The Ferguson Lynch Mob and What It Doesn’t Know — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was guest-hosted by Ann-Marie Murrell and joined by Monty Morton, Nonie Darwish and Karen Siegemund.

The guests gathered to discuss, The Ferguson Lynch Mob and What it Doesn’t Know, analyzing the the Left’s rush to judgment, division and hate — without the facts (starts at 15:00 mark).

The guests also tackled Ferguson, Foley and a Radical-in-Chief’s Double Standards, focusing on how Obama and the media support a lynch mob while engaging in willful blindness to Islamic jihad.

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  • William

    It must suck to be so afraid of black people.

    • PhillipGaley

      While all of that may be quite open to speculation, can it be immediately accepted as fact that, you yourself, have the common sense to withhold your footsteps from dangerous neighborhoods, and at dangerous times? In your mind, are the stories of personal injury or death concerning known areas in Chicago and LA and D.C. worthy of a heavy discount?

      • William

        I know better than to be afraid of them. Having lived in a black community in Atlanta for several years I learned not to fear them. Ghetto folks are still human beings, despite their circumstances.

        • Geniece

          The mating cry of the beta white male college professor.

          Tell you what. Go back to Atlanta and stay there, then report back in twenty years. Better yet, go to Camden.

          “I learned not to fear them.” You’re a screaming racist, you know that? You can’t even name degenerate behavior, you’re so keen on sucking up.

          “Ghetto folks” also include those millions of us blacks who got out of these Bartertowns because the red flags of genetically hardwired fear saved our lives. It also protected us from the inhumanity of both our low IQ/rapidly spawning neighbors AND the civil rights BS of liberals like you. Stop denigrating us out of your tenure-hound racist attitudes. You aren’t fooling us in your drive to impress teenage progressives.

          • William

            I’ve been through Camden, which is actually worse than Atlanta. I’ve never felt unsafe in a city because of the income level or race of people living there. I know better than to be afraid.

          • PhillipGaley

            “I know better than to be afraid.”
            Right! People are advised in survival techniques that, if a mean dog or fierce animal smells or otherwise senses fear, mostly likely he will attack; hence the advice: “Show no fear.”.
            Once outside of Fairbanks, Dad was out cutting firewood, and this large bear came at us, and reared up and roared. Well, Dad picked up his axe, and held it up and roared back. And the bear looked at us, lowered, and turned and lumbered off. I think, that was when Mother understood that, we were to return to Portland, . . . which we did, in a DC 3, landing at Swan Island.
            So, yeah, the good sense in the Biblical injunction: “Fear not! But also, just because G0D saved you once, don’t be found in presumption—get away from danger, . . . and stay away, . . .
            Also, to be true to logic in language, it is not: “I learned not to. . . .”; but rather: “I learned to not . . . .”.

          • William

            Another way of putting it: if you act like a victim, you will become a victim. Personally I have had no problems in bad neighborhoods, even in the worst ones. I’ve only been mugged once in my life and it was by a white junkie downtown, not in the ‘ghetto’ I lived in. Now I live in a neighborhood with 16 dollar mansions down the road, and muggings still happen around me. Life is taking risks.

          • ratonis

            There seem to be quite a few black citizens in Chicago who have “had problems” in bad neighborhoods. Congratulations on your safe existence, but please don’t b so self-absorbed as to project your good fortune on people who do, in fact, live in fear a stray bullets, gang activities, etc. Your reality is not the whole world, as startling as that may be for you to reaiize.

          • hyedenny

            Income levels nor races will hurt you, it’s the 300 pound thug who doesn’t give a damn about anything or anyone. And statistics show a direct correlation between those that do the hurting and their race and income level. It’s only a matter of time until your idealism catches up with you and bites you in the ass. btw: Nice hair.

          • truebearing

            Why don’t you go to Chicago, down on the South side. Hang out with the gangbangers for a weekend…and what an end it would be.

        • truebearing

          Sure. You lived with Sunnis, too, according to you. Why don’t you go live with the ISIS Sunnis. They’d sell you off as a sex slave with the rest of the women they capture.

