Remember When Democrats Booted Parentless Hispanic Children From the U.S.?

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 1.24.43 PMAttorney General Eric Holder can hardly contain his tears when explaining his program titled “Justice AmeriCorps,” to provide emergency legal representation for the tens of thousands of Central American minors crashing our southern border.

“How we treat those in need, particularly young people who must appear in immigration proceedings, many of whom are fleeing violence, persecution, abuse or trafficking – goes to the core of who we are as a nation,” Holder said while detailing his program to provide 100 lawyers and paralegals for the minors.

And yet it was (then) Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder who concocted the “legal” cover for the INS to mace, kick, stomp, and gun-butt their way into the home of Elian Gonzalez’s legal custodians (legal U.S. citizens and residents all) on the morning of April 22, 2000, wrench a bawling 6-year-old child from his family at machine-gun point and bundle him off to Castro’s terror-sponsoring fiefdom, leaving 102 people (legal U.S. citizens and residents all) injured, some seriously.

Even as the mace dispersed and Elian’s custodians sought medical help for their injuries, FoxNews Andrew Napolitano already had Eric Holder’s number:

“Tell me, Mr. Holder,” Judge Napolitano asked on April 23, 2000, “why did you not get a court order authorizing you to go in and get the boy [Elian Gonzalez]?”

Holder: Because we didn’t need a court order. INS can do this on its own.

Napolitano: You know that a court order would have given you the cloak of respectability to have seized the boy.

Holder: We didn’t need an order.

Napolitano: Then why did you ask the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals for such an order if you didn’t need one?

Holder: [Silence]

Napolitano: The fact is, for the first time in history you have taken a child from his residence at gunpoint to enforce your custody position, even though you did not have an order authorizing it. When is the last time a boy, a child, was taken at the point of a gun without an order of a judge…Unprecedented in American history.”

Holder: “He was not taken at the point of a gun.”

Napolitano: “We have a photograph showing he was taken at the point of a gun.”

Holder: “They were armed agents who went in there who acted very sensitively…”

The nature of this “sensitivity,” I’ve already mentioned, including the number injured by the mace, gun-butts and jackboots. Thanks to the ritual MSM-Castroite collusion most people forget (or missed) the crucial legal and ethical details of the Elian circus/tragedy — which were mostly established during the first week after the boy’s rescue at sea, after his heroic mother’s drowning.

The “son-belongs-with-his-father” crowd, for instance, “missed” (with the help of the MSM-Democratic complex) that Elian’s father was initially delighted that his motherless son was in the U.S. and in the loving arms of his uncles and cousins.

The evidence — frantically buried by the MSM-Democratic complex — was overwhelming. Mauricio Vicent, a reporter for Madrid newspaper El Pais, wrote that during that first week he’d visited Elian’s home town of Cardenas and talked with Elian’s father, Juan Miguel, along with other family members and friends. All confirmed that Juan Miguel had always longed for his son Elian to flee to the United States. Shortly after Elian’s rescue, his father had even applied for a U.S. visa!

Elian’s Miami uncle, Lazaro, explained it repeatedly and best: “I always said I would turn over Elian to his father, when Juan Miguel would come here and claim him. But I [along with practically everyone with experience under communism from Cambodians to Hungarians and from Lithuanians to Cubans] knew such a thing was impossible. He couldn’t do that. I knew it wasn’t Juan Miguel requesting Elian–it was Fidel.”

The legal-weasels forgot (or missed) that on Dec. 1st, 1999 the INS (ostensibly under the jurisdiction of Janet Reno’s and Eric Holder’s Justice Department) asserted that Miami-based uncle Lazaro was indeed Elian’s legal custodian and Florida’s family court indeed the place to arbitrate further issues.

Then on Dec. 5th, 1999, Castro clapped his hands. Instantly the Clinton team and their MSM minions snapped to attention. Within weeks Clinton’s INS had turned its initial decision on its head. Shortly thereafter Clinton’s lawyer chum Gregory Craig was in Havana meeting with Fidel Castro. A few weeks later the INS was kicking down Lazaro Gonzalez’s door, pummeling camera men and elderly ladies to the ground with jackboots and wrenching a screaming Elian from his legal custodians in a blaze of pepper gas and machine guns. When asked for the legal authority for this, they brandished either a search warrant to seize evidence that didn’t exist (and would not have been hidden anyway) or an arrest warrant to seize someone who no one claimed was a criminal or even a lawbreaker.

