Robert Spencer: We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us

Editor’s note: Below are the video and transcript to Robert Spencer’s address at the Freedom Center’s 2014 Texas Weekend. The event took place May 2nd-4th at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas.

ROBERT SPENCER: Thank you very much. Thanks for coming.

This book, The Arab Winter Comes to America: The Truth About the War We’re In, is necessary because the truth about the war we’re in is so completely obscured these days, such that we’re in a very strange situation.

We are, in this room right now, the children and heirs of the greatest civilization the world has ever known. The Judeo-Christian West has given the world its notions of human rights, freedom of speech, the dignity of all human beings and so on, the concepts of the importance of human rights that are held universally around the world by all cultures, except one.

And so that culture that rejects those understandings of human rights is aggressive, violent, intolerant and more confidently advancing than it has in centuries at this point. And yet we know our ideas are better, what we say is the truth, and that we stand for better principles.

So why is it that the West is, at this point, so confused and, indeed, retreating before the advance of Islamic Jihad, and not only Islamic Jihad, but Islamic supremacism, the spread of concepts of Islamic law into the West and the undermining of the foundations of the civilization that has made the West great? Why is this happening?

In the first place, the answer comes, of course, from the great philosopher, Walt Kelly, the cartoonist who wrote the cartoon, Pogo, which some of you may be old enough to remember, where we said, We have met the enemy and he is us.

Islamic Jihadis would not have been able to bomb the Boston Marathon or to shoot 13 Americans dead at Fort Hood or to shoot two U.S. military men outside a recruitment center in Little Rock, Arkansas, or mount so many of the foiled Jihad plots that we have seen over the last few years were it not for us, were it not for the loss of our societal self-confidence and cultural self-confidence and the blanketing denial and willful ignorance that manifest our response to the Jihad threat in general, even among the people who seem to be taking a strong stance.

Couple of examples. You may have heard a few days ago that Subway, the restaurant chain, in the United Kingdom, in Great Britain, 200 Subway restaurants are no longer going to serve anything with pork in it — no ham, no bacon on your sub — and they will only serve halal meat.

Now, they said that they were doing this in response to overwhelming demand from their — and I quote — multicultural customers, but if you think about that a minute, what if you want ham on your sub. Well, you can’t go to Subway anymore, at least those 200 Subways in Great Britain. In other words, it was not a concession to multicultural customers. It was not multiculturalism that was served by the decision. It was monoculturalism. It was a single culture. If you are a Muslim or if you are willing to obey and adhere to Islamic food laws, then you can go to Subway in Britain. Otherwise, you’re out of luck. You gotta go somewhere else.

Now, this might seem to be a trivial example, but the fact is that there are still not all that many Muslims in Britain to warrant 200 restaurants of a chain being dedicated solely to their preferences, but they have so much power and influence in Britain now that what Subway did is no doubt just the first of many such decisions by other restaurant chains and represents, in truth, the wave of the future, as is evidenced by a much more ominous example that also happened just a few days ago.

There is a politician in Britain named Paul Weston, who I have had the pleasure of meeting, and he is a fine man who stands for the principles of Western civilization. And he heads up a new political party in Britain called Liberty GB.

And he was speaking, he was giving a speech last week, and in the speech he quoted Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill has said, as you may know, some very critical things about Islam, and he said that Islam is in a human being what hydrophobia is in a dog. And he decried the oppression of women under Islamic law. And he said other things that Muslims have found offensive, although what he said in terms of the oppression of women and the other factual statements that he made were entirely correct.

Paul Weston was quoting Churchill, whereupon a woman in the crowd exclaimed, “This is disgusting,” called the police. The police came quickly, arrested Weston, and he is facing trial and could be jailed for two years for the crime of quoting Winston Churchill.

Now, this shows exactly how much Great Britain and how much the West has changed since the time of Churchill. And what it manifests is a sense that the British authorities have that to speak the truth about Islam, to challenge Islamic Jihad, to say frankly that there’s something wrong with Islamic law in its institutionalized oppression of women, in its institutionalized oppression of non-Muslims and its denial of freedom of speech, that is, according to the British authorities, racial and religious harassment and thus to be prosecuted.

Now, the question will become, as Paul Weston faces trial, is truth a defense? And that’s an open question. If Paul Weston can show that what he was saying or what he was quoting from Churchill is factually accurate, he ought to be let off, right? One would think, but things aren’t so easy anymore.

The Grand Mufti and Sheikh ul-Islam of the Caucasus, Allahshukur Pashazadeh, he complained recently that in the West there are some people who even try to identify Islam with terrorism, and he was indignant about this.

Now, of course, it doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to know that the people who are identifying Islam with terrorism are not people like me or Paul Weston. They are Islamic Jihadis, who ascribe their actions to Jihad and Islam on a routine basis.

This is not only happening just in England either. In the United States, after many, many delays, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum is about to open in New York, and some people were invited last week to go in and see the exhibits as they had been prepared. In the course of this, they watched a video that is available — going to be available at the museum in which the highjackers’ attachments to al-Qaeda are explained, and what al-Qaeda is is explained.

There were some local Muslim leaders who saw that video and were enraged, and they said, “You cannot have this video here.” It’s Islamophobic. This video gives the impression that there’s some connection between Islam and terrorism. This video gives the impression that the highjackers were Islamic Jihadis. (Laughter.)

And the museum immediately took the words “Islamic terrorists” off its website. Right now, they’re holding firm about the video, but considering that the museum board is made up entirely of New York liberals, I don’t think they’re going to hold out very long.

But the fact is that what we have is essentially a war on the truth, a war on free speech. If you read the — There is a letter, actually, that the 9/11 plotters, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other plotters, who are still being held and their trial is held up in miles of red tape, they wrote in 2009, when their trial was just supposed to be beginning, a response, called, The Islamic Response to the Government’s Nine Accusations. The Islamic Response to the Government’s Nine Accusations. That is the nine charges that they face for masterminding the 9/11 attack.

And in that they wrote — Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the others wrote, Many thanks to God for His kind gesture in choosing us to perform the act of Jihad — that is, the 9/11 attacks — for His cause and to defend Islam and Muslims. Therefore, killing you and fighting you, destroying you and terrorizing you, responding back to your attacks are all considered to be a great, legitimate duty in our religion. These actions are our offerings to God.

And yet these Muslim leaders say that if you have a video about how they were in al-Qaeda it will link Islam with terrorism. Obviously, they linked Islam with terrorism. Obviously, they were the ones who said this.

But the Grand Mufti of the Caucasus is not the only Islamic leader or non-Muslim leader, for that matter, who pretends that it is spokesmen like Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and me in the United States and others who I work with in the United States who are actually pretending that this connection between Islam and terrorism is actual, when, really, it’s only incidental, that it’s as if these people just happened to be Muslims and for entirely other reasons they took down the towers, which is belied by their own words.

Now, all this would just be more idiocy and silliness were it not for the fact that the United States Government adopted this as its official policy, and that happened on October 19, 2011.

On October 19, 2011, 57 Muslim and allied organizations wrote a letter to John Brennan, who was then the Homeland Security advisor, and, now, of course, is the head of the CIA, and in it they demanded that counter-terror trainers, including me — and they named me specifically, and a few others — because I had been training FBI members in — FBI and military in the nature and magnitude of this threat, teaching them about Islam and Jihad. Obviously, you can’t defeat an enemy that you don’t understand.