  • geneww1938

    I was just collecting my thoughts:White Jersey City police officer detective Melvin Santiago was shot to death on July 13th. By Lawrence Campbell, who is black

    White Gary, Indiana Officer Jeffrey Westerfield shot to death on July 6th. Westerfield by black Carl LeEllis Blount, Jr.

    White Indianapolis, Indiana police officer Perry Renn was shot to death on July 5th, the day before Officer Westerfield was killed by Black Major Davis

    Vermillion Parish white Deputy Sheriff Allen Bares was gunned down by two black men June 23rd. His two killers, Quintlan Richard and Baylon Taylor, were black.

    Killeen Police Department Detective Charles Dinwiddie murdered by Black Marvin Lewis Guy on May 11th.

    Then, Black Griffin Georgia Police Department Officer Kevin Jordan was gunned down on May 31st. by a white killer Michael Bowman and “The Reverend” Al Sharpton was there inspiring looting and burning on the streets of Griffin, Georgia.

    Blacks complain that white officers threat black men more aggressively on the street. You can draw your own conclusions on that one, as well.

  • PhillipGaley

    In the picture of Foley’s body in which his bare heels are shown and his toes, down, the body is lying stomach down, the head on the back, and his hands behind his back.
    @ 16:24, despite the incorrectness of common parlance embraced—and, not only—by the unlearned, “to steal” always is to imply secret or covert action, as by slieght of hand, or under cover of darkness.
    @ 16:25, than “a forty-eight dollar box of . . . .”, rather, “a fifty-dollar box of . . . .” would be more correct, . . . though, no doubt, you won’t be able to figure out just why, . . .
    @ 36:00, the reason why the slanted and preposterous reporting of Black – White events is, enhancement of preparations for population reduction, and partly, of course, by means of racial conflict, . . .

    But to return to the title of the article about, what the Ferguson mob doesn’t know, the logic of discussion dictates that, when the color of character of one—who may be at least the momentary object of attention—is not declared, why then is that one accorded any benefit of doubt in innocence; and so, as here, in some posts, Michael Brown is to be held in consideration as any other innocent party.
    And so to have well begun in logic, there is a principle functioning in all of life which says: “First things, first.”, which, as in debate and comparison of one against the other, here, it calls for any reason in cause as to why one or the other could be held to suffer predjudice in consideration.
    And to correctly divide, also coming to bear, there is another principle, and which says: “He who seeks fairness must himself perform in fairness.”. And at this, for clarity, it perhaps should be mentioned that, though now, although corporeally, Michael Brown is quite dead, his associates and his family—and, seeking justification of his interests, just who he was and what he did—continue to raise him as most lively in abstract argument.

    Then, step-wise, and contrarywise, for the posts which put forth that, this is about a cop shooting an unarmed young Black man, a teen with his hands in the air, so very many of our dear commentators would have us blink the fact that, if only in the video frame in which he is to be seen strong-arming the shopkeeper, Michael Brown perfectly manifests the character of a violent criminal, . . . a thug, with what of his might and main, is set upon breaking through the bounds of decency for easy apprehension of elements which may have been essential to his chosen life-style, . . . And so we see, a Michael Brown who was not ashamed to take up the script for “the thug”, and play that part as the self-chosen appearance of his life.
    While, just exactly what occurred from the policeman’s point of view, . . . and just how he did what he did, I do not know, I do know that, very much unlike the policeman, Michael Brown had already reduced himself beneath any lengthy attention; Michael Brown was rather a, . . . a thug, . . . societal trash, . . . For his cast in history, this is to be the sum of discussion concerning this Michael Brown. And in that way, for what Michael Brown was, plainly, in that town, now without him, peace and tranquility can continue as undisturbed, . . . undisturbed, at least, from Michael Brown’s deviltry.
    Logically, the impulse to present tender considerations of Michael Brown can only be held up for hard entertainment, and which of course, points out that, on balance between the two, talk of court action against the policeman is simply to cater to the mere puerile concern of a childish population—though wretched, destructive, and otherwise, dangerous.

  • truebearing

    “The Ferguson Lynch Mob and What It Doesn’t Know.” This could take awhile….