Diversity and Too Much Diversity

jerry-seinfeldHas “political correctness” now taken us to the point where every area of human endeavor must reflect gender, race and religious diversity?

Two interesting stories caught my eye yesterday about two very different sources blowing back at the enforced diversity that the left-liberal do-gooders are seeking to impose.

One was the great Jewish comedian Jerry Seinfeld.   Melissa Clyne, writing in Newsmax, notes that in an interview with CBS This Morning, Seinfeld responded to a question about whether his new web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, is stacked with white men like himself.   Seinfeld thought the question was silly. He asked whether “people think it’s the census or something?”  “We represent the actual pie chart of America? Who cares? I have no interest in gender or race or anything like that.”

According to Jerry:  “Everyone else is calculating, is this the exact right mix? To me, it’s anti-comedy. It’s more about PC nonsense then, are you making us laugh?”

But it wasn’t long until the PC Police started to pounce.  Lily Rothman of Time magazine in a column told Seinfeld that he was on the losing side of this issue:

“A continued lack of diversity on his show would prove his detractors’ point — and make him look racist and sexist, even if he’s merely failing to actively think about matters of race and sex — while increased diversity would seem to acknowledge that the “nonsense” isn’t so nonsensical at all. There’s no longer a way for a prominent comedian with Seinfeld’s level of influence to be so glib about the issue — especially given that of his 26 guests, only two have been women and another two have been nonwhite. (There have been no minority women guests so far.)”

Jews have been traditionally been overrepresented in comedy in America.  In 1979, for example, Time estimated that whereas Jews made up only 3 percent of the American population, fully 80 percent of professional comedians were Jewish.  It probably stems from the Jewish habit of dealing with misery and adverse circumstances by making jokes.   I thought that was a great contribution to American culture;  unfortunately, being funny is no longer the main criterion for being in a comedy, so ethnic groups that have dealt with adversity through violence rather than jokes now have an equal right to be represented in comedy as elsewhere.   Poor Jerry, something has changed and he doesn’t get it.

As a Canadian who must live with so-called Human Rights Commissions adjudicating on diversity issues, I have seen the future that Seinfeld does not understand;  it is not pretty.

Take a look at the second story, which comes from what I have called the “first front” in the Islamist war against Western values – Israel.   With all its security problems in its very hostile neighbourhood where Muslim children are incited in kindergarten against the Jewish State, one would think there would be little interest in the diversity obsession.

However, in the Jerusalem Post, reporter Lahav Harkov writes about a controversy that arose when the Knesset’s Labor, Health, and Welfare Committee was discussing a bill to give Arab Christians separate representation from Arab Muslims on the Advisory Committee for Equal Opportunity in Employment.

Arab Muslim Member of the Knesset Jamal Zahalka took offense and suggested that the bill’s proponent, rather than seeking to promote diverse membership on the Committee was intending to “wickedly divide the Arab public, which is oppressed anyway.”

Christian IDF Officers Forum leader Lt. (res.) Shadi Halul, however, said he is proud to be a Christian and that he wants and deserves to be recognized as such.  Furthermore he called the Arab Muslim objectors “racists”.

This was too much for Arab Muslim member  Haneen Zoabi   This woman, who has a B.A. from Haifa University and an M.A. from Hebrew University (and who worked as a school inspector for the Israeli Ministry of Education), at the Knesset swearing-in ceremony on February 24, 2009, left the room because she objected to the singing of Hatikva, Israel’s national anthem;  she has voiced support for Iranian acquisition of nuclear weapons and participated in the Gaza flotilla, on board the MV Mavi Marmara.

Zoabi was ejected from the Knesset building by Committee chairman Haim Katz for implying the Christian Halul deserves violence, after she declared to him: “You are a coward! Go to the streets of Nazareth and Kafr Kana, say what you just said, and they’ll give you the response you deserve.”

The proposed legislation sought to expand the advisory committee by giving the 160,000 Christians in Israel their own representative and adding another Druze member.   (Druze are an offshoot of Ismailism, a branch of Shia Islam, whose adherents participate in the Israeli army, and the Israeli Judiciary and Foreign Service.)

