The Left’s Romance With Hamas — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Titans Michael Hausam, writer at, Monty Morton, a conservative entrepreneur, and Ann-Marie Murrell, the CEO of

The Gang gathered to discuss The Left’s Romance With Hamas, analyzing the media’s moral equivalency about a death cult and the target of its terror. The guests also focused on “Why Jews are Not Allowed to Defend Themselves,” “A U.S. Administration’s Betrayal of Israel,” “A Radical-in-Chief and the Islamic State’s Killing Fields,” “Jews Fleeing France,” and much, much more.

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  • Arf

    Monty Morton said that “if the Middle East gets its way and obliterates Israel, they’re coming after us.” It doesn’t matter if they obliterate Israel or not — they are still coming after America,and there will be unbelievable terrorism in the United States.

    • Evermyrtle

      The left thinks that if they cooperate with the enemy that they will be given elevated positions, when the enemy takes over. The enemy will not be stupid enough to trust those who betrayed us. Why would they trust them, if they betrayed one time, what will prevent them betraying, again? What do Communists do with people they no longer need, that they don’t trust?????

      • Americana

        Please, god, let’s not have such stupidity. It will be DECADES before Islamists are going to win the battle to be in charge in this country to “reward Leftists for their service” or “kill them because they no longer need them.”

        • Webb

          But they’re still going to win, huh bytch?

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          Look up the Zombie Muhammad incident (in which a muslim judge dismissed all charges against a muslim defendant who was videotaped assaulting a najjis kaffir in front of a half dozen witnesses). Or look up how Christians have been systematically denied their civil rights and liberties by muslims in Dearbornistan. Your lies and obfuscations are paper thin.

    • shekky goldstein

      The Glazov GangBangers have nothin’ on the Bloods and Crips- although the Bs and Cs don’t run the US media.

  • Lanna

    Add on Hezbollah, Ansar Al Sharia, Isis, AlQaeda, and other radicals.

  • Americana

    It was very strange for Michael Hausam to say news is biased and Leftist because there are no pictures or video of Hamas fighters bringing missiles through tunnels up into schools. Why is it so strange? Hausam must know that there was a CNN journalist who videotaped a Hamas missile site being set up and then the launch. The correspondent also went over the following morning to try to videotape at the missile site. I’m not sure why anyone would suggest there’s something nefarious about the fact there aren’t as many pictures of dead Palestinian fighters as there are of dead Palestinian civilians but given Hamas doesn’t embed journalists like U.S. forces do, Hamas deaths are not going to be easily photographed.

    As for Ann-Marie Murrell, how can she possibly say Hamas fighters are only using the buildings in the Gaza Strip for cover because they want to guarantee dead Palestinians? If Hamas could use those buildings as cover without having any Palestinian civilian deaths, they very likely would choose to do so because that would solve the political fallout Hamas experiences when they provoke Israel. I’d love to see her sitting out there in no-man’s land and how long she’d sit there once she saw Israeli drones overhead. Her segue into denouncing Beyonce’s life and comments and the Hollywood celebrity focus on the Israeli-Palestinian issues has nothing to do w/whether or not there is coverage of Hollywood brouhaha as well as international brouhaha in our media. BOTH international news and celebrity news is available 24/7.

    Monty Morton is right that Israel has a right to exist. But (Morton hates the word ‘BUT’ on this issue) Israel was announced as a state w/the corollary that there would be a Palestinian state declared at some point. The fact the Arab bloc acted on behalf of the Palestinian Arabs and has repeatedly brought war to Israel is sufficient reason for Israel to refuse to countenance a Palestinian state. However, Israel should also realize that by not creating a Palestinian state, Israel is risking the continuing growth of jihad. Israel is not only risking jihad against herself in every corner of the world, but Israel’s stance has created this worldwide growth in jihad. The U.S. will not risk real jihad and a full-out battle on U.S. soil for decades.

    • tokoloshiman

      Worldwide jihad has got little or nothing to do with Israel. Israel was not established on the “corollary” that there be a palestinian state. Israel accepted what they eventually got ( less than they deserved and less than originally allocated, whilst Arabs rejected a state right from the beginning. They have rejected a state ever since. Not only is there no infrastructure for a viable state because of their belligerence, but they do not want a state – they want no jewish state at all. Hamas’ “constitution” makes that clear. Israel also can not afford to have a violent militarized state on its border. Until the koran changes , nothing will change. And that is not going to happen.

      • Americana

        No, none of your points are true or are an accurate representation of events. What was originally suggested in the Balfour Agreement in 1922 as a Jewish homeland was NOT what was eventually promised to Israel and delivered in 1947 by the U.N. partition agreement. Why did the Balfour Agreement fall by the wayside? Because the U.N. and all regional parties realized they’d never persuade the Palestinian Arabs to relinquish their rights by force. That is what the Arab Revolt was meant to indicate to the British and to the Zionists. Besides, why wouldn’t the Palestinians Arabs have rejected being forced to relinquish their current status of landholders when confronted w/the U.N. partition agreement? That’s not even a sensible remark. If the Palestinians didn’t want a state, they wouldn’t have pursued it within the U.N. As for continuing belligerence being used as a rationale for CONTINUING TO DEPRIVE the Palestinians of a state, the opposite is also true — that continuing to deprive the Palestinians of a state is to VOLUNTARILY CONTINUE THIS WARFARE.

