Video: Jamie Glazov Confronts Taqiyya in Omaha

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Watch Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov‘s showdown with Dr. Naser Z. Alsharif, Director of the Middle East Cultural and Educational Services, over the Muslim Brotherhood’s malicious gambit within the Tri-Faith Initiative. The event was hosted by the Global Faith Institute in Omaha on August 7.

(To read about the Tri-Faith Initiative, click here; to watch Mark Christian discuss the Muslim Brotherhood charade, click here).

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  • Jeff Ludwig

    I don’t know what to say. Confronting these smug distinguished-looking Islamic collaborators with Truth is the only way to go. There have always been dissemblers and there always be dissemblers. But they always must be confronted. John the Baptizer did it. Jesus did it. Moses did it. The prophets did it. Now, Dr. Glazov is doing it on this video. We can’t let the smooth lies drip from their lips without a sharp rejoinder and reprimand. Further, the point that is hammered home by JG is the lack of regret and dismay expressed by these Islamic spokespersons for these terrible events worldwide that are being done in the name of Islam. Why do we hear these events denounced by various radio and TV talk show hosts, but we don’t hear them denounced in the same way with profuse sorrow and dismay from spokespersons for Islam who only speak defensively about the need not to mischaracterize (sic) Islam. Even as a little Jewish boy in Philly, when the Rosenbergs were sentenced as traitors, I felt ashamed that a Jewish person would engage in such horrible conduct and betray the USA. Yet, I don’t hear any sense of shame, contrition, or outrage coming from one Muslim spokesperson about the nefarious conduct of their brethren, even if they believe that said Islamic jihadists don’t represent true Islam. Why doesn’t one of these dissemblers ever say that he denounces their actions, that they are a disgrace to Islam, and that he or she hopes and prays that in spite of these widespread and diabolical insurgencies that the Muslim people will succeed in smashing these movements to pieces? We never hear this. And, sorry to say, we never will. Jamie Glazov along with a few other notables who, while not in the MSM, still have important forums and are telling the truth, said what I hope I would say when confronted with this pap and deception. When I heard Glazov’s statements, my mind and heart rejoice. So many Americans (the majority) understand the truth and relevancy of Glazov’s comments, but, let’s face it, while free speech is still allowed, social pressures to be politically correct dominate the minds and mouths of far too many of our fellow citizens. Love you Bro. and honored Dr. Glazov.

    • jamieglazov11

      Thanks Jeff!

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Moslem organisations semi-annually denounce the actions of their more violent brethren, while they finance them the rest of the year. Who cares what moslems say? Lies flow from their lips like water down a stream. The fact is, they take no action to stop the systematic persecution/murder/rape/forcible conversion of non-moslems that is SOP in the moslem world.

  • semus

    Keep up the great work Jamie.

    • jamieglazov11

      Thank you Semus!

      • kikorikid

        I too offer great thanks for your work. Taqiyya spewers all.
        The Quranic proscriptions are clear, all “Interfaith Dialogues-Bridges” are to have “One-Way” stiles, towards Islam. In my view it is the intellectual fascism of Political Correctness that prevents any
        “Honest” dialogue about Islam. You and too few others refuse to
        wear these particular chains of bondage and by example you Lead!

  • Webb

    It should be pointed out that they picked the stupidest state in the Union in which to run this ruse. Nebraskans will fall for anything, like they’ve fallen for Chuck Hagel, Ben Nelson, and Bob Kerrey. That aside, a Baal tower is the capitol building of Nebraska. Baal worship far predates the barbarities of Islam, and is still alive and very well. Every year, a society of rank Satanists ordains a new group of their initiates in the Governor’s Reception of the capitol building.

  • wileyvet

    Nice job, Jamie. These frauds know exactly what they are doing, and you called them on it. They also know perfectly well, what Islam is all about, so these interfaith dialogues are nothing but more perfidious manipulation of the public. There can never be dialogue when one party is so disingenuous, and whose starting point is Islamic supremacy and rejection of all other beliefs. If one wishes to submit to Islam, then the Muslims are happy, otherwise there are zero points of agreement with Islamic leaders. All of them are as phony as a three dollar bill. Lies and more lies to further their cause, stealth Jihad. Again great work.

    • jamieglazov11

      Thank you wileyvet! I really appreciate it!

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    I used to hold out hope that Communism might be the viable alternative to islamic-nazism — until I read Mr. Glazov’s moving biography of his father.

  • PatnTrucks

    These men wouldn’t be ashamed of themselves or their barbaric political pseudo-religion if the koran were read to them right at the forum. Bald faced islamic lies. As long as idiots and barbarians are muslims and hold that drivel of a ‘holy book’ koran as their end-all be-all of brutality, then we have our work and battles confronting us in bleak days ahead of us. Ever since Sept 11th 2001, we know their agenda AND HOW on God’s Green Earth have we in AMERICA and the Free World have the Great Fraud of islam pulled over our eyes and we have to apologize to islam for our “Islamophobia”.
    We know what they do, they only fool themselves that we aren’t watching and understanding EXACTLY what these barbarians are up to. Thanks to programs such as Jamie’s here, Robert Spencer’s and his great books, Pam’s Atlas Shrugs, Dr. David Wood from ACTS17Apologetics,, Dr. Bill Warner’s and his many enlightening books, we are getting more and more educated about this anti-freedom of speech, anti-freedom of religion and anti-women barbaric civilization – oh, pardon, there is nothing ‘civil’ in islam.
    When passports making either ‘muslim”islam’ or ‘Barbaric Islamic Country XY of Z’ are finally TURNED back from our airports, turned back from our borders, – and United Nations be DAMNED – turned away from immigration, visas, education, tourism in the USA then we acknowledge that anything islam, muslim or CAIR, MSA or Muslim brotherhood return to barbaric country of origin. We need to demand this NOW of our so-called leaders or vote them out in ROUND ONE in NOVEMBER elections.
    Write on your senator’s and representatives websites and demand that CAIR and others such Islamic ILK be banned from existence in the United States and their muslim supporters DEPORTED, rescinding their visas, tourist, and green cards.

