How To Fight The Left in Political War — On The Glazov Gang

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This week’s special editon of The Glazov Gang was joined by Ben Shapiro, the Editor-in-Chief of, Elisha Krauss, Morning Co-Host at KRLA AM 870 The Answer and a staff writer at, and Jeremy Boreing, the Managing Editor of

The Gang gathered to discuss How To Fight The Left in Political War. The dialogue occurred within the context of Ben’s recent successful appearance at the UCLA Divestment from Israel Hearing, in which he blasted both the student sponsors and those considering the anti-Semitic measure.

Other themes included Flashback: Shapiro’s Debate KO of Piers Morgan, UN Ambassador Samantha Power’s Jew-Hatred, and much, much more:

Watch the two-part series below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • nopeacenow

    Conservatives have a lot to learn on how to fight the left. This is the best place to start the learning process.

    • laura r

      its the younger people like ben who will change things.

  • unionville

    What Shapiro did at UCLA was very Breitbartian. I think this spur of the moment confrontation was one of the things that made Andrew so great.

    I’m suprised they controlled the crowd the way they did. Usually at these events they allow the speakers they disagree with to be shouted down.

    • fratdawgg23

      Breitbart was an azz clown provacateur.

      • republicc

        When you have nothing, just call them nasty names.

      • Bklyn Farmer

        Sorry but if you want to know what a clown is take a look at your own post azz.

      • Rob Hobart

        Self-describing again, troll?

      • Drakken

        Oh look! Another leftist, self hating, self loathing regressive, educated beyond their capability, how quaint and amusing.


        Saint Pancake was an azz clown provacateur.

    • John Quickley

      Sorry to burst the bubble ya live in. Andrew Breitbart was a liar and everyone who saw the doc he made, knows it!

      • republicc

        When you got nothing, just call them nasty names.

      • Bklyn Farmer

        Is the a way of giving you a thumbs down or at least the finger for a nonsensical post?

      • Rob Hobart

        Drivel from an anonymous idiotic troll.

  • neils60

    Mr. Shapiro is an impressive young man. I saw him on a couple of cable news talk shows this past week/weekend. He should wear the mantle of being “fair and balanced”, too.

    • Recondobilly

      And fearless.

    • mackenzie wunderlich

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  • suchumski

    i guess you have to atack there leftism to.
    great admiration to your work. thank you all.

  • Laser1

    Jamie, it was a great interview. Your guests are very passionate about what they
    believe in and that is good because I believe that they understand what is at
    stake. They are telling it like it is,
    being clear on what is truth, and debunking the lies of the left with no gray
    interpretation in their thinking and talk.
    Because of that there is no wiggle room for the left to move their agenda
    forward. It takes great effort and courage
    to be ready at a moments notice.

    Great job to all of you!

  • WackoTurds

    Sadly, this type of BDS BS has infiltrated campuses all across the U. S. and Canada. Yet another example provided by AMCHA Initiative:

  • dougjmiller

    Ben you are a hero and a role model. Thank you for standing up to the anti-Semites.

  • fratdawgg23

    Good to see Shapiro supporting the BDS movement – it’s the right thing to do!

    • reader

      Dude, these boards saw much better trolling. This is so lame that our regular trolls are embarrassed for you.

    • liberalism is a mental illness

      Did you sleep in a tent in the pouring rain at the OWS movement?? It’s the left thing to do!! :)



      Happy Eternal Nakba!

    • Bklyn Farmer

      Junior, reading comprehension is not your strong point.

    • DB1954

      A dude named “fratdawgg23,” calling Ben Shapiro names. Isn’t that cute? When Ben was 23, he had finished law school. fratdawgg23 still lives in the Delta House. Waits on the mail to see if daddy’s check’s in his box. He’s 23, just finished the first semester sophomore year but is still on academic probation. Lives for keggar parties.

    • Drakken

      Obviously you hit the bong pipe more than you hit the books, say, you really should put your money where your liberal regressive big mouth is and go join those pali jihadist, I hear that Rachel Corrie needs the company.

  • mo up in the northeast

    I love my Jewish relatives. I love my Jewish friends. But I need to know how the Rothschild family fits in, to world events? Are they as powerful and ruthless as I’ve read? Are they affiliated with Soros, or the Bilderbergs? I know that Islamists are leftist, haters of capitalism, and I abhor them all. I ask most sincerely.

    • republicc

      I assume you are talking about the banking family. They fit in as NAZI propaganda. They were at their financial height in the 19th century. Today, what’s left of them is hardly Jewish and they are as irrelevant as you and me.