        • Webb

          The homeless arabs were and are homeless precisely because they have proven themselves incapable of ever being the citizens of any state. They are perpetual outcasts from civilization. It is sympathizers like yourself who VOLUNTARILY CONTINUE THIS WARFARE by denying this reality. These homeless arabs should get nothing more than tents, food, and basic medical care. Beyond that, they will weaponize any welfare they are given. When Jordan learned its lesson about them it killed them by the scores of thousands. There is nothing wrong with continuing warfare against them. It is essential.

          • Americana

            If the Palestinians were homeless vagrants like the Bedouin then what are all those villages of stone buildings throughout Palestine that lie abandoned because of the Palestinians having fled, either at the instigation of Muslims or Israelis during the first push to reduce the Palestinian Arab population within Israel? These stone and mortar villages are adjacent to TENDED OLIVE GROVES that obviously had been planted by their owners and tended by their owners for millennia. There are certainly Bedouin who are homeless in the sense they live as migratory herdsmen, but those Palestinians who maintained olive groves and had small herds of goats that didn’t require moving to fresh pasture or working trade routes were sedentary homeowners and farmers.

            If you’re going to discuss all the Arab players in this, you have to differentiate between various Arab demographics. The Bedouin are not interchangeable w/the Palestinians. They are two DIFFERENT DEMOGRAPHICS w/DIFFERENT LIFESTYLES and DIFFERENT CLAIMS on the land in Palestine. There would NOT HAVE BEEN A NAQBA if there were not Palestinian Arabs living in SETTLED, PERMANENT VILLAGES in Palestine. Jordan had a run-in w/the Palestinians because the Palestinians were trying to figure the easiest way out of their dispossession at the creation of Israel. There is no clean way out of this situation. Not all aid has been weaponized by all the Palestinians. There are legitimate Palestinian entities that are interested in crafting a peace. Like some of the other long-running conflicts between irregular paramilitary resistance groups and a seated government, the peace should be drawn between those seeking peace and those needing peace. There should also be a recognition that not all the players will join the peace process. The peace process in Israel may always be a war of attrition where the majority’s choice for peace rules over those still fomenting war.

          • Webb

            There is no peace process and there never will be. Israel can only go along to get along because these arab outcasts could never govern themselves. When the US government was established it didn’t stop progress in its tracks just because the Indians had never heard of government, enjoyed warring with other tribes, and hadn’t even invented the wheel. No, civilization develops the land and organizes commerce. You can romanticize the way of life of the American Indians or the arab outcasts, but that changes nothing insofar as the fact that they are incapable of being self-governing. You certainly wouldn’t want to live like they did, but that’s where they would still be if civilized people hadn’t come on the scene and developed government, institutions, schools, and advanced medical care. I waited in an ER in Afula that was full of outcast arabs who are now citizens of Israel. Without the Israel government, there would have been no hospital with its health care professionals to care for them.

        • Rachel Pancake Corrie

          What palestinian arabs?

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            Exactly they are a made up people. It’s as ridiculous and calling New Yorkers a people.

    • Webb

      A Palestinian state can be declared as often as you’d like, but it’s never going to exist. The risk of jihad is always constant at 100% until Islam ceases to exist, due to the face that Islam and jihad define each other.

  • Armed_Infidel

    The crazy american jews continue to support Obama and Kerry overwhelmingly. Similarly, they didn’t lift a finger to help their european brothers and sisters during the holocaust until it was too late.

    • Rachel Pancake Corrie

      blabla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

  • whatalife1

    Dinesh…fine fellow. Well done….

  • Matthew Johnston

    The middle east is a violent place and to survive you have to be violent now Israel Kills It Own soldiers. Lebanese Christians just as violent as their enemies. The US has had to stand in the middle so this sort of violence did not take place a neutral party non sectarian regional as walking the streets of Kirkuk. Iran has been trying to kick the US out of the mid east since the early 80’s but you can see they are now reliant on US air strikes. Same reason the US had kick Iraq out of Kuwait. So a regional war or a small war by a neutral party. Iran becomes more powerful the region becomes more bloody. But the US is still needed as seen by the air strikes in Iraq.

  • Bruce Weiner

    It, s obvious to me Barry Soetoro hates Israel, this scumbag supported the muslim brotherhood openly, he has treated Netanyahu like a leper and he wants Israel to commit suicide by going back to pre 67 borders.In my humble opinion Barrys deal with a apocolyptic Iranian regime is a means to an end, I think he believes he can obtain lasting peace in the middle east by serving up Israel on a nuclear platter