Why Obama Freed a Terror Lawyer — on The Glazov Gang

lynne-freeOn this special episode of The Glazov Gang, Ann-Marie Murrell, the National Director and Editor-in-Chief of PolitiChicks.tv, filled in for Jamie and interviewed Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, Daniel Greenfield, who runs the blog The Point at Frontpagemag.com.

Ann-Marie and Daniel gathered to discuss Why Obama Freed a Terror Lawyer. The discussion occurred in Part II and focused on the Justice Department’s recent liberation of Lynne Stewart.

In Part I, Ann-Marie and Daniel discussed How American Soldiers Died For a War Obama Didn’t Believe In, focusing on the shameful deception behind the president’s “good war” in Afghanistan. The dialogue occurred within the larger context of Robert Gates’ Revelations Confirm Horowitz’s “Party of Defeat.” Indeed, the Freedom Center’s president has been vindicated by the former defense secretary’s memoir.

David Horowitz and Ben Johnson’s book, Party of Defeat chronicled the Democratic Party’s duplicitous efforts regarding its initial support for the Bush administration’s war in Iraq, followed by their attempts to undermine it — for nothing more than crass political considerations. Gates’ new memoir now delivers a devastating confirmation of Horowitz’s and Johnson’s arguments. It also reveals that Obama never believed in the Afghanistan mission, even though he pushed for it as the “good war” for political gain. The segment also sheds light on Abandoning IraqThe NY Times’ Benghazi Lies, and much, much more. Watch both parts of the two-part-series below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • ObamaYoMoma

    The current template of the PC multicultural crowd, which in America consist of both Dhimmicrats and Republicans alike together with Fox News and the so-called MSM, that is dominating the world’s perception of Islam and Muslims today is that all violent jihadists no matter where they happen to be are either AQ or AQ aligned, and they are not violent jihadists fighting a holy war to ultimately make Islam supreme, but terrorists instead perpetrating terrorism always and only in response to some outside stimuli like American imperialism, for instance, or Israeli settlements.

    Meanwhile, all other Muslims today, as long as they don’t outwardly express their open loyalty to the jihad to make Islam supreme, are assumed to be so-called peaceful and moderate Muslims that are exactly like adherents of other faith-based religions. As a matter of fact, that latter population of so-called peaceful and moderate Muslims is where the vast overwhelming majority of Muslim immigrants originate that are migrating here to the infidel world in mass. As the current PC multicultural paradigm hoisted upon us doesn’t recognize the fact that all Muslims, per the dictates of Islam, are either jihadists in one form or another, that is either violent jihadists like in AQ (a tiny minority) or non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists (the vast overwhelming majority), or otherwise they are blasphemous apostates that according to the texts and tenets of Islam must be executed.

    Indeed, Islam in stark contrast to faith-based religions is a very rabid form of totalitarianism and mind control that adds a little religion to the mixture to become a very rabid and potent totalitarian cult that aims to take over the world, as opposed to being a faith-based religion as is naively assumed and believed by the PC multicultural crowd that dominates the world’s perceptions of Islam and Muslims today.

    Hence, thanks to the PC multicultural crowd that is dominating the world’s perception of Islam and Muslims today, we in the West and elsewhere in the infidel world are in the process of being invaded today through non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad in the guise of mass Muslim immigration for the surreptitious purpose of demographic conquest, and that mass Muslim invasion under very false pretenses represents the most immediate threat to freedom and liberty in the world today, along with the Left’s intentions to create a totalitarian Marxist utopian world.

    Thus, here lies the dilemma: How do we the enlightened change that PC multicultural paradigm that so dominates the world’s perceptions about Islam and Muslims today before it is too late, for it’s not enough to just become enlightened, but we must also act to preserve freedom and liberty for the future. It will take a tea party like ground swell of people for that change to occur. In other words, a concerted effort by those interested in preserving freedom and liberty must be made to attach this issue to the tea party movement in order to make it a very integral part of that movement today.

    • Brian

      The situation today with regard to the west’s failure to recognize or take seriously the threat of militant Islam is not new. Not long ago I was reading about the battle of Lepanto and the great efforts made by the pope to bring about the coalition that made that victory possible. It very nearly did not happen and the coalition fell apart shortly after the battle. And this was in a time when the eastern Mediterranean was a virtual Turkish lake and the Turks were raiding almost at will throughout southern Europe and even into England.

      When the Ottoman Turks were preparing for the last attack upon Constantinople the emperor appealed to western powers for aid. He received virtually nothing and the city fell in 1453. Only after the event was there a realization that a bulwark that had lasted for a millenium was gone and great consternation was expressed by many in the west. Expressions of consternation was all they were willing make and in th following decades the Turks raided and conquered right up to the gates of Vienna.