    • William_Bradford

      There is good in our world, and there is evil in our world. No one group has a corner on either. To ask your question is to ask: to whom do I need to be civil. Confront evil where ever it’s found, and embrace, defend, and promote goodness where ever under attack.

      Those who seek wealth, once they have it they quickly understand that it isn’t wealth that they seek, but rather they seek power; the power to compel you. Power, too, is futile; power can’t cure a fatal disease, power can’t make the rain stop, power can’t make it warm if it’s cold, and power, like wealth is left be hind at death. Protect, and promote the goodness given to us by our creator, for if we are permitted by our creator to take anything into the here-after it is only this – what we believe. Stop looking for those to whom you don’t have to be just and equitable: “…love your neighbor as yourself….”, and who is your neighbor? All are your neighbors – it’s the reason that Israel, in position of nuclear weapons, has not used them on their blood thirsty vengeful neighbors.

      • mo up in the northeast

        You answer is thoughtful and spiritual, and I appreciate that it comes from the heart. However, I am trying to seek the truth, when it comes to the world government threat, something that is enclosed in some horrible truths in my own Catholic church, as I watch those who would dissolve the sovereignty of the U.S.

        • rubber stamp

          I think you pretend to act in sincere way. You imply and fish for information you believe in yourself. You are conflicted in your world about the following “The Jews I know are nice, but other majority of them still control the world and US politics and economy” This is what you are saying. I get it.

          • mo up in the northeast

            I didn’t say Jews control the world. I asked people on this site, who I know are more savvy than me, what is up with the Rothschilds? I have fought hard in my letters to the President and Congress to expose the ugly economic side of radical Islam, which is akin to communism, and will never resonate with Judao/Christian entrepreneurial upward mobility. I’m one of the few who “gets” that theocratic Islamic dictatorships are a marriage made in heaven with socialism- Few will even talk about the socialism inherent in Iran, for instance. I will defend ANYONE who arrived in America penniless, worked their fingers to the bone, and gave their children a better life than their own – whether be Jewish, or Irish of Polish or Italian, and did it all without so much as a food stamp or welfare check. Am I “fishing” …well maybe you’re right, but if you read my letter below in reply to Isaiaha62 to Sen. McCain about the Irish Muslim John Brennan setting up Chris Stevens, in Benghazi, since his g.d. company came up as the hyperlink to the name change of “Innocence of Muslims” you won’t think I have bad feelings toward Jewish People.

  • William_Bradford

    Ben is a worthy heir to Andrew’s legacy. Attack, don’t defend, attack… these people – Jew haters – are monsters, they seek nothing more than to see every Jew, and certainly every Israeli Jew to be floating face down in the Med. These monsters don’t seek justice, they don’t seek equality, they seek overt personal, or institutional murder.

    Sorry Jeremy, – these people represent no great history of achievement, or accomplishment, they simply represent the worst in man: avarice, merciless totalitarianism, deceit, torture, kidnapping, coercion, and murder – impartial justice, and freedom are not words in their vocabulary.

    “The blood lust of a tyrant can never be satiated, only defeated” – W. Churchill. Attack, these monsters seek to use freedom in America like a cudgel with which to beat the civil, and to brutalize the weak – attack.

  • george

    So, what Mr. Shapiro and Ms. Krauss advocate is to use Ad Hominem attacks against activists rather than address the issues. Got it. Speaks volumes about their arguments.
    And to Unionville, how is speaking at a public forum where hundreds of people lined up for nine hours to speak somehow a unique, revolutionary act? I spoke at a city meeting the other day, am I “Breitbartian” too?

    • Rob Hobart

      “So, what Mr. Shapiro and Ms. Krauss advocate is to use Ad Hominem attacks against activists rather than address the issues.”
      Completely false. TROLLFAIL.

      • george

        Really, you must have watched a different video I did. Little Ben clearly stated that it is foolish to respond to criticisms of Israel and that he instead goes after the motivations of the people involved. That would be ignoring the issues in favor of personal attacks.
        Again, speaks volumes about the strength of your arguments.

        • Lorilu

          Your use of “Little Ben” to refer to Mr. Shapiro tells us what we need to know about you.

        • William_Bradford

          Typical liberal – lie, distort, deceive.

        • Drakken

          You liberals have absolutely no qualms about any method in getting your way and your agenda pushed through, well I got news for you, those days of taking the high moral ground are over. You use our strength against us and shout us down at every turn, well the one thing you liberals have in spades, is weakness and being spineless, time to carry the big stick and whack as needed. The time for niceties and pleasantries with the left is over. Get used to it.

          • george

            Who says I’m a liberal?

    • Webb Cook

      Yes — Truth Attacks. You would never understand.