“They never made it clear just what kind of warrant” it was. “And neither would it have been legal,” patiently explained Alan Dershowitz (no less!).

So why did Elian’s father change his tune?

Remember Godfather II? Remember the Senate hearings where Frankie Pentangeli, under FBI protection, was prepared to testify against Michael Corleone? The stage was set. Looked like a done-deal for the Feds. Then Frankie looks up and sees his bewildered brother Vincenzo from Sicily, sitting next to Mikey.

Whoops! Frankie sure changed his tune, didn’t he?

Think of Juan Miguel as Frankie Pentangeli. The gun Fidel Castro held to Juan Miguel’s head was as invisible (to those without experience with Communism) as the one Mikey held to Pentangeli’s head was to most spectators at those hearings.

All that stomping and macing and firepower in the dawn hours of April 22, 2000 horrified and enraged many people for sure – it also amazed. Why such overkill? Why such “Shock and Awe,” many wondered?

Well, it appears that those INS agents genuinely feared that they were on a mission fraught with deadly peril from massive firepower. Fidel Castro himself, you see, had confided to Bill Clinton via his lawyer friend Gregory Craig that Lazaro Gonzalez’s house was crammed with typical Cuban-American right-wing maniacs, all heavily armed, foaming at the mouth, and ready to rumble.

Given that American liberals pretty much share Castro’s view of Americans citizens of Cuban heritage, the Stalinist dictator’s warning was warmly received –and scrupulously acted upon.

But it turned out that the only blasting that morning came from mace and tear gas into the faces of ladies (legal U.S. citizens and residents all) holding infants and rosaries.

A U.S. Justice Dept. that accepted the word of a State-Sponsor-of-Terror whose lifelong dream is to nuke the U.S. (Fidel Castro) over that of lawful U.S. citizens (Cuban-Americans who claimed that from day one Fidel Castro was the one orchestrating Elian’s return, but who mostly register Republican)—such action by a federal agency should really give more U.S. citizens more pause.

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  • Alleged Comment

    Good point! This should be broadcast from every loudspeaker in existence.

    No need for volume control. The hypocrisy of the left speaks louder than itself!

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  • 95Theses

    I’m sorry. I just can’t believe that attorney general Holder would have be involved in such a scheme given his most recent record. And besides, he wasn’t even under oath when he had this conversation with Judge Andrew Napolitano. Tsk!

    • justlittlolme

      Are you saying he can’t be trusted to tell the truth unless he’s under Oath?

      • 95Theses

        (Sigh) Read my above reply to Stan Stein’s vulgar, uncivil (and waaaaay out of line) comment on my post. You guys just aren’t very good at detecting sarcasm. Here’s a clue: “I just can’t believe that attorney general Holder would have been involved in such a scheme given his most recent record“.

        If I had left out “most” would that have helped you? No, perhaps not.

      • Worship Dancer

        no he’s saying holder CAN’T BE TRUSTED.

    • Stan Stein

      Listen 95FECES…’s blind faith from people like you that’s at fault for our disingrating as a country today….if you wouldn’t have the guts to say what you say, in real life, to a group of patriotic Americans, don’t say in here….it makes you into a sniveling wimp….with no cajones, no conscience, no dignity… me, punk?

      • 95Theses

        You obviously are unable to detect sarcasm when you see it (which you would have instantly recognized if you bothered to read my other posts). Your irony-detector needs new batteries.

        • The March Hare

          This is for exchange of information, not playing detective to see the context of your comment. Nothing wrong with sarcasm, but it should be reasonably obvious to the reader without the reader having to go look up everyone’s posts to see how they meant it.

          • 95Theses

            I still think that the sarcasm is patently is obvious. But Dr. Stein’s careless foam-at-the-mouth reply prompted my own. If one feels the need to heap invective upon invective, then they really ought to make some attempt to be fair and ascertain whether the commenter is pulling their leg. And note that everyone else who regularly comments here in the FPM community got it.

