Putin Power vs. Obama Weakness — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center who runs the blog The Point at Frontpagemag.com.

Daniel joined the Gang to discuss Putin Power vs. Obama Weakness. The dialogue focused on the Radical-in-Chief getting humiliated all over again — this time at the hands of a Russian thugocrat over Ukraine.

Daniel also shed light on Why Lois Lerner Pleaded the FifthObama and Israel’s Homicidal Peace Partner, and much, much more:

Don’t miss this week’s second BLOCKBUSTER episode with Igor Melcuk, a Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at the University of Montreal and Member of the Royal Society of Canada. A scientist and “reluctant” Soviet dissident, he left the Soviet Union in 1977 after being expelled from the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences because he defended Andrei Sakharov​ in a letter published in The New York Times​.

Prof. Melcuk joined the Gang to discuss Putin’s Ukraine Gamble. The discussion occurred in the context of Putin’s Contempt for Obama. Prof. Melcuk explained why the Russian president laughs in the Radical-in-Chief’s face, what he is really after, what he really fears, and what dangers he poses:

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  • William_Bradford

    Igor was a breath of fresh air. His interview was interesting, and informative. What he knew first hand he related, what he had no way of knowing he qualified. He spoke of how he knew what he knew, and was able to elaborate from the specific to the general.

    I find it immensely frustrating that the world is oblivious to the coordinated action of the Russians and the Chinese. The coordination was first displayed as coordinated Russian/Chinese naval forces in the Med. during Obama’s Syrian debacle. It worked so well in the Med. that we may expect to see it long into the future. It is analogous to the German/Russian Non-aggression pact that led to WWII. First one player acts providing a distraction, then the other player acts almost coincidentally, almost like ping-pong. The result is American paralysis in the face of naked aggression. China acts in the East – the South China Sea – then Russians act in the West – currently the Ukraine – and Obama is rendered impotent. It worked so well in the Med. and at the current moment in the South China Sea and Ukraine, that we may expect to see it well into the future.

    Daniel is a pleasure to hear, it would be informative to have him elaborate as to how, and why he believes what he conveys.

    Arnold Ahlert might also provide an interesting interview, as his articles are always well researched, documented, and follow a logical argument to the conclusion that he has reached.

  • freeblypuig

    “Vladi, my dear reset, flexible comrade. Remember that Crimea invasion diversion thingy we discussed a few years ago? Well, tovarisch, I need you to go for it right now. I’m getting beat up by Fox News over our IRS oppression and our news media infiltration programs. Please, brother. I gave you Georgia and Syria. How about a little something for Barry.”

    • Pete Walk

      I wrote a long reply to this but look like fronpagemag practices Obamas censorship. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Anukem Jihadi

    Amongst the constellation of groups and interests in the Ukraine it’s the Neo-Nazis that are doing the heavy lifting. It doesn’t matter how representative they are only how influential.
    It would only matter if you made the assumption they were stupid enough to be taking all the risks for what was essentially a democracy movement.

    • Nabukuduriuzhur

      There’s no evidence that the neo-nazis are even involved. That was a libel and slander by Yanukovych. Don’t assume that the accusations of an evil person are true.

      Indeed, there is a habit by our International Socialists of the Democrat PArty and the Parliamentary Socialists of Europe and Canada to slam anyone against them as nazi.

      It’s a h— of an insult to a conservative, who is for freedom and has no interest in socialism, to be called a national socialist.

    • Nabukuduriuzhur

      There’s no evidence that the neo-sizan are even involved. That was
      a libel and slander by Yanukovych. Don’t assume that the accusations
      of a morally-banktrupt person are true.

      Indeed, there is a habit by our International stsilaicoS of the Democrat PArty and the Parliamentary stsilaicoS of Europe and Canada
      to slam anyone against them as izan.

      It’s a severe insult to a conservative, who is for freedom and has
      no interest in mtsilaicoS. to be called a national tsilaicoS.

      (Front page dinged it, so I put the government types backward.)

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There are leftists and neo-nazis in a constellation of group. There are also plenty of neo-nazis on the Russian side.

