Jesse Ventura Swoons Over Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

140729-jesse-ventura-1427_45df380f4821c3fbf603ff8619fbe4a4Maybe it’s just a coincidence that somebody like Jesse Ventura is also a major fan of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara? (Or claims to be for the publicity value among the “hip”?)

Recalling his visit to Cuba and meeting with Fidel Castro in 2002 Ventura grew misty-eyed: “Fidel Castro looked into my eyes and told me I was a man of great courage…Maybe he (Castro) saw a little of him in me.”

Recall the Cowardly Lion’s reaction when the Wizard grants him “the NERVE.” Well, Jesse Ventura’s moronic gloating outdoes even the lion’s (“Shucks, folks, I’m speechless..ha-ha…Ain’t it the truth! Ain’t it the truth!”)

And this imbecile and buffoon (or is it master fraud and expert showman?) was elected governor of a populous and prosperous state, and honored by Harvard University with the title of  “Visiting Fellow,” to say nothing of his career as media host  and author.

“And I’ll tell you another thing that shows me a little bit more about Castro” also revealed Ventura in an interview. “The main downtown building in Havana has this huge flat wall and it has got a huge portrait on it. It’s not Castro. It’s Che Guevara. The biggest photograph in downtown Havana was a mural on a wall of Che. Now if Castro was such an egomaniac and all this, wouldn’t he put himself up there instead of Che?”

For a man with Ventura’s (mostly self-) vaunted “street smarts,” Fidel Castro’s blandishments of (the conveniently dead) Che Guevara should be a cinch to plumb. Didn’t Don Barzini send the biggest and fanciest flowers to Don Corleone’s funeral?

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported how on his Cuba visit Ventura spoke at the University of Havana where he “exhorted students to dream big and work hard to achieve success!” Here one blinks, looks again—and gapes. You long to believe otherwise, you grope for an extenuation, you hope you misread—but it’s inescapable: A man elected as governor of a populous and prosperous U.S. State (and a “Harvard Visiting Fellow”) cannot distinguish between the subjects of a Stalinist police state and the attendees of an AmWay convention.

Ask anyone familiar with Communism. To achieve “success” in such as Castro’s Stalinist fiefdom, you join the Communist Party, you pucker up and stoop down behind Fidel and his toadies and smooch away. (Either that or jump on a raft.)

So come to think of it, Jesse Ventura indeed had much to teach those Havana U. students. On his Cuba visit he performed brilliantly.

Years later when, during an interview, The Daily Caller’s Jaime Weinstein suggested to Ventura that Castro runs a very inhumane dictatorship, a “shocked” (or expertly performing?) Ventura gasped:  “They have the highest health care of any Latin American country! … What has he (Fidel Castro) done that’s inhumane?”

For the benefit of the esteemed academics who granted Ventura’s “Visiting Fellowship” at  Harvard University’s  John F. Kennedy School of Government  here’s a few fully- documented  items that might address their esteemed “Visiting Fellow’s” question:

Fidel Castro’s regime jailed and tortured political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin’s during the Great Terror, murdered more Cubans in its first three years in power than Hitler’s murdered Germans during its first six and came closest of anyone in history to starting a worldwide Nuclear war. In the above process Fidel Castro and Che Guevara converted a nation with a higher per-capita income than half of Europe and a huge influx of immigrants into one that repels Haitians and boasts the highest suicide rate in the Western Hemisphere.

“What has Cuba ever done to us?!” the again “shocked” (or masterfully miming?) “Harvard Visiting Fellow” gasped recently on his show On the Grid. “We’ve been practicing terrorism against them!”

“War against the United States is my true destiny,” Fidel Castro had confided in a letter to a friend in 1958. “When this war’s over I’ll start that much bigger war.”

“Of course I knew the missiles were nuclear- armed,” responded Fidel Castro to Robert McNamara during a meeting in 1992. “That’s precisely why I urged Khrushchev to launch them!”

But for the purposes of this discussion let’s overlook the above trivialities, as they’re obviously regarded by Harvard’s esteemed academics. Instead let’s focus on the fact that Jesse Ventura claims some sort of “fellowship” with American servicemen, especially Viet-Nam veterans. (Granted, this fellowship is–to put it mildly—not fully reciprocated.)

