Hip-Hop Celebrates Ambition — and Shows Why O’Reilly Should Think Again

american-flag[Read Ronn Torossian’s two-part series on why hip-hop and Jay-Z are worthy of America’s respect, here and here.]

Editors’ note: Hip-hop goes in-your-face to grievance-mongers, stands up for honest work and for self-esteem through earned income, puts down the anti-One Percenters and the welfare hustlers, celebrates ambition and shows why O’Reilly should think again:

“All these bitches and niggas still hatin’
I used to be ballin’ but now I Bill Gate’n
I got a list full of problems, I’ll tend to them later
Life is a bitch, but I appreciate her”
-Lil’ Wayne

“I used to roll up, this is a hold up, ain’t nothing funny
Stop smiling, be still, don’t nothing move but the money
But now I learned to earn cause I’m righteous
I feel great, so maybe I might just
Search for a 9 to 5, if I strive
Then maybe I’ll stay alive”
-Eric B and Rakim

“Got everything, I got everything
I cannot complain, I cannot
I don’t even know how much I really made, I forgot, it’s a lot
Fuck that, never mind what I got, nigga don’t watch that cause I
Came up, that’s all me, stay true, that’s all me
No help, that’s all me, all me for real”

“They tryna blackball me, they say I get too much money
They want my name from me because they know what it do
They say I’m A-Rod, nigga, cause I got the juice
They tryna blackball me, went and bought a Ghost as a coupe”

“How you a man waitin’ for the next man to get rich?
Yo’ plan is to stick out yo’ hand real quick?
So if he feed ya family and he serve you shit
Then he need that head you get and he deserve your bitch
Since you wishin’ cash fall from the sky all ya life
Dwellin’ on the past when you was alright”

“Hmmmmmmmmmmm, now what’s a title to fit me?
A champ like Tyson, a Captain like Kirk, no
Employee of the Month, cause yo, I do work”
-Big Daddy Kane

“Baby I’m a boss, I don’t know what they do
I don’t get dropped, I drop the label
World can’t hold me, too much ambition
Always knew it’d be like this when I was in the kitchen”

“Break records at Louis, ate breakfast at Gucci
My girl a superstar all from a home movie
Bow on our arrival – the un-American idols
What niggas did in Paris, got ‘em hanging off the Eiffel
Yeah I’m talking business, we talking CIA
I’m talking George Tenet, I seen him the other day
He asked me about my Maybach, think he had the same
Except mine tinted and his might have been rented
You know white people get money, don’t spend it
Or maybe they get money, buy a business
I rather buy 80 gold chains and go ign’ant
I know Spike Lee gone kill me but let me finish”
-Kanye West

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  • SoCalMike

    Hip hop isn’t even music.
    You need more than rhythm and lyrics to have music.
    Melody and harmony are key basics and hip hop has neither.
    It’s just a reflection and expression of culture rot.
    If it doesn’t have harmony and melody, it isn’t music,

  • Fritz

    I believe that rap/hip hop embodies what a friend of mine calls it, who also happens to be a guitarist by the way, he refers to it as poetry for morons. I don’t think you can read much depth into it either way, it’s poetry for morons by morons, and really has little redeeming value.
    One of the commentators said that the successes of some of these so called “artists” are as a result of one of the few remaining bastions of the free market in the U.S economy, nothing could be further from the truth. The recording industry of American represents the very opposite of a free market, it is a cartel, much like OPEC, whose objective is to price fix products, stifle consumer choice, and eliminate any real competition. It is the only industry that believes that, in spite of the advances in communications and recording technology, they can continue to operate under the same business model as they did 80 years ago, and lobbies for government “protection” to continue allowing them to do so.

    Rap/Hip hop is the fruit of this outdated business model, why hire songwriters, musicians, etc when all they have to do is pull some young black man off the street and start reciting 3 minute strings of obscenity laden gibberish into a microphone? It makes them more money that way, the only thing it costs them is a marketing campaign. Then when the young man gets old find a new one to market as the latest and greatest.

