Benghazi: Judge Jeanine Pirro Utterly Destroys Hillary Clinton

The judge nails the coffin shut on Clinton’s duplicity and negligence as Secretary of State:

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  • American1969

    Judge Jeanine just nailed it!
    It’s one of two things: Either Clinton is lying, or she’s incompetent. Either way, it means she’s not fit to be Commander in Chief.
    The evidence is overwhelming: Secretary Clinton knew and did nothing to aid those people. She left them there to die. Obama left them there to die. Then he goes to a fundraiser the next day AS IF NOTHNG HAD HAPPENED! Yeah….real presidential.
    The sick and sad part is that neither Obama or Clinton will be held accountable for anything, and those men and their families will not get the justice they deserve.
    9/11/12 Benghazi, Lybia

    • truebearing

      Take down (by body slam) and pin! Pirro hammered Hillary and it was a thing of beauty.

      I suggest that whoever runs against Hillary develops an ad, where the clip of Hillary’s famous “It’s 3:00 am” phone call is juxtaposed to a video of Hillary at a party, drinking and dancing with young girls. Then juxtaposed to her blatant lies, then to her infamous quote, “What difference does it make….”

      • American1969

        I love that ad idea! It’s perfect!

        • truebearing

          Maybe we’ll get lucky this time and get a candidate with enough fight in him/her to do something that aggressive, and keep doing it.

        • swemson

          All we really need to do is keep telling people the truth about her… over and over again…


  • Bamaguje

    Another nail in the coffin of Hilary’s 2016 presidential run.

    • defcon 4

      You would hope so, but I don’t think it’ll play out that way. I’d much rather someone mention shrillery’s close, working relationship w/the islam0fascist OIC and the fact that she attended closed door meetings w/them. After all, when are closed door meetings w/fascist organisations ever considered part and parcel of a democratic, free society?

    • Sharps Rifle

      I hope you’re right, but something tells me the propaganda media will find a way to make her blameless and save her hind end.

      • fiddler

        Which is why their credibility needs to be challenged in no uncertain terms. Turn the table and filibuster their interviews.

      • lyndaaquarius

        any precedent for such a detested,distrusted ,elderly public official winning the white house? Add all the scandals,too.She’s such a retread with no record of success. It’ll be interesting to watch the Media try to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. That old crap about how we need a woman and two for the price of one won’t cut it.Americans are in decline,know it and are scared.Time for a Repub woman who promotes the free market.

    • Misfit

      I wish that could happen but the country the way it is now and at least 65% of the American public still “loves” and think very highly of the Clinton’s and sadly she will be the first female president of the US. It is beyond me to think how our nation has plunge so low.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    She only proves what we knew already; the entire Obama administration, a gaggle of radical leftists, simply do not know what to do with a country like Libya. For that, you need a republican. But they’d rather watch Americans die than ask for help from the GOP. We don’t have a government anymore. We have 2 nations at war setting the standards for the rest of us. Instead of the other way around.

    • A Z

      Talking about Leftists and Libya, some of them still admire Gaddaffi fr instance Cynthia McKinney She has not been an elected official in a long time but there are others as well like Louis Farrakhan.

      Just look up how Gaddaffi treated the Tabou people.

      Which probes the point that it is more important for a world leader to be Anti-American than how they really treat Black people. The Tabou are of the Nilo-Saharan people.

      Louis Farrakhan Defends Gaddafi, Rips U.S. Action In Libya

      ” Tabou leaders have on several occasions declared they are facing “genocide” and cited racial discrimination.”

      • Bamaguje

        Gaddafi was far better than the Islamist militias presently running amok in Libya beyond the control of the feckless Tripoli govt.

        The Jihad attack on America’s Benghazi consulate would never had happened under Gaddafi’s watch. He had no stomach for Islamists.

        • A Z

          What you say is true. He warned us that if we ousted him that we would get what we did as far as increased terrorism.

          I was just pointing out all these people loved Gaddaffi for his socialist Green Book, but ignored or were clueless about the rampant racial discrimination in Libya.

  • HenDanK NEWT is right in that we need to use broad strokes to paint Hilary as a liar and incompetent. She’s someone who can’t be trusted to lead.

  • Hassan

    Now the last generation of American Christians is born. The future belongs to Islam in America, and your grandchildren will be Muslims. Islam will dominate the planet.

