Media Bias: Robert Spencer Interview As It Really Happened — And As It Was Reported

spenOn Friday, March 7, Robert Spencer was interviewed by Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) TV about the Stop Islamization of Nations/Q Society Conference on Liberty and Islam, which was held in Melbourne that weekend and featured Spencer, Pamela Geller, Nonie Darwish, Ashraf Ramelah of Voice of the Copts, and the Israeli scholar Mordechai Kedar.

The Q Society is Australia’s foremost counter-jihad group. A Q Society operative filmed the interview with Spencer. In the video below you first see the raw footage of the actual interview, and then the report that SBS ran that night — which for the mainstream media, wasn’t as relentlessly and shamelessly biased as many others.

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  • Larry Larkin

    The SBS, and ABC (our publicly owned networks) are on relatively good behaviour at the moment after getting extremely egregious on the defamation and Australia bashing over the last 6 years.
    Now, however, they have to answer to a Liberal (in the classical sense, in other words a conservative rather than “progressive”) Govt that is having a real close look at their behaviour and funding.

  • GuestInParis

    SBS and the ABC have always been biased leftists. I know, I worked for them years ago. And what a blatantly biased approach the interviewer took, he knew exactly what bent he wanted the story to give – no matter what Robert Spencer was saying, no matter how knowledgable on the subject, how lucid and balanced he might be. How shameful for journalism as a whole, but Australian media is not alone in exhibiting such wilfully stupid ignorance.
    What a painful awakening the entire West is going to have by ignoring those words of warning, nay, facts staring us in the face.

  • wileyvet

    Robert Spencer makes mincemeat out of anyone he debates, and makes clueless reporters look even more so. Every Muslim country is centuries behind the west in human rights, civil liberties, equal rights, women’s and children’s rights and on and on. The fact that they fail in all these areas should be evidence enough that Islam is the cause of the inequality, mistreatment and otherwise miserable conditions in much if not all, the so called Islamic world, particularly the region of the Middle East, North Africa and Western Asia. The rest of the world has advanced, while they regress, and as they get more frustrated you see calls for more Islam, stricter adherence to Sharia, more intolerance. Islam has created failed states, so muslims leave those countries, but don’t leave the very ideology that created their plight in the first place behind. They are not in the west to have a better life, but to bring western civilization crashing down in the name of Allah, and reign supreme over all of us under Sharia. I won’t go without a fight. Did you see the one muslim in that report, and his pat answer, and afraid it will cause anti-muslim backlash. You brought it on buddy boy. Sow the wind, time to reap the whirlwind.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    There is only one solution for the collective infidel world, ban and reverse mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage ASAP, because it is really non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad for the strategic purposes of mass Muslim infiltration and demographic conquest. Indeed, Muslims never ever assimilate and integrate in infidel countries because to do so is blasphemous and blasphemy in Islam is a capital offense.