CAIR Reacts to Megyn Kelly’s Epic Smackdown

cairCAIR has been attempting to block a new film (The Honor Diaries) that draws attention to the plight of women under Islam.

The following parody crystallizes the key issues involved — and offers food for thought to the Muslim “civil rights” group about how it may consider effectively contributing to dialogue and human rights in the future:

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  • wileyvet

    Awesome. Nice job. The comparison is so apt. Nazism and Hitlerism became the epitome and personification of evil in the modern world and no sane person would identify with any of it. Yet here we have a much older dogma, just as, if not more intolerant, supremacist and rabidly anti-Semitic than Nazism, but no one is allowed to question or criticize in any way. CAIR and the al-Qaedas are two sides of the same Islamic coin. Their objective is the same just different means. That is world wide subjugation by Islam. The sooner the world recognizes this the sooner we can end this scourge.

  • truebearing

    Kudos to Megyn Kelly and Fox for not giving in to CAIR. CAIR has no power we don’t give them.

    A good percentage of the world’s population once had Naziphobia…and with good reason. Why can’t people today recognize the same evil in Islam and the same need to honestly fear the spread of Islam? It is a legitimate and wise thing to fear. I am an Islamophobe, and not ashamed to say it. Once we all openly explain why we fear Islam, that false epithet will die and the Muslims will need to come up with a new lie.

    • kilfincelt

      In my opinion we need to redefine Islamophobe and turn it on its head. People who are willing to speak out about Islam and its inherent evils should say they are not Islamophobic because they don’t fear speaking out about Islam. On the other hand those who give into the demands of CAIR, ISNA, etc. should be told that they are the Islamophobes because they are so afraid of the consequences of speaking the truth that they cave in.

      • Adolphus Leopanzus

        The concept of “phobia” as used in psychology is one of unreasonable fear of a thing. If there is a reason, or are reasons, to fear something about Islamicism in any or all its various guises then it cannot be considered a phobia in the true sense in which it has been traditionally used.
        Is there reason to fear? Indubitably. Therefore there is a need to be wary, which is reasonable. Everyone should be able to agree to this. Is it a phobia? Not unless we accept the current perversion or modification of the use of the “-phobia” appendage. If that latest usage is what we now accept, then we should redefine the expression to reflect such current usage in our language so that it can be used when speaking of a reasonable fear.

    • nomoretraitors

      Because Islam hates the same things the left hates: America, Christianity, capitalism, individual liberty and the white race

      • truebearing

        They hate the jews, too, and representative government. You could just say “they hate” and cover all of the bases.

        • iluvisrael

          add to the list moslems that don’t observe islam or at least the way the hotheads in their midst demand they do – essentially, anyone who isn’t them. Another sweet nugget about the jihadi set is how they treat the weakest and the underdogs within their own communities, like how the mentally disabled and unattractive women have been targets of aggressive recruiters on the hunt for future suicide bombers. Then there’s that lovely use of children as human shields…….. a much shorter list would be of things they don’t hate.

          • iluvisrael

            The really repulsive thing about this, besides their hatred, is how little they respect/value human life – their own included.

    • JacksonPearson

      Megyn ate CAIR’S lunch.


      Sadly, I find that the American public is blind-sided by its views on ‘freedom of speech’ etc, you know, the good old First Amendment stuff. The irony is that the radical Muslims do not recognise any such freedoms and incrementally you’ll lose the whole bloody lot if these people get a foothold on government, local, state or federal.

    • spyeatte

      It is almost impossible to talk about CAIR without using obscenities involving pigs. Why are they allowed to be in this country?

    • Gee

      I am not an Islamophobe. I fear no person on this planet. Do I hate their actions – h*ll yes I do. Have I done my level best to prevent them genocide – h*ll. But I do not fear them or anybody else

    • bigjulie

      I’m remote from my home and don’t have my password list so I’ll just post as “guest”. for now. Megyn and crew did a great job! CAIR is just a propaganda outlet and deserves neither respect nor consideration. I don’t fear them…more despise them than anything else!
      I have no use whatsoever for Islam or anything they promote or stand for. They are still 7th Century reprobate savages and need to be stamped out entirely, as far as I am concerned. We are fools for even tolerating them in America. Doing so will only do us harm!

  • wildjew

    Maybe Kelly is stronger than Hannity. Time will tell.