Anyway, they wrote to Brennan and they said, You gotta get rid of Spencer and these other people, and you have to cleanse all counter-terror training materials of any mention of Islam and Jihad in connection with terrorism. And they pointed to things like a PowerPoint presentation that said that people might be on the path to become home-grown Islamic extremists if they are wearing traditional Muslim attire, growing facial hair, frequently attending mosque, traveling to a Muslim country and have increased activity in a pro-Muslim social group or political cause.

Now, those things are manifestly true. It is true that virtually all Jihad terrorists in the United States and elsewhere, before they start plotting their terrorist activity, start to wear traditional Muslim attire, grow facial hair, frequently attend mosque, travel to a Muslim country and increase activity in a pro-Muslim social group. This is true of many secular and ostensibly moderate Muslims, notably Mike Hawash out in Portland.

In 2000-2001, he was known — He was very popular in his community. He was a big community activist. I mean, I’m talking about in the general community in Portland. A secular, moderate Muslim, he was an executive at Intel, the corporation, had a $360,000 a year salary, wrote some technical books that are still available at Amazon, at least last time I looked, and a pillar of the community.

Then, he started to wear traditional Muslim attire, grew his facial hair, started to attend mosque frequently, and, ultimately, he was found to be recruiting people to go join up with the Taliban and al-Qaeda and fight against American troops in Afghanistan.

So, in other words, the presentation was entirely true and reasonable, but it was adduced, without any evidence, as a sign that the government was teaching Islamophobia to FBI and military personnel, and that that had to stop because it was breeding hate and victimizing innocent Muslims and so on.

John Brennan immediately complied. He wrote a letter back to Farhana Khera, who was the author of the letter in question on behalf of the 57 organizations. Farhana Khera is the head of a Muslim lawyers association called Muslim Advocates.

And he wrote back to Khera, and the letter was on White House stationary, as if to emphasize, we take this seriously at the very highest levels. And he told her that they would take care of this immediately. Not only would all counter-terror training materials be scrubbed of any mention of Islam and Jihad, but any agent of the FBI or any other agency who had been trained by Spencer or by any of these other horrible Islamophobes or who had read this material that they objected to would be reeducated.

How pleased Chairman Mao would have been.

Right around that time, and not coincidentally, the Russians told the FBI that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was later to become the Boston Marathon Jihad bomber, was a follower of radical Islam and a strong believer — that was their words, a follower of radical Islam and a strong believer — who had tried to join underground groups in Dagestan. Dagestan is in the Caucasus in southern Russia. It is a hotbed of al-Qaeda activity. The only underground groups in Dagestan are Jihad terror groups. So they were essentially telling the FBI in 2011 that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was an Islamic Jihad terrorist.

The FBI made a perfunctory investigation and decided that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was no threat, but consider the political culture of the FBI at the time that they received this information from the Russians. In the FBI, at that time, it was forbidden, it was just becoming forbidden to speak honestly about Islam and Jihad in connection with terrorism. So either the agent who received this material — agent or agents who received this material from the Russians, they either were part of the new regime and thought, Well, he’s a follower of radical Islam and a strong believer. How nice, or, they had been trained previously and they knew that material about Islam and Jihad, especially material referring to Muslims affecting Muslim dress, going to mosque frequently, wearing the long beard and so on, that that was no sign of radicalization, and that it was wrong and Islamophobic to think otherwise.

Whether they bought all that or not, they knew that it was not possible in the current political culture prevailing in the FBI to do anything serious about that, and so they didn’t.

The only time that any investigation or anything close to an investigation was actually made touching on Tamerlan Tsarnaev was when the FBI visited the Islamic Society of Boston, which is a mosque that was founded by Abdurahman Alamoudi, who is now in prison for funding al-Qaeda, and he was a close friend, by the way, of Republican strategist Grover Norquist.

Abdurahman Alamoudi founded the Islamic Society of Boston. It was attended not only by Tamerlan Tsarnaev, but by Tarek Mehanna, who is now doing 17 years in prison for aiding al-Qaeda, and by Aafia Siddiqui, who is serving 86 years in prison for trying to murder American soldiers in the name of Islam and Jihad.

The FBI went to that mosque, but they did not actually go to the mosque to investigate. They went to the mosque for outreach in order to reassure the Muslim community in Boston that their law-enforcement efforts were not Islamophobic and hateful and would not be targeting innocent Muslims. And, of course, innocent Muslims should not be targeted, but the question is should the FBI have concentrated solely on outreach in such an obvious hotbed of Jihad terror as the Islamic Society of Boston?

The Boston Globe loves the Islamic Society of Boston, and the local imam there is named Suhaib Webb, William Webb, until he converted to Islam. And Suhaib Webb has been the subject of several adoring pieces in the Boston Globe tauting his moderation.

You can also go on YouTube and see a video of Suhaib Webb where he says that secularism is a ridiculous ideology and the only way society should be ordered is by the law of Allah; that is, by Islamic law, which mandates discrimination against women, the discrimination against non-Muslims, the denial of the freedom of speech and so on, and is, in other words, inimical to constitutional values and freedoms in numerous ways. But he’s a moderate.

Now, if the FBI had dared or had known to take the — what they had gotten from the Russians seriously — And then they complained, of course, that the Russians didn’t tell them enough and that they went back to the Russians and the Russians wouldn’t give them more information. What more did they need? They had enough already. And since when has it become the responsibility of Russia to do our intelligence and law-enforcement work for us?

If they had acted upon it properly, the Boston Marathon bombing would never have happened.

Same thing with Fort Hood. Nidal Malik Hasan, Army Major, murdered 13 Americans at Fort Hood in November 2009, shouting, Allahu-akbar, after he passed out Korans that morning and told a neighbor he was going to do a great work for God. It was very clearly an Islamic Jihad attack.

Of course, probably most of you know that it was classified by the Obama administration as workplace violence. But there’s something else also. I have in the book his performance evaluations from his superiors, and he was given glowing recommendations all the way up the line. Every time he came up for a performance evaluation they said, This is a great officer, who could teach a lot to American soldiers about Islam. And he sure did, but not in the way they expected.

What happened was he got these performance evaluations at the same time when his superiors knew that he was in touch with Anwar Al-Awlaki, in contact — regular contact with Anwar Al-Awlaki, the Jihad terror leader, and when he had already terrified his coworkers on several occasions by his open talk of Jihad violence, such that many of them expressed the fear that he would himself one day turn violent.

Now, why, knowing all this, did they give him these positive recommendations? It’s very easy to see why. Imagine if they hadn’t. Imagine if they had said, This guy’s nuts. Imagine if they had said, This guy keeps going around talking about Jihad war against the infidels, and he means us. This guy is in touch with Anwar Al-Awlaki who masterminds Jihad terror attacks against Americans. What would have happened?

I’ll tell you what would have happened. You probably already know what would have happened. You would have turned on CNN that night and there would have been a big expose, Islamophobia in the Military. A decent American Muslim Army Major vilified simply for practicing his Islamic faith. New York Times exposes. Council on American-Islamic Relations would have had a field day.

And the careers of his superiors would have been ruined. They would have been ruined for daring to report a Muslim soldier. We want Muslim soldiers, remember? We have to have them to show that we are not at war with Islam and that this is not about religion at all. Remember that the Army Chief of Staff, General George Casey, said, right after the Fort Hood massacre that it would be even worse than the massacre itself if our diversity in the military suffered.

