Daniel Greenfield on The Invasion on Our Southern Border – on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s special guest on The Glazov Gang was Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center who writes the blog, The Point, at Frontpagemag.com.

Daniel discussed The Invasion on Our Southern Border, unveiling the horror of Obama’s border disaster. He also discussed Israel vs. Hamas, Obama’s Iraq Throwaway, Hillary’s Rape Defense Lies, and much, much more.

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He joined the Gang to discuss ISIS’s Islamic Inspirations, explaining how the jihadist terror we see in Iraq today, and throughout the world, is founded on Islamic theology. Raymond also discussed Jamie’s Battle on Hannity against the Unholy Alliance, Jihad Denial, Obama’s Enabling of Jihad, Jihadi Foreign Travelers, and much, much more:

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  • kenaan

    Do you know why the” brave ” IDF soldiers hesitate in invading Gaza Strip? This could be their destiny.


      “brave” Hamass hides in bunkers and sends women and children to stand on roofs and be human shields.

      A dead child is just what muhammed likes.

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        MooHamHead Does Indeed Love This & Needs Many More of these Human Shield Martyrs to blame Israel. Sounds Just like Obama’s Standard Operating Procedure to me!

      • Lanna

        Hamas sacrifices its children to death for victory over the Jews.

    • Gee

      The IDF does not hesitate – Israeli leadership doesn’t want to kill thousands of Arabs – but WE DO.

      Keep it up moron and we will give you your wish

    • tagalog

      You can bet that if that happened to a “Palestinian,” the photo would be plastered all over the CBS/ABC/NBC Evening News, while it would never see the light of day if it happened to an IDF soldier.

  • darnellecheri

    Bravo! I like the 11:51 video point – a creak of a smile on DG with his solution being “Syria.” It looks like your bookshelf was fixed? I noticed most of the book titles on the first shelf were turned away from the camera. Inquiring minds would like to know what they are. (Just joking.) Bravo, again. Video time point 12:37 was an apt description, but, damn, it is so painful to watch our president be so, so – what he is. I am afraid there is more pain to come, as our president’s heart mind, and soul appear determined on his path to destroy and rebuild our country in his image. May we persevere with honor.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      not fixed, don’t have the time for that these days, just better arranged

  • USARetired

    Why is the Media ignoring the real reasons for this ‘invasion of Children’? It is a major distraction for Obama and his sinister agenda, starting with the fact he is an ‘Illegal immigrant’, in this country with NO LEGAL papers to his name! He is aiding the potential bankruptcy of this Nation, causing mass confusion, building an illegal democrat voter cell, importing diseases, and Obama lies about his part in this mess!
    Congress is essentially sitting on their behinds, allowing Obama to destroy this Nation, which is his goal!!

    • aliceeve46

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    • Edward


      The words “immigration”, “tolerance” and “assimilation” are being used to PROMOTE a program of geNOcide against White children.

      According to International Law, open borders, FORCED integration, and assimilation is GENOCIDE.

      Except they don’t call it GENOCIDE when it’s done to White children.

      Then they call it “multiculturalism”


      Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White

      • ClaraTMoe

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  • disqus_aO4KJtxZtF


    On Sunday morning, June 22, 2014, Edward Horowitz, M.D. was crossing with the green light at 38th Street and Dodge, in Omaha, Nebraska. The police said he was a pedestrian doing everything right.

    Out of nowhere, came a speeding blue car and struck Edward Horowitz so hard with a “horrific bang,” that he was thrown against the window of a U-Hall van stopped for the red light, and later died.

    The woman driving the U-Haul became hysterical. A witnesses said a blue car hit Dr. Horowitz while he was walking in the crosswalk. The driver of the car that hit Dr. Horowitz then speeded off.

    “Police say the…driver…was allegedly 31 year-old Pedro Diego Antonio. He was arrested Sunday night on motor vehicle homicide charges…Prosecutors say Pedro was three times over the legal limit when arrested.”

    Police also said they eventually located the vehicle they believe was involved in the crash near 40th and Farnam streets, not far from the scene.

    The driver and a passenger abandoned the vehicle and ran off, but police caught up with them. The car was registered to Pedro Diego Antonio. Antonio was allegedly the driver. Another passenger…Simon Santos-Lorenzo, 23, was taken into custody.

    What do we know about Dr. Horowitz? Creighton University released the this statement the following Monday afternoon: “the…School of Medicine mourns the unexpected loss of Edward Horowitz, M.D.

    “Horowitz was a passionate educator and, as such, has touched the lives of countless medical students during his tenure at Creighton University. His loss weighs heavy on the hearts of faculty, staff and students within the medical school and across the campus.”

    “Horowitz, born in Los Angeles in 1950, started a nearly four decades-long career at Creighton as a medical student. He graduated from the School of Medicine in 1978 before completing an internship, residency, chief residency and a fellowship in infectious diseases at Creighton University Affiliated Hospitals.”

    “Ed absolutely loved being a Creighton faculty member,” says Gary Gorby, M.D…He loved taking care of patients and he loved teaching the next generation of doctors.”

