NATO’s Next Secretary General: Jens Stoltenberg?

jens-stoltenbergThe Norwegian press has been buzzing with rumors lately that Jens Stoltenberg — who until the autumn of 2013 was the Prime Minister of Norway — is a serious candidate for becoming the new Secretary General of the Western defense alliance NATO. The former Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen is stepping down from this position later in 2014.

Apparently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel proposed Stoltenberg for the job. Merkel made her proposal directly to US President Barack Obama, who agreed that he was a good choice for the role. Stoltenberg allegedly spent months discussing the role with the US Secretary of State John Kerry and his security advisor Susan E. Rice while he was in New York, ostensibly in his role as UN Special Envoy for Climate Change.

This is not a done deal yet, however. One of Mr. Stoltenberg’s presumed rivals for the job as head of NATO is José Barroso, Portugal’s former Prime Minister and also a former Communist. In 2014 Barroso will be stepping down as President of the European Commission, the unelected and unaccountable government for half a billion people in the EU. Barroso has held this job for ten years. Other possible NATO candidates who have been mentioned are Franco Frattini, Italy’s former Foreign Minister, and Radoslaw Sikorski, Poland’s current Foreign Minister.

The decision on who will become the next formal head of NATO has thus not been made yet. However, Jens Stoltenberg himself is taking this possibility so seriously that there are already rumors that he might soon be leaving his current position as the leader of the Norwegian Labour Party.

My opinion as a Norwegian is that Mr. Stoltenberg is personally unsuited for the task of being the Secretary General of NATO. Assigning him the job will further weaken the organization. Yes, this is mainly a symbolic position with limited power. However, the world is full of symbols because we realize that symbols can be important in real life. Elevating Jens Stoltenberg to such a position would send out the wrong signals.

For instance, it is a documented fact that Jens Stoltenberg was one of quite a few left-wing politicians in Western Europe who had a file with the KGB because they considered him to be a friendly contact. There are no indications that he did anything that was outright illegal with these friendly talks, but they were certainly unwise and reflect poorly on his character. The KGB was the secret police of the totalitarian entity known as the Soviet Union. Back then it was NATO’s primary enemy and a very real military threat. It would look strange if a man who was classified as a friendly contact by NATO’s primary enemy a generation ago were to become head of NATO today.

Moreover, as Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg has in recent years been very weak in dealing with Islamic aggression.

Norway shares a border with Russia, as it previously did with the Soviet Union. I am not one of those who compare the Russian President Vladimir Putin to Hitler. This is hysterical hyperbole. However, Putin is certainly a ruthless Machiavellian character. While in power, Stoltenberg was not convincing when dealing with Putin or the Russians. He has a track record of being weak against almost any potential aggressor.

Mullah Krekar is perhaps the most notorious militant Muslim in Norway, where he is currently serving a prison sentence for death threats. He has previously praised the terrorist leader Osama bin Laden and stated that Muslims will conquer Europe. Krekar in 2013 advised Muslims in Norway to vote for Stoltenberg’s Labour Party, as this would be the best option for the continued Islamization of the country. PM Jens Stoltenberg responded by chastising the opposition Progress Party for having used the term “stealth-Islamization.”

The famous cartoons of Islam’s founder Mohammed, originally printed in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in September 2005, were republished by a tiny Christian newspaper in Norway whose editor was Vebjørn Selbekk. He reprinted them because it was natural to show what the news story was about. As a result of this, he soon received dozens of explicit death threats from Muslims. Some of these were very graphic, describing plans to cut his throat in his bed. He had enjoyed a quiet family life prior to this. Now suddenly everything was turned upside down. Bodyguards instructed his family on how to check for bombs under their car.

In addition to the many Islamic threats against him, Selbekk was strongly pressured to back down by leading Norwegian politicians such as Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre of the Labour Party. PM Jens Stoltenberg, at a point when Selbekk’s family were living with constant death threats, pointed him out as personally responsible for inciting the attack by an angry Muslim mob on the Norwegian embassy in Damascus, Syria. He and his government thereby indirectly gave legitimacy to Islamic death threats against one of their fellow citizens.

