David Horowitz Joins Hannity to Discuss Obama’s Anti-American Agenda

Barack ObamaTo order David Horowitz’s new book, “Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left,” click here.

Below is the transcript for David Horowitz’s appearance on Monday, July 28th, on The Hannity Radio Show to discuss his just released new book,  Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left.

Sean Hannity: David, it’s good to have you back on the program.  How are you?

David Horowitz: Thanks, Sean.  Let me just say that you have the best media voice of anyone on this issue of the Middle East, and I thank you for it.

Obama is an anti-American.  He supports the terrorists, he’s supporting Hamas in this battle.  He supports the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the fountainhead of al-Qaeda and all the terrorist groups in the Middle East.  He is leading a retreat of America from the world.  He is taking us down as a nation.  He’s an anti-American radical with Communist views.  And we need to have more people saying this, telling it like it is.

Sean Hannity: Let me just say — whenever somebody — I have so many people that tape this program on a regular basis — they’re going to say — Hannity allows Horowitz to say the President hates America.  Let me —

David Horowitz: He does hate America!

Sean Hannity: Let me ask you this question.

David Horowitz: Yes?

Sean Hannity: Why would this President give Mohamed Morsi 1.5 billion —

David Horowitz: Exactly.

Sean Hannity: Now, Mohamed Morsi referred to the Israelis, Jews, as descendents of apes and pigs.  We gave him tanks —

David Horowitz: These are followers of the jihad, they’re supporters of the jihad.  They want to kill every infidel and make everybody subservient to their version of Allah.  That’s basically what it’s about.

Sean Hannity: Well, look at what’s going on in Mosul.  We now have a situation where if you’re a Christian and you live in Mosul, and the new radical ISIS — because we never supported Iraq with intelligence and training; we just pulled out, because politically that was expedient for Obama.

David Horowitz: Obama came to office determined to lose the Iraq war, which he has done.  And he has lost the war in Afghanistan, which he has done.  And he has lost the Middle East.  And Republicans are not shouting this from the rooftops.  Obama’s actions are all very deliberate.  He is a lifelong anti-American radical.

You’ve been terrific on Bill Ayers.  Bill Ayers’s views are Obama’s views.  Bill Ayers is critical of Obama from the left, but that’s because he’s not in power.  But if Bill Ayers was in power with Obama, he’d be doing exactly what Obama is doing.

Sean Hannity: Here’s what the United States of America is doing right now that I don’t think most Americans know.  We are giving the Hamas Palestinian coalition government — they just give him 47 million more dollars.  We gave them, what, 400 million recently.

David Horowitz: This guy sympathizes with America’s enemies.  There’s no other way to explain it.  But I need to talk about my —

Sean Hannity: I’m going to talk about your book.  Look, I don’t [see] it the way you do.  I don’t know what’s in his heart.  I do know that he is exactly who I said he would be, and that is his ACORN, Alinsky, friendships and associations with Father Pfleger and Reverend Wright, and Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.  He is a rigid, radical ideologue.  I —

David Horowitz: That’s all correct, Sean.

Sean Hannity: Hang on, hang on.  And he has governed with no capacity to be pragmatic or change like Bill Clinton — the era of big government is over.

David Horowitz: No, because he’s an ideologue.  I know what’s in his heart.  Because he comes out of this exact identical Left that I spent, you know, my life in until I was 35.

Sean Hannity: Why do you say —

David Horowitz: The same people, the same ideas, the same ill will towards this country.  And he never came out of it.  So that’s how I know.

Sean Hannity: So in other words, you grew up with Communist parents.  Your parents were Communists.

David Horowitz: Right.  And his mentor was a Communist.  He came —

Sean Hannity: Frank Marshall Davis.

David Horowitz: — out of a Communist background.

Sean Hannity: Well.

David Horowitz: And he never repudiated it.  And because he never repudiated it, I know he still believes it. He didn’t repudiate it because he identifies with it.  You know, Valerie Jarrett is the same, David Axelrod — they’re all — they all come out of the anti-American communist left.