      • Merry Bookworm

        You are a bigoted russophobe, I am telling you. How can you fancy the very existence of “neo-nazis on the Russian side’, when Russia is the country which paid the hugest price to strangle nazism.You just cherish the mentality of Cold War

        • reader

          Let me educate you, Masha. Stalin was the one who helped Reichswer to get around Versailles Treaty and arm itself (google Rapallo Treaty of 1922). Stalin was the one who entered the Pact with Hitler and gave him green light to invade Poland. Stalin was the one who sent Hitler oil and all sorts of other strategic supplies all the while Hitler was pillaging Europe until June 22, 1941. Of course, Stalion was pillaging East Europe all the while too.

          • Merry Bookworm

            I am not Masha and needn’t be taught these things. Read about Bandera and Ukranian nationalists and SS division Galicia

          • reader

            Last I checked, Bandera has been long dead. Any plans to invade Germany – ’cause, you know they used to have SS divisions too?

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Plenty of Russian nationalists are just as bad.

          • Merry Bookworm

            Western powers enabled Hitler much more

          • reader

            How much? UK and France declared war on Hitler on September 3, 1939, exacly 10 days after Stalin and Hitler had entered the Moscow Pact enabling Hitler and Stalin to invade Poland.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Russia allied with Nazism before it “strangled” it with the help of copious amounts of Western aid, before turning every territory it counted into Communist tyrannies.

      • BagLady

        I don’t doubt that for one minute. However, don’t let’s imagine that white skin equals western thought. You would be so wrong. You would also be way of the mark if you thought that Islam plays any part in the reclamation of Russian lands.

        Putin bided his time and saw an opportunity. So what? Doesn’t affect your life nor mine and means little in the big picture.The stock market may fluctuate a bit while ownerships change hands but, apart from that, nothing. Gas will continue to flow and you and I will continue to pay the heavy price of their game.

        • Drakken

          Islam doesn’t play any part of reclaiming Russian land you say? Really? You obviously are ignorant of past history and are not up on current events where Islamic jihad in Russia and the caucuses are concerned. Russian Special Forces as we speak are conducting counter insurgency operations in the Caucuses region and here you are talking out of your azz because your commi mouth knows better. Your bloody ignorance is astounding.

  • Nabukuduriuzhur

    Putin has gone bad, there is no doubt.

    But there is something that needs to be kept in mind about Putin: he scrabbled and worked his way up from nothing. He wasn’t given anything in this life. Obama is the archtype of someone being given everything. And so someone like Putin naturally has contempt for someone who got their place without a single hour of hard work.

    • Edward

      Everyone talks about this RACE problem and says that this RACE problem
      will be over when the third-world pours into EVERY White country and
      ONLY into WHITE countries.

      Everyone says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY White
      country and ONLY White countries to “assimilate,” that is, intermarry,
      with all those non-Whites.

      They’re pushing wHiTe geNOcide!

      They claim they are “anti-racist”, what they are is anti-White

      Anti-racist is a code for anti-White

      • BagLady

        Define ‘white’.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Putin was from a KGB family. He got everything handed to him on a silver platter. It’s like being born into the mafia.

      He had a car at an age in and a country where few did.

      • BagLady

        So what? Find me a politician anywhere in the world that didn’t come up through the family system? Is it any wonder we are in such a mess? We are such stupid little people pulling our forelocks to the ‘mafia’

    • BagLady

      I hope you’re not suggesting Obama didn’t work hard to get where he is today. That would be too. too ridiculous. I expect his wife and kids would have much to say on the marriage breaking subject.

      • Notalibfool

        You obviously have no understanding of what hard work is.

    • BagLady

      Oh no. You are taking the narcissistic White House line that it’s a personal battle between two macho men. Get real.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    If Putin dislikes obama , that means he must be a racist like the rest of us. ..not…

  • JacksonPearson

    Putin owns Obama….:

    • Hass

      As embarrassing as the photo of bowing down to the king of terrorists.

    • patti livernash

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    • CaoMoo

      Who wears a helmet on a horse? And why is he not riding his own horse. Guess he just needed a hug that day because he was feeling unsafe.

      • watcherofolde

        It’s a photoshop,Obama is riding a girl’s bike and they transposed it

        • CaoMoo

          that’s not much better. pretty good photoshop work. I

    • Alleged Comment

      Is that grandma with no bra on?

    • frontpagesubscr

      Did I not make the comparison, “Man and Woman” some weeks ago?

      See article about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “Down Low Club” by
      Jerome Corsi in World Net Daily.

      • frontpagesubscr

        This is a serious situation.

  • James Foard

    The authoritative, definitive biography of Obama’s years in office might appropriately be titled “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”, but even that polite cognomen is a vast understatement of the man’s tragic pasquinade as a world leader..

