ISIS: Islamic Terrorists in Action

A brutal video compilation:

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  • Johnny Palestine

    Iraq; Another USA foreign policy disaster.

    Buchanan is correct. Isolationism is best for this world. Most of US foreign policy since WW2 has been disastrous for the world. Face it.

    In 2016, Hitlary or Prescott Bush Jr.

    • catherineinpvb

      Better face the fact that ‘isolationism’ cannot exist in a world of instant – immediate; in our face, and everyone elses, on the planet – communication; not to mention, our economic realities that defy borders and freedoms so assoiated.. As ugly as are the ME Muslim/tribal and deadly convolutions; this situation, if handled differently by way of Obama,Inc., did not have to happen. Obama ignoring it; was/is a ‘backhanded’ cultivation of this disaster. A now familiar disaster plan, that has scorched and changed the map and politics of the entire Middle East, and all, with Obama’s signature. And Hillary’s has some ‘hands on’ for that matter and for certain.

      Voting in a President with Muslim sympathies; and worse, none, whatsoever, for the Country he ostensibly, took oath to serve; Obama as Marxist/Alynsky devotee and Community Organizer – posing as everything but. . .remains the worst of possibilities, that America could have chosen.

      And BTW. . .Hillary too; is a Marxist/Alynsky devotee and if you do not yet; see her threat; then please, take a closer look. She has the gift of ‘glib’. . .of empty rhetoric; just as Obama. Like Obama; she is an inauthentic ‘creation'; nothing more. And with same promise of Obama’s success, as she does ‘due diligence’ as a modern Progressive (an oxymoran, of course) so that our Country continues is slide to Nowhere per Hillary’s, ‘FORWARD’/CHANGE Marxist MO’s.

      We have a Clinton mafia versus ‘Chicago’. . .and have only to think of their MO’s to wonder; just what might, ‘come what may’ in 2016. We can be certain; desperate measures will abound. Cannot overlook the ‘third wheel’ that keeps Obama moving; the Muslim Brotherhood. (And know that Hillary, too; has her much appreciated connections; albeit, not exactly per her DNA, as are Obama’s sympathies.) Nontheless. . .

      Anyway; enough with the celeb ‘Leadership’, who use only the singular name, per their ID. . .and while George Prescott Bush avoids such, do not think he is the ‘man’ – yet – for the job.

      • Chiron_Venizelos

        I wish you were not correct but you are.

      • Americana

        I absolutely disagree w/the premise that the West had any way of stemming this tide other than in the short term and in a piecemeal way. I also disagree w/the premise that Pres. Obama is complicit in any way as a “Muslim sympathizer.” This eventuality of regional tumult and conflagration would have befallen every single American leader of any and every party because it’s the religio-political choice of that region. There was evidence of just such activities under Pres. Bush. The fact it took this long to reach critical mass to explode into military expression is simply the sociology of mass revolt in the age of advanced weaponry. A revolt is not going to get anywhere in today’s world without the military equipment to take on those you wish to displace.

        Those who are anti-jihadists and who believe this international chaos in the aim of eventual consolidation for Caliphates being always the aim of the Muslims can’t believe that the West can hold back the Muslims at will in every Muslim country on the planet to prevent this religio-political striving. Besides, we’re not welcome to assist every single sovereign Muslim country w/defending them against jihadists. I think it’s time we sit back and see what alliances form among the sovereign Middle Eastern states that remain solid in order to evaluate the immediate future in the region. We ought to (and I’m sure we do) have our strategic plans set for strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities.

        • catherineinpvb

          We can go back to Jimmy Carter removing the Shah. . .so that the Ayatollah Khoumeini could step in; and on the face of Western ‘civility'; progress; Freedom in Iran and by turn; eventually, more in ME. We can go back to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al Husseini; Uncle to Arrafat, who released the worst hate ‘genie’ ever; against the Jews and who aided/abetted Hitler, per the Genicidal MO’s so as to eradicate Jews. . .and then, true to the Nazi/Islamist MO; after the Jews; there would have been the Christians; and sundry but sworn enemies by whatever genetic/social/cultural rationale. All to say; some things ‘long in the history’. . .but to offer that we could not stem this stone-age tide; is I think, a huge mistake. We still could; but we are stuck; bound by our own civility – lest we become ‘like them’. Sounds here; of our own ‘death knell'; if we do not face up to challenge of the ‘sub’ civilized.

          As for not seeing Obama as a Muslim sympathizer; the evidence ‘all there’. . .and it sceams. ..Pro-Muslim;pro-Marxist/Pro-radical Progressive; Alynsky Architect’ for ‘Change’ and ‘Muslim Change’ in the world, as well. A truth here; for the ‘seeing’ and believing.

          *In addition to Obama’s Marxist Elite in White House; Obama has made major ‘reach out’ to Muslim Brotherhood; many of whom, enjoy power positions in our Government, thanks to Obama’s ‘shared sympathies’. Have only to note; Obama policies; and the priority of Muslims. Cannot touch the myriad here; but clearly; a Muslim-friendly Archituecture and ‘reach-out’ being faciliatated by Obama; and wherever in the world.