Sean Hannity: What is it that you think he thinks?  Because I know you’re going to criticized for your words, “anti-American radical.”  So I want to give you some — I want to give you a chance to clarify.  Are you saying that his radical, rigid ideology that he believes that America’s an imperialist country, that —

David Horowitz: Absolutely.  And he wants to weaken America. Every time America is weakened, the oppressed of the world are, in his eyes, uplifted.  That is his view.  He is a radical of the Jeremiah Wright, Billy Ayers, Alinsky school.  And there’s just no question about it.  You know, Stanley Kurtz has written a whole book documenting this.  But it should be evident to everyone now.

Sean Hannity: Now, let me ask you about this.  We’re heading into an important election.  And I’ve talked about, at length on this program, I’m kind of inspired by what conservative governors are doing.  I was just talking to Paul Ryan about it.  And in other words, they’re taking deficits, turning them into surpluses.  High unemployment — they’re creating jobs in their state.  You know, I’m talking about Texas, Rick Perry; Florida, Rick Scott —

David Horowitz: Yep.

Sean Hannity: — Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, Scott Walker.  I mean, you know, Susana Martinez and Nikki Haley — those people are doing some good work.

I have been frustrated with Republicans in Congress, because they don’t seem — they seem too timid, too unwilling to fight Obama, too unwilling to use their constitutional authority on spending.  And they don’t have an inspiring vision that makes me say, you know, I want to vote for you, because that sounds like a good idea.

David Horowitz: That’s exactly right.  My book is a book on how to fight.

Look, Chris Lehane, who’s a Democratic strategist, said — everybody has a game plan until you punch them in the mouth.  The Democrats have a massive punch, which they use every election against Republicans, calling them racists, sexists, women-haters, minority-haters, haters of the poor.  When they do that, they can take a perfectly decent human being like Mitt Romney and so tar and feather him that his message never gets across.

What’s the Republican punch in the mouth, the response to this?  There is none!  They have absolutely no answer. Republicans are all focused on policies, on budgets, on administrative things.  The answer is very obvious.  You take the victims of the Democrats, and you throw them in their faces.  It’s Democrats who are racist.  They control all the major inner cities in America.  Every policy that affects the inner city is a Democratic monopoly.  They have millions, millions of poor black and Hispanic children in schools that don’t teach them.  And they have them trapped there and won’t let them go to private schools.  They won’t give them choice, freedom.

This is a horrendous social atrocity.  For decades, this has been going on.  The Democrats have controlled the inner cities of America for 50 to 100 years.  The Republican Convention should’ve been held in Detroit, which is the symbol of what Democrats do when they have the power.

In 1961, Detroit was the richest city in America.  Now, it’s the poorest large city in America.  Two thirds of its population has fled.  Why?  Because the Democrats have racist, anti-white policies; they drove the white middle class out.  They’re anti-business; they drove business out.  They bankrupt — they turned Detroit from a first-world city into a third-world city in one generation.  If the Republicans held their convention in Detroit, they’d have a symbol to shove in the Democrats’ faces and shut them up about Republican wars on women and minorities.

Sean Hannity: You know, I’ve known you a long time.  A real long time.  You’re really, really worked up about how bad things are.  And I got to be honest — I share your emotion here.  Because I think we’re losing our country.  You say that, and people say — you know, you listen —

David Horowitz: We are losing our country, rapidly.  Obamacare — what is Obamacare about?  Why don’t Republicans mention this?  It’s a fundamental attack on individual freedom. Republicans need to make their argument a moral argument, the way the Democrats do.  The Democrats portray Republicans as evil.  Until Republicans effectively portray Democrats as evil, they will be outgunned in any political contest.

Sean Hannity: So what else do you think they should do?

David Horowitz: Obamacare is a major transformation of the country.  The government can now tell you that you have to buy their health insurance.  You have four choices.  Someday, it may be one choice, if they get their single payer system. Then they also tell you, if you’ve worked hard and played by the rules, we’re going to stick our hands in your pockets and take money out of it to subsidize people who haven’t worked hard, who haven’t played by the rules.