  • Pete Walk

    Um Vladimir putin is a capitalist and the communists are in opposition and have been since 1991. You really need to step out of the cold war era. Putin has passed laws banning homosexual propaganda and the whole pussy riot thing was directly in opposition to Putin obeying the head of Russias Orthodox church. 75% of Ukrainians are Orthodox Christians and a whopping 85% back the Kremlin’s anti gay legislation.

    Everyday Putin moves Russia’s laws further towards Gods laws even having the head of the Church by his side when getting sworn in as Russia’s leader each 4 years. While Moscow has 2 million Muslims (1 million illegal muslims) he has BANNED all construction of Mosques leaving 3 million Mulims with 3 Mosques. The mayor of Moscow refuses to allow any permits due to “building more mosques means more muslims will come”.

    The sad truth is Putin is a leader America can only dream of. The fallacy that Russia is a threat to or wants to harm America is rubbish. He doesn’t want Nato on his doorstep full stop. NATO is not for me and you it is for corporations. So why do republicans continually think using our soldiers for corporate expansion is our interests? Enough.

  • Viking

    Considering how Obama has treated his friends in the past, it is funny that the Ukraine is asking for his help. If Obama’s help is all they can get, God help them!

  • reader

    Dude, you’re first language is Russian. If you think that you’re so smooth that nobody can sort it out, think again.

  • bigjulie

    Daniel, I just finished watching you on the Glazov Gang and I think your are being much too modest. Personally, I am moving you back, in my mind, to a spot among the top five smartest people on the planet! I admire your almost uncanny ability to say so much in just a few words.
    No doubt in my mind that Obama, long ago, went over to the “other side” and his actions daily in support of the goals of Islamists and even Statists like Putin put the lie to his specious claims of nobility of purpose in “furthering” what he believes to be “the best course” for America. He is a fool only in his choice of who he really supports, but certainly clever and cunning in his actions to further the causes of our enemies, including his ability to continually pull the wool over the eyes of those in Congress who support him.
    Only one solution! We must defeat every Democrat we can in 2014 and 2016. The only “good” Democrat is an “out-of-office” Democrat. At the same time we must win the internecine battle going on in the Republican Party between the Tea Party Conservatives and the coupon-clipping Republicans who obviously don’t give a damn about this country as long as they can continue to collect bribes from the moneyed interests who bought them in the first place.
    Thanks again for all you do!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      thank you, yes we have to expand the ranks of those who stand for the right, but we also have to look beyond politicians for answers

      • bigjulie

        You’re more than welcome! I agree, but right now, politicians are the people most empowered to apply the most immediate action required. Eventually, we may be able to have consorted action through the power of the People, but they have to be people who give a s**t enough to have a basic understanding of how our system is set up and works in the first place and who understand that the behavior of the animal world is the basis for our political and economic system, albeit in terms not quite as stark as expecting wolves to establish a welfare system for deer or cattle.
        The Left has done their dead level best to establish “compassion” as a basic, built-in motivator of human action. It is not! Humans with a brain and reasoning power can also see and understand that all of us have a basic obligation to take care of ourselves, first, and then extend any surplus to help those who are OBVIOUSLY not able to fully care for themselves, regardless of the admonition to be “our brother’s keeper”. We already have reams of data indicating that too many of “our brothers” are more than willing to be “kept” for their entire lives, if they are allowed!

        • BagLady

          Eventually, we may be able to have consorted action through the power of the People, but ……..

          and you go on and on eliminating one group after another until you end up with your tiny pool of likeminded thinkers. Only then are you happy

          • bigjulie

            I’m not understanding your comment. I cannot understand how you are seeing the “elimination of one group after another” in what I wrote. I didn’t even imply that. All I am saying is that, in order to keep from establishing a “moocher class” that permanently lives off the labors of their fellow citizens while contributing nothing, we have to have a large group of people who understand that our system of operation was specifically set up to exclude the establishment of a “moocher class” by allowing citizens the maximum amount of freedom and liberty to make their way by themselves.
            The system that is being established by so-called “Progressives” isn’t compassion at all, it’s legal Robin Hood robbery, taking the results of the labors of taxpayers and handing it out willy-nilly to non-producers while taking all the credit as the source of the resources, usually for votes to keep them in power.
            Our “exceptional” system of government never included charity as a necessary part. Charity is a gift from the heart, given freely by the producer of the resource being given. Progressives have re-established charity as nothing more than armed robbery of the producers for their own political benefit.