          While the deadly Sunni/Shite ‘Tribe’ warfare, carries on in the Middle East and elsewhere; do not forget the larger picture of the ‘World Caliphate’, and how this all is to work eventually, for the subjugation of the West, and of America. . .

          One Islamic, Allah-ruled World. They are prominsing it. All to say; this ‘far away’ tribe warfare, IS about us! The hate; the killing; IS about our Country; our future; and closing our eyes to the ugly realities here; and our responsibilities; will save, NO one; or rather, NONE of US.

  • GrandmaM

    Youtube removed this video due to its violent content. So, all terrorists have to do is be violent enough and the news of the violence won’t be covered and posted? Wake up youtube!!! If it’s news, it needs to be posted, NOT BLOCKED!

    • BS77

      Liberals refuse to see what is right in front of them.

    • tagalog

      Yet another example, as if we needed one, of hiding our heads in the sand. If we don’t see it, it must not be real.

      Just like Obama and the war in Iraq. If we get out, the war must be over.

  • Ban Liberals

    Except that YouTube (actually Google) generally speaking, allows Mooslims to post just about whatever they please about bomb-making and attacking the United States WITHOUT censorship.

    • Americana

      Yes, that foolishness ought to stop. Yesterday. If I see one more video where there’s senseless butchery in pursuit of one more freakin’ Islamist state, it’ll be hard to resist wishing the civilized world to think about a scorched earth policy. I think it’s time to call on YouTube and Google to stop allowing these jihadists to use the internet to inflame new followers. However, all the Islamists have to do is buy their own server so that would only be a temporary stoppage. We’d have to keep a continuous technical pressure up on them if they bought their own server. This current level of jihadist extremism ventures into the seven circles of Hell. But we should be grateful for their sectarianism because it keeps them busy amongst themselves.

  • Anamah

    Is still Soros in YouTube?

  • Sniper’s Virtue

    Nice to see we can show and tell the truth to the people in this FREE county. NOT!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I know this is going to sound counterintuitive for a lot of you, but Muslims aren’t terrorists. Terrorism is perpetrated by extremists for various political causes. Muslims aren’t extremists and they aren’t perpetrating terrorism for various political causes, as waging jihad in the cause of Allah to ultimately make Islam supreme throughout the world is a fundamental holy obligation incumbent upon all mainstream orthodox Muslims in one form or another, either violent as in AQ or non-violent as in the millions of Muslims that have migrated to the USA for the nefarious purpose of mass Muslim infiltration and eventual demographic conquest.

    Indeed, because Islam isn’t a faith-based religion where adherents have the freedom of conscience to choose to believe, i.e., have faith, or to choose not to believe, i.e., not to have faith, all mainstream orthodox Muslims are jihadists in one form or another. Otherwise, they are blasphemous apostates that according to the texts and tenets of Islam must be executed. As Islam is a so-called religion of submission, whereby all Muslims must totally, completely, and unconditionally submit to the “will of Allah” under the penalty of death for apostasy and blasphemy.

    You people who believe that Muslim extremists, i.e., radicals and Islamists, are terrorists have all been sold a bill of goods by neo-cons that don’t have the first clue. AQ isn’t an extremist Muslim organization. It’s a mainstream orthodox Islamic group, as waging jihad, either violently or non-violently, is a fundamental holy obligation required of all Muslims, and they certainly aren’t any more extreme or radical than the millions of Muslims that have migrated to the USA for the nefarious purpose of mass Muslim infiltration and eventual demographic conquest.

    • hyedenny

      “…the nefarious purpose of mass Muslim infiltration and eventual demographic conquest.”

      That sounds like terrorism to me. If it doesn’t terrify you, then you’re part of the problem!

      • ObamaYoMoma

        That sounds like terrorism to me. If it doesn’t terrify you, then you’re part of the problem!

        Of course, you think that because you have been inculcated via the mass media to believe that only Muslim radical extremists are the problem. Nonetheless, Muslims that wage jihad, which is all of them, whether of the violent variety or the non-violent variety, are all mainstream orthodox Muslims as opposed to extremists. Meanwhile, terrorism is perpetrated only by extremists and for various political causes, while mainstream orthodox Muslims, on the other hand, wage jihad only in the cause of Allah to ultimately make Islam supreme throughout the world.

        • hyedenny

          “Of course” I think that way? Exactly what did I say that brings you to that conclusion? If you’d relax your own little jihad for a minute, and think about what I said, you’d realize that I’m agreeing with your sentiments more than you yourself are!

          • ObamaYoMoma

            Oh okay, then I guess that, “you’re part of the problem” comment somehow means that you agree with my sentiments. Okay…only if you say so.

          • hyedenny

            …and your “Okay…only if you say so” comment indicates to me that you can dish out sarcasm, but you can’t understand it when it’s proffered.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            If that was meant to be sarcastic, then you are piss poor at it.