This is a fundamental transformation of America, Obamacare.  And I just don’t see Republicans fighting the moral issue.  The conservative movement is built on the idea of freedom, individual freedom.  And you don’t hear that rhetoric.  And you need to hear it in these election battles.

My book, “Take No Prisoners” — goes over all of this, chapter and verse — how to do it.  And it’s just out today, and I thank you for —

Sean Hannity: Boy, you’re out of breath.  Are you okay?

David Horowitz: I am out of breath. One of the reasons I’m so angry is I’m 75 — you know, I’ve been saying this for 20 years; Republicans don’t listen.  I’ve watched the country slipping away.  You know, I don’t know what to say.  I would never have believed it could happen so rapidly as it’s happening now.

Sean Hannity: Yeah.

David Horowitz: But we are now no longer a power in the world.  And that means that the bad guys are having a field day.

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  • Hank Rearden

    The argument?

    The Democrats are the party of




    the Klan

    the welfare plantation

    and the education ghetto.

    What’s wrong with welfare? It destroys the role of men in the families that receive it, which results in the collapse of societies and cultures where it is a major factor.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      ….the party that is responsible for giving us a Fraud in Chief while the Republicans sit back an allowed it to happen.

      • Lanna

        Very Well Said!

      • nimbii

        The MSM had the strongest hand. They could have cut Obama off at the knees but they promoted him above Hillary. The Chicago Hyde Park communists have enormous power.

  • camp7

    One of the perks of growing older is the conviction of wisdom that David Horowitz so fluently expressed during this discussion. Nothing more inspiring than a veteran of truth carrying the torch for freedom. Live long David Horowitz.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      Horowitz is missing the biggest fraud that has ever been committed against this nation. There is NO wisdom in that!! Is he afraid to confront Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator Lt. Mike Zullo and for what reason. He could use his “so-called wisdom” to destroy Arpaio and Zullo or after seeing the evidence help them expose this evil human being.

      • Bandido

        A mind is a terrible thing to waste. And yours is gone.

        • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

          I and many others that have continued to comment about the crimes committed by this Fraud in Chief will prevail, the truth always does. So Mr. Dildo get ready with the lubricant.

      • liz

        Joe Arpaio is evil?? I guess that makes La Raza Mother Theresa’s little girl scouts.

        • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

          I have news for you, Arpaio and Zullo will prevail and they will be America’s heroes just as those Swift Boat vets were in crushing John (Hanoi) Kerry. Hold onto your little panties at this all unfolds.

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            FWIW, I think sendtheclunkerbacktochicago and his critics are actually all on the same side in terms of supporting Joe Arpaio.

      • camp7

        I can’t speak for David Horowitz. It takes more than one warrior to fight a battle and Horowitz is courageously fighting a media war using the power of the pen and the revolution of truth on this particular front. Information is a powerful weapon.

        Arpaio and Zullo are fighting another battle within a legal system infected with Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals as practiced by the contemptible AG Holder. It’s frustrating when patriots are working constructively from the bottom up when the chief office holders are destroying it from the top down and inside-out.

        Hindsight’s 20/20. It’s a shame our generals in chief didn’t use the military impeachment act before they were replaced with Obama collaborators crippling our military and demoralizing men and women who serve. Now that we’re experiencing the critical mass of changing domestic and global dynamics it’s important we all do our part to the best of our abilities. I’m thankful for David Horowitz’s efforts.

        • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

          I am a huge fan of Frontpage. No other web pages has done what they have done. Their investigations are amazing and they have exposed all of the corrupt Obama administrators. BUT, they have NOT exposed the fraudulent activity of this Fraud in Chief. Writing and talking about the crimes of Obama would be the capstone to their hard work.

    • Americana

      Why on earth would Bill Ayers hold a different opinion on what Pres. Obama is doing if Ayers were in POWER? What DEGREE OF POWER would make Ayers’ differences of opinion over the President’s actions would make Ayers’ disagreements w/Pres. Obama go away? There were many points over which I would argue but the following statement makes me scratch my head at its content and context:

      (HOROWITZ) “You’ve been terrific on Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers’s views are Obama’s views. Bill Ayers is critical of Obama from the left, but that’s because he’s not in power. But if Bill Ayers was in power with Obama, he’d be doing exactly what Obama is doing.”