    Let’s face it. You ignorant self-centered monoglot Americans get outsmarted and outwitted by almost everyone. Just a few martyrs was all it took to cripple US economy since 2001, and you are slowly spending yourself into the toilet.

    Almost every American move in foreign policy harms America and aids us. Old rusty AK-47 rifles and a few bombs was all it took to defeat your aggression in Afghanistan.

    Don’t depend on the military to help you through this one. The US runs with its tail between its legs and declares victory. It did so in Iraq. It does so in Afghanistan. Ridiculous.

    Russia will have a Muslim majority in a few decades. With that, their entire nuclear arsenal will fall into Muslim hands.

    Enjoy your tactical advantage while it lasts – the future belongs to us.

    • Barbaracvm

      When those of us who believe in the Judeo-Christian ethics we will have a 21st century crusade. The only reason it has yet to happen is because to many dumb lazy welfare recipients let the government think for them.
      After you have murdered a few of them they will realize Islam is a murderous CULT!
      Your idolatrous worship of a man is pathetic. A man who was a pedophile, womanizing, narcissistic sociopath.
      Considering how much he hated the Jews most likely a disgruntled Jew who did not like being told no!

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Yeah, and Nikita Krushchev said that our children would live under communism. Instead, Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980, and brought down the USSR.

      People don’t seem to learn from history, you’re one of them …

      … BTW, don’t expect us to turn the other cheek …

      • defcon 4

        The muslimes pronouncement, which I admire for its honesty, sounds eerily reminiscent of Khrushchev’s shoe banging tirade at the UN.

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          That it does. And I invite Hassan … like the killer at Ft Hood whose name he uses … to try to make his dream a reality.

          He talks about rusty Ak47s. My Barrett is not rusty, I can assure him, and it out-ranges an AK by about a mile and a half …

          • defcon 4

            It won’t necessarily be him, or even muslime terrorists, it might be corrupted, subverted law enforcement agencies and our judiciary enforcing islamic law under some convenient euphemism (hate speech anyone?).

    • defcon 4

      And then the bloody, genocidal purges of the recalcitrant najjis kaffir begin eh Hassan? Hassan chop!

    • logdon

      Quite revealing.

      I’ve copied and pasted your supremacist, racist rant as a handy reminder whenever leftists portray Islam as a religion.of peace and tolerance

      In fact your utterances could almost be a text book primer into the violence and hatred endemic within the Islamic mind.

      You will be quoted.

      Thankyou. Hassan.

    • logdon


      You’ve just done us a huge favour.

      In fact I’ve copied and pasted your supremacist, racist rant as counter whenever your fellow religionists attempt to portray Islam as a religion of peace and co-existence.

      A valuable insight into the workings of the authentic Muslim mind, it could almost be textbook and not quite as advertised whenever the lying taqiyya merchants do their lying thing, which sad to say is most of the time.

      Have you spoken to CAIR lately? I’m sure they’d appreciate being put right by your disarming honesty.

      Again, thank you for the insight. It is much appreciated.

      • logdon

        Not sure what happened there.

        Posted the first which immediately vanished, hence Mk 2.

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          I’m quite glad you went to Mk 2! My sentiments, exactly.

      • nagesha

        Here’s my song called ‘Taqiyya Dance’. It is meant to expose the darkness of islam and rally all infidels to come together to fight this menace:

    • Drakken

      Well hello raghead, as one of those infidels that won’t go quietly into the night and one who plays by the same rules you play by, let me explain a few facts to you, first, you effing savages haven’t really pizzed us off yet, but the way your going, it will eventually come to pass, second, in every one of us of European heritage and the Europeans themselves have this nasty gene that lies dormant for years, but sooner or later, because the sub human savages like you are at the gate, will come out of its dormant state and become fully awake and functional. I call this gene, the war gene, and nobody is better at war than us Europeans, the Serbs have this Gene in them in spades, and you got yourself a little glimmer of what is possible once we throw off the shackles of PC/MC and unleash, we get to keep what we kill. You inbred ragheaded savages are too ignorant to flee for your very lives, it will just make hunting you and your kind that much easier when the time comes, and make no mistake muslim, it is coming, it will be a bit like deer hunting, if it is brown, it is down. Deo Volente!

