The Cancer of Common Core — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by superstars Basil Hoffman, a Hollywood actor (“Rio, I Love You”), Ann-Marie Murrell, the National Director of and Ernie White, a Civil Rights Activist.

The Gang discussed The Cancer of Common Core, analyzing how Mao’s Cultural Revolution has now reached America’s public schools.

The Gang also focused on Insane Math Lessons, Holocaust-Denial Assignments for American Children, how Islam is a big investor in the Left’s new educational concept, how individualism is being crushed in the new “raising of standards,” and much, much more:

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  • mezcukor

    great show .great facts.

    • jamieglazov11

      Thank you Mezcukor!

  • Hal

    Stop Commie Coran!

  • jburack

    This is one of the MOST disappointing shows I have ever seen here and is a key reason I find it hard to trust Frontpage as much as I would like to. This is a total misunderstanding and distortion of what Common Core is. “They’re going to be controlling children,” one of your guests says. What idiocy. Not a single mention of the intellectual rigor Common Core seeks to promote. It is a real insult to anyone who knows anything about it. And I do NOT mean lefties or liberals. I mean solid conservative education thinkers like Sol Stern and Chester Finn. This discussion was a joke.

    • herb benty

      Einstein, Henry Ford, Jobs, Gates, Babage, …… need to list the genius and brilliant men and women WHO DID NOT NEED the Feds and their Common Core BS! Your MSM certainly won’t tell you the truth about anything, many other websites are telling the truth also. This discussion was the TRUTH, if that annoys you, buzz off!


        Steve Jobs was not a genius.

        He was a guy with an oversized ego and slavish followers.

        He may have been a sociopath.

        I don’t think he ever gave away, donated block of his fortune has Bill Gates has.

        • Webb Cook

          Screw Socialism? The public school system is the pinnacle of socialism and statist indoctrination. What other socialist institution gets its claws into you — by ‘law’ — at the age of 5?

          • herb benty

            Gates is also behind Common Core, however, concerning him, Jobs and the others i listed, none of them NEEDED the Feds roaring in with leftist indoctrination to turn out smart people. My doctor relatives didnt need Common Core, etc., etc.

    • Libslayer

      I have kids struggling to make sense of this load of progressive claptrap dressed up as education. Obamacore is leftist indoctrination, incomprehensible math, and social engineering.
      You don’t know what you are talking about.

      • jburack

        I’d love to know how you combine leftist indoctrination with incomprehensible math. Nice trick. I guess social engineering is just not rocket science.

        • Libslayer

          Mahdi is stacking prayer mats
          He stacks 12 in all.
          President Obama is the 44th president
          If Madhi gives seven prayer mats to Obama, how many racist Christians are in Mississippi?
          A. All of them
          B. Too many to count
          C. Why do you hate a black president?
          D. Islamophobia, straight up.
          E. All of the above.

    • Gamal

      Mathematician James Milgram wouldn’t approve of Common Core because the standards are far behind those of other countries in math. Common Core math is too difficult and doesn’t teach the kids the math they should learn. Likewise teaching is not age appropriate. Material taught to Kindergarteners includes material that should be taught to children in older classes. The result is stressing out children in the lower classes and destroying their love of learning when they could have learned the material and more in later classes. Many of the people who came up with Common Core were not educators and it shows. Difficulty is not the same thing as intellectual rigor. Much of the Common Core material is boring and there clearly is indoctrination in Common Core approved textbooks. In addition what are claimed to be just standards tell teachers not only what to teach but what not to teach. There is too much micromanagement of teachers by the incompetent dictators of Common Core. Common Core does not deal with the real problems with American education You can read a lot more in

  • rosie

    Common core is not supposed to help children, it indoctrinates children, the insane math causes stress, if you beat a child down long enough you can then put what ever you want in their minds. The host talked about common core coming between parents and children, here is a question from 2nd grade vocabulary paper. 4. To LURE her grandson, Grandma might say,_____________. Then on the bottom of the page drawing lines to make complete sentences, 9. A PREDATOR tries to LURE its prey to itself. To me this is calling grandma a predator, and it made me very angry. The paper is from “Harcourt”. so much more just plain evil things in this common core. It is not for education, but for indoctrination. It has to be thrown out completely and those pushing it charged with cognitive child abuse. please pray for our children.

    • jburack

      This idiotic question for a vocabulary paper, aside from not even making any sense (unless something has been left out here, as seems to be the case), has NOTHING to do with Common Core. Harcourt has nothing to do with Common Core. Where do you people come up with this stuff? Nuts. Absolutely nuts.

  • John Davidson

    I guess the collective thought must be the answer to all our problems. Let’s see how that goes over with the various world religions that have their own way of controlling folks.

  • popseal

    Only a lazy, ill informed, or willingly ignorant fool would entrust a child to unionized ‘educators’ using a bureaucrat’s curriculum. Two words:
    Home School ! Government agents hate it when citizens choose liberty over dependency.


      Home schools the children of regressive progressives and generational welfare industry patrons.

      Fix the Public Schools – which have been the bedrock of the US for generations.

      Get rid of incompetent teachers – employed due to their leftist credentials and skin color and send them to the Home schools.

  • timeklek

    Kids Incorporated into the Feudal Future.

  • Gamal

    For some additional insights see

  • jburack

    I see from looking back here at these comments that they almost all exhibit the same paranoia, the same anger, the same contempt for different viewpoints as you see all the time when Common Core is debated. They are all pretty much worthless as to the actual nature of Common Core or even the problems associated with it. It ought to bother Frontpage mag that this is what the right comes up with when it discusses things. Almost now a mirror image of what the New Left once did. Worse than worthless.

  • MTnman

    The elders among you recognize Common Core for what it is, renamed failures of the past. Still trying to fool the citizens to keep the money flowing. It is not about students, but cookie-cutter standards to serve government’s purpose.