      • liz

        “Critical from the left” means he complains that Obama isn’t leftist enough. (Which would be hard to do, so it’s basically rhetorical). Not too complicated.

        • camp7


      • truebearing

        This is a little beyond your comprehension.

    • knucklehead

      Another perk of growing older is that I probably won’t live to see this country completely destroyed. But I grieve for the country I have loved for 64 years. And I fear for my son and my grandchildren. What kind of future do they have to look forward to?
      A curse on you, Obama. You are not just the worst president we’ve ever had. You are truly an evil man. I despise you with every fiber of my being.

      • camp7

        I know what you mean. My wife and I are looking forward to grandchildren someday, but dread the thought of them being exposed to so much evil. Best wishes to your family.

      • cj

        Amen to that!

      • Ellen_L

        He cannot totally destroy it or at least not forever. Consider that his ideas of economics and human nature are so far from reality that they cannot work for long – he is so far off that he can’t even get them to work at all!. Thus these ideas must and will fail. We see them failing already. Humanity will recover. The sad thing is that we may not live to see it. When good people allow evil to win, the evil will eventually defeat itself and implode.
        I agree Obama is the worst president we have had but perhaps it will wake people up and his changes will be over ruled along with the ones that creeped in on us for almost a century. He just made the creeping into a gallop.
        As a further consolation consider that we are on the cusp of immense new technologies and even discoveries. We have massive communications devices that never were before. The world is interconnected and information more available than ever before. So even though that means that insane terrible ideas can be sent through the internet, so can good, healing and prosperity enhancing ones can as well.
        No one can say what may happen in the next year let alone five to twenty years from now. It may take awhile but things should get better.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          The evil of islam hasn’t defeated itself and imploded for over 1400 years, not only that but it’s evil is expanding. I’d contend that at no time in history have more continents been infected w/the plague that is islam than now.

          • Ellen_L

            Not so, recall that it was defeated in Spain and other places. The Ottoman Empire retracted and later fell completely. Evil cannot win but can reassert itself – but that is metaphoric. There is no such separate thing as evil there are only evil people and evil actions. Evil is a concept grouping them together. Some are defeated or implode and new instances show up later.
            It is true that basic issues never disappear, but it is also true that the worst of choices do not work for long since they are destructive not life affirming. The problem is that the cycle is much longer than the prime part of a human life. Too many die without seeing the reversal.

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            Islam never had a foothold in France, the UK, the USA, Canada or AUS and it is re-asserting its influence in Spain.
            The Ottoman Empire (spit) may be gone, but islam’s evil isn’t and it’s spreading.

          • catherineinpvb

            Islam contained in a time where ‘evil’ was recognized and survival depended upon ‘resisting/defeating’ it.
            The Left has made ‘evil’ impolitic . . .PC-incorrect. if people cannot ‘see it’, ‘speak’ of it. . .there can be no moral judgement to resist it, much less recognize it. A certain irony in that the Left has made moral judgements, themselves, an ‘evil’ – an ignorance – not to be tolerated.

            An ignorance by every measure – or just an ‘Evil” – that serves itself. One, heretofore, that could not stand. . .but now is claiming world-wide victims, who both cannot – and so refuse – to ‘see’ the threat or appreciate what it takes to survive it.

          • Ellen_L

            It is good to see someone else who appreciates the value of words to define issues. One of the worst things the current progressives have done is to warp the language by diluting and then stealing words (including “progressive” and “liberal” which once were part of enlightenment thinking). It has now morphed to the extent you point out that one cannot name evil without being accused of demonizing the evil doers.

            It is just as dangerous in the other direction. Classical Liberalism now has no one term to define it. Even Libertarian is being reduced to an adjective not a noun (remember parts of speech?). We need to carefully define our terms – business friendly is NOT necessarily the same as free market advocate – private enterprise is NOT the same as government issued monopolies – capitalism is NOT the same as cronyism. And those are just a few economic terms.