      • logdon

        I don’t know what effect these men will have upon the enemy, but, by God, they terrify me.

        Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke Wellington (1769-1852), British soldier,

    • defcon 4

      What a glorious future it will be mujhadeen: full of head choppings. stonings and amputations. A future in which free speech is just a najjis kaffir fable, and freedom consists of how some insane nitwit interprets the koran. A future where the najjis kaffir is a slave and muslime women second class citizens beholden to muslime men.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        Let me take another stab at Hassan the idiot …

        Our current POTUS is a
        complete loser, that won’t always be the case. That explains our
        military currently. Now most importantly, no one in history has ever
        attempted to invade mainland America for good reason. The first to try
        shall learn severe and hard lessons at great cost. Once a man tastes
        true freedom and the grace of God, trying to take it away shall create a H E L L
        on earth.

        So Hassan, let US know when you want to take your shot as we
        are ready to rumble …

    • Notalibfool

      Hassan, are you an Evergreen student? Your anti-Americanism and limited intellect implies that you are.

    • Scott Lee

      I suspect “Hassan” is not really who he says he is; just another white right wing fear mongering troll.

      • defcon 4

        I’ll bet you “suspect” islam is a religion of peace too.

  • Lanna

    Judge Jeanine is a smart lady…she sees through the Left’s lies and short comings. HIllary will always be remembered for saying, “At this point, what difference does it make how the Seals were killed, or why?” Well it makes a huge difference how and Why, because this is a reflection on the security that was absent from the compound and in such a volatile region!

  • ca1

    excellent judge pirro… excellent…. this video explanation of events can be trotted out to remind the low information voters of the FACTS when hillary runs for prez…. if she has the audacity!

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    It would seem that Judge Pirro will be going on the Clinton enemies list …

    • defcon 4

      I’d love to get a look at the current regime’s enemies list, I’m sure it’s massive. I’m sure the zero wishes he had Stalin’s powers, so he could cut the list down to size.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        I wouldn’t doubt that I’m on the list. But then, I’m on almost every Muslim’s enemies list …

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Pirro needs to do a similar summary of Barack Hussein Obama and the incompetent and cowardly military leaders who wouldn’t challenge this Fraud in Chief and his puppet Leon Panetta. The commanders should have acted like the two brave Navy Seals in Benghazi and taken action despite the “stand down” orders. Obama went to bed, what can be worse than that.

    Put your feet where your mouth is and march with all of us in Operation American Spring on May 16th, 2014. The goal is 10 MILLION people. It is being organized by retired high ranking military men. Tell as many folks as possible, post it like this in the comment sections you are participating in, twitter, facebook, emails, etc. OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING – Google it.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      I’ll be there, for one …

  • malachha avet

    Hillary & Obama are perfect soul mates, both lliars

    • defcon 4

      No wonder they have a natural affinity for islam — the religion that sacralises lying.

  • Carlyle Rogers

    Judge Pirro should do one on George W Bush and 9/11; where was she then? What about the 60 persons killed in Embassy attacks during Jr’s Presidency? What about Reagan allowing the 200 plus Marines to be killed in Beirut? When Judge Pirro gets justice for those, then she can talk about justice for Benghazi. The judge is entitled to her opinion but she is inconsistent, opportunistic and hypocritical. She also comes across as shrill and extremely childish. Ask her to go and argue with the military commanders who made the decisions not to send help to Libya or others. This is what is wrong with both sides of the divide. Neither side deals with objective facts but places a spin on it. Yes; there are low informer voters out there but those exist on both sides.

    • poest

      No, it should be on President Clinton. President Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act into law on October 31, 1998. December 16th, 1998 Clinton mandated Operation Desert Fox, a four day bombing campaign on Iraqi targets. Saddam had frozen out UN inspectors looking for Iraqi WMDs. The results? Bombs on Baghdad. You forgot? Selective amnesia? As for Reagan, we were there for an humanitarian mission. Look it up.

      1983 Beirut barracks bombing:

    • Gislef

      Perhaps she (and most people) don’t agree with you that the Obama administration _covering up_ their own deliberate negligence that led to the deaths of four people, somehow equates to the Bush and Reagan administrations _not_ having any deliberate negligence that led to the deaths of 60 people. It’s not hypocritical if you’re talking about two different things.

