Venezuelans ‘Taking it to the Streets’

kl“Venezuela and its revolution will endure under the proven leadership of Vice President Maduro.” (Sean Penn, March 5, 2013.)

This is to say nothing of the “proven” –and particularly, the enduring–”leadership” of Maduro’s colonial overlords in Havana, of whom Sean Penn is also extremely fond.

I had the privilege to introduce my children to comandante Fidel Castro!” (Sean Penn, arm in arm with “great friend” Hugo Chavez, Caracas Feb. 13, 2012.)

Protests rocked Venezuela this week. Hundreds of Venezuelans were arrested by Cuban-trained police and at least three were shot dead by Cuban-trained paramilitary storm-troopers. As we go to press, Caracas is under a military clampdown with government troops guarding most public buildings and patrolling the streets.

In brief, Venezuelans have had it with the corruption, shortages, censorship, 56% inflation rate, crime and general privations brought on by the late Hugo Chavez’ “Bolivarian Revolution,” especially as implemented by Chavez’ successor Nicholas Maduro, who won last October’s elections–most non-Hollywood observers believe—by stealing them.

Now Maduro and his cronies are stealing the country blind. It’s all under the guise of something the Chavistas call “21th Century Socialism,” mind you. But it still amounts to the government stealing businesses and replacing the owners and managers with vengeful, bumbling and rapacious government hacks. So the results exactly mimic those of old-fogey 20th century socialism. Here’s a nation sitting atop the world’s largest oil reserves and earning $100 BILLION in oil revenues annually—while its citizens can’t find toilet paper in any stores.

But no matter how hard daily life becomes for Venezuelans, no matter how menacingly looms the prospect of national bankruptcy, no matter how drastically oil production drops–President Maduro keeps shipping 100,000 barrels of oil to Castro’s Cuba daily. Venezuelan subsidies to Cuba last year were estimated to total $10 billion. That’s more than double what the Soviets used to send.

So, as you might imagine, the Castro regime’s interest in the Maduro regime’s “durability” probably exceeds even Sean Penn’s interest. To that end around 50,000 Cubans infest Venezuela. The media (especially those networks and agencies bestowed Havana bureaus) all claim these Cubans are all “doctors and teachers.” Actual Venezuelans know better. In fact the Venezuelan secret police is essentially controlled by KGB-trained Cubans.  Maduro’s very platoon of bodyguards is headed by Cubans. This is the type of “teaching” most valued by such as Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro, who the Castro regime took under their wing as far back as the 1990’s. Maduro’s Quisling-esque qualities shone even then.

The thousands of young Venezuelans (mostly college students) who took to Venezuela’s streets this week demanded, essentially, that the Venezuelan government abide by the Venezuelan constitution and end their pathetic subservience to the Castros.

“We are not Cuba!” chanted Venezuelan demonstrators in front of a hotel hosting Cuban baseball players last week, before being arrested. Another dig came from the leader of the Venezuelan opposition party behind most of this week’s protests Leopoldo Lopez. Venezuela’s rubber stamp judiciary recently issued an arrest warrant against him. So the 42 year old Harvard-educated firebrand Tweeted back: “Come on, Maduro.  You don’t have the guts to arrest me. Or are you waiting your orders from Havana?”

In fact as we go to press, Lopez has not been arrested. The order has not come from Maduro’s colonial overlords. The Cuban leadership, let’s not forget, is very keen on the pitfalls of “making martyrs”– for the opposition, that is. Fidel himself rode to power on the strength of his own martyrdom at Batista’s hands. That this martyrdom was mostly bogus mattered little when such as the New York Times were spreading the hoax on it’s front-page.

Sure, the Venezuelan regime rants and raves about “Yankee Imperialism!” But the Venezuelan people fully recognize their genuine imperial masters. On Canada’s Sun News last week one Frontpage writer went so far as to claim that “Maduro can’t even sneak to the toilet with Raul Castro’s permission!”

