A Letter from Glenn Beck

Glenn-Beck4[Visit GetTheBlaze.com and fill out their FCC form.]

As Americans, we believe in freedom of speech. That no one should control what people hear, say or see. We know that technology makes it possible for even the smallest voice to be heard, and that is a miracle of freedom. Those are our values.

In February, Comcast announced it was going to buy Time Warner Cable. Think about that for a minute: Two of the biggest cable monopolies – with the worst customer service records – will merge and dictate what 30% of America can see on cable TV. This means less consumer choice, less competition and higher cable bills.

This merger can only be approved if the FCC determines it¹s in the public interest ­ your interest.  The merger of these two cable giants will serve Comcast’s business interests. Our values require us to take action to preservechoice and competition.

I believe that businesses should operate free of government intervention, but these companies are government sanctioned monopolies that have the power to silence independent, competitive voices like TheBlaze, if it furthers their business interests.

So what can you do?

I ask you to make a difference and let the FCC know that serving the public interest means more choice, more competition and lower cable bills.

Let¹s stand together and preserve our principles. Let your voice be heard.

TAKE ACTION! Visit GetTheBlaze.com and fill out our FCC form. We’ll submit it for you, along with the thousands of others we collect. Please encourage your friends and family to fill out the form too. Your comments are vital as they will become part of the official government record and allow those fighting with us to point to what the public deems is in its interest. 10,000 comments would make a huge difference, but it all starts with one. Yours.

Thank you for your support! Together we are making a difference!

 Glenn Beck

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  • Pam

    So done with Beck!

  • edlancey

    Please, no more of this unctuous creep. I thought he was down on the border handing out toys anyway.

    • adamjw2

      You must not have kids.

  • Sharps Rifle

    I thought that televangelist wannabe was busy giving teddy bears and soccer balls to MS-13 thugs?

  • hopkins

    Glenn Beck is a huge ball and chain on the conservative movement. He prevents many centrists from giving more attention to conservatism and Republicans. I don’t know why FrontPage would ever use him. Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter, not to mention Sarah Palin, detract from the conservative cause because the package is so hostile or not too intelligent. Before I switched to conservatism I had to get over the specter of a very few rabid and unstable personalities. Other conservatives can say some similiar things in a respectable way.

    • William

      Let’s just say that FrontPage is on the same page as Beck. The commies are out to get them, loL!

      • Debbie G

        So you read Front Page because………

        • William

          Because i have time to kill at work.

          • nightspore

            Gov’t job, eh?

          • William

            I wish.

          • Crassus

            No, a tollbooth.

        • hopkins

          I totally agree with what Beck says in the article. Others made the point months ago. And he is just a bad face for the conservative cause. Front page should not be using him. The only public airing he gets is when liberals in the media want to malign Republicans. That should tell you something. Otherwise, he’s not wanted anywhere. I can’t believe that you think that I can’t disagree on an occassional thing said on Front page when I agree with 90, 95% of it. It’s people like me that Republicans need to speak to, if not……be prepared to lose. With all of the other truth that Front Page represents, why should I not read it, if I only believe that Beck is not a wise choice. I think I approach the conservative cause intelligently.

          • Debbie G

            I’m not judging you on your feelings for Glenn Beck.
            I think Front Page has a excellent handle on what needs to be posted.

      • Drakken

        Commies like you will rue the day your ilk made this country a socialist paradise, and frankly the day can’t come soon enough when the stools your standing on get kicked out from under you.

        • hopkins

          Rue the day? They only time I thought this phrase sounded intelligent was when Margaret Thatcher said it. And you are no Thatcher as I can tell by your hostility. I don’t think anyone is standing on any stools. And commies wouldn’t make an intelligent point on this site, as I did. Beck is widely disrespected for good reason and he turns away those who would like to get back to the basics and the values of this country in a respectable manner. Thankfully my destiny comes from a higher power, and not from your death wishing. Honestly can’t you make arguments in an intelligent way?

      • CaptainCurmudgeon

        Butt you GRU guys are alrightLOL

    • mozart

      Go sell your socialist wares elsewhere. The people you mention ARE brilliant truth-speakers. Conservatives, true freedom-lovers LOVE them. You show your liberal colors when you attack them. They are highly intelligent, patriotic and honest. We do not need advice from you = an obvious enemy of smart conservatives!

