Video: Pat Condell on “Hypocrisy over Gaza”

swWhy Israel doesn’t owe a biased world any explanation for defending itself against murderers:

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  • Yehuda Levi

    I don’t always agree with Pat Condell, but in this video, he is spot on.

    Progressives have told us where they will stand when the barbarians are at the gates – they stand with the barbarians.


      On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you grade your agreement with Pat Condell?

      • elizabeth greeley

        All I can say is that it was AWESOME!!!

      • Yehuda Levi

        With this video a “10.”

        • Justin

          What are some things you disagree with Pat on?

  • Arf

    Pat you are so right on, you should get a Nobel prize.

    • elizabeth greeley

      He should, but only the progressives are honored with the Nobel Prize which is ironically biased and hypocritical. Remember Barak Obama was honored with the prize after being in office for a brief month or so. Laughable and Pathetic.

      • Charles Martel

        Obama was nominated for the Nobel Prize before he even spent one day as president.

        • Yehuda Levi

          You are both right.

          He was nominated before he became president and was “honored with the prize” within a few months of being president.

          It definitely made a joke on the credibility of the Peace Prize (which was well on its way already).

          • elizabeth greeley

            Let’s be honest, anything associated with the Norwegians or the Swedes is always left of center.

          • Charles Martel

            Love watching Lillehammer on Netflix. They take some great pokes at the Norwegian culture – particularly funny since most of the writers are Norwegian.

          • elizabeth greeley

            I’ll have to check it out. Thanks.

          • garyhope

            The Swedes do make some nice meatballs though and the Norwegians make Jarlsberg cheese which is VERY easy to eat and enjoy.

          • elizabeth greeley

            Yummy cheese. Think I’ll raid my refrig right now. I need a cheese fix. As for the Swedes, meatball are ok, but you can’t beat my Greek ones, not much different that Italian. Be good.

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            But couscous will be the future food staple of the Low Countries, along with pita bread and hummus. It’ll be multicultural, except for the native cultures that are subsumed/replaced by islamic-fascism.

          • garyhope

            You also have to remember that Yasser Arafat got a Nobel “Peace” Prize also.

            You also have to remember that Arafat was a murderous criminal embezzling thug, liar, weasel and thief. The PLO was also footing the bill for Arafat’s symbolic “wife” in name only being housed in a luxury hotel in Paris for years at great expense paid for by the PLO and the funds it blackmailed the world into providing.

            The word “Peace” is meaningless and always reminds me of the phrase “The check is in the mail” as far as it’s seriousness. Peace comes through strength and realistic pragmatism not through words.

        • elizabeth greeley

          Thank you for correcting me, much appreciated. So, who will receive the distinquished ‘prize’ this year? Perhaps a member from Hamas?

          • Charles Martel

            Sorry. Wasn’t trying to correct you. You are right.

            He was barely in office when he received it. The strange thing is that he was nominated before he had done +anything+ turning it into a worthless award.


          Affirmative Action extends to the Nobel Prize.

          I nominate Obama for the Ignoble Prize.

    • bigjulie

      That’s insulting, considering that you can now get a Nobel Prize with the purchase of 4 shrimp tacos or in a box of Cracker Jacks.

  • BMS

    No other country in the world has to explain why they are defending their very existence. Only Israel is held to a standard like no other country. Only Israel of all the corrupt, destructive, totalitarian, racist, and anti-semitic countries in the world is accused of committing war crimes. .If Israel was committing “genocide” Gaza would not still be standing and 60 brave Israeli soldiers would still be alive today. Thank you Pat Condell for your excellent analysis.

    • Damaris Tighe

      No other country in the world has its right to exist continually called into question.



      That’s Islams specialty.

      See the 160,000+ dead in Syria, ISIS beheading captives in Iraq, 1,000,000 dead in the 8 year Iraq/Fascist Iran war, Sadaams use of poison gas ( a WMD) on the Kurds of Halabja Iraq, Pan Am 103, 9/11…

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        The Kurds didn’t mind slaughtering and enslaving Armenian and Assyrian Christians so maybe they’re just getting their bad karma reduced.