  • mo up in the northeast

    I don’t really believe you. I believe they showed up as actors at the Sandy Hook And the Boston Marathon bombings. Incidentally man who. asked very good questions oabout Newtown was “visited” by Fla. Authorities. And I am more relevant than you think.

    • Isahiah62

      so your “sincere” was a troll- as I suspected from your leading “questions” you are not supposed to out yourself

      • mo up in the northeast

        I am not a troll. I am a 62 year old Irish Catholic who grew up in Ct. I taught piano, worked for newspapers, cleaned houses to support my son. I want answers to what really happened at Sandy Hook, and I want answers about the Rothschilds and the power they appear to wield . The gentleman that got visited by authorities had the audacity to ask the State of Ct. which company did the enviro clean up of Sandy Hook school. And read this account of the speed at which the Emilie Parker Fund was created:

        • Isahiah62

          your lifetime bio details are not relevant to the discussion or to me– good luck finding your “answers”even though republic above already told you the truth–

          • mo up in the northeast

            Certainly won’t get it from you, I guess. Do you not know how hard I’ve tried to wake up people about John Brennan’s role in plotting Benghazi? If you’re a Jewish person you ought to be thanking me for challenging this Muslim enemy of America.

          • Isahiah62

            right you won’t get it form me- the answer you want to hear is not the truth—- you need to do your own homework- when you talk about what the rest of us already know as LIBELS ON JEWS you cannot expect not to get blasted—- Rothschild family were great contributors to the establishment of Israel- which is why troofers and nazis lie about them and create & share conspiracy theories- it’s crap straight from Protocols of Zion- a forgery by Soviets-

            while I do like that you support Israel I also know Christians support them b/c they have ulterior motives (see Ann Coulter on “Jews need to be perfected in Jesus”/and Xtian Armageddon fantasies)

            so thanks but Jews will continue to trust in ONE—> HASHEM – we’ve been betrayed & burnt by Christians too many times (especially Catholics) to put any faith or trust there

          • mo up in the northeast

            I’m sorry that Jewish People have been burnt by Christians.
            My own Roman Catholic Church has behaved in very Un Christ like ways, from the
            Inqusition to the pedophile coverup. I
            have wondered why nobody in the Catholic Churches in Chicago spoke up against
            the murder of Donald Young, the openly
            gay choir director of Obama’s former Rev. Wright-run Trinity United Church
            (home to the “down low” club” ). Then I read about his friendship with Cardinal
            Bernadin- who recruited for the priesthood at Chicago gay bars. Malachy Martin in his novel
            “Windswept House” has revealed organized Satanic Pedophilia and
            World Gov’t plans, and though a novel, he claimed it was 80 per cent true. The mother
            of a girl alledegedly molested by Bernadin, asked Martin to write the book.
            . So evil exists, and I do what I can to fight it, in my many letters which you
            can read at the links in my reply to the above response from MOa

          • mo up in the northeast

            February 24, 2014

            Dear Senator McCain:

            I’d have done more than laugh at Susan Rice’s answer. I’d
            have called her a damn liar, and told her that she and a bunch of others,
            belong in jail.

            That much-talked about Muslim movie: the one which I keep
            telling you, was engineered by John-the-Muslim-Brennan. CGI acquired his former
            Company, Stanley Inc, and comes through as the hyperlink on the name-change of
            “Innocence of Muslims”. How many times do I have to tell you that? Do you think that it was magic that took it
            from 17 views to thorough saturation throughout the world, esp. the middle

            Here are the 2 links to substantiate that: and you’d better
            bookmark them before President Jarrett takes over full control of the Internet,
            like she’s taken over the Pentagon budget.


            I’ve documented that Hillary blamed the g.d. video while
            Woods and Doherty were still alive. It was READIED by the Obama Adminisration.

            Why the need to create a dopey video? So the coverup of the
            plan to kidnap Chris Stevens and exchange him for the Blind Sheik, stayed
            covered up. Gun running to Turkey
            and then on to Syria?
            Doesn’t explain that the Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team would have been
            pre-positioned the day BEFORE Benghazi,
            and then told to stand down when Woods and Doherty bravely defied orders and
            showed up and sacrificed their very lives. If Chris Stevens objected to the gun
            running, he could have been merely fired. Didn’t Obama situate Stevens to be at
            that annex on that day? How did the thugs know where both Stevens and the jerry
            cans of gasoline were? Why was there no American doctor to autopsy Stevens? Why
            was Anderson Cooper allowed in to contaminate a crime scene? Why did the FBI
            take weeks to show up? Why did the CIA pressure everyone to shut up? Why fire
            Carter Ham when he wanted to aid Stevens? Why the lies? BECAUSE CHRIS STEVENS GOT SET UP BY HIS OWN
            GOV’T and MORSI.