And so 13 people are dead at Fort Hood because we refused to tell the truth and refused to face the reality of the war that we’re in. Both of those attacks, Boston and Fort Hood, could have been prevented.

And there is much more of this kind of thing. Just yesterday, a man in Seattle named Musab Mohamed Masmari — I think he’s a Muslim — he pled guilty to an arson attack at a Seattle nightclub on New Year’s Eve, and that was how it was reported. As a matter of fact, the report that I saw just before I came here a little while ago was — It didn’t even give his first name. It just said, Masmari Pleads Guilty. And in the whole story it called him Masmari, no Musab, no Mohamed, especially.

But what exactly was Musab Mohamed Masmari doing? The nightclub in question was actually a gay nightclub, and he was there on New Year’s Eve. He took a can of gasoline and he poured it all the way up and down the stairway, the only stairway leading out of the club, and then he set it on fire. There were 750 people in the club at the time, and he wanted to kill them all, obviously, because he was concentrating his arson on the place where — the only way they could get out.

Not only that, but it came to light after his attack that he had said that homosexuals should be exterminated, which is, of course, in line with Islam’s death penalty for homosexuals. Musab Mohamed Masmari, in other words, was the first exponent of violent, vigilante Shari’ah enforcement in the United States.

Violent, vigilante Shari’ah enforcement is something that we see in many other countries, especially in Muslim countries, where, in many cases, where countries are Islamizing — such as Turkey, Egypt, Syria and so on — where there — Iraq — where there had been relatively secular regimes followed by Shari’ah states or large armed groups that want to create a Shari’ah state. Women who don’t cover their heads are brutalized, sometimes even killed and alcohol shops, liquor stores are shot up and burned and so on.

Even in London last year there was a group calling itself the Muslim Patrol that went around, and people carrying alcohol, they would tell them to get rid of it. They would tell women to cover their heads, and they would threaten them if they didn’t.

Musab Mohamed Masmari was the first time that that happened in the United States, but not, by any means, the last. The problem, however, is that in the news reports about him there was no mention of any of this motivation. There was no mention that he said homosexuals should be exterminated. There was no mention that he was a Muslim or that the attack had anything to do with any other attack in the United States, when, actually, it was a manifestation — it was yet another attack from an adherent of the same ideology that caused the Fort Hood massacre, the Boston Marathon bombing, 9/11, the Little Rock shooting and so many others.

This denial at the top of government law enforcement and media is obviously self -defeating to the point of being suicidal, and if it continues, then, it’s obvious what’s going to happen. In Europe there are already enclaves, whole cities — Malmo in Sweden, the Molenbeek District of Antwerp and some areas of London already, as well as Paris — where non-Muslims venture at their own peril. In Malmo, even the police and firefighters don’t dare to go into the city, and Islamic law prevails in those areas. The secular law has no sway.

The governments of those countries are either, at some point, going to have to crack down and say, There is one law for this land and you’re going to obey it, and then there will be civil conflict, or, they will let these areas grow, as they will certainly grow with unrestricted immigration, and then they will be increasingly aggressive and increasingly assertive over the non-Muslim population, and there will be civil conflict. In other words, there’s really no escaping it now for Europe, but I think that there is still a chance for the United States, but only if there is a drastic change in the political culture.

I mentioned Grover Norquist in passing earlier, and it is important to note that Grover Norquist, as the head of Americans for Tax Reform, is probably the single most powerful power broker in the Republican Party, and you can’t really run for national office as a Republican without his benediction. And, yet, he did take money from Abdurahman Alamoudi, who was also financing al-Qaeda, and he does have numerous ties to groups with links to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, and he has stymied the Republicans from forming any kind of effective or coherent alternative to the Democrats’ wholesale capitulation to this multiculturalist fiction and to Islamic supremacist groups.

As a result, there really isn’t any effective opposition in the United States today. There is no party, there are very few politicians — Congressman Gohmert being a notable exception and a few others — that even stand up and defend and articulate the reality of what we’re facing. And too long, people who support the Republicans have allowed this to continue, perhaps because they themselves did not understand or grasp the nature and magnitude of the threat that we face.

The most significant aspect of it is the war on free speech, because if we cannot speak out about it, then we cannot do anything about it to defend ourselves. Obviously, the freedom of speech was put into the Constitution as the fundamental bulwark against tyranny. If we can’t speak out against the tyrant, he can do whatever he wants. And, of course, Barak Obama said, The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.

It’s useful to remember, in connection with that sentence, that slander, in Islamic law, refers not to lying about somebody, but speaking truths about them that they don’t want known. That’s the definition of slander in Islamic law. So when Barack Obama says, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam,” he means, if you speak unwelcome truths, such as the link between Islam and terrorism, which is obvious from the Jihadis words and not from those of Islamophobes, then the future does not belong to you. And I think that may be so the way things are going.

Right after the Benghazi Jihad attack, which, of course, we all now know was a Jihad attack by al-Qaeda, probably with weapons that the Obama administration had supplied to al-Qaeda to topple Qaddafi, right after the attack, it was known in the White House and the State Department that it was a Jihad attack, and there were emails that have now just come to light — you’ve probably seen them — that show that they deliberately chose to blame this Mohammed video that nobody had ever seen or cared about.

Now, the implications of that are enormous because in choosing to blame the Mohammed video and saying the future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam, the Obama administration was essentially saying the problem is our First Amendment. The problem is the freedom of speech. The problem is if we just keep saying these things that they don’t like us to say, they’ll keep bombing us. If we shut up and obey Islamic blasphemy laws, then everything will be okay.

And Hillary Clinton told the father of Tyrone Woods, a Navy Seal who was killed along with Ambassador Stevens, We’re going to have that filmmaker arrested and prosecuted. And she did. They found that he was a sort of a shady character, which is completely irrelevant, actually, to this video and what happened to him, but he did — he was out on probation, and one of the conditions of his probation was that he not go on the Internet. And so they figured, Well, this video is up on YouTube. He must have gone on the internet to upload it. Therefore, he went back to jail.

But he was really a political prisoner and a prisoner of the freedom of speech. It was obvious there are far more serious probation violators walking around. Probably we could find some — Well, not here in Dallas, but out in Los Angeles they’re crawling with them.

And so why this guy? Because it is becoming illegal to speak the truth about the Jihad threat. That has to be a cornerstone of a new and articulate response to Barak Obama. And if we do not find politicians and elected officials who will stand for this swiftly, then the enemy who is us will win and freedom will lose.

Thanks very much. (Applause.)

So we have time for some questions, comments, death fatwas, whatever. (Laughter.)


Q: Thank you. About six months ago, I watched Representative Michael McCaul give a presentation at the Heritage Foundation. During the Q&A, he said that we would win the war on terror by winning the ideological battle by appealing to moderate Muslims that our ideology is better. Can you comment?

ROBERT SPENCER: That would be nice, but nobody’s doing that. We have never done that. We have never said, Our ideology is better. In Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States Government sponsored and oversaw the installation of Shari’ah constitutions that enshrined Islamic law as the highest law of the land. That is not standing for our values. That’s betraying our values. Our values are equality of rights for all people, the equality of dignity of all human beings, which means that women have rights in the society and are not to be treated as chattel.