      • Waldemar Daninsky

        Are you daft? Good lord, the lady was using sarcasm. Are you one of those re-re’s I read about who live in the state school here in MS? If so, drop your fork and eat your dinner grub with your fingers. Lick them fingers up, son, when you are done–napkins cost money, boy.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        Good God, man! 95Theses linked to a book by John W. Whitehead, who served as Deputy Secretary of State under President Ronald Reagan. I understand what was said, at once, as sarcasm. I think an apology is in order …

  • 95Theses

    A better link for the Elian Gonzalez kidnapping photo:

    • UCSPanther

      The infamous picture of the wild-eyed, MP5-wielding agent…

      • 95Theses

        It’s still not too late to get a copy of A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State at its lowest price to date – $13.89!! (assuming you don’t own it already)

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Everyone should read the brief synopsis of the book, in your link. In my opinion, we have ceased being a “nation of laws” to that of a “nation oppressed by the lawmakers”.

          Having lived where wolves are in abundance, there’s something about them that everyone should know. Wolves trail their prey, sometimes for many miles … human or otherwise. They are looking for weakness. When they see it, they close in for the kill.

          Our wolves in government see weakness, and they’re closing in. It’s high time that we demonstrate strength, as a people.

          • 95Theses

            Well, I’d be perfectly content if instead of A Government of Wolves we had a A Government of Wolves-That-Know-All. ( ! )

        • NonPCconservative

          A government of wolves is only fitting for the nation of sheep that America has become.

    • Christopher Riddle

      Who says that’s at”GunPoint”????????????????????????????

      • 95Theses

        Excellent point! It’s actually the flashlight attached to the barrel of the fully automatic assault weapon that is pointed at Lazaro Gonzalez.

        And for the less astute:

  • justlittlolme

    I remember this. Those poor people were terrified.
    How conveeeenient! Our government has gone from assaulting legal/US citizens in their own homes in order to TAKE a foreign-status child from relatives to DELIVERING the same foreign-status children to their illegal-resident relatives as if government had become a pizza delivery service.
    The flip-flop should make some people pause.

    • Chloe Rowles

      I remember this case also. Just about EVERYONE thought the child should stay here because his mother died bringing him here. We should have honored her dying wishes. I did NOT remember that Holder was the DOJ villain of the day. He is a heartless, lawless person, who now wants us to believe that he cares about these illegal aliens. He does not! It is all about power; as he said back 1999, he does it because he CAN. Just like his boss.

    • carolynggarcia

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  • pneville

    This was Hillary’s effort to sabotage Al Gore in Florida so she could later run for the Presidency. All Democratic candidates for President came out in favor of keeping the child. Bill let Hillary run the Justice Department.

  • Jim1904

    There will be no justice in the USA until he, and those like him, are gone.

    The RINO-establishment party will not do anything about him. They all need to go.



  • Independent Voter

    Criminals don’t go by the law. Get it NOW???

  • ace

    Meanwhile, “Ghanaian students in Cuba sell belongings to make a living” because medical students in Ghana aren’t getting their scholarship money and don’t even have money to eat and can’t work because their passports were taken by the Ghanaian embassy for safekeeping… (Ghana’s currency, the cedi, has been rapidly depreciating, their national health insurance is on the skids, some fans who went to the world cup are claiming asylum for religious persecution when real issue apparently economic, etc.) Nevertheless, so much for Cuba helping out those stranded there; they don’t even offer to fly the students back to Ghana…

  • fpm

    I have no problem for all the leftists to go to the central and south American countries and use their own money to help those who they claimed “in need”. Just don’t tell me that I need to follow their way or else. I’m very allergic to alligators’ tear.

  • Christopher Riddle

    BIG-TIME”GOTCHA”Eric The A$$H*LE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ebonystone

    Maybe we should send all the kiddies crossing the border to Cuba, like we did Elian. The lefties have assured us for years that Cuba is a wonderful place, with free medical care and free education for everyone, and equal opportunities for all. And they already speak the language.

    • DaveGinOly

      It would be the compassionate and culturally sensitive thing to do!

  • Tanker74

    Ship Obama’s kids to Gitmo, and then funnel them over the border into Cuba.