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This Week’s Glazov Gang was joined by Dr. Ari Babaknia, an Iranian-born doctor who wrote and published a 4-volume book in Farsi “The Holocaust” (which in English is “Humanity, NOT”).

He came on the show to discuss “Humanity, NOT,” which takes an in-depth look, in words and images, at the captured emotions of the victims, perpetrators, bystanders, and survivors of the Holocaust, told in their own words.

Dr. Babaknia focuses on the evil of genocide, the indifference of man in the face of evil, and when silence is not an option:

Don’t miss this week’s second episode with Civil Rights Activist Ernie White who is one of the organizers of the pro-American demonstrations in Murrieta. He came on the show to discuss The American Patriots of Murrieta, shedding light on the invasion on our southern border, Obama’s role in the catastrophe, the grassroots activism of patriots in Murrieta, and much, much more:

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  • Gamal

    Where is the world today as Christians are being murdered all over the Middle East? Where are the demonstrations in America?

    • Evermyrtle

      The rulers of America are against Israel, just look at the imposter Kerry. He is posted as a good American while he is our enemy as well as the enemy of Israel. He is against Israel protecting herself and has nothing to say about those on attack against Israel. How long will it be before we, as Christians in America are under attack. We already are under attack!

      About Christians standing against this evil! Many of us are total cowards and call ourselves Christians because we want to be Christian without any of the obligations.of a Christian, that means that everyone who claims to be a Christian is not a Christian. We have Biblical descriptions of what a Christian is like, what we believe and how we live by what we believe, this is how we will be judged, not by man but by GOD.. Read Matthew 7:1-24.

      There are some of us fighting evil by spreading HIS WORD and living by HIS WORD, never being afraid or ashamed to speak u for HIM, not that HE need us but we do need HIM and HIS SON, and our SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.

      • Gamal

        You should be standing up for your fellow Christians. I’m Jewish. I tried to organize a demonstration for the Christians of the Middle East. I contacted major Christian organizations. no response.

    • iluvisrael

      You are absolutely right. And where the heIl is the president? oh yeah, off to a fund raiser, round of golf, or a roll in the hay with reggie.

    • Americana

      If you feel the need for public demonstrations, then get the lead out and arrange to lead some demonstrations. Instead of asking where everyone else is at in terms of philosophically confronting what’s happening in Africa and the Middle East, plan on yourself being the standard bearer.

      • Gamal

        If you read my comment you’d see that I tried to arrange demonstrations and none of the Christian organizations would cooperate.

      • Gamal

        Why don’t you do it. I tried and couldn’t get anyone to cooperate. Maybe you can.

    • montana83

      …and where are the left wing Jews? Where is Spielberg, Weinstein and the rest of these jerks? They won’t support the US. They won’t support Israel. They won’t support Christians. They do support Obama. Screw them all.

      • Johnny Paleswine


  • Johnnnyboy

    The Armenians did not get a whole lot of attention either.

    To bring up a related subject, something I wonder about is what happens to the Jews if Israel gets overrun? Given the accumulated animus, it seems likely they would have to leave the region to survive.

  • theoprinse

    off topic Downing Malaysian Airliner MH17 Ukraine.
    The European Cockpits Association has accused the FAA and the CIA that Delta Airlines, Air France, Quantas etc of the US, UK, Canada and Australia did NOT fly over the known war zone because their respective secret services knew there was chance to be downed either from rockets or machine guns by the Kiev mafia regime or from the ground. Dutch foreign minister socialist Frans Timmermans was rprovoking civil war in the Ukraine along with his colleague Euro parliamentarian Hans van Baalen and his Belgian leader in the EU parliament Guy Verhofstad a few months ago and weeks before their European personal elections.. Further more the Kiev air control and the Kiev mafia and Frans Timmermans are responsible for having allowed the Malaysian airliner MH17 (MH370 Indian Ocean) to fly straight into and above the well known war zone where other airplanes had been shot down before.
    Meanwhile the Russian defense minister points to a unknown fighter plane near the MH17 at the time of the downing.