Then Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen of Denmark showed some spine in 2005-2006 when faced with aggressive Islamic pressure in the same situation. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg of Norway showed none. In Oslo, Selbekk was forced to apologize to Muslims in a press conference organized by the Stoltenberg government.

One of those who had incited anger and hatred among Muslims by this time was Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. A delegation supported by the Stoltenberg government was soon sent to have talks with Mr. Qaradawi in Qatar. He there accepted Norway’s apologies to Muslims.

In 2008, members of the Muslim Brotherhood were invited for talks with the Foreign Ministry in Oslo. One of those who took part on behalf of the national authorities was Gry Larsen, a former leader of the Labour Party’s youth movement AUF. The freethinker Walid al-Kubaisi has correctly indicated that the Brotherhood represent a dangerous Islamic movement with totalitarian goals. Kubaisi in February 2006 warned that by applauding Vebjørn Selbekk’s forced public apology to Muslims, the Stoltenberg government and Norwegian authorities could be seen as submitting to Islamic aggression against their own citizens.

Jens Stoltenberg seems to be just fine with the ongoing Islamization of his country and his continent. Meanwhile, he has expressed great concerns about global warming.

NATO was designed to defend the West against expansionist Communist aggression from the Soviet Union and its satellite states. With some justification, many observers see the organization as a relic of the Cold War.

The greatest threats to the Western world today are:

1. Legal and illegal mass immigration from the global South, which has now grown so numerically large that it threatens the long-term stability and future of the Western world.

2. Islamic expansionist aggression and the renewed threat from Jihadist terror.

Yes, Russia, China and other countries are economic and potentially military rivals. Furthermore, there is always the threat of military and industrial espionage, among other things. However, the greatest threat to the future existence of the Western world is Third World mass immigration, and Muslim immigration in particular. NATO needs to deal forcefully with these threats in order to stay relevant and credible.

This task is complicated by the generally Islam-friendly attitudes and open borders-ideology of the ruling Western elites. Moreover, the rapidly re-Islamizing country of Turkey is still a member of NATO. The United States Government has long pushed for Turkey to join the European Union (EU). The EU itself is currently engaged in talks about giving nearly 80 million Muslims from Turkey visa-free access to the EU.

At some point NATO has to decide whether it wants to be a credible defense alliance, or whether it simply wants to be the armed wing of Amnesty International. If the organization picks Jens Stoltenberg as its next Secretary General, it has chosen the latter option.

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  • ZM
  • Bamaguje

    “…the greatest threat to the future existence of the Western world is Third World mass immigration, and Muslim immigration… NATO needs to deal forcefully with these threats in order to stay relevant and credible” – Fjordman.

    As a military alliance, how is NATO supposed to stop Muslim migration? Immigration is a social issue to be dealt with by politicians, not a military one.
    The cold war is over… NATO has outlived its usefulness and should be disbanded.

    • BagLady

      So your plan is to drive young prospecting Muslim, seeking a better life away from their destroyed homeland…… to where?

  • BagLady

    One of Mr. Stoltenberg’s presumed rivals for the job as head of NATO is José Barroso, Portugal’s former Prime Minister and also a former Communist”

    Not much competition there then!!!

  • BagLady

    It would look strange if a man who was
    classified as a friendly contact by NATO’s primary enemy a generation
    ago were to become head of NATO today

    It would be a stupid man who did not get to know his enemy.

    • A Z

      It is one thing to get to know the enemy and another to be in bed with them.

  • BagLady

    However, Putin is certainly a ruthless Machiavellian character”

    Which is why his rating among the ladies has escalated. Whooooo!

    At some point NATO has to decide whether it wants to be a credible defense alliance”

    NATO doesn’t give a monkey’s who joins so long as they allow forces and financial control into the country.