      Plus, are you then agreeing that the deaths in Benghazi do need justice? Since you tell Pirro to talk about it? If there was no negligence, she wouldn’t have to talk about getting justice for Benghazi as you suggest.

      The military commanders followed the orders of their commander in chief and the State Department.

    • Gislef

      Plus in case you missed it, Reagan is dead. It’s not clear what justice Pirro can obtain against a dead man, even if justice was necessary.

      Why is it that progressives spend so much of their time living in the past?

      • Carlyle Rogers

        In case this surprises you, I am not a progressive but I can think for myself. I do not expect to convince any of you that this Benghazi rant is counterproductive. You seem to place deliberate negligence on the Obama White House but excuse Bush Jr’s deliberate negligence when it comes to the invasion of Iraq given that some officials said that the invasion force was too small; you give Bush Jr a pass for ignoring the August 6th PDB and trying to prevent the establishment of the 9/11 Commission and you conveniently ignore the several Embassy attacks that occurred during the Bush years all because your hatred of all things Clinton blinds you to your inconsistency. Where were you and Ms Pirro when Reagan allowed the Marines to be unarmed in Beirut? Where were you and Ms. Pirro when Iraq was being mishandled and 4000 soldiers died? Where were you and Ms. Pirro for all the other mistakes that Republicans made militarily? No where to be seen but yet, you and Ms. Pirro want to crucify Mrs. Clinton because of Benghazi when the Ambassador himself, refused added security on two different occassions. At least try to be consistent in your argument my friend. Like I said, I don’t expect to convince you and anyone else here commenting but do try to be fair in your comments.

        • Western Canadian

          Every hard left load of distortions and lies…. Yeah, you’re no progressive. And you can[t think, period. The PDB has been made public, and it clears Bush of your hate filled smear.

          • Carlyle Rogers

            Yeah right…clears Bush. My friend, you obviously have your views and I have mine. You can shout and scream all you want, but that won’t change the facts of Bush’s failures both before 9/11 and in Iraq.

          • fiddler

            Just remember that all of the military were volunteers (not like Vietnam) and that he had both houses of Congress the opposite party. Mistakes and miscalculations can be made. That is not what is here!!! This was deliberate ABANDONMENT and blatant LIES for the sake of political advantage. Really, can you compare the two; if you are sane???

          • Carlyle Rogers

            Then go and argue with the leaders of the Africa Command who made the decisions. Don’t argue with those who weren’t. You cry over 4 dead heroes yet excuse mistakes and miscalculations which resulted in 4000 dead in Iraq; thousands dead in Afghanistan and 3000 dead on 9/11. Go figure my friend; live in your world and I will live in mine. The difference here is that I am not an arm chair quarterback. I am sure that the security teams do the best they can under circumstances that I can never understand but you seem to have one standard for those with whom you agree and support politically and wish to impose the Spanish Inquisition on those with whom you disagree. This is one of the reasons why Obama, with whom I disagree on most things, to your surprise I am sure, is in the White House today; you gave passes to Bush Jr for making a mess of Iraq with a force that was too small for the invasion as General Shinseki warned but military heroes like Cheney and Rumsfeld disagreed with which caused deaths of Iraqis and US personnel but wish to nail Hillary and Obama to the cross for the death of 4 heroes. Stay in that world of thinking my friend and see how many people you can convince to join you.

          • Drakken

            Obviously you have never served in our military, so please quit talking out of your azz because your mouth knows better. Your more worried about a bunch of ragheads than you are about Americans, effing pathetic leftard.

          • Carlyle Rogers

            Getting under your skin? Did you feel like this when 3000 were killed on 9/11 due to intelligence failures or 4000 died in Iraq? Do you think your childish insults will offend me? When you mature, let’s debate. Until then, your comments will do little to perturb me.

          • Carlyle Rogers

            I love this one: hate filled smear? Nice try.. I don’t hate Bush Jr. I did not think he was qualified to be President in 2001 and his record in office both on the military front with the handling of the war in Iraq, other military policies and of course his excessive spending, proved that. The only reason why Barack Obama is in the White House today, is because Bush Jr won in 2001. You can make all the excuses for his failures that you wish but that won’t change historical facts. Iraq was a mistake and will be a disaster for years to come; and yes, he was supported by the Congress but the handling of the war was dreadful; Afghanistan will be a mess for decades to come and his spending destroyed conservative arguments from which they have yet to recover politically.