We have a tradition of open political discourse and the freedom of speech. Although it is under far more grave attack than most people realize, we still have the long tradition of it. Islam does not. In Islam it is against the law, it is a death-penalty offense to criticize Islam or Mohammed. The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.

And the thing is we put those constitutions there. If we had been standing for our values, the situation would have been very different.

I do believe that Congressman McCaul is correct that if there were a United States that were standing up and saying, Well, anyone who loves the freedom of speech, who loves a free society, who loves equal rights for all people before the law, who loves the idea of making a decision in conscience about what you believe is true and not being killed for it, we stand for that, then many Muslims would support us. But we’ve never stood for that.


Q: Could you comment on the Tartars in the Crimea?


Q: How that complicates the whole Russian —

ROBERT SPENCER: It’s very complicated, and it does complicate it to a tremendous degree because the Ukrainian Government has been encouraging the Jihadis in the Caucuses because they know that the Jihadis in the Caucuses will hit the Russians. And so it becomes a very complicated situation. It’s not so easy as to say, Well, there’s the big, bad imperialist, Putin, and the plucky, independent Ukrainians. I would love to be able to say that because the idea of the Soviet Union reuniting and oppressing those peoples anew is repulsive.

At the same time, there really aren’t any good actors in this battle, as is so often the case. Just like as with Assad and his opponents in Syria.

Q: (Inaudible) in Crimea?


Q: (Inaudible?)

ROBERT SPENCER: Yes. Precisely.

Q: (Inaudible?)

ROBERT SPENCER: How might it evolve? I don’t know. I don’t have a crystal ball on that, but I think that you’re going to see far more Jihad activity in that area, because the Ukrainians are, no doubt, going to continue to try to exploit these groups to strike at the Russians. And so that could enflame that whole region, really. I don’t see that as beyond the realm of possibility at all.


Q: Hi. There is a mosque in my neighborhood, and after doing some digging, found that it is owned by NAIT, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. I also did a little bit more digging and found some literature from Mustapha [Monsur], which, of course, said that it’s the obligation of every woman and man to turn this nation into a caliphate.

So I guess my question is do we have to wait until somebody does an act of Jihad before something is done or can something be done before that?

ROBERT SPENCER: This is the great question. The North American Islamic Trust, in the first place, is NAIT, and they own 80 percent of the mosques in the United States, and they all teach this kind of thing.

There have been four separate, independent surveys done since 1999 of the mosques in the United States, and all found, independently of one another, that 80 percent of the mosques were teaching hatred of Jews and Christians and the necessity, ultimately, to replace the Constitution with Shari’ah law. So Monsur is not singular in this.

Now, the problem is is that there is a law — And I’m no lawyer and no politician, but I know that there is a law on the books which outlaws plotting or calling for, advocating the violent overthrow of the United States Government.

I think that there need to be political and legal scholars, at this point, who can examine the possibility of a law that could outlaw the non-violent overthrow of the U.S. Government and any kind of action against constitutional values and principles.

Now, how this — What form exactly this would take and how various pitfalls and minefields would be avoided, I’m no lawyer or a politician, but I think that that sedition law that exists about the violent overthrow of the U.S. Government being illegal — although it’s hardly enforced today anyway — would be a pathway that might show us how to proceed in that manner.

Congressman Gohmert.

CONGRESSMAN GOHMERT: Thank you. I’m intrigued by the notion that all it’ll take is an ideological win of moderate Muslims over the radical Islamists. You and I know that in Afghanistan, the moderate Muslim Northern Alliance defeated the radical Islamists with our air cover, a few hundred of our embedded special ops. But, Robert, you know the history even better than I do, can you think of any time in world history when radical Islamists were defeated or overcome by winning an ideological battle using moderate Muslims?

Well, I don’t know, was that an ideological win in Vienna when they were stopped? I’m trying to remember.


CONGRESSMAN GOHMERT: But, anyway, can you think of a time ever — Maybe the Barbary Pirates, maybe that was an ideological win, but can you think of a time when radical Islam was ever defeated by winning an ideological battle with moderate Muslims, unless they were winning the ideological battle with weapons and killing their enemies? Can you think of a time?

ROBERT SPENCER: No, Congressman, you’re absolutely right. There has never been a case where an ideological battle against Islamic Jihadis has ever been won. And the whole thing actually comes down to what one defines as a moderate Muslim, and the United States Government, of course, thinks that if a Muslim is not strapping on a bomb vest, then he’s a moderate.

But as far as reality goes, one of the great difficulties of fighting this conflict is that people use this term, throw around the term moderate Muslim without defining what it is. Most people assume that by moderate Muslim they mean a Muslim who rejects the idea that Muslims should wage war against unbelievers and subjugate them under the rule of Islamic law.

Actually, that is a core tenant of Islam that is taught in the Koran and taught in the Hadith and taught by all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence. The Muslims who would actually explicitly reject that in principle you could probably count on one hand. Juhdi Jasser and then who? That’s it.

Moderate Muslims, on the other hand, might be people who are just ordinary people who might live in a secular culture and are not interested in waging Jihad. They want to just raise their families and have a life and have a job and take care of themselves, and that’s it. There are lots of those people.

But the question becomes then, which side will they side with if it came down to a conflict? And probably — There doesn’t seem to be any indication that they would not side with their more radical brethren in that case. There has never been a case where this was not done without a shooting war.

At the same time, there is a crisis within Islam, because Western ideas have permeated the Islamic world. They were much more current 100 years ago than they are now, much more prominent, but they still existed — I’ll wrap up — but, nonetheless, they still exist. And so I think — When I was talking about the ideological conflict in reference to Representative McCaul’s statements before, I was referring to the fact that we — I think we can and should appeal on the basis of notions of human rights that come from the West to Muslims who may not want Islamic law. But that’s not going to win the battle, not going to win the war, not at all.

Q: Okay. What can you tell us about green-on-blue killings in Afghanistan, the insider killings? Is there anything that could be done about that, any sort of profiling on infiltrators in the Afghan security force?

ROBERT SPENCER: No, the green-on-blue killings, the killings of our troops, our personnel by their ostensible allies, there’s nothing that can be done about them, except we should just get out of there.

The fact is that there is no way to distinguish between a peaceful Muslim, that is a Muslim who doesn’t want to kill us, and a Muslim who does. I didn’t use the term moderate Muslim because it is so fraught and likely to create confusion.

The fact is, though, that this is the fundamental problem, that the United States Government assumes that these people are all of good will and doesn’t make any attempt even to profile or discern or screen people who join the Afghan Police or the Afghan Army and so on. They don’t even try. And so then they get these attacks.

But the fact is if they did try, it wouldn’t work, and that’s one of the reasons why this misadventure in Afghanistan is so disastrously wrongheaded. There’s no objective. There’s no goal. There’s not even an enemy. Barak Obama has already told Karzai that he doesn’t think the Taliban is the enemy. And then I think, well, then why are our troops there serving as a shooting gallery for the Afghans? This is nothing short of treason.

Anyway, on that happy note, thanks very much. (Applause.)