      • bigjulie

        PS: Igor Melcuk is a person I would love to know intimately! What a man! What lessons he has to teach all of us!

  • Daniel Greenfield

    Putin is as much of a capitalist as Obama. Crony capitalism isn’t capitalism.

    Putin doesn’t obey the Russian Orthodox Church. The Russian Orthodox Church obeys Putin.

    So do the official Muslim clergy who call for death to America.

    • Merry Bookworm

      You are a bigoted russophobe

      • reader

        And are the Russians opposing Putin bigoted russophobes too?

      • GopherNo83

        Again: “bigoted” and “…phobe” directed against any criticism of an idea, person or ideology… This is getting lame fast.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        That’s Putinophobe also KGBphobe

        • Pete Walk

          Why do you enjoy lying. Pathetic.


            Why do you enjoy lying Pathetic Pete Walk?

        • BagLady

          Why Putin particularly?

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Because he’s at the top of the mafia heap and functioning as the effective dictator

    • watcherofolde

      Are you saying anti-American muslim clergy all over the world are doing Putin’s bidding?

      • Daniel Greenfield

        In Russia

        • BagLady

          I am surrounded by Russian ex-pats. I shall ask their opinion before giving mine.

  • Walter Sieruk

    The false idea of Obama for the State of Israel in the dividing of the land will not work. For the disingenuous Abbas and his gang really do know how to disseminate. For such peace “talks” have not worked in the past and there is no rational reason to believe “talks’ will work in the future. These so called “negotiations” are just a subtle strategy of a war scheme to get all of the land of Israel. For that is what they are really after, to get this land any way they can. By hook or by crook, by piece and by piece,by the offering of a false peace. They will take any of the land of Israel that they might be given and then let the jihadists use that land as a base to launch murderous rocket attacks into Israel. As, for example, in the case of Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Furthermore, such false peace talks are nothing new then it comes to Israel. In fact, they go as far back as to ancient history. For example, in Psalm 55:20,21. it reads “Such men do violence to those at peace with them and beak their promised word:their speech is smoother then butter but their thoughts are of war.” [N.E.B.]

  • William James Ward

    Considering who Obama is foisting as a partner in a peace process,
    the Israelis know it is a farce and details only one thing, Obama’s
    contempt for Israel and all Jews. Netanyahu should simply tell
    Obama to get serious or go away, Obama has nothing to say as
    Abbas has no intention of ever seeking peace with the Jews and
    everyone knows this………………..William

    • BagLady

      We are talking about Putin and Ukraine.

      Do try to keep up

    • Mo Doggie

      As per BagLady, you seem to be posting in the wrong thread.
      However. i have been around long enough to understand that Obama and his govt wrt Israel and “peace talks”, and the rejection and bitching by Israel govt, is the same charade that has been played with every Democrat Party since the 1970’s.

  • Alleged Comment

    Barry is negro. Other countries do not respect Negroes as they are completely racist against them.

    Notice no negro leaders in these other countries, yet Negroes complain about how racist America is? They should try living in these other countries they so implore America to be like.

    The world is laughing at us that we put in a negro that is dumbfounding US, but he is just a laughing stock to the rest of the world, especially when he bows to them.

    So amateurish. Most leaders probably had to be immediately escorted to a private room where they BURST OUT LAUGHING!

  • Merry Bookworm

    You are a terrible liar, old crazy fool.You are talking exactly in favour of Ukrainian fashists who are illegally and with violence came to power and now threaten any political opposition , creating refugees in the East of Ukraine and suppress the Russian language. They are spiritual descendants and admirers of those who fought on the side of Hitler in SS divisions Galisia, for whom Stepan Bandera is a national hero now. I used to be an ardent supporter of Horovitz and Glazov gang. Now I am terribly dissapointed . I see now you are brainwashing and poisoning the minds of the American people and perceive you as the traitors of liberty and justice. Have you been to the Crimea lately to talk like that? You are just a bunch of russophobes with inexhaustible ability of turning freinds into enemies.

  • kT TK

    Putin is standing against the muslim fascists who will in no time turn the Ukraine into a hellhole of sharia law. Wake up and don’t listen to the enablers of terrorism

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Ukraine isn’t about to fall under Islamic law and Putin isn’t standing against Islamic law in Chechnya. He stands for personal power.

