‘Dialoguing’ with the Muslim Brotherhood and the KGB

jaglandYou can tell a lot about a society by watching what kind of people it puts into positions of power and influence.

Thorbjørn Jagland is a former Prime Minister of Norway from the Norwegian Labour Party. Since 2009, he has been the Secretary General of the Council of Europe (CoE). He was reelected to this position for a second term, with the support of parliamentarians from across Europe, on June 24 2014.

The CoE was established in 1949. It is distinct from and less powerful than the European Union. However, it has a formalized cooperation with the EU on a range of issues, for instance those related to immigration. This cooperation has been strengthened under Jagland’s lead. The CoE further enjoys friendly relations with many Islamic organizations and has made combating so-called “Islamophobia” in Europe one of its stated priorities. 

In addition to heading the Council of Europe, for years Mr. Jagland has also been the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which awards the annual Nobel Peace Prize. Under his leadership, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in 2009 to Barack Hussein Obama, when he had only been US President for a few months. In 2012, Jagland and the Nobel Committee awarded the Peace Prize to the European Union (EU). The Socialist Jagland has for decades been a passionate supporter of supranational organizations such as the EU.

One of the three women who shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011, Tawakkol Karman from Yemen, has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Norwegian Nobel Committee knew about this and thought it was fine. Jagland told reporters in Oslo that he disagrees with the widespread “perception” in the West that the Brotherhood is a threat to democracy. The very same man has warned repeatedly for years against the allegedly great dangers presented by “Islamophobia” and people who peacefully voice anti-Islamic viewpoints.

In Jagland’s view, being associated with the Muslim Brotherhood makes you a potential partner worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize. If, on the other hand, you peacefully oppose Islamic inroads into the Western world then that makes you virtually a threat to world peace.

On August 1 2013, Thorbjørn Jagland “attacked the Norwegian press for allowing the extremist blogger Peder ‘Fjordman’ Jensen to air his anti-Islamic views.” He warned against letting the ideology allegedly held by the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik to enter the mainstream:

“If you read what Fjordman has published online, you can easily see that he is coming from the same mindset. The only difference is that while Fjordman writes, Breivik acted. But there is not much difference between giving Fjordman the support to publish his opinions and giving the killer himself a public microphone.”

In July 2013, he stated that he fears violence in Europe due to increasing xenophobia and the criminal” views held by some people regarding mass immigration. In an essay in the daily Dagsavisen, Jagland expressed concern that if people like me were able to express their views, convicted murderers might be next. “Someone has to say stop before we find ourselves on a slippery slope where Fjordman’s voice becomes more and more normal.”

Jagland singled out a couple of people by name in addition to me. One was Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people with his attacks in Norway on July 22 2011. The other was Arnfinn Nesset. Nesset is a former nurse and one of the worst serial killers in Scandinavian history. In 1983 he was convicted of poisoning 22 patients, but he was strongly suspected of having killed many more than that. For murdering dozens of human beings, he was sentenced to 21 years in prison. This was and remains the maximum prison sentence one can receive in Norway, regardless of the nature of your crime. Because of good behavior in jail, Arnfinn Nesset served only 12 years behind bars, or a few months for each murder. Breivik himself was sentenced to just over 3 months in jail per murder.

Thorbjørn Jagland, a former Prime Minister and President of the Storting (Parliament) from the country’s largest political party and the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, thus directly compared me to two of the worst murderers in Scandinavia, both convicted of murdering dozens of people. He didn’t think there was much difference among the three of us. Jagland’s claim was that if we allow evil people like me to broadcast their opinions in the public debate, the next logical step would be giving an open microphone to serial killers.

I am sure some of my most dishonest critics will accuse me of “whining” for bringing this up again, but I don’have any criminal record whatsoever, not even a speeding ticket. I would just like to point that out. I would further assert that the main issue here is not actually me, but rather how certain people in positions of power choose to exercise the influence that they possess. Is it wise of a man who is the leader of the Nobel Committee and claims to promote tolerance of other people’s viewpoints to say thisIs it appropriate behavior for a former Prime Minister and current leader of the Council of Europe to compare peaceful, non-criminal citizens whose views he disagrees with to convicted serial killers? I maintain that this is unwise and inappropriate.

Ironically, Thorbjørn Jagland has previously shown few scruples in having a dialogue with representatives of a totalitarian regime, guilty of the mass murder of millions and probably tens of millions of people. Apparently, the only ones you cannot have a “dialogue” with are native Europeans who oppose Islamization or object to being turned into a minority in their own countries by rampant mass immigration from every corner of the planet.

There are quite a few examples where not just the same groups, but in some cases the same individuals, appeased Communism a few decades ago and appease the forces of Islam today. From Scandinavia, one prominent such case would be Mr. Jagland. It is well-documented that he was one of many figures on the political Left who had a file in the KGB, the secret police of the Soviet Union, because he was seen as a useful contact.

Unlike his fellow Labour Party member and convicted spy Arne Treholt, there is no evidence that Jagland did anything overtly criminal in his talks with KGB agents. Yet it is arguably foolish behavior to believe you can have any form of “dialogue” with people representing totalitarian belief systems, who are only here to infiltrate our societies and subvert our freedoms. These days he is displaying the very same foolishness when dealing with dangerous Islamic movements and countries.

Unfortunately, I am not a member of the KGB or the Muslim Brotherhood. Perhaps Thorbjørn Jagland would have been more willing to listen to my viewpoints if I had been.

