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This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Monty Morton, a conservative entrepreneur and walking encyclopedia. He produced a Report Card For Obama. Don’t miss this riveting special episode where brilliant fact-filled analyses are bestowed and surprising grades are given for ObamaCare and the administration’s handling of the economy and foreign policy:

Don’t miss this week’s second BLOCKBUSTER episode with Kai Chen, China’s Basketball Superstar and the author of One In A Billion: Journey Toward Freedom. He joined the Gang to discuss Self-Denunciation Sessions in Communist China, sharing the price he paid for daring to be an individual.

Kai also discussed his journey out of the tyranny of communist China to the liberty of America. [Make sure to watch his video My Way.] He explained how language shapes freedom and tyranny, how the cult of Maoism remains till this day in China, how Obama has annihilated America as a moral leader in the world, and much, much more:

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  • Docs357

    Get this mussy traitor out of the American people’s White House nothing less will do

    • Bill_H2

      He’s an enigma, kind of like a Muzzy, a Marxist, a black power racist and finally a KGB operative all rolled into one. In other words, a demon out to take the US down so “Putins” can rebuild the old Soviet union. My first gut reaction to what our Marxist infested USG really was all about was when I kept hearing about consumer rights on the radio during my 45 min commutes back in the late 80’s, and that all Americans should pursue the lowest price no matter what country of origin the item came from. That was during the Bush 41 Admin. You know there really is no excuse for what the Marxists (who infest the bureaucracies in our national government) have done to dismantle this great country. I finally found CEO 0 (the first CEO who traitorously began the process of outsourcing American industry to the world in the name of wealth redistribution) and it’s the USG !

  • William_Bradford

    Another sequence of wonderful interviews. Both Kai, and Monti.

    When I think of NBA players I think of mental midgets. That was my basis at the beginning of Kai’s interview. The longer I heard Kai the more impressed I became, his reference to his readings, his intellectual understanding of the totalitarian mind, his understanding of culture, and language and his final closing comments regarding America’s moral corruption, combined with his willingness to physically demonstrate against that evil at the Nixon library – he displayed a fervency for freedom lacking in half of the American electorate. A brilliant man who understands the subtleties of authoritarian control, and moral relevance.

    Monti also was excellent: the detail of his analysis was telling, he gave specific items, and conveyed the reason that the item was significant.

    Both men were lucid, enlightening, informed, and conveyed succinctly what was necessary to convey the imporance of what they knew and why it was vital for our understanding.

    • jamieglazov11

      Thanks so much William!

      • kikorikid

        I sure agree. TOPS, Bill, TOPS!

  • Rhonda Clark

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  • Rhonda Clark

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  • Rhonda Clark

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  • Dallas25305

    Report Card for Hussein Obama
    Destroying the Justice System– A+
    Eliminating the military to make the U.S. defenseless – A
    Organizing the IRS to attack his political enemies A
    Doing his best to divide people and have blacks
    attack and murder whites. A++
    Destroying the U.S. economy using socialism and
    the phoney Green agenda (global warming) A+
    Leading the most corrupt and incompetent regime
    in U.S. history. A+
    Being the biggest liar ever to be President A+++
    His value as President to the people of the nation. F-

    • American1969

      Way to go, Dallas!

      • stumpysteve

        …but the F- was too high

        • makayli verran

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    • salty2012

      I love how Texans hold there opinions back so people don’t really know they feel!

      • danhoch

        Think Dallas didn’t hit the nail on the head?

  • semus

    I don’t agree with his statements about the Healthcare system we had in this country. Obama didn’t deserve the D- either in fact he should nothing 0, for everything. The reason being everything he does is not for the reasons he gives. He’s an habitual liar with a deep disdain for America and most of the citizens especially the average Americans. He wants his foot on their necks.

  • GoodBusiness

    The plan he is following is here the 1912 Progressive platform.