      The powers that were once known as “Christendom” have always placed domestic or regional rivalries ahead of the Islamic threat. It seems that short-sighted fools in positions of power and leadership is an all-too-common trait. Those who had to live under the oppressive rule of Islamic tyrants were just SOL.

  • rubber stamp

    Dear Daniel Greenfield. God Bless you. Thank you and Happy New Year.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    I would like to know the answer to the question I have been asking for months, when is David Horowitz and those who contribute to Frontpage going to have an in depth interview with Lt. Mike Zullo and perhaps some of the document experts used in the on going 29 month long criminal investigation of Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama)? Have you made any effort to do so? If not, why not? This investigation happens to be uncovering the biggest fraud ever committed against the United States and you folks here at Frontpage are NOT interested? Holy crap!!!

    • Jerry G

      Forget about Zullo, Sheriff Arpaio and their so called investigation which will lead nowhere because Arpaio despite being a law enforcement officer has refused to file criminal charges against Obama. The real deal is attorney Orly Taitz who has entered dozens of cases targeting Obama’s crimes but has failed to get the support of those so called conservatives who refuse to utter a word about Obama’s ineligibility or his crimes.

  • Steven Chavez

    BRIDGEGATE? SHUTDOWNGATE? WHAT ABOUT “GATESGATE?” Obama won the Gate Contest due to his and the Democrats perfect timing and planning to make the Republicans look bad. Now the Democrats are using the UNEMPLOYMENT extension against them. Dick Durban said it all with the “The Republicans don’t want your children to have milk to drink” BS that the Left uses all the time. SHUTDOWNGATE blamed Republicans and their attempts to prove otherwise were not covered so in the minds of Americans, “the Republicans hate Americans, Veterans, and tourists.”

    ALL CHILD’S PLAY COMPARED TO “GATES GATE!” Robert Gates, a true insider who witnessed Obama’s “CIRCLE OF COMMUNISTS,” is revealing the true Obama and he’s getting coverage. BUT HE KNOWS MORE AND SO MUCH MORE, HE COULD PROVE OBAMA IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES. He knows first hand the “aiding and abetting the enemy, foreign and domestic” but all info is not from Obama himself or his Circle, it’s from info given to Gates, directly or indirectly, from others who see the same Obama treachery.

    THIS IS GOING TO SNOWBALL including info against Hillary and this should be enough to put Obama, Holder, Jarrett, Hillary, and others in jail. I say this too when I saw Cheney and Rumsfeld come out and speak about Benghazi. They know something too from their connections in every department.

    CHRISTIEGATE pushers are on all the news shows angered that Christie used his office to target a political opponent but all you have to do is replace “Christie” with Obama and his use of the IRS to target the Tea Party. WHICH IS A BIGGER “PHONY SCANDAL?”

    THE MOTHER OF THEM ALL IS “GATES GATE!” What did Obama do when the Gates revelations were news? They praised Gates for his service? WAIT TILL THEY ATTACK LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO and you’ll see Gates open up the treasure trove of what is really happening!

  • Yulia Demkin

    Daniel Greenfield is a national treasure.

    • rubber stamp

      Agree, I’ll assume you are a Russian speaking person, as I am.

      • Yulia Demkin

        No, but my wife is. She is from Vologda. I had to use her facebook account to sign in since I don’t have one.

        I’ve been to Russia many times and even owned an apartment next door to the Hermitage, but I never learned any of the language. I tried, but I discovered it required mental effort — so what could I do.

        • rubber stamp

          well)) ok “Yulia”. that means we both agree Daniel is genius. Btw, Daniel does interact with readers here sometimes. I had a pleasure to converse with him on one occasion regarding his article about “knockout games”. I asked some questions, just like we converse now here, and he replied graciously with answers and all that.

  • hatsylady

    I never miss anything he writes. Brilliant man.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      thank you

      • hatsylady

        You are welcome. I make sure to send your writings to friends and family.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    May 16th, 2014!! Come join all the American patriots who have had enough of this Fraud in Chief and his communist administration. Operation American Spring is organized by retired high ranking military folks with more coming on board every week. See details in the article below and pass it along to all your friends, facebook, twitter and blogs. Be there or shut the hell up.


  • DLeeC

    Stewart was released in time to represent the Boston bomber. I don’t know if she is still licensed to practice but I can guarantee she will be in his corner.

    If Holder had anything to do with this, Obama then gave the approval and again, should be tried for treason. I hope someday that those leaders we have listening to will also then listen to Obama and reveal a few of his phone calls to his Muslim brothers.

  • William_Bradford

    Ann-Marie, enjoyed your conversations with Daniel Greenfield on the Glazov Gang.