The panel would also have representation from the ultra-religious, new immigrants, reservists, older people, and women.

So we see that attempts at diversity, rather than implementing fairness and harmony, will become nothing more than alternate battlefields in the culture war that has befallen us.  The left liberals who think that respect for diversity is the recipe for their tolerant paradise on earth will soon come up against the hard reality of the culture war where the Islamists merely use our tolerance, until they get power -and then will end all diversity representation just like they will end all tolerance.

And as Jerry Seinfeld would say, there is nothing funny about that, and it is, as he puts it, “anti-comedy”.

Howard Rotberg is the author of The Second Catastrophe:  A Novel about a Book and its Author and TOLERism:  The Ideology Revealed.  He is president of Mantua Books, an imprint dedicated to fighting cultural relativism and protecting fundamental liberties:  www.mantuabooks.com.

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  • defcon 4

    I think it’s sexist that Ellen DeGeneres and Rosie O’Donnell don’t date men.

    • Leather Stocking

      At least one them is a man.

    • Recondobilly

      A pecker does not a man make:)

      • Boots

        But most liberal men are peckers.

  • DaCoachK

    Diversity does one positive: provides great ethnic restaurants in areas. Other than this contribution, diversity does little, except add to the violent and tension of an area. Read the Putnam study. Diversity is horrible for a community, yet the Left-wing-Kooks continue to swear by it. Idiots.

    • Charles116

      We had great ethnic restaurants before the diversity snake oil salesmen showed up.

      So long as you get rid of the worst forms of overt racism, people will naturally gravitate to ethnic restaurants. They will do so because they are bored or they want to be seen. One often used ingredient of being successful is to be seen as as successful. Eating out is one way to do so.

      We did not need diversity to have ethnic restaurants.

    • dennis x

      So you will eat their food but they can’t live in your neighborhood.

      • iluvisrael

        tell that to that shrill bum rev jerry wright – he lives in a very white gated community – he may pretend to be down with the peeps but he sure doesn’t want to live among them!!

      • laura r

        kind of. depends upon what kind of chinese. there are also highly educated ones. they ofcause dont want to be in a poor chinese neighborhood.

      • Drakken

        I don’t want black nationalist like you in my neighborhood.

      • DaCoachK

        Idiot, I am speaking of “diversity” as forced by the government. You know, like the original diversity scheme, Busing in the schools.

  • Nick

    I married a person, who one time wore a green cap with a Red Star and knew all the right dances for May Day. So according to all the Mao and Che Geuverra loving hipsters, no one can be more proletarian.

    So when the our first kid was 1 year old or so, I asked them “Do you think they know that we are of different races?”.

    It had never occurred to them to think in such a way. They grew up in a communist country. It was always on my mind. I vote Republican and I view mutli-culturalism as sick, sick, sick. Nonetheless it invades my thought. The progressives have framed the debate.

    All my kid cared about is they had one mother, one father and we took care of their needs.

    Personally, I resent every commercial, billboard or advertisement that has to show one of each.

  • Laza

    The rap music/entertainment world is not diverse or tolerant. Only one twerking white girl smoking a blunt between tongue pertrusions does not diversity make.

    • uptownsteve

      You really are ignorant. There are dozens of white rappers probably hundreds worldwide. Including this Jewish hiphopper. http://www.beliefnet.com/Entertainment/Music/2004/02/Spieling-With-The-New-King-Of-Heeb-Hop.aspx

      • iluvisrael

        there aren’t enough white guys on professional basketball teams – that’s raaaaaacist!!!!!

        • uptownsteve

          That’s why they brought in the 3 point shot and prohibited hand checking. To make the NBA more “white friendly”.

          • Habbgun

            Hockey has brought in black players because they can play. Too bad its happening organically. Now how are you going to mau mau the flak catchers and get a cheap payoff? Geez you are a thieving piece of work.

          • Drakken

            Yeah they can play alright, easy to get them frustrated and sucker them into a fight every time, made a lot of power play goals from that tactic. Give them a basketball they are better, give them a puck, not so much.

