Vienna Calling

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  • Nan

    British guy must have said the word “negotiations” 50 times. Yeah. Like a piece of paper is going to stop the Iranians from their jihad of all the infidels. We are so stupid….


      British guy proves that Neville Chamberlain is dead, but his ignorance and naivete lives in the UK.

  • SkyMann

    I thought you guys were a serious group. This is a bad as Waters World on O’Reilly. I prefer something more serious on a very serious subject.


      You think the Colbert Report is real.

      Progressive stupidity.

  • sam000

    Iran needs to buy time for its nuclear weapon, Obama provides the
    opportunity for the Mullahs nuclear weapon project, Rohani, the new
    president of the Mullahs who was the former nuclear negotiator, was
    always proud to deceive the west on Iran’s nuclear ambitions.
    trusting Iran’s Mullahs on their Nuclear ambitions is trusting the wolf to not eat anymore the meat!


      Fool me once, shame on you.

      Fool me twice or 100+ times, shame on me.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Fool our leaders, off with their heads.

      • sam000

        Well, we can say;

        Fool me once, shame on you, I LOVE the ISLAMISTS to get the NUCLEAR WEAPON,, NOBEL PRIZE 4 OBAMA & shame on us to have lost Chamberlain & Hitler

  • T800

    I’ve noticed a trend in the pro-Iran posters;
    first they assert that Iran is only pursuing “peaceful nuclear power” and is in compliance with the NPT.
    Then they go from that disproven position to claiming the “negotiations” are going to insure that Iran can’t develop nuclear weapons.[lol]
    After that fails,they then claim that Iran has a “right” to enrichment and nuclear weapons,and that Iran only needs them for “self-defense” against the US-Israel.[more lol]
    Then they claim that Iran would never(and has never) attack the US.
    After that fails,they return to claim #1. then repeat the cycle over and over.

  • T800

    if Iran was not seeking nuclear weapons,they would not have run computer simulations for increasing the yield of a nuclear bomb,or tested neutron initiators and implosions of dummy pits at Parchin. (all violations of the NPT)
    If Iran only wanted a peaceful nuclear industry,they would not have constructed centrifuges and sites in secret,in violation of the NPT. They would have done it openly,with full knowledge and consent of the IAEA and UN,and avoided sanctions from the beginning.
    If Iran didn’t intend on attacking the US,they would not be building a missile base in Venezuela,or testing SCUD launches from container ships.
    I’d think Iran has better things to do with their money and resources.