    I have no doubt Turkey would fail on every point when it comes to EU entry, but Ms Merkel/Lagarde’s lackeys will smooth the entry and carrots will be dangled to the bent noses.

    • Drakken

      Merkal and company will not ever let Turkey have EU entry, period, the Germans have had enough those bloody turks in their midst. As for Putin, at least he has good taste in women, so why would he ever have anything to do with you? Putin doesn’t like fat chicks.

      • BagLady

        Putin doesn’t like fat chicks”

        Then I’ll be OK. I have never seen Putin with a woman so have no idea of his tastes.

        • BagLady

          I take that back. I see photos of Putin’s ladies:

  • Baluba

    As a Norwegian, being stuck with this guy in office for 12 years I can only say that this article is spot on. This guy is a spineless conflictshy sleezeball, always choosing the short-term easiest solution caring for nothing but personal positions and power.

    Norway and Sweden in particular are having immense problems with overimmigration, especially from muslim countries. Problems that have surfaced under the rule of Stoltenberg and his sisterparty in Sweden. Sweden has for this reason established itself as the rapecapital of the world only bested by South-Africa. 1 of 4 Swedish girls will on avg now get raped, most of them by muslim immigrants. This in combination with that each muslim immigrant costs the welfare society of Norway appx. 1 million USD, due to their unwillingness to be integrated, creates a future black hole in the welfarestate.

    Now after using his position to gain favour abroad, leaving unsurmountable national problems to solve for the liberal/conservative parties that now follows him, Jens Stoltenberg as the other “great” labour PM Gro Harlem Brundtland leaves the sinking ship to take his to a fancy position in an international organization, he paid for in vast donations with our tax-money.

    This conflictshy and selfish man would be possibly the worst choice for the head of NATO I could think of.

    • BagLady

      1 of 4 Swedish girls will now on avg now get raped, most of them by muslim immigrants (1./2. gen.)

      Really, one in four? That’s an awful lot. Perhaps you could share your source.

      • Baluba
        • BagLady

          It is a very sad fact of life that young Muslim and Hindu men suffer sexually from the segregation process. They are deprived of female friendship before marriage and then landed with a cousin as a wife, regardless of ‘love’, The family home might require that everyone sleeps in the same room and sex becomes very furtive, quick and unsatisfying.

          Ergo, we have a simmering 18 – 90 year olds perverted by their own strict cultural rules.

  • mjolly

    Stoltenberg is also responsible for removing border checkpoints with Russia, resulting in the norwegian town of Kirkenes now having a 10% russian population and gate signs in cyrillic. Before you know it Russia might invade Norway as well, to “secure” its ethnic russians.

    • BagLady

      Relax. He isn’t coming anywhere near you. Northern Europe has always sat pretty with no need for heavy artillery.

  • A Z

    Seriously, Jens Stoltenberg?

    The Norwegian Labour party has been fracking the Norwegian people hard just like the Swedish Left wit their immigration policies.

    Jens Stoltenberg might have as many good bones in hos body as Herr H_tler. The Bavarian Lieutenant was animal lover & a vegetarian after all.

    • Rolf

      Not a Lieutenant and not a Bavarian either.
      Epic fail.

      • A Z

        Yeah his was a corporal.. So what. I got the rank wrong.
        I get a free one. Jens StoltenBerg is just such a bad choice that it makes a person see red.

        go to to see how bad Sweden is.

        It you can read between the lines the read the Swedish or Norwegian English language papers
        That one is the Swedish one. But that is the same difference as the Left in Norway and Sweden have the same immigration policies. They call the immigrants cultural ENRICHERS.

      • A Z

        H_tler might as well been a Bavarian for as much time he spent in Bavaria. He fought in the German Armed forces and not the Austrian. The German armed forces were still somewhat based on the original states in name or call up if not in actual support.

  • Sniper’s Redemption

    If this happens I’m leaving the World.

  • Peter Dow

    The former Norwegian Kingdom Premier Jens Stoltenberg failed to defend Norway from the terrorist Breivik’s Oslo bombing and Utøya shootings. Never trust the King’s men!