            Not mentioning that radical Islam is responsible for inciting violence in many places makes it hard to complain about the expulsion of Christians in Bethlehem and their murder in Iraq or Egypt as well as their causing most of the deaths they complain of in Gaza.

          • catherineinpvb

            You make great points and warning. Goes w/of saying, that ‘political correctness’ never manifested out of nicety. Such power in words and the Left well aware. . .and by their efforts to insure, ‘change'; they know, as did Marx, that if you change the language of a ‘culture’ you change the thinking. Facillitates per purpose, the Left’s’sheeple-making'; alters ‘judgement’ . .perspective, moral rationale. (We all can recall, Billl Clinton’s contrivance per his “depends on the meaning of is”; and . . ‘sexual relations’, for that matter.

            We can too, note that now, the Left has brought us a Lenin-inspired, “Common Core’ to insure our children ‘Get It’. . . i.e. how to creatively manipulate words – and numbers – and so too, the moral realities, they carry with them.)

          • Ellen_L

            That is another one for my list: Politically Correct does NOT mean good
            manners or compassion or tolerance. I disliked the term since I first
            heard it and thought it was a joke, but had problems separating it from
            legitimate issues of avoiding insults or such ungentlemanly behavior as
            to brand one a bigot. (wonderful movie and book from the late 1940’s –
            Gentleman’s Agreement – that addresses the real issue) Moral
            relativism is NOT understanding both sides – it is giving in to the
            wrong (often evil – ie life destructive) one. Thank you for pointing it

      • rebaaron


    • truebearing

      Well said. David Horowitz has been trying to show America the truth for decades and people haven’t been listening. No single person deserves more credit for fighting Communism in this country.

      The Republican leadership should be flogged for ignoring the warnings and wisdom of Horowitz.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    I wonder if these idiots at Fox would dare look at the massive evidence that Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator Lt. Mike Zullo have gathered and still say that Barry Soetoro shouldn’t be impeached. This evil creep has been involved in at least three and possibly four fraudulent criminal acts in order to become this nation’s Commander in Chief. The crimes are worthy of immediate arrest, not impeachment. He should be busting rocks in Leavenworth. You can continue to slander those that know this man is a complete and utter fraud and continue to stick your head in the sand but the truth will prevail. Birthers will be America heroes as were the Swift Boat Vets for taking down this poor excuse of a man who is now our sorry ass Secretary of State (he just won’t go away).

  • Doc

    Everyone. Knows he’s anti American take him out for the crimes he’s already commute. Treason human trafficking ? Why are the waiting

    • Lanna

      Very True statement….Satan is at work to turn man against his brother and cause wars, strife, and misery, he is always working against God’s people.

  • Lanna

    Very Good interview…thanks to both David and Sean for your dedication to truth and freedom. David knows the way Communism invades a society, educate the people and make them aware.

  • https://twitter.com/LibsHateUs Ban Liberals

    Blah, blah, blah…

    But still, the REPUBLICAN HOUSE, led by useless Boehner, is REFUSING to do a thing about it.

    The real problem is CONGRESS!

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      The real problem is Harry Reid, who won’t take the some 250+ bills passed by the House before the Senate. He won’t allow debate on them. Harry Reid sees his job as the protector of Obama and the entrenching Left.

      Elect a GOP Senate, this year, and if they don’t stop Obama, THEN throw the bums out. But when you control only one house of Congress, there’s not much that can be done, is there.

      • https://twitter.com/LibsHateUs Ban Liberals

        I wholeheartedly agree. Problem is, the House is turning away conservatives by its inaction and REFUSAL to deal with overt and blatant contempt by Lerner, Clinton, Kerry, the IRS chief, and everyone else to whom it issues subpoenas.

        I, and countless other people see this as CAPITULATION, COMPLICITY, AND COWARDICE.

        The Republican Party is, sadly, creating an indistinguishable difference between it and the liberals (I will NOT call them Dems!).