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  • truebearing

    Political Correctness is the precursor to Sharia. It is an atheistic form of dhimmitude. It is preparing people’s minds to accept authoritarian control of their thoughts and lives, just as Sharia does. The Left is using this false moral code to disable the survival instincts of of Americans and Europeans for the single purpose of gaining total control. Now the Muslims are marching in on the psychological highway it has paved. Insidious and evil are the only ways to describe political correctness. Islam would have little chance in the West without the Left’s treachery.

    • BS77

      The liberal leftist have all but destroyed England, Sweden and Holland….The idiots are marching towards oblivion with their immigration agendas, their Orwellian statism and obsession with having everyone conform to their ideas about global warming, political correctness and , of course, to keep paying astronomical taxes.

      • Drakken

        Sooner rather than later this is going to come to a very nasty end in Europe. Where it will start is a matter of speculation, but one thing is for sure, it will start as a small matter and blow up from there. Once the shooting starts, there won’t be a muslim left in Europe.

      • Evermyrtle

        Not realizing what they are doing, they are slowly turning the world to Satanism, Why? Because they are afraid of what they see and are too cowardly to fight it; it needs a good uproaring fight, but let somebody else do it, I do not have the time to mess with it, nor do I want to end up in jail, I have a family to support. Back when America was young, our brave young and old men would fought for the country and for GOD because that is where this evil is coming from, “Satan overcoming the world, in the name of Jihad!”

        JESUS said, “If the world hate you, they hated me before they hated you. John 15:18 HE did not stop, HE continues HIS fight against Satan until death. This is the same Satan that is fighting us today.

    • Americana

      Political correctness is a term that’s meant to preserve civility. It’s not meant to stifle debate or analysis or critical thinking. Political correctness has got nothing to do w/atheism or dhimmitude or authoritarian control of thoughts and lives. Most of all, it’s got nothing to do w/sowing the seeds for sharia. “Muslims are marching on the psychological highway (political correctness) has paved” sounds like an authoritative psychological assessment of what’s going on in Western societies but it’s not. The concept being sold in the above, that the “Left’s treachery” is a subversive moral code that is treacherous in and of itself is dangerous since any sectarian developments can cause fractious divisiveness within a society that can eventually cause problems. Islam’s rise or fall has nothing to do w/the treachery of the Left or the staunch anti-jihad insistence of the Right. That’s a matter of personal exposure and preference and it’s illustrated by weird conversions to Islam as well as those abandonments of Islam we see.

      • Softly Bob

        Actually Political Correctness was invented as a Marxist tool for subversion. If you look at the history of it, you will know that. Even Marxists admit it – they are the ones that coined the phrase.
        The idea was to fake preserving of civility and many people would fall for that .
        Including your gullible self apparently!

      • johnnie the jew

        If the term of behaviour called ‘political correctness’ was invented “to preserve civility” then it’s obviously failed miserably like most things leftist. Then there’s the inherent contradiction – the notion of ‘civility’. Yeah we get a lot of that from our atavistic, deluded, death mongerers and their duped dhimmi apologists. Unless of course i’m missing something here..

      • Drakken

        Denial ain’t a river in Egypt sunshine. PC is code for shut up and put up with and tolerate the intolerable. Those days are coming to an end.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        What are you smoking moonbat? Political correctness is the way the Marxist totalitarian left controls the freedom of speech in free societies. If the Marxist totalitarian left can intimidate the majority of people into self-censuring their speech through political correctness, they win. For instance, the Marxist totalitarian left is using political correctness to silence free speech in this country today regarding the reality of Islam. Indeed, anyone and everyone and especially Muslim apostates that have the audacity to speak out to tell the truth about Islam are attacked and branded by the Marxist totalitarian left as being Islamophobes and racists.

        As a matter of fact, the Marxist totalitarian left is currently in the process of trying to destroy this country through PC multiculturalism. Which is why they love and protect Muslim immigrants so vigorously, especially since Muslim immigrants never ever assimilate and integrate in infidel societies as doing so would entail them morphing into infidels, which would be a capital offense in Islam. Indeed, the sole purpose of PC multiculturalism is to balkanize and divide the country and to create disunity since divided we fall and united we stand.

      • Bulan Sabriel

        Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism, created by the Frankfurt School.

    • laura r

      PC is used across the board for many agendas: blk on wht crime, gay militant, illegal immigration. there is no such thing as “politically” correct. there is CORrect & INcorrect. anything else is illogical repeatition.

      • johnnie the jew

        What a shambolic piece of “reasoning”. You obviously missed the great advent of introducing PC into our daily lives at the turn of the last century. From food labelling, to racial references and the inability to call an idiot an idiot in the workplace (even when they really were – idiots!!) by self congratulatory leftist politicians.Or, that’s how it was introduced in the UK by Labour. I could even tell you the name of the self important “minister in particular, who now in her 60s is still proud of her “achievement”. Joke. And now we have the evolution of this demented softly softly, dumbed down, anti-competitive “policy”. Segregated school classes and public swimming pools so muslim girls aren’t with boys, especially infidel boys – ha-ha. And we have Equality, Diversity and Inclusion lecturers and company policy mandated to enshrine this over the top crap into our employment terms. I didn’t mind the gender, sexuality, age related equal rights bits. But now that’s been cranked up to include Islamic “religious” rights. So, we have to eat halah meat in public sector buildings and of course Subway ! We now have to consider changing our university exam timetable to accommodate ramadan. Don’t you fell just a little outraged this anti- tolerant, medieval death cult is imposing itself as a minority population (for the moment) in our countries, with their odious, retarded practises?

    • johnnie the jew

      Hi truebearing. Are you saying atheism and dhimmitude are mutually inclusive or only so, sometimes? Otherwise i’m with you all the way.

      • truebearing

        I’m saying that PC is the Left’s version of Sharia, which inflicts dhimmitude on non-believers. The second sentence was poorly worded. Basically, PC is the Left’s version of false morality, as is Sharia for Islam. Both are designed for acquiring and maintaining political power and have nothing to do with the moral improvement of mankind.

        Thanks for pointing that out. I corrected it.

        • johnnie the jew

          I agree totally. Its just that i’m an ex catholic (from the age of 13!!) and now an ardent atheist and I have as big a problem with islam as christians and everyone else for that matter. At least my christian friends don’t want to attack me and/or behead me for taking the mickey out of adam and eve or the immaculate conception. I can live with that. I can’t live with the death cult

          • truebearing

            It isn’t any wonder that virtually everyone on earth who isn’t a Muslim, and some who are, distrust and fear the death cult. It was created to be the antithesis of Judaism and Christianity, and it has achieved that dubious objective. Islam goes beyond organized crime. It is organized evil.

            I know a number of people raised as catholics who have become either agnostic or atheistic. Perhaps some of that is due to too much religiosity and politics, and not enough focus on the Gospel.

  • PAthena

    A problem in the United States now is that the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, is a Muslim manqué, a supporter (if not a member) of the Muslim Brotherhood. His Kenyan half-brother is a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, and he has opposed the overthrow in Egypt of the Muslim Brotherhood rule of Morsi. When Hillary Clinton was his Secretary of State, she had as her closest aide, Huma Abedin, of a Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood family.
    President Obama made a speech praising Islam in Cairo, filled with errors. (!) He said that the printing press, with movable types, was invented by Muslims – Johannes Gutenberg, in Mainz, was not a Muslim, and, when Obama was at Harvard, he could have seen the Gutenberg Bible at the Widener Library. (2) He said that Muslims had invented the compass – when, so far as I know, it was the Chinese who invented it; (3) He said that the first university was founded by Muslims -when the Academy in Athens was founded by Plato in the 4th century B.C., long before Islam was invented; or, if by a university is meant a degree granting institution, with grading, etc., the first was founded in Bologna, In Italy, not by Muslims. So either President Obama is ignorant or he is lying.
    So under President Obama, all references to Islamic jihad in government have been eliminated. He calls the Islamic jihad at Fort Hood by Major Nidal Hassan, “workplace violence,” when Hassan shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he was murdering 13 American soldiers. What will Obama call the massacre at the Boston Marathon?