    Please accept this as being offered in the spirit of well being, and love. Suggest that you re-watch both segments at least six to eight times. Note the techniques of other accomplished interviewers, and public speakers – especially the great, ie, Churchill, FDR, Kennedy, Reagan, et al.

    As a moderator your job is to help your guest to present, and elaborate his position on items of interest; items of interest to him, to you, but most importantly, items of interest to your audience. Your views, while important, are not the pivotal, or the central reason for your audience being there. Your guest, and his views are at issue. Your job is, in a dialog manner, to bring his views into the light, and to bring those views to those in your audience who might not be familiar with his views.

    The following are simple personal issues regarding conducting an effective powerful interview:

    1. Eye flutter is the mark of the undisciplined. To elaborate, there are several physical manifestations of stress. The most visual, and easily noted, is rapid eye flutter. Normal eye flutter of a relaxed person is, roughly speaking, from six times per minute, to 10 times per minute. Rapid eye flutter, reaching sixty to ninety blinks per minute, is the quickest method used by negotiators to note the presence of stress in an opponent. While you may not be able to tell why the person is under stress, you can certainly note the presence of stress through eye flutter – get control; practice on your own by emulating stressful situations, as much as is possible, with a video camera. There is no substitute for practice, and role-playing.

    2. Excessive “nervous” motion – hand gesticulation; body shifting, hair touching; head movement; rapid breathing – as with eye flutter these give away stress, and distract from the interview. You have long and beautiful hair – “concrete” it in place before you go on so it doesn’t present a distraction; again practice control with a video camera – these are acquired skills.

    3. The interviewer sets the tone, if the interviewer is nervous then a nervous tension will immediately be adopted by the person being interviewed – to the distraction of the topic under consideration. Emotion is not a bad thing, but it is a tool to be controlled and used at an appropriate time, for a specific effect, or purpose.

    4. Paraphrasing an interviewee’s response. Difficult concepts are, in short, difficult. The interviewer’s job is to provide the audience with the time necessary to consume, intellectually speaking, a difficult topic or issue. To illustrate: view some past interviews with William F. Buckley or Milton Friedman. Note how these men form questions, and responses – their interviews are on YouTube. Note their delivery is often slow, and deliberate. Adopt your own style, but difficult ideas require time for the audience to process the topic being conveyed. The paraphrase can be used to give the audience time, and may be seen as the interview equivalence of bold face type, or typewritten underlining. As you know what questions you will ask in advance of your interview, know what you seek to emphasize – paraphrasing takes the form of: “… do you mean to say…”; then permit your subject to respond, thus permitting your audience time to “catch-up” and understand the enormity of what is being said.

    5. Increase your vocabulary. Vocabulary and the words we use are the colors with which we paint our intellectual verbal pictures. Use colorful words, and you create colorful intellectual pictures in the mind’s eye of the listener – complex ideas require, and are best conveyed using descriptive colorful words. If you use a difficult word, follow it with a more commonly used form, or a short elaboration to give the listener time to create his mental picture. Three new words acquired per day mean a vocabulary expanded by a thousand words per year – use a new word three or more times in the week it is acquire and it becomes yours for life (keep a notebook). Words are the colors with which we paint our verbal pictures. Vocabulary and words are the stuff of which first we paint our own images in our own mind’s eye, and then transfer that vision, in the form of verbal pictures, to others. Only after we have our pictures firmly in hand (mentally speaking) can we hope to convey those pictures, via words, to others – but we have to have those images firmly in hand before we can hope to convey our vision to anyone else. Words first make your vision precise, vibrant, and alive – through words we present, and create the sharply defined material to be conveyed verbally to others.

    6. Never quit writing. Writing is an acquired skill. As is the case with all acquired skills; at one point that skill – writing – was beyond us. If writing is difficult, write more, not less. Emulate the great: Thomas Sowell, Daniel Greenfield, Walter Williams, the Bible, Evaluate what you have written relative to one of these sources – then adjust what you have composed until it is clear, precise, descriptive, powerful, and effective. The power of the pen can’t be over-estimated. If, in the beginning, it takes you two or more days to compose a three paragraph idea, that’s all right, you will get better over time. It isn’t how much you produce, it is the effect of what you create – the U.S. Declaration of Independence is relatively short; was composed in under a week; modified to the dismay of its creator; and changed all of human history. It isn’t how much you produce it is “what sticks” to the listener – the effect of what you write – always aim high, and aspire. If what you have written isn’t clear then modify it until it is not just clear, but effective – model what you write on greatness. Writing in this manner will remove the nervousness from your presentations as all focus is transferred from you, which you may be unsure of, to the ideals you convey that you are absolutely convinced of.

    Again, thank you – interviewing is a very difficult task – to your credit you rose to the occasion.

    Offered in the spirit of affection, and well being.