        So the problem really is, how many Republican voters will the Obama-appeasers in the House cause to stay home?

        People are not buying voting for “the lesser of two evils” like they used to.

        And we have MILLIONS of Republicans re-registering as Independents because of this (I’m one). And no, I will NOT ever vote left, but I also will not vote for RINOs like Christie, McCain, Bush, etc.

        They had better wake up and wise up, and soon because praying for this country won’t work.

        • catherineinpvb

          Repub ‘Leadership’ – so called – fails to see just how desperate we are, for the ‘White Knight’ to show himself.
          They fear taking ‘Right Action'; failing to realize, that when ‘Truth’ leads; people WILL respond, positively.

          This whimpering, simpering. . .cowardly ‘Repub Establishment; whose only reality is appeasement; simply will not ‘ante up’ for what is Authentic Leadership. They imagine, they can ride it out until what they believe will be, a ‘derminedly’ winning Election; while our Country is driven, irretrievably, into the ground. Despite all; they still ‘fail to see America’s enemy‘. . .the one they share seating with; underneath our Capitol dome.

          (Instead; their focus for ‘attack’ are the Conservatives, sent recently, to DC; whereby Repubs regained the House. All to some ‘Thanks’, post election. Also, under attack -and inredibly – by these same; is their Republican Constituency.)

      • truebearing

        I agree with both of you. Reid has to go, but so does Boehner.

  • PAthena

    When Barack Hussein Obama became President he promised to “transform” the U.S. – why does he hate the U.S. so that it needs “transformation?” And when he came to office he returned the bust of Winston Churchill to the British Embassy, the one they had given to President George Bush after 9/11. Dinesh D’Souza, in his book on Obama says that this is because Obama is anti-colonial, and that Churchill had led the war against the Mau Mau in Kenya; but I think that it reflects Obama’s hatred of the man who led the battle against Nazi Germany in World War II; I suspect that Obama would have “reset” relations with Hitler.

  • liz

    Mr. Horowitz nails it right on the head. Interesting how it’s fine for Obama to BE a radical, but not fine to be radically against his radicalness.

    • catherineinpvb

      Perfect ‘nutshell’. . .

      Even Sean; outspoken as he is. . .gets lost by his nervousness when the ‘truth’ is offered up, plain and simple; by David. Not that Sean disagrees; but. . .Wish he had not ‘hesitated’ while thinking of his ‘viewers'; those tuning into this David, as guest. . .not to be informed or enlightened; or reassured by his ideas/options offered.

  • Debbie G

    Don’t worry about the convention not being in Detroit, David. I’m from Cleveland and we’re a close second….

    • Crassus

      Hasn’t Cleveland had a greater percentage of its population leave town since 2000 than Detroit?

    • catherineinpvb

      A great – and easy – Republican Campaign ad; is just a ‘show and tell’ – if only a visual – per qucik scan of ‘Blue Cities’ in America. (Or would that be too unkind. . .)

      For the more invloved demographics of our Country; a scan of ‘Blue Cities’/Blue States. . .and Islamic ‘Map of the World’ since Obama’s Islamic-empowering Presidency. All to say; more than just one ad; and more than one opportunity here. Then again. . .’truth’ seems not the optimal MO for Repubs.

      • do no harm

        I believe that the only way we can save our country is to first, DEFEAT the DEMOCRATS. We must vote Republican and rebuild the Republican party, first with numbers, then with purpose, unity and strength. Those who vote “independent” only contribute power to the Democrats by removing opposition.

        • catherineinpvb

          Agree. And with that, make choices whereby, our entrenched power Repubs, know we see them as much a part of the problem, rather than it’s solution. . .and think to some extent, (albeit, we need more), this is happening.

  • William

    It must suck to be David Horowitz, believing the President to be a secret Muslim who sides with the terrorists. That’s some DEEP paranoia there. And who else in the lame stream media besides Sean Hannity give him any credence.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Yeah, after all, it’s common for freedom loving leaders all over the world to state: “there must be no future for those who slander the prophet of islam.”