    The current NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen was a former Prime Minster of the Kingdom of Denmark who has lost NATO’s war on terror & Afghanistan-Pakistani mission to the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence generals who sponsored Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, the Taliban and other terrorist groups.

    Rasmussen has demonstrated that a naive, corrupt ex-Prime Minister of a Kingdom is NOT a fit and proper person to serve as NATO Secretary General.

    Royalists such as Rasmussen and Stoltenberg accept imposed monarchs and military dictators, and the chaos and terrorism which comes in their wake, rather than fighting for a democratic republic, so these royalists will mislead NATO to defeat in our Afghanistan – Pakistan mission and to defeat in the war on terror.

    To end the Pakistani military dictatorship which dictates military policy to sponsor Al Qaeda, Taliban and other jihadi terrorism (behind the scenes of the window dressing of an elected but relatively powerless Pakistani government) NATO must kill the traitor Pakistani generals. However, the royalist Anders Fogh Rasmussen never has ordered assassination missions against Pakistani generals and I predict that the royalist Jens Stoltenberg never will, sadly.

    To win the war on terror and our Afghanistan – Pakistan mission we need leadership from a REPUBLICAN A-team comprising I propose of Condoleezza Rice and myself Peter Dow as NATO Secretary General & Supreme Allied Commander Europe – I don’t mind which of the two us does what job but Condi is really the only person I’d be happy being deputy to or taking orders from, apart from the North Atlantic Council (NAC) which is NATO’s principal political decision making body.

    Obviously, as a NATO leader I would take my directions from the NAC but in terms of me being supervised by a superior officer, I don’t see anyone but Condi measuring up to that task right now.

  • achantus

    A KGB-contact one day, head of NATO the next. I all makes perfectly sense.

    • BagLady

      It’s quite a small pond and the revolving door system ensures that we see the same names over and over in top jobs and the occasional — and growing number of — unexplained, often slow, deaths. If you move up the power ladder enough to reach for a political position, you are in the high profit/high danger zone. Many will want you dead but you’re greedy, so you take the risk.
      Look at Egypt, The MB now face the death penalty in their hundreds just for disagreeing with the status quo in a trial that was the ultimate in ‘travesty of justice’.

      There is no difference between Mafia and governments almost everywhere in the world outside those that still use shells as their currency.

  • Baluba

    Feel sorry for them all you want, I feel more sorry for my female friends that get their lives destroyed by these culturally perverted primitives that thank us for taking them in, giving them a house, money and an opportunity for a new life by raping our women and robbing our children at gunpoint.

    • BagLady

      Agree with you totally. I was only stating the fact that young/old eastern men have much to learn about equality between the sexes.

      Not all Muslim men are averse to gaining this knowledge, believe it or not.

      • Baluba

        Not saying they are. Have several friends with background from arabic countries that are integrated and dont see much different than ethnic Norwegians.

        The problem in a lot of places in Europe is that we have taken in way too many muslims for the state to absorb and integrate. Of course they will naturally seek towards their own kind (who wouldnt?), which have created massive ghettos, where their original backwards believes can thrive and prosper, often in complete opposition to the morals and culture of the rest of the society.

        There are certain areas in Sweden and UK where there are upheld stricter sharia rules than in Saudi-Arabia. Certain places in Malmø in Sweden, the police cant even go without being shot at.

        Deviates trying to being integrated in the rest of society are being frowned upon and are facing dire consequences, often in the form of “honour”-killings.
        This problem is not solving itself but are rather exponentially escalating. Politicians in Europe have to face this problem sooner or later whether they like it or not.

        • BagLady

          We are in total agreement. It’s a matter of numbers and the worrying thing is Europe is making no attempt to rectify the problem. I am led to believe there is an agenda, regardless of Party, that is concerted in its effort to ‘re-arrange’ society. Why else are our passports meaningless and our borders so porous?