          • reader

            Steevo, it’s ironic that your tribal racism turned you into an unwitting George Soros’ b*tch – real low in the food chain of his b*tches. And I mean an unwitting, because you don’t have the wits to realize that Obama is George’s b*tch too. And look at George – he is as white and wrinkled as they come. How does it feel, Steevo? Black Power!!!

        • laura r

          why doesnt ben shapiro lead some kind of group to petition the teams. i mean he wants to beat the left @ their own game. im sure there are white tall people. if not then why not make it illegal to omly accept tall men? how about women? what about lower baskets?

      • BagLady

        Indeed there are. Let’s not forget http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHjpsmd_oXo


          The Dreidels.

      • laura r

        youre right. except the jewish ones dont wear the pants to the ankles.

  • BagLady

    Sorry, I don’t see you as a tolerant people.

    I agree with Jerry. He has his own brand of humour and, should the need arise, will cast anyone for a role, regardless of race or religion. Like he says, PC rubbish.

  • Habbgun

    Diversity is the hobgoblin of socialism. When you need to centralize everything, you need to get the masses on board and the way you get the masses on board is to pretend to represent them. Therefore you get what in Europe used to be the Bunds….different nationalities and ethnic groups being organized and molded into the grand design of isocialism. Everyone has heard of the German Bund which became National Socialist but there were all kinds of Bunds including a Jewish Bund. The Bund is the cheese in the trap. You can have your identity but once the power structure gets sorted out the Bunds will start to turn on the losers. Today’s fill-in-the-name Bund which supposedly represents you becomes your informer. Diversity as practiced by government is a benefit to no one but a centralized bureaucracy.

  • Aaron

    Diversity, at a certain point, tends to diminish harmony. It’s likely that the enemies of the US are the most interested in increasing our diversity, and the tools who don’t know friend from enemy embrace such nonsense.

    • Recondobilly

      Bam, in a nutshell.

    • Bingeman

      The enemies gain the most from our increased diversity…divide and conquer…the best battle plan there is and the bad guys don’t even have to try.The tools are doing all the legwork for them.

  • wileyvet

    I’m sorry, but I do not spend my time thinking about race and sex. There is not enough time in the day to study and appreciate hundreds of different languages and cultural practices. I am a white man. Here in Canada we have our vaunted First Nations. There are 650 recognized tribes/clans, and because I do not study each one of them, I am racist or bigoted. Well fine then. I can live with that.

    • Bingeman

      I’m in Canada too so I know all about the First Nations…basically boils down to,”show ‘em the money”.
      I never worry about race,sex,heritage,culture…nothing.All I see is,we are human…we all have that one thing in common so let’s just work with that.I don’t even care about my own background which is German mixed with some French and Hungarian and who knows what else before that…so really,I’m just a mongrel as everyone is…no purebreds among us.

  • keyster

    Liberals think diversity is a righteous issue – – until they’re out numbered in their own communities by cultures other than their own…at which time they flee in a xenophobic panic.

    • laura r

      people have been running for centuries from others. thats the way the world works.

  • rubber stamp

    Chicago Liberals live in tightly gated predominantly white neighborhoods, for instance. They lock themselves safely there, then get their megaphones out to loudly preach diversity to the rest of us over their segregated fences. These are the most vicious closet racist out there and we should expose them for it on every corner. All luxury residential high-rises populated by white Liberal fascists, but they always hire Black Doormen to show their pretentious diversity.

  • MukeNecca

    Diversity is not an absolute good that must be pursued for its own sake. What we should pursue, at least in the society, is harmony. While it is impossible to deny that harmony is the key ingredient of good quality of life, it is far from obvious the same may be claimed for diversity. Harmony in family, neighbourhood, community and nation. Harmony in culture, tradition, customs and law is far greater good than diversity. Diversity is only good if it enriches this harmony but when it is enforced it must always result in loss of harmony. Harmony should be preserved and defended even if it means ditching diversity. We should remember that nothing is more diverse than chaos.

  • Drakken

    So called diversity/multiculturalism always leads to a Balkans type scenario sooner or later, history is replete with examples, it will be no different here and Europe is already on its way to rid the 3rd world in soon to arrive nationalistic frenzy that will make a Serb blush with envy. There ain’t no unity in diversity, never has and never will, it without fail always leads to a massive culling of the herd.