    What do know about Pedro Diego-Antonio? Not much. We know Police identified the driver as 31-year-old Pedro Diego-Antonio, born in Guatemala. Diego-Antonio was booked into Douglas County Corrections at 8:04 p.m. on counts of felony DUI causing serious bodily injury, leaving the scene of an injury accident and felony motor vehicle homicide.”

    According to KEYV-Ohaha,“Diego-Antonio’s license is under revocation. He received a DUI in 2011 and two driving under suspension citations in 2014, including one on June 11, eleven day before he allegedly struck Dr, Horowitz..

    As of this writing no one can say what Pedro Diego-Antonio’s immigration status is. Days after the accident and still the police, newspaper reporters and TV stations can not answer the simple question: Was Pedro Diego-Antonio a legal US citizen, or was in the country legally?

    Nor can they answer how he got a drivers license in the first place. All we know is what Emily Szink knows. She writes for KMTV news, “The state believes that Pedro Diego Antonio…is a flight risk so bond was set at $300,000.”

    “According to the State, even if he was able to post bond, he wouldn’t be allowed to leave the country. Right now Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a hold on him.”

    If Pedro was in the US illegal and driving on a license he shouldn’t have had, this is another case of an illegal alien doing everything wrong. Yet, it is only one case that may be soon forgotten.

    Such events that leave blood on the streets of Omaha, Nebraska, in the middle of the country where clouds billow over the hills and prairies and the indifferent sparrows skirt from one bush to another, are not important to the elites in Washington, DC, the elites who ignore our just immigration laws.

    We all know what’s going to probably happen. Dr. Horowitz’s death will not change the tide of migration lawlessness that is washing over the United States.

    The chickens must be slaughtered in Fremont, Nebraska. Mutual of Omaha needs their offices cleaned and their lawns cut and green. The Democratic Party needs voters and the Catholic Church needs to fill its pews.

    One Omaha responder to the WOTV news story writes, “Truthfully, Omaha employers bring and maintain undocumented workers. I worked at Mutual of Omaha and their cleaning staff had some who were undocumented…one told me she bought a Social Security card in South O. Her son lives in Mexico but she can’t return to get him because she won’t be able to get back into the US.

    It does little good to draw a line from blood in the street at 38th and Dodge in Omaha, to the state legislature in Lincoln, then on to the US Congress. They all are part of the rampant immigration lawlessness that contributed to the death of a good man, but they will look the other way, turn the newspaper page down at breakfast and pour another cup of coffee.

    The senators and congressmen, the Cardinals and the corporate executives, will all just say in the bottom of their corrupted hearts, what the possible next president of the United has already said, “What difference does it make.Who cares what happens in Omaha?”

    Yet, it does make a difference. There is no amnesty for Dr. Horowitz that will bring him back to life. There is no amnesty that whitewashes his blood off the Omaha street.

    Two weeks after Dr. Horowitz’s death, the names of the men who allegedly killed him vanish from the pages of the Omaha newspapers. His colleagues, many who are doctors, seem reluctant to admit the real cause of death. They’d rather forget how we connect the lines from blood on the streets of Omaha to who sets in the governor’s chair in Lincoln, Nebraska.

    When politics is involved, it is more important for some to be worried about what is far away than a danger close at hand. So it is that a student from Creighton University is busy drawing in chalk an image of a human brain afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease on the sidewalk of an Omaha park, a park just blocks away from where Dr. Horowitz was killed.

    There’s going to be a big march next week to help researchers find a cure for Alzheimer’s. When asked about Dr,. Horowitz’s death, the medical student shrugs his shoulders and says, “Yeah, I heard something or other about that last week.”

    “Did you ever have him as a teacher?”

    “I think I did. He taught a big class in immunology or something? I heard a guy from the homeless clinic said something about how they can’t get along without him.”

    Then, the young man bends over to finish his art work on the sidewalk. He fills in with black chalk all the spaces of the brain Alzheimer’s leaves empty.

    Meanwhile, far away, thousands of illegal aliens continue to flood into the country from our southern border, bringing disease, drugs, and little regard for good men who do the right things.

    This is how a nation changes, little by little, by the death of a good man. The empty space of a good life is willed with forgetting. This is how disease spreads, by doctors afraid to diagnose the cause.

    This is how a nation disappears, by the wrong doing of alleged illegal aliens who drive three times over the legal limit for alcohol. This is how the blood of a good man is shed on the streets of Omaha.