  • Hass

    Yeah right FPM, Hip Hop AKA Sh*tty Ghetto music is for the brain dead.

    And why is this site is running articles about it lately, I’ll never know.

  • GSR

    Funny, American Spectator has run similar hip hop and brain-dead 20-something issues lately too. That site has really gone down in quality. Hopefully FPM won’t follow.

  • Robert_Fl

    From the headline:”A music genre goes in-your-face to grievance mongers, stands up for honest work and for self-esteem through earned income. Why hate on it?”

    Why “hate on it”? Really? I guess ghetto language is becoming standard on this site now. Isn’t that special?

  • Murray

    I can’t believe all the negative comments. I’m disappointed with this holier-than-thou brand of conservatism. I thought we conservatives were about live-and-let-live. Why not emphasize the positive instead of dwelling on the negative. Rome wasn’t built in a day. If there are snippits of free market thinking, liberty and personal self improvement in these rhymes why not celebrate that?

    • Robert_Fl

      “I can’t believe all the negative comments. I’m disappointed with this
      holier-than-thou brand of conservatism. I thought we conservatives were
      about live-and-let-live.”
      I see no one calling for the abolition of anything here. There are no holier than thou opinions expressed here with the possible exception of yours taking others to task for expressing themselves. I see people expressing their opinions on the legitimization of trash as music, no one called for the end of it. You might try being a little more tolerant of other people’s opinions yourself. As for your use of “we conservatives”, I do not think I have ever heard a conservative go around asking people to “celebrate” anything. That particular usage of the word seems to be a favorite of liberals and progressives everywhere.


      Probably because there aren’t any real snippets of free market thinking, liberty, or personal self-improvement, and if there were, they’d be completely lost within the coarse sexuality, dehumanizing violence and brutal misogyny.

    • Mitch

      We are well beyond the “live and let live” approach. We are now in a life or death struggle over where the country is headed.

  • gabregni

    Excellent conclusion of Hip-hop. FPM seems to have a actual sightless identify here, somehow mistaking the achievements of these gangsta artists for an statement of capitalism. It’s actually more like the junction of a lifestyle not only in decrease but actually at the splitting factor with the remains of a 100 % free industry.


  • cacslewisfan

    This is absolutely pathetic. I looked up the songs these lyrics came from, and most are violent, celebrate drugs, call women b***hes and treat them like garbage, repeatedly insult other rappers by calling them b***hes and n**gers, and display a pathological narcissism that borders on psychosis. That song from Future has a line about sending members of the gang “36” to kick in the door of someone’s girlfriend while she’s home with their baby! Everyone expects Democrats to be duplicitous, it it the party for self righteous hypocrites. That’s why no one cares when they are inclusive of people who dehumanize women, embrace Islam, and cheat on their taxes while they tell everyone to do the opposite. Conservatives can’t embrace the same evil and still stand for their core values. I DO think Conservatives must engage with pop culture, but this is not the way. Support rappers who have real uplifting lyrics.

  • 11bravo

    Wrong time and place for this RAP promotion.

    It is no different than asking the GOP base to embrace pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-drug legalization Rand Paul for president!! It just is NOT going to happen.

    It is the same as cheering for Mengele for his breakthrough medical experimentation.

  • JeromefromLayton

    Go back and read some older English literature such as Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. That was the “rap” of the day and my “Albatross” since I had to read it. The cool part is those cats don’t need a Teleprompter!

  • Voyvod

    Anything that radical Islam hates has redeeming value.

  • Disapp

    I like FrontPage Mag, but I’m disappointed about the pushing of Hip Hop i.e. vulgarity of language, etc. Aren’t the majority of the Hip Hop celebrities major Democrat Party (leftist) supporters and probably financial contributors?

  • carammf

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