Obama’s New Bow to the Islamic World — on The Glazov Gang


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This week’s Glazov Gang was guest-hosted by Superstar Josh Brewster and joined by titans Nonie Darwish, author of “The Devil We Don’t Know,” Michael Hausam, a conservative writer and activist, and Karen Siegemund, founder of Rage Against the Media.

The Gang discussed: Obama’s New Bow to the Islamic World, analyzing who the Radical-in-Chief really wants to be admired by the most.

The dialogue occurred within the context of Why Obama Did the Prisoner Swap.

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    • BS77

      Anetta…put it where the sun don’t shine

  • William_Bradford

    I didn’t think that I could hate the degenerate, treasonous, racist black African Marxist any more than I did.

    It is important, however to understand that while Obama is A problem, he is not THE problem. THE problem is a DemocRAT party, that self-same DemocRAT party – your neighbors – who roundly applauded when three times they attempted to removed the defense of Israel, and God from their 2012 Presidential Election Platform. THE problem is a DemocRAT party – your neighbors – who in the last six Presidential Elections have run two arguable traitors, an environmental Nazi, and a black African Marxist. A DemocRAT party that will not hesitate to replace Obama in 2016 with someone equally as bad, or worse than Obama. THEY – your neighbors – are THE problem, they made Obama possible, and they did it twice.

  • Laser1

    I thought that Nonie Darwish was right on money with what
    this administration is doing. It
    interesting that Obama is doing his homework to undermine the law of this
    nation. He is operating from the helm
    and his subjects are puppets. They
    really are being told what to say and do.
    They are masquerading around trying to reflect their good intentions
    using the media as a tool “New York Times” and the like to spew out lies at
    every turn. Even to attack our service
    men and say they are lying. They say anything just to look good even if it’s a lie.
    And yes Nonie is right when she said
    that Obama is looking at ways to release the detainees from getmo, but I think
    that the picture is bigger than what we know at this time and what we can see. Things are really making my hair stand on
    end when the media refers to our nation
    as a state. That tells us that these people
    want the USA to get lost in the hay stack.
    It’s called Obama Globalization. It’s
    as if he wants this nation to get pissed just to declare Marshal law. I wouldn’t put it passed him. The Young people have been brain washed
    already. Ages 30 to 40. The seeds have been planted from their early liberal education.
    You can see it with Obamas
    Subjects. They can’t see the truth if they
    were handed it on a golden platter. They
    think Globalization is is the greatest thing. These people what a one world government. Period.

  • AreaMan66

    Imagine it is 1943…

    FDR trades a U.S. deserter/POW for 5 German field officers.

    The father of the U.S. deserter/POW comes to the White House with a toothbrush mustache and a curtained haircut…you know the style….kinda like this guy , and then starts to speak to his son in German….

    What would you think about the dad’s loyalties?

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  • Lanna

    We just heard on the radio, Breitbart news, that Mr. Bergdahl senior worked for UPS and has some charges against him for being a peeping Tom watching two twin sisters through a window. I think we see that Birds of a feather flock together in this crazy world.

    • Toa

      Yeah, I read a detailed article about that in the Daily Mail. Not trying to sound like a smart-alec, but as soon as I saw him at the microphone and heard what he had to say, it kind of explained a lot to me.

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