‘Easy Meat’: Inside the World of Muslim Rape Gangs, Part II — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation. He continues to share his battle against “Muslim Rape Gangs in the U.K.” [To see Part I, click here]. This time he discusses his report on this horrifying phenomenon, ‘Easy Meat,’ and takes us “Inside the World of Muslim Rape Gangs, Part II”:

Don’t miss Frontpage’s second episode this week with Daniel Mael, a junior at Brandeis University and a reporter at TruthRevolt.org. He discusses “Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Brandeis and Double Standards” and calls out the leftist Gestapo on his campus:

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  • laura r

    well done. the masses are just following the indoctrination, they cannot think for themselves. (this is repeated thru out history, nothing to see here folks). the real criminals the the top dogs. the govts. the muslim rape gangs/murderers are imported to subjugate the masses. as usual the collective group think will willingly commit suicide. those who speak the truth, their lives will be ruined. (as jamie glazovs family experienced in russia). IMO, england is entering phase 2.

    • Jack Handy

      Good call Laura, it all starts at the top. As we know, follow the money and it will lead you to the start of all evil. The governments bring these people over for votes and tax dollars, they bread like wild fire being able to have 4 wives and as many children as they want. Then the government stands behind these disgusting very disturb people saying nothing when shit needs to be said. We the people need to get it together and stand up to this shit when it starts happening here at home in Canada. England is almost a lost cause. Civil war is coming to the UK…..

    • Realist

      t”he muslim rape gangs/murderers are imported to subjugate the masses”

      I call them the “libcult Army of the Aggrieved (A.O.T.A)”, and their purpose is to create chaos and mayhem and give the Ruling Class overlords the rationale the want for assuming totalitarian, dictatorial power. You can include in this army a healthy percentage of all of the libcults victim groups: muslims, blacks, gays, women, “the poor” and a host of other carefully packaged “victim groups” serve as libcult saints (as with Trayvon Martin) for the power-hungry deceivers of the libcult.

      The thing to keep in mind, though, is that any atrocities committed by the Army of the Aggrieved perps are heavily manicured, redacted and sanitized by the journOlistas members of the libcult. Without the sanitizing of the A.O.T.A atrocities by the journOlistas, any advancement of the libcult agenda would quickly stall and possibly even be reversed. When you add in the libcult infotainment machine and the propaganda they spew into the society via music, movies and television, you can see how and why the culture of most western countries is being actively destroyed.

  • Lanna

    Truly, Islam is a paganistic culture….Where is the ability for common sense, and to think for themselves….sadly lacking. No wonder they have never been able to get along with any other cultures.

    • lisa741

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      • John T

        Wow! Your Aunt is a damn fine car buyer!
        Audi way cool girl!
        Was she raped by the Arab’s?
        I wish i was as smart as your Aunt!

  • blackfeather99

    “Leftist gestapo”? don’t you mean KGB? Or do we want to pretend that the KGB did not organize the suppression of freedoms and the torture and mass murder of millions of people? Speak plainly and honestly!!

  • laura r

    but will mr. average joesixpack stand up?

    • Dean Fidlin

      I don’t think so, to many sheep….

  • DennisMets

    way back in the days of slavery blacks were not seen as humans by the whites that put them on the farms and now in the modern age muslims do not see whites or Christians as human so they justify any crime against them they can. funny how blacks still scream for respect and talk about the days of slavery but will never condemn Muslims for their murders and until black leaders and so called reverends come out and condemn the racist blacks involved in the knock out and flash gangs instead of preaching about the devil whites and jews i for one will not ever respect or trust the racist black race

  • popseal

    The West’s inability to grasp the evil that is Islam makes us all more vulnerable than most Westerners could ever know. Led by DHIMMI politicians and peopled by bossy women and sissy pants men, Muslims are having an easy time in most places.

  • Keith

    These guys are also quite fond of sodomizing dead people.