      • kT TK

        Balony. Terrorism is raging in the whole area. We in America just don’t hear what is going on.

        • BagLady

          That’s because it’s not ‘raging’. I meet young people from that area and they are clean living, hardworking, well educated fun loving young people whose company I enjoy. So bugger off with your stereotyping.

          • reader

            Were you hanging out with Tsarnayevs too? Just curious.

          • BagLady

            They were brought up in your neck of the woods, not mine.

          • reader

            No, they weren’t. Not even close. But you didn’t answer the question. Is it part of your glorified education to debate like this?

          • BagLady

            So, it’s a bit of surprise to the west that Putin should make such a move. Too busy concentrating on China to read the cards. He has spent the last decade watching the West push East and noted their narrow attention and overstretched armies. He needs a buffer zone and Ukraine is it.

            First round to Vlad.

          • reader

            Well, you don’t even understand what the buffer zone is, quite obviously. But, what’s interesting is that you don’t seem to mind when the Russian military enters foreign territory, whereas the Jewish settlers are occupiers in your twisted little mind. Quite a particular hater, are you?

          • BagLady

            Washington has been double crossing Russia for decades. Gorbachev was promised that Eastern Europe would remain NATO free. It was clearly a lie and NATO now encircles Russia with its military bases.

            This week Obama entertained fake prime minister Yatsenyuk at the White House, promising absolute support. Europe dutifully fell into line ignoring its own recent warnings to pro-democratic parties to avoid such anti-Semitic, xenophobic parties that “go against the EU’s fundamental principles and values.”

            The US, Germany, France and Poland urged Putin to use his influence on Yanukovich and, on 21st February, he did just that. He ‘urged’ Y to abandon his plans for a state of emergency and negotiate with the opposition to prevent a bloodbath. In return, the Allies promised that they would ensure the opposition comply with a government of ‘national unity’, constitution reforms, early elections and the surrender of all illegal weapons. Yanukovich fulfilled his side of the bargain. The US et al did not.

            I am definitely with Putin on this one and am surprised at such opposition on here, given the nature of the parties being backed by Washington.

            As far as a buffer zone is concerned, I see NATO on Russian borders with guns blazing as they steal the minerals and pipelines. What else would they be doing there, so far from home?

            Greed doesn’t care if it starts World War III

          • reader

            It looks like the Russian ex-pats you’re surrounded with are making you cut and paste Putin’s bulletins here. Are they offering you free pirozhkis or they have arguments you just can’t turn down? Just curious.

        • Pete Walk

          He is a troll, there are so many all over youtube and newspapers right know. His stupid chechnya comment can be dis proven with research. Putin responds with an iron fist.
          Clinton created Kosovo a criminal muslim state and know they want to help the tartars the Muslims who captured 1 million Slavs and sold then in to slavery including sexual for the Ottomans. They also had Hitlers back in ww2.
          I am encouraged that there are people here who actually know the situation the mainstream news is a lie factory.

      • Drakken

        I am going to have to disagree with you on Chechnya and Dagestan, the reason you don’t hear about what is going on there is the Russians have gotten quite adept at keeping their counter-terrorist activities very quiet. The Russian Spetznaz are extremely good and very ruthless and get the job done.

  • Merry Bookworm

    You are a terrible liar, old crazy fool.You are talking exactly in favour of Ukrainian fashists who illegally and with violence came to power and now threaten any political opposition , creating refugees in the East of Ukraine and suppress the Russian language. They are spiritual descendants and admirers of those who fought on the side of Hitler in SS divisions Galisia, for whom Stepan Bandera is a national hero now. I used to be an ardent supporter of Horovitz and Glazov gang. Now I am terribly dissapointed . I see now you are brainwashing and poisoning the minds of the American people and perceive you as the traitors of liberty and justice. Have you been to the Crimea lately to talk like that? You are just a bunch of russophobes with inexhaustible ability of turning freinds into enemies.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Bandera was always a hero for them, but shall we discuss whom some prominent Duma members consider heroes?

    • Pete Walk

      I figured this dickhead out with his first comment. Its so pathetic cause he just says stupid shit, trying to discredit Putin instead of having an actual argument. I am worried, when presidential frontrunner H. Clinton says outrageous insulting comments like Putin is acting like Hitler (26 million russians died fightin hitler so pathetic) I can smell something in the works. Presidential hopefuls and maybe favorite don’t say outrageous things like that unless it is the beginning of a narrative.