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      • Wolfthatknowsall

        Flagged for bull …

      • DontMessWithAmerica

        Relax. Take a cup a cyanide and retire.

    • Americana

      Gutenberg invented the PRINTING PRESS; he didn’t invent PRINTING. The Muslims had means of printing long before Johannes Gutenberg invented the mechanical press. It’s fairly bizarre there’s a cultural push on to denigrate Muslims and Islam and claim that they’ve never contributed anything to the world’s cultural achievements.

      I’m not sure how it is that Pres. Obama is being blamed for the U.S. Army’s decision to charge Maj. Nidal Hasan w/workplace violence rather than treason. I’m sure the Army’s lawyers were worried as to what sort of defense Maj. Hasan was going to make and so they chose a charge they felt was indefensible and that would result in a conviction.

      The teaching materials that are provided to the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security contain references to jihadi terrorism. The discussion of Muslim jihad isn’t totally cleared from the curriculum. Just because Robert Spencer no longer has the ability to stipulate exactly what he wants in that material doesn’t mean the FBI or the DHS or anyone else availing themselves of that material doesn’t fully understand what jihad terrorism is and it’s links to Islam.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        The Muslims had means of printing long before Johannes Gutenberg invented the mechanical press.

        The Muslims are the victims of Islam, which besides being a so-called religion that really isn’t, is a very rabid form of totalitarianism. Thus, just like the Marxist totalitarian left throughout history has been incapable of producing anything of value, the Islamic totalitarian world has also always been incapable of producing anything other than misery and lots and lots of misery, very similar to Marxism.

        Anyway, Muslims have tried for centuries to claim credit for various inventions and discoveries, but when their claims are examined under the microscope of close scrutiny, it has been found that those inventions and discoveries were really the inventions and discoveries of those people conquered by Islam or those people forced to live in Islamic totalitarian society under harsh and degrading dhimmitude. Even today, Muslims are incapable of producing and pumping their own oil and therefore have to depend on the infidel west.

        It’s fairly bizarre there’s a cultural push on to denigrate Muslims and Islam and claim that they’ve never contributed anything to the world’s cultural achievements.

        Man…you suck propaganda in just like it’s manna from heaven. Could you be anymore gullible? I don’t believe?

        I know, I know, I’m an Islamophobe!

        I’m not sure how it is that Pres. Obama is being blamed for the U.S. Army’s decision to charge Maj. Nidal Hasan w/workplace violence rather than treason.

        He’s a jihadists, i.e., a Mujahideen (holy warrior), and he waged violent jihad (holy war) on American soil against American soldiers. He should have been tried by a military tribunal and then executed for his acts of war, because that is what jihad is. It wasn’t workplace violence, it was jihad, and Obama should be impeached for treason.

        The discussion of Muslim jihad isn’t totally cleared from the curriculum.

        But the correct and most pertinent discussion of jihad is. Not only that, but as Spencer demonstrated throughout his article, the people served with protecting this country from outside threats has in effect been blinded and have also had their hands tied.

      • truebearing

        You’re flailing about like your tail is on fire.

        PAthena pointed out that Obama gave the Muslims credit for things they didn’t do, and couldn’t possibly have done. You responded with an inaccurate bunch of nonsense about Muslims inventing it. The T’ang Dynasty in
        618 to 906 first used wooden blocks to print.

        What is your source for Muslims being the first to print?

        • Americana

          I didn’t say the Muslim world was the first to invent printing. I simply said >> The Muslims had means of printing long before Johannes Gutenberg invented the mechanical press.<

          Most inventions spread so rapidly that it almost becomes a moot point which culture invented the really worthwhile things in life because something is no sooner invented than lots of other cultures grab onto the idea.

      • Bulan Sabriel

        The Chinese invented printing in the 3rd Century BCE. Muslims got printing by invaded India and massacring Hindus.

        Fish rots from its head. Obama’s minions have pushed the Muslims brotherhood into the FBI and military. No one speaks out or their jobs are at risk.

    • laura r

      boston bombing? “misguided cultural differences”. “right wing tea party influence”.

  • Jason P

    The problem of appealing to moderate (i.e lax) Muslims via the doctrine of human rights is that we don’t understand that idea ourselves. The doctrine of rights is a Roman concept. It is based on individual self-ownership and prerogative. It requires property rights, which is the realm of prerogative, but not virtue which is achieved by the individual who uses his rights wisely.

    The Islamic notion or freedom is like the Christian notion: you are free to act virtuously and only virtuously. Indeed, Islamic philosophy talks about the virtuous city as do Christian philosophers before Aquinas. Like Augustine, Muslim philosophers were influence by Plato, a totalitarian source. Our liberal tradition has a very different source. When Jefferson was asked about the principles of the Declaration of Independence, he said they weren’t new but came from “Aristotle, Cicero, Locke, Sidney, etc.” He didn’t mention Jesus or Augustine.

    Our liberal tradition of rights is Greco-Roman in origin. Islam never had Aristotle’s Politics (only Plato’s) nor the works of Cicero (something Fjordman points out). It had no Locke and Sidney to build on that foundation. I suggest that if one wants to understand the liberal tradition of rights one starts with Cicero’s ethical treatise, De Officiis. If we don’t understand our tradition, no one else will either.

  • Greg Hamilton

    A great speech from Robert Spencer. The increasing tendency of outlawing the truth is what prompted the start of a campaign to make our friends, neighbours, and acquaintances more aware of the Conditions of Omar. It’s a small thing but something all of us can do to point others to the truth. Take a look at “Enjoy the Conditions of Omar”.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Mr. Spencer, can I assume you and other folks at Frontpage are collecting and evaluating all the rock solid CRIMINAL evidence that has been collected by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator Lt. Mike Zullo over the past THREE years so that you can present it to all of us who enjoy Frontpage. It has been a long time coming. Do you have a valid excuse for NOT covering the investigation earlier, I certainly hope so since it is the biggest fraud ever committed against this nation and up to this point in time you have MISSED IT. How is that possible?

  • Michael Petek

    Robert, I notice that you’ve grown facial hair and that you read the Qur’an a lot. I hope this isn’t a bad sign!

  • WhiteHunter

    Excellent, Robert, as always.

    As far as “moderate” Moslems go, consider this possible scenario:

    A “moderate” Moslem family has been living here in the U.S. for years; their children were born here. One night there’s a knock on the door, and they find the ayatollah from their local mosque standing on the doorstep, accompanied by a furtive-looking 25-year-old male. The ayatollah asks the family to allow the male, “Abdul,” to stay with them for a week or two–“just quietly; no need to ask him about anything, or mention it to anybody.”

    How many “moderate” Moslems would demand to know more, including why their new guest needs a place to stay, and especially why it’s so important to keep quiet about his presence? If those questions were not freely answered with innocent explanations, how many “moderate” Moslems would refuse the ayatollah’s request?

