The Resilience of America’s Cowboy Spirit — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Nick Adams, an internationally renowned Australian speaker, lecturer, author, and media commentator. He is best known for his work in the field of American exceptionalism.

He came on the show to discuss his new book, America’s Cowboy Spirit, outlining how the image of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood remains the hope for the U.S.A. The dialogue occurred within a focus on his new book, The American Boomerang: How the World’s Greatest ‘Turnaround’ Nation Will Do It Again.

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Don’t miss this week’s second episode with conservative entrepreneur and walking encyclopedia Monty Morton, who came on the show to discuss Obama’s Dependent States of America, analyzing how Obama’s domestic and foreign policy have severely weakened the United States:

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  • Late Breaks To Spain
  • Late Breaks To Spain
    • johnnie the jew

      which part of Spain ? Catalonia hopefully for the revolution….

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    I’ve always admired the spirit of Australians, and Nick Adams may have just sold me on his book. He sees in our country what Americans seem to have lost sight of, and I appreciate it.

    By the way, I been trying to help a man in my hometown, for years, who was on disability, and other forms of government “assistance”. He was caught in a trap, and he didn’t even realize it. Recently, he graduated from a job-training program (I paid for his tuition), and now … at 44 … he has his first job. Ever.

    He’s moved out of Section 8 housing. No more food stamps. No more energy assistance. No more SSI. He’s got a car, a new apartment, and the smile of pride on his face is simply amazing.

    I usually flag ads (I did so for the two in this thread). But my friend is a walking advertisement for the American way.

  • ray

    America’s cowboy-spirit still exists, but few and faint. The U.S. over the past century was a good place to be a cow, not a boy.
    In the 1870s John Gast captured (if only on-frame) the new, conquering American Spirit. Decidedly not a cowboy.
    Barbed wire sealed the last of the cowboys out. Holstered guns were outlawed in towns, in the interest of Safety! of course. Which quickly let the punks take over, even so today. Then the age of ‘civil rights’ and prison-industrialism began in earnest, in case any cowboys were overlooked. lol
    Lots of folks in the SW and NW sure think they are cowboys tho! Takes more than a hat.