    • Iron Yank

      So then that was wrong for some Ukrainians to join the Nazis even after Stalin killed millions of them? I’m not sure how all Ukrainians are now Nazis even if there are some in the movement how can you paint an entire populace with that label? Maybe Dictator Putin should be labled a Stalinist by your standards then.

  • watcherofolde

    It’s not only republicans–Wall Street and most international corporations are BIG dem-Obama supporters.

    • BagLady

      Well I think we all know who pulls the strings. Quite chilling..

  • Daniel Greenfield

    Svoboda is certainly involved

  • Canadianpatriot

    Good, decent people like Prof. Melcuk make me smile to the core.Thank you Jamie for a wonderful, enlightening interview. As for the reptile Pewtin, just look at his face, his eyes. That face is the face of pure naked evil.

    • jamieglazov11

      Thank you Canadianpatriot!

  • Mladen_Andrijasevic

    Off topic: Raw propaganda

    What a difference a decade makes! Putin in 2005:

    You know after the disintegration of the USSR the Russian Federation lost tens of thousand of its ancestral territories . So what do you suggest now? Start partitioning everything again? Get us back Crimea, parts of the territory of other republics of the former USSR, etc. Let’s get back Klaipeda? Let’s start partitioning everything in Europe . Is that what you want? No, probably not. We appeal to the Lithuanian politicians to cease engaging in political demagogy , and engage in constructive work. Russian is ready for such work.

  • TheDoc

    Americans, Europeans and all other westerners should not fear Russia’s annexation of Crimea but Russia’s failure to annex Crimea.

    If Russia annexes Crimea, that land will never fall to the hands of Islamists.

    But if Russia fails, Crimea’s Muslim Tatar population will one day gain independence from the Ukraine and join forces with Turkey. Remember that the Tatars are Turko-Mongol invaders who invaded Europe and established the “harvest of the steppes”. Go search it.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There’s no remote possibility of Ukraine falling to Islamists. There’s far more of a risk of Russia falling to Islamists.

  • BagLady

    BREAKING NEWS: The EU has imposed ‘sanctions’ on Ukraine. Details will be forthcoming. In the meantime, 21 Diplomats have had their travels curtailed. All b***t of course. If the UN decides these people should travel, they will travel (Saddam). More importantly, assets are frozen. (Try getting them back in your vaults Ukrainians).

    Christine is getting her hair done and arranging her wardrobe. She’ll be arriving in Kiev shortly to set out her plan for the people of Ukraine. The old folk will be hit first with the loss of their pensions.The young will lose their jobs and the country’s treasures will quietly pass to foreign banks and people like Soros. “You have debts to pay”. She will say, sternly. “We handed over $billions to your corrupt leaders and it is you who must pay the penalty. Here is your new Prime Minister and, yes, he is a self serving, Neo-Nazi but he will do the West’s bidding for the $billions we are dangling before his greedy nose.”

    The fear is, they say, that Putin will not stop at Crimea but push onwards.

    Sorry, but so would I, if I were he. I can see NATO creeping ever closer.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      NATO is about as much of a threat to Russia as Oxfam. Nor was NATO creeping closer now. An opportunity came up to do what Russia has been doing all along in the region.

  • Dallas25305

    Chairman Hussein Obama says he has put restrictions on some Russian leaders coming to the U.S. Oh yes, that will really scare him Obozo? Obama says the vote in Crimea is not valid. That seems a strange thing for a man to say who’s Political Party is the master of voter fraud. Black districts where more people vote than actually live there. The Democrap party signing up illegals to vote by the thousands. Hey President Hussein why don’t you send Putin a complete collection of your teleprompter speeches. That should scare the pants off of him or bore him to death.

  • Armond

    fortunately…many of you may live in states where the have legalized marijuana…because that would certainly explain…why you all bought into the life and behavior of a thug…because he was a “man”
    and to think…you all think like a “real” men in prison…that the one who wanted to discuss the facts…bring all in the world into agreement…to address as a community…the acts of a bully…is nothing but a “girly” man…thus like the prison mentally expressed below…a “girly” man is subhuman
    so admire Putin…stand up today…and show your support and admiration for that way so cool “manly” man
    I for one…have no fear…to stand beside my President…and expose those…who are the true thugs…trying to destroy our Nation