            Until you acknowledge the role Morsi thugs played in the
            attack at Benghazi, the families of the four victims will receive
            no justice whatsoever. Obama will continue to wreck the country, too.. Make no
            mistake. He’s doubling down. Severely. Here’s the Walid Shoebat quote about overhearing the Benghazi attackers speak of Morsi:

            “Two days after the attacks in Benghazi,
            we posted video taken during the firefight in Benghazi in which gunmen
            can be heard shouting, ‘Don’t Shoot us! We were sent by Mursi’! Although that
            version of the video has been taken down, we have found it elsewhere and re-posted earlier this month. To underscore the
            significance, this is evidence in real-time, that Egyptian President Mohammed
            Mursi was involved in the attack” Link:

            Treason, Sen. McCain, treason


            Cc: FOX


            And the Usual

          • Moa

            > “I’ve documented that Hillary blamed the g.d. video”

            Allah is NOT YHWH. Allah is not *God*.

            Allah is the opposite of YHWH. The Qur’an says that Allah is the “Greatest of Deceivers”. Sound like anyone you know? that’s right, Satan.

            Meanwhile, the Torah and Bible say YHWH cannot lie. Allah cannot be the same as YHWH.
            “IS ALLAH THE GOD OF BIBLE?”

            In saying that Hillary blamed the “g.d” video you make two mistakes. First, the video was about Mohammed (the most evil man that ever lived), and second, even if it was about Allah that is not the same as God/YHWH.

            You are well behind the eight-ball on this, amigo.

          • mo up in the northeast

            I’ve read some of the posts on your profile. You and I are
            in agreement on lots of things. I only used “g.d.” as an adjective, I could
            have said f….ing. I do know that Allah
            is not the God that most decent people worship. I have no use for the “kill for
            Allah” crowd, and view these sick individuals as brainwashed, and exemplify
            true evil. The atrocities committed on children by Al Queda in Iraq turned my
            stomach, as I ponder the tears that Jesus must weep. I don’t understand your “behind
            the 8 ball” comment, though. Either I’m full of crap, partially correct, or
            close to the truth on Benghazi.
            I don’t think the late Bob Grant of WABC would have invited me on his radio
            show over a dozen times, if he thought I was full of crap. I invite you to read
            my other Benghazi
            letters, dated Feb. 6, Jan 16, 14, 1 at this link:
            . And the older letters that Bob
            particularly liked are “Obama’s Checkered Past” , “Obama’s Tyrannical Rule” “Mommygate” and the “Response to Obama’s
            Kansas Speech” at this link:
            . Be well, Maureen

      • rubber stamp

        I stole the pic for my Facebook wall. hope u don’t mind ))

    • Rob Hobart

      So you’re a conspiracy fantasist. Go away, cretin.

      • mo up in the northeast

        A quote from someone on Newtown Patch:

        Joe Yak

        August 01, 2013 at 10:13 PM

        people still have not realized that its not guns that are
        the heart of the problem! its PEOPLE! who are the true problem! take a
        look at our society and what it has become! we have basically abandoned
        everything this country was founded on INCLUDING GOD, yet we sit back
        and wonder y this whole country is going down the tubes! we sit back as
        the corrupt establishment creates and murders its own citizens in order
        to further political agendas! how many residents of SH did obama thrust
        into the spotlight! and then wonder y so many of us even question the
        true events that took place that day! i still do! and to be frank, im
        not sure what to believe when i watch the news anymore! too much
        misinfo, and too many caught up in lies that i am unable to trust what
        we call mainstream media! dont get me wrong, im not saying no one died
        that day! i am saying i dont know what happened that day and from what i
        was given to go by from msm news sources i cant come to a full
        cunclusion! and y now are certain residents disappearing? kinda strange!
        how can we just ignore that? all of this could’ve been settled by the
        release of SOME of the crime scene evidence! the media played it so bad
        they made people think the whole thing was BS! and just what is it the
        police are still guarding inside SHE? its more like a prison than a
        crime scene! got cameras up that actually work now? i think its a lil
        late on that! sorry, no disrespect, but it angers me that i cant come to
        a final conclusion that i can truthfully believe that’s backed by facts!
        because of how it was portrayed to the rest of the country! before we
        even knew the names of the dead we had Feinstein on tv demanding gun
        control! which will only make the criminals the ones with the guns! and
        we law abiding folks will be left to suffer and to be vulnerable! i dont
        live in Sandy Hook or Newtown, i live in a much larger city that’s full of
        violence! we live day to day, not even week to week! we need protection
        and the police certainly do not provide that! at least not where i live!