Raymond Ibrahim on ‘The 700 Club’

Last Thursday, February 20, Raymond Ibrahim—a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center—appeared on CBN’s The 700 Club, discussing the worsening plight of Christians under Islam with Pat Robertson, and much more.

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  • BagLady

    Whar is the point of this ridiculous article? Are we meant to rise up and attack our Muslim neighbours? Is that the point?

    • Karma

      The point is to gain knowledge from FACTS on what this religion really preaches to its followers! VIOLENCE…. All we need to do is listen and watch what is happening around the world. That should be obvious to someone who actually pays attention.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Only if we have incontrovertible evidence that they are planning to attack us …

      • Moa

        Hey, WolfThatKnowsNothing, did you miss 2001-09-11? did you miss the Boston Bombing? did you miss the Holy Land Foundation trial? did you miss Qur’an Sura 9:5 and 9:29, did you miss hadith Sahih Muslim 6985? did you miss the attempted Times Square Bomber? did you miss the beheading of Lee Rigby? did you miss the Iranian calls daily for the last 35 years “Death to America! Death to Israel! Death to the West!”? did you miss the Muslims wandering around water reservoirs at midnight (where they scaled the security fence)? did you miss the students caught planning train attacks? did you miss the slaughter of non-Muslims in Myanmar, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Georgia, Russia, Argentina, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, mali, Nigeria, South Sudan, etc etc etc

        Are you really that blind?

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          My point was intended to be sarcasm. The incontrovertible evidence I mentioned exists. Perhaps I should have used the /sarc indicator.

          Starting with my days as a scout/sniper with the 101st, I’ve never been accused of being blind, in any sense.

        • BagLady

          “..did you miss the slaughter of non-Muslims in Myanmar”…

          Buddhists and Muslims in both Myanmar and Bangladesh have been having spats for decades, though most go unreported.

          However, not sure which slaughter you speak of. Perhaps I was preoccupied with the slaughter of Muslims at the time:


          • Moa

            Do you know that loonwatch is run by pro-jihadi supremacists? not an unbiased source at all.

          • BagLady

            Unlike FrontPageMag of course.

            In any event, you must agree that Myanmar, or Burma as I prefer to think of it, is hitting on the Rohingya Mulsims with much silence from Aung San suu Kyi. I see it as a tribal issue, with people fighting over scarce resources and, of course, the usual problem associated with high birth rates.

      • popseal

        try visiting 1400 years of history

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Like I said to Moa, I agree … wholeheartedly. My comment was meant to be sarcastic.

  • The Facts

    The 700 Club is not considered to be a reputable news source. This is a bungle.

    • Rev. Roy

      Back up your statement with some “facts”, facts ! Anyone can say anything about anything and it means absolutely nothing but that the person who said something without backing it up with facts knows nothing. Besides, the “article” is coming from Raymond Ibrahim and his book “through” the 700 Club, not from the 700 Club. You are the “bungle”, whatever that means.
      By the way, the 700 Club is one of the very few sources where one can obtain the truth with the “facts” backed up by credible sources and videos. Sooooo, you are obviously some kind of “s… disturber”, which is usually the case with unsubstantiated statements like yours. What I can’t figure out is if you are paid for printing lies and trashing Christians, of if you just don’t have a life.
      Rev. Roy…..<

      • The Facts

        The 700 Club. It’s the Iran Contra version of the PTL Club. The only miracle is that Pat Robertson isn’t in jail with Jim Bakker. I have seen Robertson talking about killing people on that show. Not very Christian, really. He’s a servant of mammon, a moneygrubbing fanatic who failed to ascend to the Presidency by passing the donational basket. Unfortunately for him, a lot of his camera outtakes have been distributed on video, and people know what that evil man is about.

      • Lanna

        Reverend: As usual, the left tries to change the subject to a negative from a positive, we have watched the 700 club for years, and the broadcast has very dependable news from around the world too, with very good and dedicated reporters. Their guests are well informed and very welcomed by people who love the truth as well as prayers and enlightenment on biblical events and human suffering. The Left loves to push its progaganda which has no credibility among those who are knowledgable.

        • The Facts

          That’s funny. As if the country divides between “The Left” and a religious pyramid scheme.

    • Martin Grimes

      The list of countries that Raymond Ibrahim speaks of is the Nonprofit org. OPEN DOORS. Google it and see for yourself an de-bunking 700CLUB is just too easy. So the reading and find out for yourself. It is 21st Genocide and the MSM is complicit because they have the info and choose not to share it and one of the worst for that type of bias is The BBC. The main stream media serve their own agenda. This is cutting edge journalism, on the subject of Christian persecution from Muslims, and puts the BBC to

  • Richard Johnston

    One point is that we should question the absurd claim that Islam is a religious of peace. Religions cannot act. People act. And the very obvious reality is that many Muslims, motivated by their religious beliefs, the examples of Mohammed, and what is written in the Koran, commit acts of violence daily. These include murdering people for reasons civilized people would consider abhorrent. Another possible point is that we need to confront those who perpetuate gross falsehoods. History demonstrates convincingly that allowing such falsehoods to go unchallenged can be disastrous for our brothers and sisters.

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    Why, pray tell, do they pussyfoot in this interview pretending not to know and asking “Why, why, why is the U.S. in bed with the Brotherhood?” Are they afraid the FCC will send them to a Gulag if they come out and state the truth that all of us know – BECAUSE THE MUSLIM-IN-CHIEF IS A CARD CARRYING MEMBER OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AND NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED.

  • Lanna

    Raymond was excellent, he has such a good understanding and background of Islam and past history, or what to expect, he is a good writer and asset to any organization who wants to keep its people updated on the latest events. He certainly predicted things correctly that were happening in Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood too.

  • Surae Chinn of WUSA9 News

    Our newsteam here at WUSA9 News got calls from several Christians up in the areas of Gaithersburg, Maryland such as in Londonderry Apartments and the Hampton Apartments in Germantown, Md. saying that they plan to support president Obama being the world’s personal Lord and Messiah. Jesus Christ according to the Bible is reincarnated into Barack Obama so that America will be good missionaries for the Obama Christian Gospels to the world. This is why our military is preaching the good gospels around the world. For comment on the details. Call our news station in Washington, D.C. at 202–895-5999(5932). We want to thank you for your service!

  • popseal

    Always ask a Muslim about the personal life of their ‘prophet’. Jesus washed the disciples’ feet and Mohammed was more likely to cut them off.