      • catherineinpvb

        Indeed; and many more ‘wisdom sharings’ from Obama. Meantime; how many past Presidents. ..or non-Muslims wear a gold ring on ‘wedding finger’ with Islamic verse inscribed. . (Oh, right; that is a rumor whereby the only thing arguable; is the translation.)

    • liz

      I’m sure it’s great to be you, since ignorance is bliss.

    • truebearing

      He doesn’t believe Obama is a secret Muslim. He believes Obama is an obvious Muslim. So do many other people who are a lot smarter than you… which admittedly doesn’t take much.

      You call the media “the lame stream media” but then want to know if anyone other than Hannity gives Horowitz creedence. Do you always seek out those you disrepect to form an opinion? Why don’t you get off your dumb a*s and do some research of your own before you decide who is right? Too stupid or too lazy?

    • catherineinpvb

      Sorry; but if you listen/hear Obama speak; and follow his ‘game-plan'; know who he surrounds himself with. . .you would, at the very least; have to realize – acknowledge – Obama’s Muslim ‘heart’.

      Or, you can continue to wear the ‘blind-fold’. . .hold the donkey’s tail; and imagine you are holding a rope; with which you may try to tie a knot and swing from. . .or make a hammock.

    • Debbie G

      Dense people like you can make me pretty scared.

    • catherineinpvb

      p.s. That ‘lame-stream’ Media you make reference to? It is ‘otherwise’ more accurately recognized as the ‘Obama Media’. .or Obamamedia. Even they ‘know’ who they are. . .

    • American Patriot

      You mean like the way you leftist fools spread lies like insisting that modern Republicans are the reincarnation of Southern segregationists during Jim Crow? Or the fact that you leftists invent nonsense about how the previous president supposedly “lied” to get troops to fight in the War on Terror. Or how about the fact that you leftists obsess about corporations supposedly “dominating” elections and the political system in America with your “Occupy” movement nonsense of the “99%” vs. the “1%”? I bet you think that Israel and the Jews control US policy. You leftists act like the paranoid ones. It sucks to be you and it is not the Avenue Q song.

    • American Patriot

      And by the way, who else in the left-wing lame stream media besides Rachel Maddow give paranoid “scholars” like Michelle Alexander (who obsesses about how the American prison system is some kind of new segregation in her pseudo-scholarly book, The New Jim Crow) any credence?

      • minaka2

        Blacks do more time because they do more crime. It’s as simple as that. If black men went back to honest work to support their families, they’d never see the inside of a jail.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          I used to have a Christian friend from Eritrea. He fled the systematic persecution and murder of Christians being committed by muslims there. He had BS in mathematics and was pursuing his masters in mechanical engineering when I met him. He once told me, WRT African-Americans “Don’t confuse their culture with mine.”

  • Debbie G

    Obama WANTS us to impeach him. He will play the martyr and be the great Democratic hero when impeachment falls flat in the Senate.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Impeachment proceedings would inconvenience the zero greatly, which makes it all worthwhile. It might make it more difficult for him to continue to promote his evil policies as well and/or expose them.

  • William

    Reality check: if Obama hated America he wouldn’t have been elected President twice.

    • Gislef


      • liz

        Democrats are the gullible idiots. You elected a Communist.

    • Crassus

      Dude, you are painfully f’ing dumb. I do mean painfully.

    • liz

      Reality check – if morons like you weren’t so gullible, sucking down propaganda so lame and reused its embarrassing, Obama would never have been elected.


      William Ayerhead,

      George W. Bush was elected President, twice. So you should be equally at ease with the choice of the electorate.

    • truebearing

      reality check: look up “non sequitur.” It will help you see your comments as others see them.

      What if obama was a good actor and the majority of Americans are idiots? BTW, congrats on being part of a majority.

    • catherineinpvb

      He lies always; and ‘well’. He cultivated his ‘Believers’.

  • SoCalMike

    If the Repubes weren’t such stupid outfoxed conformed cowards who know their place, they would hire David to coach them on tactics and strategy.