        • sadur

          Are you totally clueless? Please recall it was Bill Clinton who refused to seize Bin Laden. Had the idiot done so there would have been no 9/11. Regarding Iraq, Bush eventually went with the surge which resulted in victory. Now we have the obamanation in the white house and Iraq may be lost.
          Are ;you now blaming the ambassador for his own death? Stevens did ask for more security. His request was for increased CIA security not military. Since Steven’s boss was Hillary and Obama they are ultimately responsible.
          You call Judge Jeannine shrill? That adjective belongs only to hillary

          • Carlyle Rogers

            Clueless; yeah right? That myth of Clinton’s failure to capture Bin Laden will live with your forever. I will take Richard Clarke’s memories of those issues than yours my friend any day of the week. Insulting me means nothing so don’t waste your time. You guys can’t ever focus on facts and just like the left, you are blinded by hatred and have no respect for facts and evidence that don’t support your preconceived notions. Over 3000 persons died on 9/11; 4000 in Iraq; errors were made in Benghazi including by the Ambassador himself but you feel that Obama and Hillary should be shot, quartered and then burnt at the stake while excusing Bush for his military failures. Go figure…anyway; you are obviously someone for whom reason and rationality are bad concepts. Enjoy life in that world my friend. I surely wish you well.

          • Drakken

            Never has there been a time where we as Americans left fellow Americans to their fate without moving heaven and hell to get to them, until now, and a silly leftist like yourself excuses the behavior as if it is nothing to see here and in self righteous hypocrisy say with a straight face, you republicans are way worse. If your are the thought process of the new left? You deserve everything that is coming to you and yours in spades.

    • Gislef

      Plus as an argument for obtaining justice, it doesn’t make sense in any case.

      Who argues that the police shouldn’t arrest anyone until they arrest everyone that they should have arrested? Even those who are dead?

      It gets worse when you argue that the police shouldn’t pursue justice until they arrest everyone you _think_ they should have arrested, on unrelated crimes.

      Democrats in the 70s didn’t say, “Let’s wait to impeach Nixon until we impeach everyone else that should have been impeached in the past.”

    • Erudite Mavin

      Why did Bill Clinton look the other way when Al Qaida bombed
      the World Trade Center in 1993, bombed American embassy and barracks in mid 90s
      and bombed the USS Cole in 2000.

      Bill Clinton bin Laden role in having an American Black Hawk
      chopper shit down in Mogadishu, Somalia and Americans were dragged through the
      streets there and strung up under Bill Clinton.

      Bill Clinton refused the turn over of Bin Laden by Sudan,
      Bill was not interested.

      The list goes on

      Read “Losing Bin Laden” How Bill Clinton’s
      Failures Unleashed Global Terror – by Righard Miniter

      “Dereliction of Duty” the eyewitness Account of
      How Bill Clinton compromised America’s National Security – by Lt. Col. Robert Patterson

      • Carlyle Rogers

        Yeah right….right-wing hacks who have an axe to grind. I will take Richard Clarke’s recollections of this period over those of persons who weren’t in the room when these decisions were made. This is the problem with both the right and left. The narrative and evidence that do not support your cause are ignored. Go and read Richard Clarke and then come back and talk to me. I won’t be listening to hacks like those two clowns I can assure you. Clarke’s job places him at the centre of the action. Where were these fellows may I ask?

        • Drakken

          The fact that you hold that lying Clark in any type of high regard really does say it all. Your an effing leftist progressive so why shouldn’t I be surprised?

          • Carlyle Rogers

            Effing leftist? Nice try..lying Clarke eh? Why? Because he was in the room when the decisions were being made and you and your team weren’t?

          • Drakken

            Funny how Clarke only remembered things that ere not detrimental to the Clinton administration, and like a good little leftard, lapped it up in a fit of wishful thinking.