Most Venezuelans blame the Maduro government’s dirty work, including the three dead demonstrators, on paramilitary storm-troopers called “colectivos” (collectives.) “Chavez called them (the colectivos) the armed wing of his Revolution,” revealed Anthony Daquíne ex-security assesor of Venezuela’s Interior Ministry. “In essence they are paramilitary groups. The leaders of the collectives have traveled to Cuba for socialist education and military training.”

Hugo Chavez’ inspirational debt to Ernesto “Che” Guevara is such that he titled his regime’s socio-economic model, “Mision Che Guevara.”  So unsurprisingly, many of these Cuban-trained storm-troopers regard Che Guevara with great affection, even as their inspiration.

“Youth must refrain from ungrateful questioning of governmental mandates! Instead they must dedicate themselves to study, work and military service! The very spirit of rebellion is reprehensible!” raved Che Guevara in a famous speech in 1961.

“My nostrils dilate while savoring the acrid odor of gunpowder and blood. Crazy with fury I will stain my rifle red while slaughtering any vencido that falls in my hands” raved Ernesto Guevara in a book later known as The Motorcycle Diaries. The Spanish world vencido, by the way, translates into defeated, hence surrendered, hence defenseless.

So, indeed, what could be more fitting than murdering unarmed youngsters while worshiping Che Guevara?

  • Silver Gonzales

    1. Where is Robert Redford, the blond haired rat?

    The film The Motorcycle Diaries ” The film’s executive producers were Robert Redford, Paul Webster, and Rebecca Yeldham; the producers were Edgard Tenenbaum, Michael Nozik, and Karen Tenkoff; and the co-producers were Daniel Burman and Diego Dubcovsky”. Wikipedia

    2. Where is Oliver Stone, the rat?

    ” South of the Border is a 2009 American documentary film directed by Oliver Stone. Writer for the project Tariq Ali calls the documentary “a political road movie”. Stone stated that he hopes the film will help people better understand a leader who is wrongly ridiculed “as a strongman, as a buffoon, as a clown”. Wikipedia. The buffoon was Chavez. The new buffoon is Maduro.

    Leftists,especially the vile Euro lefties who post lies on RT, hate Capriles because he is born to Jewish parents, although Maduro descends from Jews as well.

    Where is Danny Glover and all the other Hollywood rats who praised Chavez?

    • Omar

      Wait. Maduro is Jewish? Where did you get that information? In any case, it is clear that Maduro is an anti-Semite and a Communist puppet of the Castro brothers in Cuba. The people of Venezuela need to overthrow the Cuban Communist-backed dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro, who is not only not Venezuelan (he is Colombian), but is a total fraud. Venezuela needs to be free from Communist domination.

      • Silver Gonzales

        I am not sure if he is an anti-semite but knows where his bread is buttered. Interesting that he was chosen by Hugo Chavez Frias

        Maduro was raised as a Roman Catholic, and his paternal family ancestry is of Sephardic Jewish origin. Same for Rousseff of Brazil and of course, Allende of Chile who was killed by orders of the CIA or maybe the CIA just agreed when told by Pinochet.

        • Omar

          Newsflash, the CIA did not kill Allende. That was Communist propaganda invented by the Castro dictatorship in Cuba and the Breznhev dictatorship in the Soviet Union. That myth has been debunked over and over again. The truth was that Allende was a Soviet/Cuban Communist puppet who committed suicide during a military battle between his Communist troops and rebel forces led by Pinochet (who Allende appointed as top general), who received approval to remove Allende from power by the Chilean people, not from the CIA. Furthermore, both Nixon and Kissinger knew nothing about the coup plot (they preferred to oust Allende by elections). You can check these links to learn more about the truth on the coup in Chile: , and . These articles exposed the lie that Communist Cuba and the Soviet empire used to cover up their embarassment in Chile.

          • Silver Gonzales

            I thank U for your detailed comment but the alleged CIA/Kissinger removal ( according to Hitchens) of the Chilean conservative patriotic General Rene Schneider on October 25 1970 left Allende very vulnerable. In all due respect, relying on free elections is not the CIA way. After all the same group that financed/trained the CIA was involved in forming the KGB.

