Dinesh D’Souza on “Alinsky, Satan and the Community Organizer of Resentment” — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Dinesh D’Souza, acclaimed conservative author and filmmaker who is the author of the new book, America: Imagine a World Without Her – which is also a major motion picture currently playing in theaters everywhere.

Dinesh discussed “Alinsky, Satan and the Community Organizer of Resentment,” analyzing the significance of Saul Alinsky paying tribute to Lucifer in his manual, “Rules for Radicals” (starts at 21:15 mark). The dialogue occurred within the context of the many themes explored in Dinesh’s  new book and film.

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  • farrightwing

    Alinsky, the most evil man who ever drew breath. He must be hung around the neck of Obama and Hillary, especially Hillary, both of whom saw Alinsky as a hero.

    • DB1954

      I won’t go that far. I can think of at least 3 who were worse. Even so, he was certainly one of the meanest. People like Alinsky, though, would take that as a compliment.

  • Burlington

    The Republican machine must by now recognize that the democrat’s bible is Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and if you know your opponent’s playbook, there is no reason to lose to them.

    Look what they did to Palin and Bachmann.
    If I were planning a campaign, then I would make sue eveyone knows about Alinsky and make the Alinskyite charge as onerous as McCarthyite.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      They have had this book for years and refuse to learn from it. American politics is heading back toward dueling on the Whitehouse lawn. Only the GOP is refusing to see this.

  • Doc

    D’Souza is a real threat to All the evil in this including those in the White House may he expose them all

  • spintreebob

    1) D’Souza confuses tactics and goals. 1) The Rescue Triangle described by Transactional Analysis psychology is the bread and butter of current Alinsky and leftist activism. Rather than get out of the triangle, Republicans, and especially conservatives take the bait and then whine when they get trapped. One point of the triangle is the oppressor. The 2d point is the victim of the oppressor. The 3rd point is the RESCUER. The Alinsky role of the rescuer it to organize the victim to flip the triangle and oppress the oppressor. Think WWE where the “good guy” is outnumbered by the “bad guys”. The bad guys bring a steel chair into the ring. The good guy gets ahold of the chair and turns it on the bad guys to the cheers of the WWE universe. That is the Leftist organizing bread and butter. Of course, the bad guys are just defined as the bad guys by the context and outrageous rhetoric.

    So why do Republicans and Conservatives stay in the game of Rescue? And why do they always set themselves up to have their tactics boomerang?

  • DB1954

    Alinsky seems to fit some kind of diagnostic category or psychological profile. Not being a psychiatrist or psychologist, I can’t say with specificity. I’d say he was a sociopath with narcissistic personality traits, but the term “mean bast*rd” is probably the best.

  • Leah

    Well I can honestly say that this episode of the Glazov Gang caused me to search out the movie and see it. It was worth the 160 mile round trip! A couple of things disappointed me even though the arguments were superbly crafted. In addition to mentioning Vietnam it should of also been noted that South Koreans live democratic & free lives as a result of American sacrifice. When D’Souza noted that slavery still exists today it would’ve been nice to call out that “religion of peace” that still perpetuates this institution in Islamic countries. Lastly, it should’ve been pointed out when the argument came up in the movie that the U.S.”stole part of Mexico” that the America’s (Mexico, Central, & S. America) are a vast sea of despotic dictators. The notion that anyone living in the Southwest U.S. would want to live as a part of Mexico is about as asinine as it gets. As a New Mexican this movie made me VERY GRATEFUL to have been born in that part of Mexico that wound up on this side of the border. Go see the movie and support Mr. D’Souza’s efforts of behalf of this great country.

  • Long Ben

    Fabulous interveiw, must see the Movie. There may be some credibility to Dinesh’s crediting of anti-colonialist sentiment in OBAMAS! fetid bosom, particularly as it dovetails with the left’s heavy bent towards covetousness. However a look at the photographs of Frank Marshall Davis’s two children by his white wife will give common sense pause. In that Davis’s daughter looks as much like OBAMA! as sportscaster Cheryl Miller bears resemblance to her brother NBA great Reggie Miller. Davis did after all take racy pictures of OBAMAS! mother in her underwear.Moreover everyone should by this late date should be aware that all of the Democrat left gets free gratis as well as generous aid from Big media to invent their own narrative now. Having a communist for a Father was likely not thought to be very politic by Barrys narrative spinners.