    And if there were no satisfactory, innocent explanation offered (how could there be in the situation as described?)–and let’s say maybe there had even been a terrorist attack (like the Boston Marathon bombing) the day before–how many “moderate” Moslems would likely call the cops to report their mysterious new houseguest and his (and the ayatollah’s) suspicious behavior?

    I rest my case.

    • laura r

      you cant blame the moderates in this case. they could be in danger. they also know the police will look the other way, dont be naive. if moderates were smart they would not attend the mosque.

      • WhiteHunter

        I do blame them. Yes, they are undoubtedly in danger–mortal danger–from their coreligionists. But as Gen. Patton said, courage is not the absence of fear; it is being afraid but still going into battle and fighting in spite of your fear.

        That’s what we need to see much, much more of from the “moderates,” instead of accepting the excuse that they’re afraid, so braver souls should step forward and face the danger and the risks in their place as they cower timidly in the background..

        If the “moderates” are indeed the “vast majority of moslems,” as we are so glibly assured, and not, instead, a tiny minority, then there should easily be enough of them to confront, and face down, and defeat, the “tiny minority” of moslems who, these same glibly mendacious apologists insist, are the “extremists.” Certainly at least here in the U.S.

        To quote another famous American Patriot who knew a lot about danger–specifically the very real danger that he might easily find the King’s noose around his neck–Ben Franklin famously admonished his co-signers, “We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

        That’s an equally good exhortation to the “moderate” moslems. At least if they’re anything more than “a tiny minority” of all mohammedans, and if they’re actually loyal American citizens. Which as we’ve seen, many are clearly not.

        • bigjulie

          I think it’s unfortunate that there is an artificial division of Muslim belief in the West between “moderate” and “radical”. If a person claims to be an adherent of Islam, they blaspheme by only adhering to the parts that they like. I think it is more accurate to assume that they all believe in all that Islam teaches, but keep hidden their beliefs regarding the parts that might seem distasteful to their neighbors, and thus give the appearance of being “moderate”…until push comes to shove and pressures for more activism are applied by the “true believers”.
          Islam is much more than a religion…it is a complete way of life! Sharia law covers virtually everything a Muslim person does from waking up to going to sleep. Yet, wherever they get a toe-hold, sooner or later pressures are applied by an ever-growing Muslim population for everybody living where they are to convert to Islam. These pressures vary in direct proportion to their numbers. The more of them, the greater the pressures.
          The intent is for the infamous “World-Wide Caliphate” everywhere on this planet, brought to you in living 7th century reality by Mohammed…possibly the L. Ron Hubbard of his day?

  • DontMessWithAmerica

    It would be interesting to see a bright and
    effective law firm specializing in class action suits to launch a class action
    suit against the administration and personally against John Brennan and Barack
    Obama and all relevant others on behalf of the families who lost relatives and
    those who were wounded in the Boston bombing and the Ft. Hood shooting to
    bankrupt these villains for life.

  • bigjulie

    How does one become a Muslim and not want Islamic Law? What is the use of such a concept? Why would anyone remain a Muslim if they rejected Islamic Law?Sounds like something a Leftie would try to discuss with a Muslim…over a glass of wine.
    The shallowness of PC adherents is shocking, as is their knowledge of the subject when they start to discuss the ramifications of a belief in Islam. Most think Islam is something they can just drift into and out of, on an impulse, like one changes their clothes…and, no…they haven’t the faintest concept of what is happening to non-believers in Syria right now. Who’s going to tell them?

    • laura r

      most people practice religion superficially. in general parttime or holidays & some rituals. regardless if they are christian jewish or muslim this is my opinion. but, islam has 1.5 billion people & @least 7-10% (??or more) are “radicals”. now we have multiple millions of people who are a threat, radicalization os growing. also islamic doctrine is about taking over the world, unlike judeo christian or buddist. these radicals are a threat to other muslims as well as everyone else. this is what i have concluded from listening to robert spencer & others.

      • bigjulie

        As Spencer points out in the article, proselytizing, by force, if necessary, is a primary tenet of Islam of the Prophet. I agree with you about the superficiality of religious practice with most people, but with Islam, you are either “in” or “out” which usually means “dead”. Spencer also comments on the chances of the “part-timers” falling in league with their more pure brethren, if push comes to shove. Out of fear for their well-being alone, and knowing of the zeal possessed by the pure brethren, I believe that is a pretty sure bet!
        These people have existed for centuries in very primitive surroundings, without access to vast quantities of modern arms and explosives, but the cork is out of that bottle, due in large part to oil money, and will not likely be put back except by even more massive and more brutal force on the part of those who do not want Islam to be dominant or to be dominated by it. By buying Middle Eastern oil, the west is becoming an agent of its own demise, especially with the assistance of a closet True Believer like Obama. Recall that lying, in pursuit of Allah’s goals, is not a sin in Islam.
        There is no compromise with these people! They fully understand massive, brutal force as the most effective means of achieving their ends…or gaining “enlightenment” to the futility of their cause and thus having their clerics making a decision that there was some “error” in the original interpretations of what The Prophet said that Allah told him. For the sake of peace-loving humans everywhere, the aforementioned “enlightenment” had better come soon!

        • laura r

          the muslims who immigrated to london in the 1950s were liberal/moderate. no burkas, just a scarf maybe. they wanted to be british. after the salman rushie thing, radicalism took hold. their children are sometimes more radical than the parents. read that now, the liberal muslims are angry. someone said ona vid. they came to get away from this stuff & now its on their face. the modesty police harrass young women to coverup. i feel bad for these people. the london govt is on the side of the radicals.

          • bigjulie

            Well, they are finally dealing with Nigel Farage, as a result, and he has become very popular. I heard him speak once and I found him very impressive. His position is that if you emigrate to England, the primary reason is that you wish to become an English citizen, which includes absorbing and adhering to English customs and manners….not bringing all your crap that created the reason you left in the first place with you, and attempting to foist it onto your new culture. We have the same problem with migrants coming across our Southern border. There IS an AMERICAN CULTURE!! It does not include Burkas, groveling servitude to males or Sharia Law!! If you want to live like that, go back to where you came from!

  • geral sosbee
  • Ibrahim Ludwick

    The staircase out of the gay club was not the only exit from the club, it was one of two staircases leading to a mezzanine. Scare mongering- your lying to achieve your goal shows what kind of moral fiber you have and just how superior your ideals are. Study the history of the early muslims if you want to know the reason for their influence, and if you want to know about high morals and ideals.

    • johnnie the jew

      Still using the illiterate, camel dung sweepers decaying walking stick when you can buy a carbon fibre one now due to technology – oops that’s a bit anathema to the hideous “moral” cause of structural archaism thus alluded to. Road to paradise, road to nowhere. Plato has a lot to answer for! All morality is animal in case you hadn’t noticed

  • johnnie the jew

    Well done again Robert !! Great to see that you mentioned the UK situation,too. Now if I was Prime Minister, you’d be in !! With all the regal privileges especially around our educational institutions. Plenty of very accommodating English country clubs with unrestrained views, too, for a few cheeky ones with the locals.There’s been a good turn out with the postings today/night and i’ve fired a few salvos in your defence. Bonne chance et merci beaucoup

    • LindaRivera

      Hi johnnie, I’m a member of Britain’s greatest party ever! Check it out!
      Liberty GB. patriotic counter-jihad party

      • johnnie the jew

        Hi Linda, i’m well aware of LibertyGB. A non-cowardly, new political voice amidst the deafening din of the “philosophy of failure” – socialism.

