quiet on this issue.

      You also never hear just what religious Christian denominations are victims, here.

  • Michael Copeland

    The nickname Boko Haram is used because the group’s proper name is so
    inconveniently long. The first and last words are enough: “Party ..for Jihad”.

  • Nabukuduriuzhur

    Just yesterday the news came that some 200 high school girls were “abducted” by muslims.

    God help them.

    The media’s all but ignored it.

    Our media and “human rights” groups apparently think it’s OK for muslims to rape and murder teenage girls.

  • kaz

    in the 60’s, the Nigerian government genocided the ibos, whos crime was to secede from Nigeria and form their own nation, Biafra. our evil government aided and abetted the Nigerian government. at the time, no one would even mention the underlying cause of the slaughter–same as it is today. islam. there was yap about Nigeria being the “legitimate” government, which to our criminal government is cause to slaughter those who would secede from tyranny. no one would admit that the Nigerian government was muslim dominated, and the ibos were Christian. our government was jihad friendly then, same as now. it really did not change much when we placed a muslim at the controls. our infidel presidents have loved islam to death. our death.

  • Lee

    “In Islam, it is allowed to take infidel women as slaves and in due course we will start taking women away and sell in the market.” Unfortunately he’s telling the truth – Muhammad in fact was an enthusiastic rapist and enslaver and slave-trader, who also dictated his values into his Koran.

    See the hadith for Islam’s explanation of why Muhammad invented Koran 4.24: Sahih Muslim 8, #3432

    ‘..Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) sent an army to Autas…Having overcome them and taken them captives, the Companions of Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) seemed to REFRAIN from HAVING INTERCOURSE with CAPTIVE WOMEN because of THEIR HUSBANDS… THEN Allah sent down regarding that
    (QUR’AN 4.24) ‘And all married women (are forbidden unto you) EXCEPT THOSE (CAPTIVES) whom your right hands possess. IT IS A DECREE OF ALLAH FOR YOU’

    So Muhammad’s thugs “refrain” from raping the captives due to fear of
    adultery, until Muhammad decrees that raping these married women is a good thing.

    Now, if a Crusader had passed through a Muslim town, and said to his men “I know we have a law against adultery, but I just had a message from God, and he said all married women are forbidden, EXCEPT these MARRIED MUSLIM WOMEN!” no one in the world would say it was anything than a criminal’s justification for rape.

    Next, Muhammad pretends in his Koran that “Allah” actually calls the women he rapes “spoils of war”:

    Koran 33.50 O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and THOSE (captives) whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as SPOILS OF WAR..thou mayst be free from BLAME, for Allah is ever Forgiving”

    Does “Allah” really call women spoils of WAR? Or is this the speech of a rapist? Note Muhammad says he is “free from BLAME” because he KNEW he
    was committing a crime. If he thought he was doing a good thing – like caring for orphans – he wouldn’t even think of saying he was “free from blame”.

    Next, Muhammad approves the RAPING of captive Arab women on yet another aggressive attack:
    Hadith of Sahih Muslim 8,3371
    ‘We went out with Allah’s Messenger..and took CAPTIVE some excellent ARAB WOMEN; and we desired them for we were suffering from the absence of our wives, (but) we also desired RANSOM for them. So we decided to have SEXUAL INTERCOURSE with them but by observing azl [coitus interruptus] …So WE ASKED ALLAH’S MESSENGER, and HE said: “IT DOES NOT MATTER..for every soul that is to be born up to the Day of Resurrection will be born”

    Although there are many more examples, here is a classic where Muhammad captured and raped a married woman (Safiya) who he then “married” after having her husband tortured and beheaded – while in the process of enslaving and thieving from her tribe in Khaibar

    Ibn Ishaq: Kinana, the HUSBAND of SAFIYA, guardian of the tribe’s TREASURES…was brought before the Apostle, who asked where they
    were hidden. But Kinana refused…The APOSTLE of Allah handed him over to al Zubayr saying ‘TORTURE HIM until he tells what he knows’ and al Zubayr
    kindled a fire on his chest..then the Apostle gave him to Muhammad b. Maslama, who STRUCK OFF HIS HEAD
    ..the Apostle chose SAFIYA for HIMSELF”

    Until Islam is banned for criminal incitement, it will continue to inspire a variety of crimes which people otherwise would not have committed.


    Islam: misunderstood, peaceful, non violent religion….(sarc)

  • danhoch

    My guess is that one of the muslims (Islamists) received a letter from someone in Nigeria telling them that they were to receive a lot of money and they got raped of their money along the way. So the Islamists got pissed and decided an attack was necessary to show these Nigerians and Goodluck Jonathan how to thank them for their outrageous scamming of the people of the world. I say good for them. Don’t like the Islamists, but, do encourage them to get rid of the scammers in Nigeria whatever way necessary…

    • A Z

      How many scammer and hackers are their in Nigeria compared Ukraine, Russia or China.

      Was there a number of high profile scams originating from Nigeria and that is no longer true? 60 minutes or someone investigated and did a report.It was more than anecdotal but it was less than a comprehensive survey of Nigeria or the rest of the world.

      Scammer is like those anger me. but to not assist Nigeria because of it is like saying do not assist America because we have a Mafia problem. We can walk and chew gum at the same time can’t we?

      A.) Can we not take action against scammers and prosecute a war against Boko Haram?

      B.) Or we let Boko Haram and similar groups take over 3/4 of the earth and not take action until we run the last scammer to the ground.

      I say we go with plan B. What say you?

  • danhoch

    wow, censorship, they deleted my comment

    • A Z

      Certain “key words” are picked-up by an automated program. Learn those words, memorize those words, love those words and learn how to work around the Disqus software.

      It has to do with the DisQus software and not FPM.

  • danhoch

    wow censorship, they deleted my comments

  • danhoch


  • Stanley


  • Julian

    Its the old racketeering trick, create a problem then make money fixing it.

    Nigeria, or what’s left of it will get assistance – international corporations will assist to restart the Nigerian oil economy and Nigeria will be given massive loans to rebuild – but Nigeria will have to be complete ruins and ready to accept any terms before that takes place.

  • pfbonney

    “Reuters reported at least 71 dead and 124 injured, but on Tuesday, Punch raised the number dead to 89, including three perpetrators, with 257 injured. And this was not the week’s only attack.”

    No wonder Obama has been in such high spirits, of late.

    Death to the infidels!

    No wonder he seems oblivious to his low poll numbers.

  • MereChristian

    To most members of the Rad Left, a Christian, like a political conservative, is not in essence really human deserving of assistance or aid when in danger. To most of them, including the Obama administration, it is always “much ado about nothing.”