        • Erudite Mavin

          The authors of the books mentioned are far from right wing hacks.
          Lt. Col. Robert Patterson served in the Clinton Adm and was the one who carried the Nuclear football wherever the Pres. went.
          Richard Miniter of the times of London and has written for NY times, Wall Street Journal, Washing Post, Sr. Fellow at a think tank in Brussels and D.C.
          What they wrote can be documented by dozens who were in the center of the action
          and just plane common knowledge to those who follow the news and world affairs for many decades as I have.
          You just stick to the person who is part of your echo chamber so it makes you feel better

          • Carlyle Rogers

            I would prefer to base my judgments on the findings of the 9/11 Commission. I don’t give a damn about the views of Patterson or Miniter. Were they in the room like Clarke when decisions were being made? Did they have access to the information that the 9/11 Commission had? I am old and wise enough to know that authors of books have a book to sell. You live in your world where only evidence that suits your ideas matter. The so-called offer by Sudan was not taken seriously by those to whom it was made as found by the 9/11 Commission. Perhaps you should ask these authors who was to blame for the February 1993 attack on the WTC? You and them would surely blame Clinton who had been in office less than 6 weeks. However, you and the others would wish to give Bush Jr a pass for the 9/11 attacks when they were in office for 9 months. Luckily for me; I can think for myself and can follow evidence to lead to conclusions and be consistent in my logical analysis. I am also wise enough to know that most often those who say they know weren’t in the know, to know. Clarke was in the room; these guys weren’t. The 9/11 Commission had access to information none of these guys would be privy to. I don’t give a damn about a guy carrying the nuclear football because I am sure that he would not be in the room for all serious decisions once they are taking place inside the White House. You and I will never agree because I can see issues separately. You and the others on this site seem to think that once we don’t agree with you on everything, we must be progressives. So in order to fit your bill, we must be in agreement with you 100% on everything. I can assure you my friend, that I am more of an economic conservative and a limited government conservative than you could every be. You know why? I was born and raised in a country that had and has no government support system like I am sure you were privy to. I was born and raised in a country that had none of the social welfare and what you would call liberal policies like I am sure you had. I was born and raised in a country that when hurricanes come and destroy our homes, we don’t look to the Federal government for relief or when drought kills our crops, expect the government to bail us out. So you can call me progressive all you want because I can reason and see things that your hatred of everything Clinton blinds you to. This is exactly the way the Left treats people who also don’t fall into their framework as well. It must be nice living in a world where everyone sees everything the way you do.

          • Drakken

            Your denial of reality in the hopes that the leftist/progressive will rain unicorns and rainbows upon you is absolutely stunning in your stupidity, and we let retards like you vote.

          • Erudite Mavin

            Having followed politics and world affairs since the 1950s in analytical seriousness, living in a city with the largest concentration of military , world affairs is our local news. along with the terrorist who flew the plane into the Pentagon lived here in San Diego as did Anwar al Awlaki over 4 years. The FBI Terrorist unit here was alerting the Clinton Adm of what they were picking up on by thanks to Clinton’s Gorrelick wall which meant the FBI could not share with the CIA Info. down load the tens of dozens of pages from the FBI exposing during the Clinton Adm what was going on.
            Being ret. legal support with the County Attorneys,
            I only deal with facts and analytical research.
            You attempt to place yourself as all knowing when in fact you don’t have a clue.
            I suggest you keep up your mind set as not to disturb you unicorn rainbow ranch one note
            view and make yourself comfortable because the facts would be overwhelming for you.

          • Carlyle Rogers

            I suggest that you throw your childish, petty insults at the 9/11 Commission and Richard Clarke. I do not give a damn what your background is or your skills are. I take my facts from those in the know. I suggest you go and read the 9/11 Commission Report and then argue with their findings. I am not the one who is saying or purporting to be all knowing. You and your cohorts here are. I take my facts and based my conclusion from those in the know. If you were privy to more information than the 9/11 Commission and Richard Clarke, then I will quietly concede that I am wrong. Until then, I suggest that you keep your infantile, effete insults to yourself and argue based on the evidence.

          • Erudite Mavin

            Your serious problems keep you from seeing and hearing the facts. Continue your delusions because they obviously make you feel comfortable and oblivious
            to reality

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          And you don’t have an axe to grind? Are you sure that you’re not Juan Williams? You seem to be parroting the administration line.

    • Geoffrey Britain

      “Yes; there are low informer voters out there but those exist on both sides.”

      As you just amply demonstrated.

