The Hidden Fees of ObamaCare — on The Glazov Gang

feesThis week’s special edition of The Glazov Gang was hosted by Superstar Ann-Marie Murrell and joined by Titans Morgan Brittany, Dwight Schultz and Michael Chandler.

The Gang gathered to discuss The Hidden Fees of ObamaCare. The discussion occurred in Part II and focused on how, step by step, Americans are now learning that, surprise, surprise, Obama’s health care plan isn’t really free. The segment also included a discourse on Dennis Rodman’s Kim Jong-Un Romance. 

Part I dealt with Obama and The Muslim Brotherhood, The NY Times’ Benghazi Myths and  A Day in the Life of Saeed Abedini.

Don’t miss both parts of this Blockbuster 2-part episode below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • James Foard

    MURDER ON THE BENGHAZI EXPRESS. The New York Times uncovers startling new evidence that muslim film critics were behind the murder of Christopher Stevens and three others at Benghazi. After months of intensive detective work that would be the envy of any Agatha Christie novel, David Kirkpatrick has discovered the TRUE FACTS in this unsolved mystery. See

  • Shel_Zahav

    PM Netanyahu knows that the PA will never make a peace agreement. He has made a large bet on it.

    Let us remember two important facts:

    (1) The heads of the PA were elected 10 years ago to a 4 year term.
    Like all Arab tyrants, they are not interested in democracy or reform,
    but to stay in power. That is more important to them than the ruse of
    Palestinian nationhood.

    (2) Almost all the factions constituting the PA and virtually all of
    their rivals (Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc.) are dedicated to destroying
    Israel and have no desire to reach a permanent accommodation where
    Israel exists in any form along with a normalization of relations. They
    just cannot do this, so a true peace agreement is out of the question.

    So, whatever Israel does does not alter:

    (1) Ongoing terror attacks against civilians

    (2) Firing of missiles from Gaza at civilian targets in Israel including purposeful attempts to murder civilians

    (3) The EU ignoring these flagrant violations of morality, law and treaties

    (4) Der Sturmer-like news outlets like The Guardian, BBC, and the NYT
    publishing the most ridiculous falsehoods about Israel based on
    misguided beliefs and prejudices.

    (5) John Kerry’s peace process. Since the Secretary of State is
    really using this process to support his desire to run for president
    next year, he will not hesitate to spend any amount of US taxpayer money
    in this effort. It isn’t about peace, it is about, “I wanna be

  • Burkasrugly

    And there will be liberal dingbats who will vote for Hillary Clinton. Obama is our first Muslim president, and Huma Abedin will be our first Muslim Secretary of State. Ugh!

  • jordonvuz355

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  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    I am so looking forward to the Glazov Gang sitting down with Lt. Mike Zullo so he can discuss the “earth shattering” evidence they have collected over the past 29 months during their criminal investigation of Barack Hussein Obama. Frontpage seems to be zeroed in on this Fraud in Chief why not do an interview that will end this pathetic man’s career and take down the enablers that are part of his radical administration. What the hell are you afraid of, THE TRUTH!

  • newsel

    Kerry is headed home…the PA told him to FO…

  • Notalibfool

    If there was an imam imprisoned for his beliefs in a Christian theocracy (if one even existed) Obama would be outraged.

  • Dallas25305

    This man’s skin doesn’t look that dark. If he looked more like Trayvon then Obama would demand action. Just as in Benghazi where the four murdered men where white, Obozo doesn’t care. As his old hag, Hillary said “what difference does it make” or in other words who cares. They care about themselves and pushing his Marxist ideology. However, with a lying black power racist like Barak Hussein in power you can’t expect any better. Honor is a word that he doesn’t even know exists.

  • BS77

    Hey Dennis….would you please remove those hideous pieces of metal you have punched through your nose, lips and ears…..You look like a creature from a science fiction movie…not a man. Buy a nice suit, get a job selling cars or real estate…try being normal for a change.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    The more publicity, the better.
    What ARE you waiting for, Frontpage?

  • john spielman

    I wonder if Rodman enjoys watching people being torn apart by hungry dogs?

  • De Doc

    Rodman enhances his baseline buffoonery with these latest antics. The retired NBA baller and chiefest clown now hangs it with his best homey, Dictator Kim.

  • einnob

    This is very exaggerated that Europeans were flocking to America for medicine. Too expensive for them. Europe has good medicine now, as good as in the US.I am from Belgium and I have lived in Belgium and the US about the same amount of time. We have socialize medicine in Belgium but far from being Obamacare. It is very different and works very well. It is also a lot cheaper than Obamacare disaster.

  • kendrick1

    Who will decide if YOU are unfit to live??

    Cameron S. Schaeffer: Affordable Care Act’s undertone: ‘the duty to die’

    Read more here:

  • Phil

    Obamao care is really meant to destroy the middle class and kill the elderly and imperfect. Let’s just cut the bull O.K..