  • sundance69

    It’s time to play cowboys and Muslims.

  • Mr. W. H. Braden

    There is a bit of hope with Islam: Sufis sing and dance to the glory of God. CAIR is politics and create enemies.

    • Norbert Haag

      You might want to look into the “peaceful” sufi movement in India before making such comment.

      It was Sufis that conquered huge parts of India and slaughtered millions of Hindi. Not much time for singing and dancing.

      • Mr. W. H. Braden

        I think you are a bit confused.

        • Norbert Haag

          Do you?

          • Mr. W. H. Braden


        • Drakken

          Islam is islam and where ever islam goes the blood always flows, without exception. Islam one way or another, has got to go by whatever means necessary.

        • johngvanvliet

          Mr Braden it is time that you take of your sun clored glasses and face reality for there is NOT a peaceful islam, is lam is above all a dictaorship

          • Mr. W. H. Braden

            I don’t have colored glasses on, jihadist are not Muslims and the priests have created a theocracy mixing politics and the study of God (religion). Both are wrong. I agree the clerics are power hungry with a political ideology with a desire to dominate. They have missed the point of Islam which is love for the glory of our Father. Christians in many cases are the same, without the killings; take for example the changing the day of worship from Saturday to the “Pope’s Sunday”, pure politics. Again jihadist are not Muslims they are devils.

          • johngvanvliet

            Mr. Braden Jihadist are muslims there a great difference between the Ideology of islam and the Christian point of view. The quoran instruct the muslim to fight the unbeliever to terrorize them and if they would not convert to Islam to kill them. Further more if you leave the Christian faith you will not be killed, if you leave islam a fatwa will be issued to kill the person that leaves islam for it is, as they say blasphemy.
            I f we look to Egypt, we look to many nation in Africa we see random killing of Christians by the thousands, you may want to read and interesting site, called ,, Jihad Watch,, by Robert Spencer or you may want to read some other sites regarding conduct and behavior of muslims/jihadist/ terrorist yes the fanatical arm of Islam, but there is not one cleric that condems their conduct. also the position of women within Islam is very very discriminating…. I would advise you to read the quoran and you may want to read Sura 8 called the Spoils of War….. and there are many examples of the war on non-muslims.. there are no moderate muslims for they all believe the quoran and will abide by the quoran.
            Muslims are building mosque all over Europe and the US, you try to build in Christian church in many Islamic countries… will be arrested . just for talking about Jesus Christ, and in many places you be killed. Allah is not the God of the bible but an imaginary god invented by a man that called himself a prophet but had did not the live of a godly men compare his life(mohammed) with the life of Jesus Christ and you see that these are diabolical opposed to each other. . Sorry Mr Braden really islam is dangerous and saraih law is inhuman… read up on it and you will see that I am not just saying things. Please do not be gullable to the deception of muslims. They are allowed to lie to further the cause of islam.. very. very deceptive

    • Drakken

      Well then, we in the West need our very own Night of the Long Knives to deal with the enemy within.

      • Mr. W. H. Braden

        No, we don’t.

        • Drakken

          The bottom, brutal line is very simple, it either them or us, it is that brutally simple. We cannot get out of this without a massive amount of bloodshed, no matter how much you want to take that high moral ground, for the muslims will always burry you in it.

          • Mr. W. H. Braden

            Yes, I’m afraid you are right. Its easy to kick America in the balls once, maybe twice but we will remove their ability to kick soon enough.

    • Jai Hind

      Sufis are relics of conquered peoples.

  • Davros11

    I agree with sundance69, we should start playing cowboys and muslims, once we start taking it to them, they will back down. Everyone knows that muslim men in general are cowards, that is why they beat their women, they can’t fight man on man.

    • Rdlake

      They stone & subjugate their women, demand clitorectomies on baby girls & give authority for 55 year old men to marry 6 year olds. These inhuman savages are not the problem. UN & western governments that not only allow this but encourage these Islamists with recognition & relax the laws to accommodate Sharia law to thrive while they resist to assimilate into their new countries.

  • Canadianpatriot

    Way to go Front Page Magazine! Your best yet of these Hitler scenarios. You have banged the gong this time. It says it all in an exceedingly effective way. When the truth is presented with emotion, the truth gains power. I have laughed when viewing past scenarios about other topics, but did not, could not laugh during this one. It hits the gut.

