Video: The Political Side of Hijabs

AllahDr. Bill Warner unveils the hateful threat behind the symbol of Sharia:

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  • Nan

    Good speech. Islam and Christianity will never be compatible and the people who follow Islam will never be our friends. When you think about the difference in Jesus and Mohammed, it’s pretty frightening. We must be vigilant, as the Muslims will try (and are trying) to take over our own Country.

  • 1keith1

    Aren’t there some women who wear the hijab only because somebody is forcing them to wear it, sometimes under threat of death?

  • Kafir911

    I love it when scholars such as Bill Warner and Robert Spencer lay out the truth about Islam and blow away the PC crowd through logic and historical analysis. There are dozens of others who do a great job as well but may I suggest my favorite, I.Q. Al Rassoli. His book, “Lifting the Veil”, also has an audio version to accompany the chapters and can be found on his blog:

  • Patriotliz

    I don’t have the same visceral reaction to the Hijab on Muslim women as much as I do with the Burka—that really freaks me out. I see woman in my town dressed in burkas in northeast Pennsylvania. These woman are indeed slaves of this misogynist so-called religion. The burka is really the equivalent of a hooded Klansman if you want to talk about symbolism. I wore a head scarf (in Church) growing up Catholic–but my religion didn’t teach hatred of non-Catholics.