Jeremy Boreing Discusses — on The Glazov Gang

tr1_edited-1This week’s special editon of The Glazov Gang was joined by Jeremy Boreing, a writer and filmmaker who is Executive Director of Friends of Abe and the Managing Editor of, the new conservative media watchdog group started by Ben Shapiro with David Horowitz at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Jeremy’s recent film, The Arroyo, is a modern western that follows one man’s struggle against the lawlessness on America’s southern border.

Jeremy sat down with Jamie Glazov to discuss his film, The Arroyo — a modern western that follows one man’s struggle against the lawlessness on America’s southern border. The discussion occurred in Part II and focused on the importance of story telling and the vital role it plays in political and cultural battle.

In Part I, Jeremy illuminated Mutually Assured Destruction in the Culture War, focusing on’s tactic to confront the Left in our media, Hollywood and society at large.

Watch the two-part series below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • The Facts

    “Conservative.” Truth-Revolt has been picked up by Drudge, by Mike Rivero and Alex Jones to run alongside Russia Today and Paul Craig Roberts in a back-swill of fake news. The irony is that the pigs that eat at that trough cannot tell hasbara from pseudo-libertarianism from communism.

    • Rebecca

      Fake news? We have no border problem?

      • The Facts

        We? Are you including me in homophobic Christian racists? Don’t do that please.

        • Rebecca

          I thought you were talking about what these folks are saying. And, thought maybe you had some evidence of what is fake about it. No, you have an agenda and have had a negative emotional reaction to the truth.

          • The Facts

            I am familiar with the technique of requesting evidence of things like the sky being blue, and so forth. You cannot be a person of your political bent and also be a logical positivist. They are mutually exclusive ends of the credibility spectrum. One does not rant about how many places the Bible condemns homosexuality and then demand that someone prove that Alex Jones, RT, and TR are fake news sites. You don’t get to be both types of intellect.

          • Rebecca

            You don’t have an intellect. And, you are the only one ranting here. The show above is about homo-sex? Try thinking with your other brain.

          • Western Canadian

            Hey, factsblind, you are familiar with the ‘sky being blue’ method, only because you are devoid of facts, full of ignorance and hate, and are incapable of formulating an argument.

          • tagalog

            And then there’s the refuge of name-calling when you don’t have any real argument to make.

          • The Facts

            Ah yes. The refuge of nomenclature and epistemology. The things jerks like Mendeleev and even Adam did.

          • tagalog

            I guess it’s some sort of species of nomenclature, though what use it has as such is pretty debatable. Hardly a form of epistemology though.

          • The Facts

            Isn’t it? I thought I spoke to the nature and scope of Rebecca’s selective use of logical positivism being invalid due to the Rule of Excluded middle. The task for Rebecca is to demonstrate a hierarchy of logic where being obsessed with Biblical veracity does not contradict being skeptical of the critics of other media.

          • The Facts

            Consulted Euclid, Aristotle and Engel on that, did you?

          • reader
          • UCSPanther

            I think “The Facts” is a troll known as Robert Godwinson aka Flipside. He was lollygagging here in the past under that handle spewing intellectually devoid foolishness, making veiled anti-Semitic comments, trying to dox people and just being a general nuisance.

          • gray_man

            Oh, I get it. An insignificant little nothing.

          • The Facts

            I think it’s great that you attribute a Viking name to me. Can you explain to me the expression “veiled” anti-Semitic comments? Should I build an arbor? Was a wedding supposed to take place? It’s funny that homophobic Christian racists are invited to the wedding, but a fellow like me gets beaten over the head with model trains for pointing it out.

          • UCSPanther

            You make as much sense as a crazy homeless guy.

            If you are looking for compromising information on me, Mr Doxxer, you ain’t gonna find it.

          • Rebecca

            Reasoning with an unstable troll…makes me ask myself “What are you doing!?!?”

        • oneteedoffpatriot

          Says the guy who loves muslims.

        • gray_man

          No, we are including you with the deluded imbeciles.
          Who cease to be funny about the time they get out of diapers. So, I guess we have another year of your asinine comments.

        • laura r

          you mean problem w/gay hispanics? be clear.

    • Silver Garcia

      Mike Rivero runs at least one vile web site with no comment forum. That is a sign of a liar. Same re; Paul Craig Roberts. Another Israel hater on a Muslim payroll. Info Wars is most likely a CIA run or CIA financed site. RT is entertaining at least. Peter Lavelle hates the American right and his guests often have verbal diarhea.

  • Zundfolge

    So has The Glazov Gang officially moved from “ATP Los Angeles” YouTube channel to “Anyaz Anni Cyrus” YouTube channel? If so I need to adjust my subscriptions because I seem to have missed the last few episodes.

  • fiddler

    Don’t think the Left is going to kiss up and make nice. They are members of a cult religion that cannot tolerate dissent. As Brown University attests to they are intolerant to the core and view themselves as morally superior. No free market with them.

    • aldisiij367

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      • gray_man

        prostitution is illegal.

    • Zundfolge

      Scroll to top of page … read tag line under Frontpage Mag header.

      There you go :)

  • Zundfolge

    Jeremy makes the point that one reason that conservatives have avoided the arts is because we on some level dislike or distrust the use of fictional narratives (as somehow being dishonest).

    I believe this thinking may have merit, but it doesn’t look at the other side … why do liberals gravitate toward the arts and entertainment to push their agenda?

    I’d argue it is because destruction, critique (ah la Critical Marxism) and tearing down ideas is significantly easier than building up ideas.

    Most forms of art and entertainment that further the leftist agenda don’t do so overtly, most of them just tear down conservatism (by tearing down traditions, morality, history, etc). They don’t need to design something to fill in the vacuum they’ve created, all they have to do is destroy and their world view will flow in like sewage.

    All they have to do is slaughter sacred cows … they don’t have to replace them with their own goats.

    So I believe a half century of cultural dominance by the left should give us plenty of liberalism to tear down with our art for the foreseeable future, but what do we do after that? How do we build ideas with art and entertainment that will withstand the eventual swing back against us again? Or will our wanton destruction of the left end up leaving us as morally and intellectually bankrupt as they?

  • tagalog

    Is that a laser-dot sight or a flashlight on the handgun? Why is he using one? It’s daytime in the picture and any experienced shooter will surely agree that it takes more time to aim with a laser sight than with iron sights.

  • CaoMoo

    If it gets on Netflix Id watch it

  • William_Bradford

    This interview is appreciated, and enlightening. When Shapiro launched, I viewed who were the associates. Certainly David Horowitz’ contribution to the effort had an impact. But upon viewing the other contributors, there was great alarm – as I read the bios, all of the contributors came from the “left coast.” I was skeptical.

    Knowing that Jeremy originated from Texas explains much. I grew up in the upper midwest and in my younger adult life read much written by the Founders – I became a true believer. With horror I watched over my lifetime the rise of leftism – the lies, the distortions, the destruction, the total war that they embraced, and in which they engaged against America. When I moved to Texas in the mid 90s I knew I had found home – finally a place where most believed as I did, where America still lived. Thank Jeremy; I will seek out his movie.

    Regarding not viewing leftist products. I would query: why would you give your cash, or support to anyone who will use that cash, or support to enslave you? The objective is not to support these people but to remove the cash that makes them possible. I also don’t ware or purchase products from companies who support leftist causes – Levis Stauss, Slimfast, Target, et al – every purchase a political purchase, this isn’t a sometime fight, this is an all-the-time fight, this isn’t a game.