The VA Hospital Scandal and Double Standards — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang, guest-hosted by superstar Josh Brewster, was joined by Titans Karen Siegemund, Founder of Rage Against the Media, Bill Whittle from and, and Mell Flynn, President of Hollywood Congress of Republicans.

The Gang gathered to discussThe VA Hospital Scandal, Illegals and Double Standards,analyzing when Obama’s outrage ignites — and when it doesn’t. (starting at 11:45 minute mark).

The Titans also focused on “A Jailed Marine and a Silent Commander-in-Chief,” “Cruz’ing the Tea Party/Republican Divide,”Ted Cruz Rising,” “The Growing American Police State?” and much, much more.

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  • kikorikid

    Obamas Diversity minions have carried out
    schemes to effect racial genocide in the VA system.
    Of the forty(40) dead in the Phoenix VAMC:
    How many of the dead were African-American?
    How many of the dead were Hispanic?
    How many of the dead were White?
    If all White, then Racial-Political Genocide!
    If Genocide then…

  • Docs357

    What he did to our vets and active mil tar is what obamcare is going to do to all Americans if he’s not stopped meet the false prophet

  • Docs357

    Having problems posting photos again are we

  • Docs357

    This should post anti Christ08

  • meanpeoplesuck

    The double standard is that this started under Chimpy W McHitler, and also that he sent these boys and girls off to war for Eye-Rack-ee oil for his buds, and now they don’t want to pay to take care of them because it would eat too much into their precious profits.

    You’re too busy having hearings on Benghazi, the IRS and let’s have some more on Fast and Furious. Then maybe we can get to this one. And then have one on why Obama didn’t notify Congress that he got one of our soldiers released by the Taliban.