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  • AlexanderGofen

    Thank you for your informative article Mr. Fjordman. It is a sorry state of affairs in Europe indeed: The contemporary quislings took all the power. Thorbjorn Jagland is just one of the New World Order click (which includes also the Nobel “peace” prize committee). As you properly noted, they awarded the impostor and identity thief Obama-Soetoro-Soebarkach-Bounel (the name uncertain) in February 2009 when he was only two weeks in this position. That means that his nomination formalities started about a year before. Then he was nothing – yet the New World Order machinery was already set into motion.

    You wisely noticed the KGB links of Thorbjorn Jagland, however you will be deeply shocked when you read “American betrayal” by Diana West about the real scope of KGB inroads into America and the West.

    A tragedy of Europe (Eurabia) is that its freedom loving people was complacent and duped for so long, allowing the quislings to rule unobstructed from one side, and letting in tens of millions of islamic piranhas from the other. Make no mistake: In order to survive you will need to rid from all those millions of piranhas, from every last moslem, sending them all back to their crapistans. And all your quislings must meet the same fate as their generic type becoming decoration on trees. See: JudeoChristianAmerica.org/Imminent.htm, JudeoChristianAmerica.org/Infamy.htm

    • AlexanderGofen

      In order to prepare the ground for the full expulsion of moslems, for ridding of all mosques, and cleansing Europe from ugly Eurabian stains, do the opposite to Jagland’s wish.

      – “Celebrate” islamophobia as a normal reaction of a civilized human being to barbarism;

      – Turn islamophobia into the CONSCIOUS knowledgeable rejection of islam as the enemy ideology aimed at destruction of national identity and constitutions of every European nation;

      – Make lives of moslem in Euroep less comfortable by widely using these and other similar images: JudeoChristianAmerica.org/islam/

  • sakovkt

    Jagland is probably correct to fear violence in the near future.
    He is one of the major causes.
    When one side of a legitimate argument about an obviously urgent issue is simply censored or defamed without acknowledging its virtue, violence becomes the only alternative, as any socialist such as Jagland should be well aware.
    Socialists have been doing this sort of thing for decades.
    They cast themselves as the victims of oppression and then, when their foul policies fail, they turn to oppression, themselves since, at this point, they really have no way of correcting the problems that they have created.

  • liz

    This guy must be one of Obama’s half-brothers. They are mental twins.

  • quousque

    I for one, finally have at least one face and a profile behind this Nordic insanity. We read and post a lot, but the real shakers and movers, remain kind of obscured and flying below the radar of public opinion. More power to you Mr. Fjordman, I don’t think you are whining, you are doing public service.

  • Sniper’s Curtain

    Americans need to read this and heed the information for the future of our country.

  • Pete

    There are quite a few examples where not just the same groups, but in some cases the same individuals, appeased Communism a few decades ago and appease the forces of Islam today.

    They have timid personalties and appease those they think are the strongest. They are like the lackeys that fear the despot and beat the peasants, whether the despot asks for it or not.

    This could be tested by psychologists. Of course when such a test is invented you would have to carry them kicking and screaming to the test, which would be a series of questions along with the resulting brainscans. these are the same people that failed the F test from the early days of psychology.

  • http://geoffreybritain.wordpress.com/ Geoffrey_Britain

    Thorbjørn Jagland and others of his ilk, not only tolerate evil, they enable it. That makes him and they, complicit in the propagation of that evil.

  • JackSpratt

    Europeans have been rolling over for (appeasing) tyrants for at least 80 years. You’d think they would learn. I don’t know if it’s borne of cowardice or what.

  • FelixKrull

    Jagland’s claim was that if we allow evil people like me to broadcast their opinions in the public debate, the next logical step would be giving an open microphone to serial killers.

    What’s so wrong with that, anyway? It’s magical thinking to believe that reading what serial killers write, is going to infect your brain and erode your morals any more than your average Hollywood movie.

  • http://www.youtuberepeater.com/watch?v=dI0MCvpD8uI&list=PLFB9F6ED2916BFBFF Steinadler

    Jaglands behaviour is not, I’m afraid, merely a question of foolishness, but perhaps even more an expression of the stalinist tendency characteristic of the Norwegian Labour party, particularly during Jagland’s formative years. Though one might perhaps consider that tendency a kind of particularly harmful stupidity. The Norwegian historian Jens Arup Seip published an essay in 1962 wherein he described the Norwegian Labour party post 1945 as being (in quotes) “stalinistic”. Jaglands famous (in Norway, anyway) ultimatum during the run-up to the 1997 elections very much betrayed that kind of sentralistic single-party state mindset. According to Seip, Norway was in a sense a single-party state from about 1945 until the early nineteensixties. Jaglands furtherance of mass immigration and “dialogue” with muslim organizations should be considered against that background. Seip was to some extent an insider with considerable knowledge of the inner workings of the Labour party, as he was himself a lifelong supporter, though belonging to a marginalized liberal left faction critical of the Labour party’s “stalinist aberration” during the post WWII years. Jaglands main role during most of his political carreer in Norway was on the other hand exactly that of an apparatchik, particularly in his role as general secretary and leader of the party.

  • http://document.no Marit

    Thanks to you, Fjordman. You are a shining light in the darkness.
    (Takk til deg, Fjordman. Du er et lys i mørket.)

  • Aurelius

    I consider myself a sane and rational man. I am also highly educated and well informed on world affairs. Therefore, I consider myself qualified to make a reasonable observation here:

    Fjordman seems completely correct in his writings on the state of Western civilisation and its ongoing colonisation by Islamic aliens. He raises excellent points that should be of concern to all Western people.

    Mr. Jagland, on the other hand, seems utterly insane.

    It isn’t Islamophobia, it’s Islamoreality.

  • jewdog

    Many Western liberals seem to see only one kind of evil in the world: Western racism. If something doesn’t fit that category, no matter how intolerant or violent, like Islamic supremacism, it is not evil. This consistency is the hobgoblin of their little minds.