          • Baluba

            No agenda. Just socialist do-gooder globalists trying out their ideology, without having the knowledge to contemplate the actual consequences that we are now just starting to see across Europe. There are simply no examples on record with two such incompatable cultures that modern, secular west and backwards primitive religious cultures like islam being able to coexist peacefully within a country when evenly matched.

          • BagLady

            Of course not. A serious clash of cultures, and one that will not end well.

            I have trouble finding the logic behind the political strategy. Are we emptying countries on purpose? Africa is an absolute honeypot for investors. When Monsanto et al take over, where will the hungry Africans go?

            When the Middle East is reduced to rubble in the battle over resources, where will the hungry go?

            In order to combat the drain on our resources, it will be necessary to reduce the welfare of all and, in egalitarian societies, everyone will be required to tighten their belts to facilitate the increasing numbers.

            I can well understand countries like Norway and Sweden becoming irate. Nowhere in the world do people pay such high taxes in return for a well organised lifestyle, and to increase taxes even further to pay for an influx of uneducated people who may or may not be law abiding, must be galling..

          • Baluba

            Well, traditional Norwegian society have been very egalitarian, with everyone working as much as they can and paying their taxes, knowing the state will care for them if they get old and sick. Seeing the tax money came to good use is what kept the tax morale up.

            The last 20-30 years under Stoltenberg and other labour party PMs we have however seen a great change. More money are being run out of the country to corrupt development country dictators, and other failed projects, development of lots of wasteful bureaucracy and also a large influx of immigrants which many groups have a work contribution rate of less than 30% compared to 78 for the native population. Of a working age population of 2.6” we got 600 000 on welfare, 800 000 in public sector, and only 1,2 in private sector actually creating the values our population of 5” live from.

            The tax morale is declining and our oil resources are running out over the next 20-30 years and we got nothing to show for but a overbureacrazied, overpaid, inefficient society with all secondary industries being laid off or outsourced. Add in the great influx of illiterate golddiggers from the third world that came here to share our oilwealth, self destructive hospitality and welfare we are facing a major problem when the moneybag runs dry over the next 20-30 years.

          • BagLady

            It’s all very worrying when one can’t find the logic behind the policies. All across Europe there seems to be a consensus. Tax payer funded services are being shrunk whilst at the same the number seeking these facilities are growing to unsustainable numbers. At the same time, Public assets are being sold off in fire sales and the work force being ‘streamlined’ by redundancies whilst, at the same time, the echelons of power become top-heavy.

            Perhaps they all get together in Brussels over beer/champagne and lobster, followed by steak and a big pudding and finished off with a nice Napoleon brandy and speak in their cups of the New World Order.

          • achantus

            It is probably all part of a sinister New World Order/ UN Agenda 21 plot: destroy the West, destroy all remaining national loyalties, transfer resources to the third world, make China/Russia/UN world leaders, and transform people to the status of serfs. An international elite of rich and powerful people will monitor the process.
            It’s the dream of lunatics, and it will result in things those greedy retards can’t possibly foresee. I’m in no doubt that we will have more wars because of this, and nuclear weapons will be used. The process is well underway.

          • BagLady

            Of course. If our residents are all busy fighting each other over scraps from above, they do not notice the takeover of the few.

            However, Islam will not act like a sledgehammer. As illiterate far right meets west, its passion gradually dissipates and many do assimilate as they learn.

            If you think that women, who spent so long fighting macho men for simple rights — and are still doing so — will give up even one hard earned right, you are misguided. Sharia doesn’t stand a chance against a herd of ‘chavs’.

        • BagLady

          Certain places in Malmø in Sweden, the police cant even go without being shot at.

          Can’t believe your police are taking it lying down. Being shot at would normally bring out the entire force to protect its own.

          • Baluba

            If they would assemble the entire core and secure the areas they would be branded in media as being racist. In Sweden that is apparantly something worse than death and would not get the government in power at the point reelected. This unfortunately means the islamist populace can pretty much do whatever they want.

  • Abra Kadabra

    Fuck you Fjordman