Raymond Ibrahim on CBN News: Christian Persecution and the Mainstream Media

On June 6, Raymond Ibrahim, a Shillman Fellow at the Freedom Center, appeared on CBN News discussing the plight of Meriam Ibrahim — a wife and mother on death row in Sudan for refusing to renounce Christianity and embrace Islam.

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  • Misfit

    Very interesting and of course very dramatic, this whole kind of genocidal religious holocaust taking place. I wonder if anyone during a press conference has asked Obama what is his religion what he would say. Not only that his father was a Muslim but also when he attended Indonesian schools he had to be a Muslim in order to be accepted to attend; there is a picture of him wearing some type of Islamic attire. I have many friends in Colombia, south America and they told me that when Obama visited Cartagena (Colombia) a few years ago, he was very strict not only in his “dietary” protocol but also hours (not being on the outside after certain time and then having certain “moments of silence” with close eyes pointing at certain direction. Many people found that odd but just let it go. Here in the US it was not reported by newspapers. I believe that Obama is a “secret Muslim” but no one is willing to admit it. Is hard to believe that we elected the first Muslim to the White House in less than 10 years through the American experience; In the meantime, the Jewish people with all of those years of experience and struggle since the American Revolution they can only go as far as becoming senators and if they get to the white house, most likely they would be force to wait until our Muslim and chief finishes dinner.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Interesting story about Obama’s Cartagena visit. Anecdotes like this don’t often get into the MSM, if at all. I guess they’re not “newsworthy”.

      I can imagine the reaction if someone with a Jewish name came close to the Presidency …

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    His best point is about three minutes into the video, when he says that the more than MSM covers atrocities such as this, the more the Muslim world is cowed into showing “mercy” (all of this is my wording). However, these are not aberrations among Muslims. These acts the norm. Islam is not a merciful “religion”.