  • Rdlake

    Shamefully, someone with balls comes from the female side.

    • ratonis

      Right! Megyn has more balls than most of the men in congress and the churches!

      • MidSouthMitch

        Well stated

    • MidSouthMitch


  • Hogrider

    Megyn, Brooke and David, Fantastic job. The world needs to know the truth. Keep up the great work.

  • Petertimber

    Prophecy will punish the Muslim for their base hatreds, killings and lack of kindness to non Muslims, women in the name of their God. Megyn Kelly is a hero and a model for us all.

  • Jason P

    I usually don’t like using Hitler to make other points … but that so well done I couldn’t stop watching.

    Go Megyn!

    • Harald Eigerson

      It is totally appropriate since since Yasser Arafat’s uncle ,the grand mufti of Jerusalem, allied himself with Hitler even before WWII started. Even before that Hassan Al Bana wedded islam with nazism when he created the muslim brotherhood and put out his 50 points with an aim toward bringing islam in line with national socialism and Hitler’s 25 points.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Beautiful! Thumbs up for Megyn!

  • popseal

    Naïve’ on a criminal level, willfully ignorant, or just uneducable people still think Islam is a good thing. It is a violent superstition founded by a known killer 1400 years ago and there is no way to expunge or amend history to say otherwise, unless you are a committed DHIMMI.

  • johngvanvliet

    You think Kelly is getting away with this????
    Yes I like the way she made the comparison and the very hard reality of how islam conduct its laws and ways. In many countries that are Islamic child marriage and convenient marriages are allowed and muslims will be allowed to follow the example of their perverted prophet to marry 9 year old girls…and of course the abusive and discriminating of treatment of muslims woman as instructed by the Quoran and Hadits,
    However, I think Kelly may underestimate the brutal way islam will deal with her and will make her look like a Islamic phobic and drag her through the mud.. I have seen to many that took on islam (Beck, Hannity, O Reilly and others) and dropped it after a while because of treats, intimidation, character deformation etc etc.
    Islam is rudeless and will not stop, in UK the government is considering racist law?????? to shut up critics of islam !!!! Obama has also bowed down to islam and has opened many doors so that they can infiltrate and take slowly but surely control of the free world……. Islam is a danger even bigger then the Nazie’s !!!!

    • Popeye55

      So many people caught up in the daily struggle to pay the bills and raise their families, that many do not see the threat to all of our freedom or how serious a problem islam is. Many more do not know what they can do about it, even as islam threatens to destroy our way of life. A stand needs to be taken soon.

  • Sgt Maj

    We are dealing with barbarians!
    Why is this even a discussion about sensitivity?

  • Suzanne

    Nice job, Megyn Kellyj! Not only are you beautiful and talented, but you have courage and character, too! So glad the term “Islam” was used instead of “radical Islam” etc. which gives the impression that violent behavior against women is a fringe belief in Islam.

  • nopeacenow
  • Jeff Ludwig

    What a great video. Love you Megyn Kelly. Love you Fox Networki. It is truly repulsive that the cretins of CAIR should have the audacity to try to silence criticism.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    The West unashamedly fought the Islamacists when they invaded for hundreds of years, finally turning them back from conquering Europe at the Battle of Tours, and later in 1653 turned them back when they attacked Austria. Now, under the cloak of cultural relativism, it is not considered politically correct to say that Muslims are part of an ideology/religion/civilization that we reject. There is a fear of being identified with those Nativists or “Know Nothings” of the 19th century. It is a fear of being paranoid about the foreign born that has been inculcated in us that causes the truth that cultures do not want to become part of American culture, but want to erode it, overtake it, and destroy it. We must restrict immigration to the U.S.A., especially from Islamic countries. It’s a must!!

  • herb benty

    Congrats to Kelly and Fox News for accurately framing the issue in bold language anyone can understand.

  • iluvisrael


  • USARetired

    Personally I think all Muslims should be invited to leave this country, which is only going to get uglier for them!

  • Patriotliz

    What’s the difference between the KKK, Nazism and Islam? Islam gets to call itself a religion and any criticism of it is Hate Speech or Islamophobia. But Islamophobia is a rational fear. (Actually, the KKK actually didn’t murder as many people as Islam.)

  • Gee

    Two absolute truths – Islam is the problem, returning Muslims to Arabia is the solution.
    When they only have other Muslims they cannot harm anybody else