          • Hymie

            CIA and KGB. Huh, what? Happy smokers draw one (or per Hitchens, Bottoms up!). And you were doing so well.

          • ennis
          • Hymie

            Darn. And I had such high hopes for the CIA. Oh well, deaded either way. I’m satisfied.

          • ennis

            Actually the CIA not being involved in Allende’s overthrow is a good thing as it deprives the left of ammunition that the US overthrows democratically elected governments.

          • Omar

            The radical left also argues that the Soviet Union overthrows dictatorships and installs democracies, which is a load of BS, considering the fact that all of the Soviet client-states were either authoritarian or totalitarian. Out of the “Big Three” Allies in World War II, the Soviet Union was the only one to actually sign an alliance pact with Nazi Germany prior to the latter attacking the former in 1941. After World War II, the Soviets created the largest imperial ideological empire in the world, even dwarfing the British Empire.

          • Reco2

            Omar has also praised Hitler and his invasion of the USSR….not suprised that he defends fascist dictator Pinochet.

            Pinochet received approval? What a joke that is :D

          • His Excellency

            Reco supports the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and its consequences. He also supports the Goebbels-Ulbritcht alliance in Berlin that resulted in an unpopular strike there in 1932. He also supports Communist fascist dictators Fidel and Raul Castro. They received approval? What a joke that is.

          • Reco2

            “his excellency” supports the anti Comintern pact and its consquences(25 million dead including the Jews slaughted by the Right in the USSR), he also supports the Nazi and DVNP conservative coalition which destroyed democracy in Weimer Germany, he also supports Nazi dictators like Pinochet etc. Buffoon!

    • Western_Canadian

      Thing to be aware of with sean penn…… his character in the ‘fast times’ movie? He was not acting. He really is that much of a moron.

  • BagLady

    Remind me again why this Caribbean island is treated any differently from the others?

    • 3spresso

      Island? Education perhaps?

      • Hymie

        She meant Cuba.

  • Omar

    When the Venezuelan democracy movement succeeds in overthrowing the Cuban Communist puppet dictator Maduro (who, by the way, is Colombian, not Venezuelan), the first thing that Venezuelan freedom-fighters should do is to storm the Cuban embassy in Caracas and take over that embassy. The embassy staff should become hostages. Then, Castrogonia (aka Communist Cuba) would have its version of the Iranian Hostage Crisis. That way, the Venezuelan freedom-fighters can embarrass the Cuban Communist empire in front of the whole world.

    • Habbgun

      Unlike a hostage crisis with America anyone trying that would be dead within hours.

      • Omar

        Not if the Maduro regime is overthrown. In fact, I believe that the United States should give a helping hand to to Venezuelan freedom-fighters by launching a military invasion of the Cuban Raj (that is what I call the Castro puppet regime in Venezuela) and help overthrow the Communist puppet regime. After capturing Maduro, we should send him to Guantanamo Bay, where he would be imprisoned, along with his Islamist terrorist friends already imprisoned there. The Venezuelan freedom-fighters should take over the Cuban embassy in Caracas and take its staff as hostages. A free and democratic Venezuela should ban the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, the Communist Party of Venezuela and other political organizations which collaborated with the Chavista regime. In addition, a free and democratic Venezuela should also sever all diplomatic relations with Castrogonia (aka Communist Cuba) until Cuba becomes a free and democratic country (which would happen if the United States helps the democracy movement there by launching a military invasion of that country and overthrowing the murderous Castro family dictatorship. The Castro brothers would also be sent to Gitmo, where they would join their puppet Maduro and the Islamist terrorists in prison). After a while of new development, a free and democratic Venezuela would embrace free market capitalism and be designated a major non-NATO ally.

