Watch Ted Cruz in Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘America’

Texas Senator Ted Cruz sat down with Dinesh D’Souza for the filmmaker’s new documentary “America: Imagine the World Without Her.” “America,” produced by Academy Award-winning producer Gerald R. Molen, offers a look at a world in which America never existed — and shows the true importance of the United States.

The film debuts today in select theaters and will be released nationally July 2. Click here for showtime and theater information.

View the special sneak peak below.

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  • Moa

    Ted Cruz rocks.

    Ted Cruz for Leader of the Free World 2016!

    Trey Gowdie for Attorney General.

    Hillary Clinton for Minority Leader – of prison.

  • mezcukor

    The video has been blocked.

  • JVR

    The video is blocked, so I do not know what Cruz is saying.

    However, if he is thinking that Texas, of all places, will escape the gravity which is its demography (and not turn blue in a decade or two), then he is sorely mistaken.

  • poorhardworker

    Here’s the link to the movie trailer!

  • Cure Lefty

    With the recent and ongoing border invasion will Texas have to stage a reinactment? It’s so confusing with the dictator being in D.C. rather than Mexico…..

  • cacslewisfan

    Wow. Is that true? Apologies in advance for my ignorance.

  • semus

    I want to hear what Cruz has to say about Thad Cochran.

  • Ivan Ewan

    He does seem like the only electable candidate, at least among Republicans. He has the credentials, the knowledge, and the courage to fight back, not roll over and beg.

    • BS61

      I’m writing in Ted Cruz as the Republicans will put forth another Romney or McCain!

  • EmilieGeorgeulf

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  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    The Confederates should have won the war. America needs to divide up into a Constitutional Republic versus a Workers Paradise Banana Coconut Communist Collective. Start with Texas declaring itself a Republic, again. The Lone Star state gives the Lone Shaft to the United Socialist States of Amuckia.