      • Dr. Ryan

        Beck is being sued for defamation over a ridiculous conspiracy theory he cobbled together. Andrew Breitbart recognized Beck as a snake, fraud, liar, thief and huckster. Breitbart was a real conservative, not someone who uses the cause to promote his career and fatten his bank account.

        • CaptainCurmudgeon

          You GRU guys are something else…LOL

        • hopkins

          Yes, that is my point. And if honest discussions of this sort can’t be countenanced by conservatives, the party will continue to lose elections.

      • hopkins

        Many conservatives believe Beck is a liability. You cannot claim conservatism for yourself. How you come up with the world socialist with regard to this is a red flag. It doesn’t even make sense. And liberal colors? Well, my, my. You’re really reaching now. There are many conservatives who have integrity, Beck is just not one of them. When you say “we” you are assuming a lot, far too much. I could come up with at least as many conservatives who agree with me. The hostility to such an honest dispute is unfortunate for the Republican cause. If you can’t abide other conservatives because they don’t bend to your will, prepare to lose all the important races from now on in.

    • Drakken

      If repugs come any further left in the name of centrism we will become democrats. No thanks, we have already given up too much ground in the name of centrism which is anything but.

    • RMThoughts

      A centrist is a Democrat moving at a slower pace. Given an opportunity the centrist always sides with the left.

      • hopkins

        I don’t agree because of Reagan. If a Republican fields a mature candidate(not mccain) and one who can articulate(not Romney) and has an acceptable relevant personality(not Dole), I think they will most often win.

        • RMThoughts

          Granted…..the Great Exception that proves the rule.

          • hopkins

            I don’t think he was an exception. I think if there was a quality candidate the Republicans would win. A better candidate would have beaten Obama. I have no doubt about this. Republicans aren’t thinking well enough when they vote in primaries.

  • antisharia

    Beck is the court jester of conservatism. The libertarians can have him.

    • sid goldberg

      I thought all of you Zio-pigs loved this little Israeli-firster.

    • William

      Libertarians think he’s a nutbar. And they’re right.

  • Debbie G

    To all of you who chose to complain about Glenn Beck and have the gall to put down Front Page for posting this article:
    Lest you forget, FP has been a leader in denouncing the biased media (Truth Revolt) and are obviously in agreement with Beck on this issue. If you don’t want to participate, then don’t. But go complain about Beck somewhere else….

    • William

      Uhh, Beck worked for the MSM (Fox ‘News’) for quite a while. CNN too. He is one of them.

      • Debbie G

        So what’s your point?

      • nightspore

        Couldn’t think of anything better to say? Incidentally, your last sentence is a non sequitur.

        • hopkins

          Why do I care about a non sequitor? I think I make a most intelligent point. Beck is correct about the issue but it does not help the conservative cause when he appears.

    • justsayin

      Beck is correct on this issue. Someday I hope to see a real conservative network. Monopolies should not be allowed by the FCC. No fan of Beck though. He lost me with his little trip down south.

    • hopkins

      I agree with Beck on this issue. That’s not my point. I think it was made months ago b y others. I wouldn’t pay a dime for the crap on t.v. In that sense it doesnt’ really matter what the media does because all of it has become demonic and sick. I would only be concerned if they were trying to squeeze out the conservative voice. I don’t think that’s what it’s about. I think it’s about money and the ability to throw crap at us unchallenged. I think Beck is a liability and front page would do better to just let him go.

  • RAM500

    The best thing is not to watch TV.

    • William

      Agreed,110%. I threw my last TV set out over 10 years ago and miss nothing about it.

  • William

    Whatever happened to Beck’s plans to build a religious/race separatist compound? He had blueprints and everything, and was trying to raise money.

    • nightspore

      What does this have to do with the article? Or can’t you separate arguments from attitudes?

    • Kruton

      #sissymary girlyman

    • hopkins

      He saw that becoming a mormon was the short cut.

  • MN dude

    I haven’t had cable ever. Let them die off like Blockbuster I don’t care.

  • theradiomall

    This was announced half a year ago, and Beck is just now figuring out that it’s a very bad idea to allow them to merge? He’s right, but, 6 months?

  • Kruton

    Go hug Mexican d#uchbag!

  • meanpeoplesuck

    I hope you all drown in your overpriced Goldline gold and hydroponic seeds!

  • aspacia

    Stick to the issue and lose the ad hominem attacks.


    I can no longer stand GB. He is as phoney.