          Don’t you mean the Turks?

          The Turks committed the Armenian Genocide. 2015 is the 100th anniversary.

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            Maybe you didn’t get the memo, the muslim Kurds were involved as well.

          • tickletik

            I didn’t get the memo either. Could you please put up some links to sources.

            Note: this will not change my views on the Kurds, any more than I would be OK with modern Germans being abused. When people are acting decently they must be treated decently.

            But it’s important to understand the region.

          • IslamDownpressesHumanity
          • IslamDownpressesHumanity

            What sort of country do you think the all muslim Kurds outside of Israel will establish? A tolerant democracy? Or yet another islamic-fascist theocracy?

          • Armed_Infidel

            Nazi Turkey never apologized for the armenian holocaust. It should be expelled from NATO until it does. And why that genocidal entity was admitted to NATO in the first place was the result of extremely poor judgment.

  • FactsRule

    Incredible job, Pat.

  • rsilverm

    Great video. Thank you.


    Pat Condell should be Prime Minister of the UK.

    Pat Condell AKBAR!

  • loulai

    To Pat Condell: Thanks!!

  • liz

    Few people can defend rationality and expose hypocrisy as concisely, or with such biting wit, as Pat Condell. Progressives, you’ve been “owned” – now crawl back under your rocks.

  • bigjulie

    It’s unfortunate for Israel that America elected an inept and bumbling Muslim to the Presidency and now has to suffer the consequences of that stupid choice. Elections do, indeed, have consequences, not only for us, but for the entire planet. I hope the 4 million Republicans who decided to sit out the election in 2012 are pleased with what they were able to show the world…that pouty snits also have consequences as well!

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      The 0bamanoid’s regime might look inept and bumbling, but it’s all relative to the standards by which you judge it. Personally I think his regime has been evil and dictatorial. I don’t think his funding and facilitation of the spread of islam has been accidental or an oversight either.

    • elizabeth greeley

      Yes it is unfortunate that we have a Corrupt Media that refused to expose him. So, as long as we have a corrupt progressive media, this is what we will continue to have as our ‘commander-in-chief.’

    • Jill

      I say this all the time!! Glad someone else does too!!

  • Charles Martel

    Condell is at the plate, he swings, HOME RUN!

    • Charles Martel

      It was just crickets and tumbleweeds when Hamas began the latest round of rockets – without armed response by Israel. No #Peace4Gaza people demanding that Hamas stop firing rockets to avoid civilian casualties in Israel, no #GazaUnderFire team members telling Hamas to stop firing rockets to prevent Israeli actions in response.

      Anyone who protests when Israel responds, to protect its own citizens, that had nothing to say when Hamas started this latest round needs to STFU.

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    It almost seemed like Pat Condell had some sympathy for the thousands of Christians being slaughtered by muslimes in Nigeria.

  • fiddler

    What a scathing indictment of the armchair quarterbacking left! I would love to see Pat debate some prominent Leftist “journalist” on this issue. This stinging expose ought to be on television as a paid announcement. What we have are rabid reactionaries probably roused from a bender and paid to scream and chant. Truth? Fact? Mere inconveniences. If God forbid something like a second 9/11 attack in THEIR neighborhood takes place would they be able to make the connection? Or, are they so jaded that all they see is their indoctrination that swallows up their ability to think critically. This reminds me of how Bill Ayers on Megyn Kelly’s show, down-graded attempted murder in his prime as “property damage”. He loves to say, “nobody was killed”. That is his justification and the skulls full of mush he preaches do are just more grist for the leftist mill..

    • liz

      Yes, what a pathetic loser Bill Ayers is, typical leftist.

  • Dan Knight

    Ouch. Not only accurate, but especially eloquent this time around. Condell has some interesting views, but it’s clear his heart really, actually bleeds for the victims of Leftist-weeds.