  • Prof. L. Wessell

    Mr. Glazov. I wish to thank you profoundly for this interview. It is the best interview that I have seen on the subject and left me shaken. Although American I have lived longer in Germany than anywhere else (I am 75). I understand, both as a former prof. of German literature and philosophy, very well the background,to the cultural movement in Germany leading to the desire for the Holocaust (though to this day I still cannot fully grasp how the land of Goethe und Schiller –taught to me with love by Jewish refugees in America– could 100 years later produce a Hitler and Himmler): [{Aside: Out of this background I could and did with my two books on mythopoetic structure of Karl Mars’ thinking which might surprise you with unexpect insights.}] I am writing this comment in order to explain the MORAL imperative used by Nazis to liquidate Jews (and other de-humanized peoples) and then to note that the very same principle with similar language in English is used to dehumanized unborn children preparatory to abortion .

    Hitler referred to life to be liquidated (e.g., handicapped children –who cost 1300 Reichsmarks per year to maintain vs. 300 marks for a healthy child >> the numberical differential being part of math problems for young students) as “Lebensunwertes Leben”. Alas, “unwert” (= non-value) is translated as “unworthy”. This is wrong. “Wert” simply means “value”. Life that is “unwert” is life which by its very essence IS not “wert”, i.e., it is life, whose very “BEING alive”, is a non-valuie. The handicapped or Jews were not “unworthy” beings, rather beings whose BEING/esse ipse is a negative worth or non-value. In this way, the dehumanization is, to speak philosophically, a de-onto-ogicification of the “ens”/”this being” of every Jewish being. Hopefully the philosophical abstraction is not too obtuse, but so think we philosophers.

    I have read, particularly in “Salon”,. women who admit that the unborn child, at any point in gestation, IS a human BEING and that its abortion is murder: only that, relative to the needs and wants of the pregnant women, the unborn being is a hinderance to her life’s ontological flourishing >> aborting murder is permissible. In other words, the unborn child in certain circumstances is “unwertes Leben”, viz., life, whose living is a non-value. I suggest that the massive millions upon millions of abortions find justification in the minds of the abortionists because each unborn child to be aborted has been reduced to “unwertes Leben”,

    I do hope that I have expressed myself clearly enough. I appreciate you work and, this time, your show was very special.

    (Finally, if you have interest in the romantic mytho-poetic origins and structure of Karl Marx’s “scientific” thinking –and, for that matter, that of Lenin and Trotsky and Bertolt Brecht– do check out my two books on the subject in Amazon.)

    • jamieglazov11

      Thank you Prof. L. Wessell!!!

      • Prof. L. Wessell

        Thank you for your “Thank you”. A bit more info — the theme is not just German, rather human. At Dachau I read a blown up note by Himmler to the effect (my memory is fuzzy): “How much has it cost me to suppress my HUMANITÄT in order to serve the VOLK!”. Himmler had enjoyed a Catholic education and knew well the Catholic doctrine that “humanitas” has a superior value to “ciivitas/populus”, viz., “Volk”.Himmler literally had to reject the foundational principle of “humanity” as a universal value, and this cost him a morally painful effort. Freigthening! There is an story that Himmler watched a mass shooting of Jews in Poland and then threw up. Too sickening for him. The story is not certain. But, the problem was one faced by Himmler and his men (and seen in his 1943 speech claiming that the SS executioners will be the unsung heroes of history–knowing that even future generations would find genocide as wrong). How was Himmler able to get young men in the police NOT to realize the law, but to murder as a Gestapo officier? Himmler’s solution was not ideology, not instruction in Nazi race theory, nor any verbal means. No, the first step consisted in getting a young “police officier”, just once, to murder a Jew or torture someone, anyone, This placed the future Gestapo murderer in a conflict of conscience, the resolution of which found release in accepting the dehumanizing ideology of Nazism as moral justification.

        (This same technique was in effect in the Wehrmacht, particularly in Russia. In the case of some German soldiers from bottom to top (e.g., Col. Staufffenber, Gerneral Beck and others) it was too much. This “too much” is one of the reasons for the attempted killing of Hitler — somehow some of German honor must be saved! In a sense those Germans realized Dr. Babaknia’s advice, i.e., they remember the German duty to humanity. Alas, too few and too late.)

        Just a bit more information. I apologize for blabbing so much, but I can be long winded, it belonged to my profession.