So again, for the benefit of the esteemed academics who granted Ventura’s “Visiting Fellowship” at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, we’ll  mention a few items to highlight their “Visiting Fellow’s” ignorance (or expert burlesque?) To wit:

In 1967 Fidel Castro sent several of his regime’s most promising sadists to North Vietnamese prison camps to instruct the Vietnamese reds in finer points of their profession. Testimony during Congressional hearings titled, “The Cuban Torture Program; Torture of American Prisoners by Cuban Agents” held on November 1999 provide some of the harrowing details.

The communists titled their torture program “the Cuba Project,” and it took place during 67-68 primarily at the Cu Loc POW camp (also known as “The Zoo”) on the southwestern edge of Hanoi. In brief, this “Cuba Project” was a Joseph Mengelese experiment run by Castroite Cubans to determine how much physical and psychological agony a human can endure before cracking.

The North Vietnamese—please note!–never, ever asked the Castroites for advice on combat. They knew better. Unlike director Steven Soderbergh, they saw through the whole “Che as Guerrilla” hoopla for what it was and is: a Castroite hoax to camouflage the Inspector Clousseau-like bumblings of an incurable military idiot–and more specifically, Castro’s own hand in the idiot’s offing.

No, the North Vietnamese sought Castroite tutelage only on torture of the defenseless, well aware of the Castroites expertise in this matter.

For their experiment the Castroites chose twenty American POWs. One died: Lieutenant Colonel Earl Cobeil, an Air Force F-105 pilot. His death came slowly, in agonizing stages, under torture. Upon learning his Castroite Cuban affiliation, the American POWs nicknamed Cobeil’s Cuban torturer, “Fidel.”

“The difference between the Vietnamese and “Fidel’ was that once the Vietnamese got what they wanted they let up, at least for a while,” testified fellow POW Captain Ray Vohden USN. “Not so with the Cubans. Earl Cobeil had resisted ‘Fidel’ to the maximum. I heard the thud of the belt falling on Cobeil’s body again and again, as Fidel screamed “you son of a beech! I will show you! Kneel down!–KNEEL DOWN!” The Cubans unmercifully beat a mentally defenseless, sick American naval pilot to death.”

“Earl Cobeil was a complete physical disaster when we saw him,” testified another fellow POW, Col. Jack Bomar. “He had been tortured for days and days and days. His hands were almost severed from the manacles. He had bamboo in his shins. All kinds of welts up and down all over; his face was bloody. Then ‘Fidel’ began to beat him with a fan belt.”

According to the book Honor Bound the tortures of U.S. POWs by Castro’s agents were “the worst sieges of torture any American withstood in Hanoi.”

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  • JJ

    Jesse Ventura is a self- promoting blithering idiot! How could the people of Minnesota elect such a fool as their governor? Wait . . .they also elected Al Franken as their senator, so that does explain a lot!

    • elizabeth greeley

      You took the words right out of my mouth. Doesn’t say much about our Midwestern socialist state, does it?

      • ratonis

        see: for an alternative. If you don’t like your government then change it.


    Ace Ventura is OK with the 55 year Castro family dictatorship?

    Not even Ace Ventura fcould be commendante of Cuba because ya gotta be a Castro family member.

    All others are NG.

    Will Ace Venture send hearts and flowers to North Korea, or the Assad family dictatorship?

  • notme123

    I think it’s time to drop all mention of his name and not give him the publicity he craves. has-been, has been hit on the head too many times. too bad the WWA doesn’t have a fund for concussions like the NFL, he could sue for a few more millions.

  • DaCoachK

    Ventura is the SINGLE reason I won’t consider the Libertarian Party and anyone in it an asylum filled with Kooks little better than the Left-Wing-Kooks of the Democrat Party.

  • Peter Fogel

    It’s amazing that people pay attention to this worthless excuse for a human being. He’ll do anything to get attention and even has the gall to say he’ll run for President in 2016 as an Independent. I wonder though since the brainless did elect B Hussein twice some of them might vote for Ventura this time.

