Raymond Ibrahim Talks Islam & Christian Persecution

0Raymond Ibrahim, a Shillman Fellow at the Freedom Center, recently did several interviews and presentations on a variety of topics dealing with Islam.  Some of these follow:

•Ibrahim chaired a panel discussion on the Western media at the annual Coptic Solidarity conference held in Capitol Hill, D.C. His segment appears here, starting around the 13:15 mark. (Click here for the other panelists’ presentations, including Michael Coren, Erick Stakelbeck, Ryan Mauro, and Raymond Arroyo.)

•An interview on In the Market with Janet Parshall, in a segment titled “Islam’s Quest for Control.”  Click here to listen (the 30 minute segment begins around the 21:30 mark).

•An interview on the “sex jihad” on Huffington Post’s “Huffpost Live,” with host Marc Lamont Hill. Click here to view.

•An interview on the “big picture” of Muslim persecution of Christians on the Steve Deace Show. Click here to listen.

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  • jewdog

    Great talks, Rabbi Ray! I’ll finish the Coptic Conference tomorrow.
    I just have one comment so far: It’s interesting to note and very counter-intuitive that the spread of the internet and literacy is fueling Islamic radicalism through widespread exposure to the original sources, a phenomenon similar to Protestantism. I just hope that the same literacy will lead to exposure to other ideas that counteract the malignancy of reactionary Islam, though perhaps that will take time, but maybe it’s cause for optimism.