Why Obama Did the Prisoner Swap — on The Glazov Gang

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This week’s Glazov Gang was guest-hosted by Superstar Josh Brewster and joined by titans Nonie Darwish, author of “The Devil We Don’t Know,” Michael Hausam, a conservative writer and activist, and Karen Siegemund, founder of Rage Against the Media.

The Gang discussed: Why Obama Did the Prisoner Swap, analyzing the heart of a leftist administration’s darkness:

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  • Docs357

    Because his first duty is to Islam and the destruction of America . He may live like he’s royalty but can never be royalty . Your talking about something he can’t lie about. Must eat away at him 24/7 the only joy he has is destroying what real great men and women have built

    • JoanneSchoturd

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  • Docs357

    I believe judge Jeanie struck a nerve deep with in America

    • EXPAT SA

      What is holding the nation back? From my limited knowledge … so much of US law has been ignored. And I still don’t have satisfactory answers to his birth certificate, plus the fact that to go to school in Indonesia, you can only attend if you are a Citizen of the country and are Muslim. In other words, if he abandoned his US citizen to take on Indonesian to go to school? Or have I got that wrong?

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    I suspect Bergdahl’s parents have been compensated to project American 2nd, after foreign princes and potentates. Either way, he is a POS.

    • catherineinpvb

      Typical of Obama’s ‘choices’. . .that Soldier Bergdahl’s, Father; has been named in a perverted ‘Peeping Tom and ‘stalking’ incident. Suspect, Father Bergdahl will not be long driving the UPS truck. . .to anywhere.

      All to say; maybe more than meets the eye; per Soldier Bergdahls’s refusal to speak with his parents. What a freaking mess. . .but like the worst car carnage on the highway. . .we are expected, to not look; and move on.

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  • Atikva

    I totally agree with Nonie Darwish.

    It is clear to me that Mr. Obama’s is obsessed with being acknowledged as a leader by those he considers his muslim brothers. He will even jeopardize his position at the White House to try and achieve his goal.

    Given his family circumstances, it is no strange that he became a frustrated young man with a huge inferiority complex, convinced that the world owed him a lot. Unfortunately for him and for us, he was chosen by the leftists to be their figurehead, groomed and coached into electrifying crowds as a means to help them achieve their goal of socialization of the West. They didn’t anticipate that he would be more interested in becoming a hero in dar el islam than in America, and that his own obsession would overcome everything else.

    Mr. Obama hasn’t understood that he could never, ever be acknowledged as a messiah by the muslims: he wears the stain of being half Black in the eyes of the profoundly racist and mysogynisc islam that views his mother as a non-muslim white floozy, and his patchy madrassa education would never qualify him as “religious” enough to be an imam, let alone a leader. No bowing to this or that emir, no glorification of “the holy coran”, no “zebiba” if he chooses some day to harbor one, no concession to the muslim world will ever change that.

    Even if he could give them the West on a platter, they would still refuse to accept him as a leader.

    • 1Indioviejo1

      Well said!!

    • catherineinpvb

      Exactly right! ‘Obama will’. . .and ‘they’ will not. . .ever. (But they will maximize their benefit ‘from’ Obama; before they do ‘whatever they are inclined’ and when their convenient love is completely lost.)

    • rhondajo3

      Actually, he is mostly Arab and White, the African American is only about 9% if I’m not mistaken….

      • EXPAT SA

        What have I missed here? Can you please help me to understand his father is 100% Kenyan, his mother America… i.e. that means 50/50 mix. Where do you come with 9% ???

  • Suzanne

    All of the guests on this “Glazov Gang” are terrific. However, this week, I think Karen Siegemund knocked it out of the ball park. Her comments concerning this situation were truly insightful.

  • Docs357

    Impeach him while we have a country to protect this lunatic can’t be a king he’s going to destroy this country because he can’t own it