  • billobillo54

    Mr. Jamie Glazov, you are a great Brother in Christ and a great man. God bless you.

    • jamieglazov11

      Thank you!

  • Ivan

    I think Jamie did a great job in this conference. By the way, I’m a lawyer in South Carolina but i was at St.. Mary’s when Jamie was at Dalhousie. Im a proud American now, formerly Canadian. I emigrated here at 19 because i hated Canadian socialism, and continued in school at smu. I just want to say something, from my Christian perspective. I think Christians and Jews have a common basis, which is Judeo Christian values. I did not say theology, which is different. But our values, derived from gods law, are the same. Our values are the foundation of western civilization. And we worship the same god. But there is zero basis for interfaith dialogue with islam. Allah is not the same god as the Jewish or Christian god. He has a different personality, a different name, and different values. Mohammed himself believed, for a while, that he was meeting with satan. He claimed he was uncertain if it was satan or an angel. But I believe he lied when he said that. These meetings made him suicidal. The results of his meetings were negative, to say the least. He knew he was being seduced by the devil. additionally, there is a danger in any dialogue with satan. Remember that in genesis, that eve dialogued with the devil, instead of rebuking and resisting him. She should have just ignored him instead of trying to reason with the devil. I applaud Jamie for disputing with these Islamists. But the process of dialoguing with them is too dangerous for a novice. I’m glad Jamie was there to protect the people in that audience from that creeps lies. one more thing: I am certain, after much thought, that islam must be outlawed. I understand that is unconstitutional.

    • Jeff Ludwig

      Thanks for this comment. Your comment about Eve speaking (‘dialoguing’) with Satan as applying to “inter-faith dialogue” with Islam is an insight that I had never heard before. Also, I find your distinction between values and theology to be most helpful. With appreciation, Jeff

      • Ivan

        Oh, you are most welcome and gracious too. A real gentleman. Just passing on what someone else explained to me. In the New Testament, Jesus meets satan in the “temptation” and instead of dialoguing with him or attempting to persuade him, he just corrects him, then makes him leave. In the book of Jude, we are implored to contend for the faith once delivered.” So I just don’t see any purpose in interfaith dialogue. What happens is that everyone says, “we all worship the same god, we all want to be good people, right?” And it’s not true. The Moslems have one conversion strategy when they are at 1 % of rhe population, another when they are at 5 %, etc. The very act of discussing god with Moslems is a bit obscene. I’ve read enough to understand that their own founders were somewhat aware that satan was behind their faith. it’s one of the reasons they are nervous and have a chip on their shoulder. I don’t respect the Islamic faith. They worship satan. I want them to stop it. There’s no need for Christians and Jews to dialogue on religion. I never met a Christian that already didnt like, respect and admire the jews. It’s natural for us I think. Why mess that up, when out theology is irreconcilable? we agree on values and have the same stories. A decent respect is enough. Any other convergence and we will descend into Unitarianism.

        • 12banjo

          Part of the problem is the habit of first-cousin marriage in Islam. You can have couples with a shared set of grandparents, and those grandparents with a shared set of grandparents… going back 700 years…”gentle persuasion” is not going to cut it when you have a family tree like a telephone pole.

    • tamimisledus

      It cannot be unconstitutional to take action to defend and maintain the constitution against those who wish to destroy that constitution. Destruction of the constitution is de facto treason.

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        The Constitution is not a suicide pact — it can be amended and if ANYTHING requires an amendment to the US Constitution it’s the evil that is islam.

  • Rob

    Jamie, You are heroic in the fight that we are in. I love how you stand up to these slick islam-o-facists and put them on the defensive. We all need to put them (and those who carry water for them) on the defensive! Thanks for all you do.

  • 12banjo

    Is there a transcript? I am often in places where I cannot watch video.

    • ratonis

      This was a very flawed event (I was there). You do not set up an advertised “honest dialogue” while creating an environment/ambience heavy with one side of an issue, or placing a single representative of one side of the “dialogue” as sole voice amidst FOUR others on the other side (two major speakers, an additional panelist and a badgering “moderator.” That is the way “liberals” set things up. Separately, the two Global Faith sponsored speakers were terrific, but the way the whole program was organized was a disappointment to anyone who showed up expecting a true “dialogue.” The conversation actually never got anywhere due to a most unfortunate and sudden end of the program. I bought Jamie’s book and it is a great exposure of the left’s evil. Whereas the Muslim speaker was typically disingenuous, the audience treated him with such rude display that one of the organizers had to break in and appeal to basic courtesy. This program was not the “best foot forward” for Global Faith Institute, and perhaps should be chalked up as a learning experience. It was advertised as a “dialogue,” which it most definitely was not. (I am writing this as someone who supports this group and who has attended previous meetings).

  • traeh

    Wo! Jamie was righteous! Go man go!

  • Steve Dietrich


  • USARetired

    Islam is ‘Faciest Ideology’, and I take offense to the fact this offensive meeting was held in my former home State! All Muslims are non religious biggots!

    More Kudos to Jamie, Thanks !

  • Clockp

    Fascists/Lefties/Social Engineers/Jim Jones People’s Temple, all alike, we the people are tools of the brilliance of their cult. Communists, exposed in its Taquiyya Dance by Whittaker Chambers, Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy; and Fidel “I am not a communist, we will have elections” Castro. Islam/ISIS/Iran Mullah’s, 21st century fascism metastasized into religion AND state.