    • laura r

      websight: immigration@humancost.org they updated site, the archives from 2008 on are worth a look. this is typical (hit&run) as well as many intentional murders assaults rapes. i know the lowerclass latino culture very well ive lived in mexico for 12 yrs. (not in a fancy resort area, or a sophficated city either, my parents retired here like 30yrs ago). life is cheap. hit & run is also a game lowclass s.americans play. drunkdriving, no drivers licences & 13 yr olds driving is commen. amps the size of refrigerators on top of the cars/ pickup trucks. if a bus driver kills someone here’s what happends: he flees. he goes to another town, works there for 3 months. then returns gets his job back on thelittle filthy (lice roach infested) bus. he continues to drive drunk. he continues to play a game: while bus is speeding he gets up & his friend takes the wheel. like musical chairs w/the music blasting. murder is a way of life, for personal disputes. home invasions are common. they no onlonger just break into a house to steal. untill about 11-12yrs ago there were only breakins & purse snatchings. now they kill or critically the victims, who in many cases are elderly. most of these young men work in construction if they work @all. if one of these savages thinks someone betrayed him, they kill. (or @least robs the house). revenge is common even for a small slight. carjacking is popular too, gun to the head. american expats will continue to worship the savage, yes give them keys to the house. they mentor them (regardless of how many do gooders have been tied up robbed etc). there are groups of teens hanging out who are killers for hire. for $25 usd they will kill someone. meanwhile I AM THE PROBLEM the racist the bigot. primitives do no belong in the US. end of case. the decent ones are very old & religious, they are not going anywhere. USA gets the worst of the worst.

    • NJK

      It’s my hope that one of the members of Congress has a family member who suffer the same fate. I’m tired of innocent people dying by something they caused. They should suffer for what they are doing. They feel insulated, as though nothing will touch them. They need to be shown that they’re not. I also hope if there’s another terror attack on the scale of 9/11, D.C. is the target. They will have caused it.

  • tagalog

    Just for the record, the 2008 statute being used to justify keeping those illegal alien kids here in the U.S. only applies to kids who were here before 2007, and further only applies to kids forced to engage in underage labor, the sex trade, or serve involuntarily as soldiers. I love it that the TV news is always so careful to let us know that the law was signed by President Bush – that’s always good for a cynical laugh at the TV networks. Never miss an opportunity to blame it on the Republicans.

    The law doesn’t apply to post-2007 kids whose parents are neglectful enough to send them alone across Mexico to the U.S. because they’re afraid of gang violence.

    I also take exception to the repeated claim that these kids face a dangerous and grueling long-distance trip to the United States. From the American TV news hysteria, you would think they walk the whole way fighting off wolves and bandits. The recent Mexican train wreck suggests that Mexico is providing trains to take these kids from Honduras and Guatemala to the U.S. border. They probably get from their countries to the U.S.-Mexico border in a couple of days on the train. I wonder if Mexico is providing those train riders with food so as to facilitate their rail journey as they sit and watch the scenery go by.

  • DavidG

    Sorry, but it’s another ” Muriel Boatlift ” using ” street urchins” w/o parents and carrying so much bugs/disease. Its a combo invasion and Bio attack so stop the ” family” crap cos they’re going to illegals that are not their parents and likely for slaves/sex abuse! It’s Chained Migration folks don’t seem to get nor see it as exactly the same as the truly fakes “Pallistinians” Right of Return. It makes me leery that Horowitz and gang can’t connect these easy UN Agenda 21 nobody can seem to spell!

    • tagalog

      You mean like “Muriel” or “Pallistinians?”

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      I wonder then the Brazilian orphans will be arriving?

      • laura r

        they already arrived in boston 2001-2

    • NJK

      I’ve heard that these kids may have been kidnapped and brought here. It wouldn’t surprise me. Is everyone in Washington, D.C., brain dead?
      Why is Obama allowed to break the law, and no one stops him?


  • winstons

    The “Border Crisis” is all about ethnically cleansing White People from the USA. Better tell your kids to learn Spanglish and to change the family name to Lopez.

    • keyesforpres

      The ironic thing is the Spaniards were white and the average Mexican has more white blood coursing thru their veins than Oriental blood.

    • Lanna

      Exactly….the children are just a distraction under the guise of humanitarian aid, to distract from the gangs, drug dealers, and terrorists crossing the borders.

  • Lanna

    The surge of illegals was well planned ahead of time, that’s why all these children are being placed in specific locations in different states, so they can’t be deported…..the government just places them and doesn’t notify the states they are coming or where they are going.

    • NJK

      I believe the GOP knew about it, and let it happen. John Boehner has a responsibility to stop this by defunding it, and he isn’t doing his job. Obama is the criminal robbing the bank, and the GOP is driving the getaway car, while telling everyone they have nothing to do with it.

  • tagalog

    Somebody (I think it was Bill Kristol on the ABC Sunday morning news show with George Stephanopolous) said yesterday that if the kids in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala want to avoid gang violence, all they really need do is get to the Mexican border and get across that. They don’t need to come all the way across Mexico to the U.S.

    • laura r

      they can only stay in mex for 72hrs, they get thrown out. mexico wont allow immigrants. they are known to rob & murder cent americans.

      • tagalog

        So if they’re in Mexico for over 72 hours, it’s OK as long as they’re heading for the U.S. border, is that it?

        What does Mexico figure, something like “They’re heading to smuggle themselves into the U.S., it’s the U.S.’s problem, not ours, so why should WE have to pick them up and send them back home? Let them get into the U.S. so they have to deal with it,” Is that it?

        Our old pals in sunny Mexico, thanks a lot.

        • laura r

          yes the 3 govts have aggreement. mex usa guat. the southern border of mex is open.

  • john

    ………….and you know who pays for all that travel and beyond :-/

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