  • mikeman

    I’m not amazed at the ignorance of any castro supporter. These are seriously screwed up narcissists. The hollywood crowd, the congressional black caucus, they’re all traitors.
    As for this prixx ventura—–he’s a complete buffoon.

  • mtmla

    Read Humberto Fontova’s EXPOSING THE REAL CHE GUEVARA and learn the real reason murderer Fidel was kept in power with the help of Kennedy and other members of the US government, inspite of them lying to the public to the contrary. This book is very informative on the true nature of Fidel, Che and the Cuban revolution and the role the US has played in keeping these thugs in power and keeping the Cuban population prisioner of this murderous , oppressive regime.
    Other very informative book of same author : FIDEL: HOLLYWOOD’S FAVORITE TYRANT. These useful idiots just make me sick!!!

  • aberlaw

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Mr. Baad ASSSs Ventura tried to sue FPM in another attempt to home town a detractor. I somehow think the result would be different than his attack of a “brother’s” widow.

  • glpage

    Another useful idiot.

  • Erudite Mavin

    and Jesse Ventura is a libertarian supporter of Ron Paul.
    On a 10/13 interview they share their 9/11 truther propaganda.
    Typical on Ventura’s support for Marxist Castro as Ron Paul also wants sanctions lifted and backs Castro’s Cuba.
    Also, Ventura was not a SEAL but UDT and still continues to try to pass himself off as a SEAL


    Always knew something was wrong with blithering idiot.

  • Hank Rearden

    It’s always embarrassing to watch a Liberal try to come up with a thought.

  • El Cid

    It has always amazed me how Castro maintains such a “superstar” status among the chattering classes. He built an Island Prison that is Devil’s Island in Spanish. You can’t engage in debate of any kind there. You cannot run any kind of business. And, you are not allowed to leave. How is that different from Alcatraz? Most perplexing, why do Union Leaders admire him? Tell me about the Trade Union Movement in Cuba? hmmm?

  • georgejochnowitz

    In 2010, Fidel Castro said that Israel had the right to exist.

    If this were better known, it would shake the foundations of leftist anti-Semitism.

    • chelmer

      Uh, nothing can shake that. You’ll separate them from their Jew hatred when you peel it from their cold, dead fingers.

  • John R Hanson

    This man has continuously showed his ignorance about events on the world stage. Go back to school Jesse and quit showing yourself as an idiot. Oh, by the way Jesse, these are just my opinions. I don’t want you suing me either.

  • chelmer

    At least he has the honesty to admit that flattery will get you everywhere with him. I wish more Leftists would admit that they love the Third World because their despots are willing to suck up to Useful Idiots.
    Israelis were notoriously bad at this kind of sycophancy, which is how the Arabs have won the hearts of the Left in this country, and in the West in general.

  • John Pallyswine

    The CIA is responsible for keeping Castro in power. I would love to be able to send you to Cuba for a year and watch you live in horrible conditions you German loving skunk


    Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender 1945

  • American Patriot

    There were very few assassination attempts against Castro from the CIA, especially after the Missile Crisis, fool. In fact, before the Castro dictatorship revealed its true colors, the CIA and the State Department actually SUPPORTED his July 26th militant campaign (M-26-7) against Batista in Cuba during the 1950s. Some of the CIA officials claimed to infiltrate the M-26-7 and mistakenly believed that the movement was not Communist-controlled nor affiliated with the KGB nor other Soviet agency. Meanwhile, it is well known that the Castro dictatorship in Cuba had a role in the assassination of JFK in 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald had connections to the Cuban Communist DGI, which tried to destabilize world governments, including those of Grenada, Ethiopia, Angola, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Somalia, Jamaica and even the US territory of Puerto Rico. And actually, contrary to what you claim, Atlantic City, New Jersey is a far better place to visit than the cesspool known as Castrogonia, which is what Cuban American blogger, scholar and activist Carlos Eire calls Communist Cuba, since the Castro dictatorship rules that island country.

  • Kafir911

    Very classy comment.

  • SoCalMike

    So the courts once ruled slavery was legal.
    Courts make lots of mistakes.
    Navy Seals don’t lie-a$$hole.