    • catherineinpvb

      Who and how many of our Repub Leadership listens; much less, actually ‘hears’ David’s Wisdom? Who of them, appreciate and invite, or incorporate his advice?

      In this, our ‘Establishment’ are very much like the Left and Liberal. There is a built-in arrogance; whereby, they imagine, they already know the answers – despite their failures, which confirm; a pathetic ‘otherwise’. These same, think, being ‘inside’ the Beltway; gives them greater insight – and believe those ‘outside’ – i.e. their Constituency; are essentially clueless. A Constituency; we can note; they do not listen to; nor learn from, either.

      If only these Repubs would give up their their game of ‘Power Ball’. They have only to champion the TRUTH. . .as David knows it; articulates it; as do so many more Americans know and believe it. (Those many, out here. . .in the ‘Hinterlands’. That huge territory, just beyond the ‘Beltway’ of Power Politics.

      Damning for America, that this Republican Party has lost touch with the Power of Authentic Leadership. We know too; that ‘Nature abhors a vacuum'; and so, ‘no question;, , this emptiness, will continue to be filled; one way. . .or another. As it is now; before our eyes; and beyond our belief.

    • minaka2

      Also Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and Mark Steyn.

  • Pericles

    “David Horowitz: I am out of breath. One of the reasons
    I’m so angry is I’m 75 — you know, I’ve been saying this for 20 years;
    Republicans don’t listen. I’ve watched the country slipping away. You
    know, I don’t know what to say. I would never have believed it could
    happen so rapidly as it’s happening now.”

    Republicans like John Boehner and George Bush will one day be viewed as accomplices of Obama’s destruction of America. We the people can only do so much to resist tyranny, confined mainly to voting in elections. Republicans in the House and Senate possess the power and authority to at least impede the march towards totalitarianism but they have failed to do so.

    Republicans are not offering an alternative agenda to the radical progressive agenda of the Democrats. They offer us no legitimate or compelling reason to vote for them in November. But we have to vote for them by default because voting for Democrats would be like unleashing the fires of hell. They will, if elected, transform the entire country into a Detroit.

    The entire nation is on a runaway train and those who can apply the brakes will not do so for whatever reasons.

  • Cappy1437

    Interesting that Obama is buying a house in southern California. Wonder why he is not going back to the hell hole he came from — Chicago. The security people could put bullet proof vests on him and his family since it’s a crime city out of control and they could return there which is what they should do. Obviously he believes he has elevated his status to the movie star, high profile elite and he will be enjoying golfing and the sun and rubbing shoulders with the movie star crowd which he and his wife always wanted to do. Such hypocrites they are. He never helped the young blacks in Chicago who needed help and he turned his back on them to continually campaign for money for his own status. Guess if he had a son he never wanted him to be like them and he’s getting out of that hell hole. Wake up blacks! He doesn’t care about you. He is not one of you. He is a fraud who puts on a facade and pretends to be one of you. I heard him on t.v. at one of his latest campaign stops and he put on the southern style of black speech that is not him but he uses as part of his act drawing out words and trying to sound like you. He is not. He is a fake. Wake up. You’ve been duped.

  • PhilByler

    David Horowitz is a Heavenly gift to America.

  • minaka2

    You’re trying to awaken the comatose who accepted this half white Muslim by birth as their fake first “black|” POTUS who has NO slave history unless his father’s family were black slavERS in Africa.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    Who can’t admire Mr. Horowitz, I remember he stood up to a muslimah at one of the speaking engagements he used to have at US universities (when they at least used to pay lip service to the concepts of academic freedom) and asked her to repudiate/denounce Hamas, she wouldn’t. The taped presentations Mr. Horowitz gave at these universities was excellent. It would seem that now, Spencer, Geller and Horowitz are personas non grata at all US institutions of “higher learning”.

  • USARetired

    My question, So why is an illegal immigrant, with ‘NO legal papers’, allowed to remain in this nation and in office where he has an agenda of ‘Destruction’ to America?? The fact he has no legal Social Security Number should be a ‘red flag’, but apparently is not RED enough for our worthless politicians!