        • johnnie the jew

          Sorry, forgot to close my reply with ‘RESPECT!!’

  • LindaRivera

    Western TRAITOR leaders, especially in Europe and Britain have heavily colonised each one of our small nations with millions of muslims from huge muslim countries forcing infidel taxpayers to support massive muslim colonisation and massive muslim breeding that within years will result in Britain and Europe becoming muslim majority countries. Transforming our countries into HELL on EARTH. Islam is the greatest threat that humanity has ever faced. POPULATION REPLACEMENT IS FORBIDDEN BY INTERNATIONAL LAW!

    Our countries will become a second Pakistan. A second Syria. East London already looks like Pakistan. Our people in Britain and Europe have become strangers in their own land. Europe and Britain have many no-go areas where the hate for non-muslims is so fierce it is too dangerous for non-muslims to enter. In some areas of Europe, ambulances require a police escort. In Britain, join patriotic political party, LIBERTY GB, the party with the courage to warn about our danger.

    Why Is This Not Treason? Written by Paul Weston, Liberty GB

  • ObamaYoMoma

    This is true of many secular and ostensibly moderate Muslims, notably Mike Hawash out in Portland.

    In 2000-2001, he was known — He was very popular in his community. He was a big community activist. I mean, I’m talking about in the general community in Portland. A secular, moderate Muslim, he was an executive at Intel, the corporation, had a $360,000 a year salary, wrote some technical books that are still available at Amazon, at least last time I looked, and a pillar of the community.

    Then, he started to wear traditional Muslim attire, grew his facial hair, started to attend mosque frequently, and, ultimately, he was found to be recruiting people to go join up with the Taliban and al-Qaeda and fight against American troops in Afghanistan.

    In other words, Mike Hawash was a blasphemous apostate, as all secular and moderate Muslims are. As a matter of fact, in 2000 – 2001 he wasn’t a Muslim anymore. Then he repented and morphed back into being a good Muslim. Once he repented, he did what all good Muslims do, i.e., wage jihad in one form or another, either violently or non-violently, in the cause of Allah to ultimately make Islam supreme. Indeed, making Islam supreme is the sole fundamental purpose of mainstream orthodox Islam (the only kind).

    You can also go on YouTube and see a video of Suhaib Webb where he says that secularism is a ridiculous ideology and the only way society should be ordered is by the law of Allah; that is, by Islamic law, which mandates discrimination against women, the discrimination against non-Muslims, the denial of the freedom of speech and so on, and is, in other words, inimical to constitutional values and freedoms in numerous ways. But he’s a moderate.

    In reality, the law of Allah, i.e., Sharia, is Islamic totalitarian law, as it is not only incredibly draconian by our modern Christian-Judeo standards, it is also exceedingly totalitarian as well.

    In addition, not only does Suhaib Webb advocate that society be ordered by Islamic totalitarian law, but also all Muslims do as well, as the first and foremost prerequisite of Islam is the total, complete, and unconditional “submission” to the “will of Allah”, which in essence is Islamic totalitarian law, i.e., Sharia, under the penalty of death for apostasy and death for blasphemy.

    In fact, contrary to faith-based religions, Islam is a so-called religion that executes apostates and blasphemers, and I would strongly suggest that such a so-called religion that executes apostates and blasphemers should not be classified as a religion in the USA, but as a very dangerous cult instead that is also a very draconian form of totalitarianism. Not to mention, that every time we import a Muslim into the country, at the same time we also import more and more Sharia into the country. Meanwhile, the sole fundamental purpose of mainstream orthodox Islam is to become supreme via the eventual imposition of Sharia.

    Indeed, Muslim immigrants never ever assimilate and integrate in infidel societies as doing so would morph them into infidels and garner them at the same time a capital offense. Which is also why the Marxist totalitarian left loves Muslim immigrants, because they never ever assimilate.

    But he’s a moderate.

    A moderate Muslim in Islam is a blasphemous apostate that must be executed unless he or she repents as Mike Hawash did. Apparently, Mike Hawash assimilated and integrated into infidel society a little too far for his own good, then realized the error of his ways and pulled it back by repenting and morphing back into a Muslim again. Of course, the inherit threat of execution for apostasy and blasphemy must have played a huge part in his decision to repent for the error of his ways.

    In any event, there is only one common sense solution to our Islamic problem which is what GWB should have done immediately following 9/11, and that is to ban and reverse mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage ASAP, as it is really non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad for the nefarious purposes of mass Muslim infiltration and eventual demographic conquest. Indeed, way too much focus is placed today primarily on the violent aspects of jihad, as the greatest threat emanating from Islam to the infidel west stems from mass Muslim infiltration and eventual demographic conquest.

    Indeed, take a look around the infidel western world where mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage has been occurring for decades longer than over here in the USA, and everywhere we see that Muslims have formed no-go zones ruled by Sharia that are in effect tiny Islamic statelets within the larger host infidel states. Next, take a look inside the Islamic world, without exception in every Islamic majority country in the world, Christians, Hindus, Jews, and all other non-Muslim infidels today are routinely raped, murdered, kidnapped, and their places of worship are regularly blown up or burned down. Finally, take a look what is happening throughout the world in countries that border Islamic states like in Kenya and Nigeria that are plagued by violent jihadists. How can we continue to ignore this reality?

    Indeed, how much longer will our politicians on both sides of the political aisles in the name of PC multiculturalism and political correctness continue to ignore these glaring realities and at the same time continue to put our national security at risk? As a matter of fact, the only reason we remain vulnerable to violent jihad attacks on our soil today is because we have millions of Muslims living in this country under false pretenses. Certainly, the evidence is overwhelming that they are waging jihad against the infidel world to ultimately make Islam supreme. Yet, it is being deliberately ignored. Why?

    Because we let them.

  • RatedBestComment

    We know the left is idiotic, violent in nature, full of hypocrisy, patently false, so why do we keep letting them control us???

    That means we are no worse than they!!!

    (Job 19:7 [KJV])
    Behold, I cry out of wrong, but I am not heard: I cry aloud, but [there is] no judgment.

  • Christopher Riddle

    I have been quoting”POGO”since the 2008 election!What took EVERYBODY else so long????????????????

  • Ganesha_akbar
    • Americana

      This woman is not a “devout Muslima.” She’s not in Muslim dress, she’s not wearing a headscarf. So what is it that leads you to believe she’s Muslim? I looked for news stories about this event and she’s not a Muslim.

    • Americana

      Hmmmm, guess she is Muslim. There’s a photo accompanying the article where she’s in a headscarf.

      Police said the victim was found covered in blood, and was “disoriented, confused and bleeding from the face.” She said her attacker accused the 27-year-old of spreading rumors about her and her manager, police said.

      Latia Harris is accused of assaulting another woman in a park in Salem, N.J., in front of the woman’s 2-year-old son.

      The victim was treated for her injuries at a local hospital. The attack left her with limited vision in her left eye, according to a complaint filed by police.

  • Andrew Jackson

    Muslims suffer from truthophobia.