      • Carlyle Rogers

        Thanks for the compliment; coming from you, I really appreciate it. Your arrogance as to your superiority of knowledge must make you feel very comfortable. Enjoy that world in which you live my friend; it must be great being there…

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Your post to Geoffrey is self-referentially invalidating, as you obviously believe you have the same level of information as him.

  • Sally Nussbaum

    But Jean did not get to the obvious question of why the Administration sought to cover over Benghazi. It was not just incompetence, as Jean claims. Jean should look further because the Adninistration is no fools. One theory is that the outpost was being used to store arms and feed them to the anti Qaddafi rebels,before the USA was officially involved. And that they knew those rebels, having finally chased out Qadaffi, had come to take the arms stash. A related theory is that Ambassador Stephens asked the rebels to return surface to air missiles so they could be sent to Syria to be used against Assad but they refused and raided the compound. Another theory is that the Egyptian Alqaida present planned to capture Stephens and exchange him for the Blind Sheik but the plan went awry and they killed him. Yet another theory is that the Administration delayed to let the rebels remove all arms from the compound so there would be no evidence that the Administration was secretly aiding Qadaffi’s overthrow for a long time, before it was officially announced.

    • Painted Horse

      That all may be true but the Judge was referencing the official report not possible claims.

    • Erudite Mavin

      This is one of many of Judge Jeanine” s opening monologues
      on the subject of Benghazi.
      She has not only hit many areas of this terrorist attack but has had on family members of Americans killed there such as
      three of the four who are from here in San Diego several times.

  • logdon

    For the root and branch look no further than these very same pages.

    Extensive and impeccably researched, it’s a good few pages long so settle down with your favourite brew and prepare for the enlightenment


  • SoCalMike

    WE all knew Hillary and Obama are criminally negligent here but when you have 1/2 the country as well as the press corps and media licking your ass, there is no accountability or blame.

  • phenry

    There are still many like Hillary and her husband and Obama who are willing to gain the whole world despite losing their souls.

  • veeper

    the clintons and liberal mdia sold democrats all over america on the theory that lack of character and honesty doesn’t make any difference for an elected official…..

    democrats have been garbage americans ever since….

    obama could kill his kids on the white house lawn and still get a pass from the media and 40% of america……

    • cacslewisfan

      True. I don’t think Obama can be impeached no matter what he does. There is always a “good reason” for everything. It has nothing to do with corruption, incompetence, or treason. He’s doing a great job. We’re all just racists.

      • charli

        Another reason we won’t see our Phony Commander impeached is it would be up to his fast and furious buddy Eric Holder,the whole gang makes me sick,also the media needs to statr reporting that none of what is happening is by accident.It goes back to Saul Ilinskis book of radicals.The judge did do a good job,thoughly enjoyed watching her.

  • tanstaafl

    Preach it, sister!

  • popseal

    Nearly 50% of American voters know they are incapable of living self reliant responsible lives. They’ll vote for a Nanny State as a matter of personal survival. The ‘character’ of their candidates has little to do with their voting practice. The short is, they vote for the liars making the best promises.

  • Hux

    USA need to get rid of the old farts and start afresh. These old farts know all the angles,lie,mislead,coverup,deny. Because they don t care . Like Clinton said “what does it matter” .What a total asinine statement. Get rid of this over bloated old fart . USA needs a leader who knows what they are doing and has respect . Clearly no one has a clue and the world knows.,that’s why they don’t fear USA anymore.

  • Susan

    This is disgusting. She bald face lies about numerous things but the most heinous is that we left Americans to die. We sent our Delta Force from Tripoli lead by Major Sargent David R. Halbruner, who saved many American lives (and received the Distinguished Service Cross and the Navy Cross for his brave leadership). She is insulting them for political gain and money. Shame on her and anyone who supports her!Edit (in 5 minutes)

  • Tread7

    Excellent Judge Jeanine Pirro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leonard Lawrence

    Mercedes: Jeanine Pirro may sound good, but she’s a big phony. In 1996, when she was Westchester County District Attorney, she railroaded Richard DiGuglielmo, an off-duty NYPD officer, who shot a baseball bat wielding black man who was assaulting his father in front of the family’s deli in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Pirro, under pressure from racial racketeers such as Al Sharpton, railroaded DiGuglielmo and charged him with second degree murder as a “a bias crime”.