        • Bacon_Crusader

          The United States can give a helping hand in an easier way: Approve Keystone XL, eliminate the regulations for American companies to export American Oil and Gas, eliminate the Department of Energy altogheter, stop Quantitative easing, Boycotting Citgo. An invasion might bring regime change in Venezuela, but it will only convert Maduro in a Martyr, the Root of all the problems won’t be removed (And countries like Iran will be richer). Venezuela has always elected someone with leftist ideals (Economically speaking) ever since it became a democracy (23.01.1958) and the Oil-Revenues make it easier for any left-winger to just promise free stuff to win any elections. Venezuela needs to learn where Socialism ends (and thus all the free stuff derived from Oil-Revenues) so that a real change can occur. The end is close though, the protesters should force the government to disarm the colectivos, and eventually Maduro will have to eliminate the Fuel Subsidy

  • Atikva

    What Yuri Bezmenov said in 1986 about useful idiots fits Messrs. Sean Penn, Robert Redford, Jane Fonda & Co. like a glove:

    “Marxism-Leninism ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least 3 generations of American students without being challenged or counterbalanced by the basic values of Americanism; American patriotism…. You can’t get through to them [the usefull idiots]. They are contaminated. They are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern. You cannot change their minds even if you expose them to authentic information. Even if you prove that white is white and black is black, you still cannot change their basic perception… A person who has been demoralized is unable to assess true information…

    When the military boot crashes – then he will understand. But not before that.”

  • CapitalistPig

    Maduro sounds like El Diablo…….I’ll bet you can smell the sulfur on the streets of Venezuela.

  • Reco2

    Fascist taking to the streets….warms Humberto Fontova’s heart.

    Still sobbing about his terrorist family geting their butts kicked by Castro and Che….not surpirsed.

    • His Excellency

      Shut up, you f**k**g Communist propagandist who denies the fact that fascists were left-wing. Humberto Fontova is a democrat, unlike you. You are a moron and a propagandist who supports Communist aggression.

      • Reco2

        Oh please, Fontova is a fascist who has spoken in support for Franco and Pinochet. His terrorist friends were beaten in Cuba, time for him to get over it. You have been following me everywhere, hoping that a different thread would somehow enhance your argument, your argument is still dismal here! Moron!

        • His Excellency

          That’s because you are an annoying troll who posts nothing but garbage. You simply are a revisionist who can’t accept facts and who thinks that Communism is democracy when it is not. It is another form of fascism.

          • Reco2

            You are trolling me, you are simply a lying revisionist who denies the crimes of fascism.

          • His Excellency

            I don’t deny the crimes of fascism. You deny the fact that Nazism and fascism were socialist. You also deny the crimes of Communism.

          • Reco2

            No, you as a Pinochet supporter deny the crimes of fascism and Nazism. Your claims about Nazism and Fascism being socialist have been truly debunked by Hitler’s words in Mein kampf, and his rightwing capitalist policies.

          • His Excellency

            Wrong. Hitler had left-wing socialist policies, and your hero, Castro, was initially a Hitler fanatic in his college days, even using the Nazi’s flag colors red, white and black, and incorporated them into the July 26th movement flag. Your claims of the Nazis being “capitalistic” have been debunked by Jonah Goldberg’s book, Liberal Fascism; Glenn Beck’s TV documentary, Revolutionary Holocaust; Edvin Snore’s movie documentary, the Soviet Story; and numerous other articles that focus on interwar European history, as well as World War II history.

          • Reco2

            HItler always supported capitalism, you buffoon. He even praises private enterpise and private property in Mein Kampf, fool! Pinochet was a Hitler fan, he was a big fan of the brutality of his army!

            Red, White and Black: The Colors of Imperial Germany- there are actually songs about the rightwing colors.

            You enjoy posting utter garbage, Jonah Goldberg demonstrated his own ignorance more than anything else! Indeed, he was ripped apart by Paxton who debunked his lies. The World at War destroys both Glen Beck’s trash and Snore’s revisionism. The World At War Series contains the views of top ranking Nazis such as Speer and Donitz? Who does the Soviet story have? No one of importance.

  • His Excellency

    You act more and more crazy with your posts. Why don’t you denounce the Castro dictatorship in Cuba. You know, the ones who took phrases from Nazis. Phrases like “History will Absolve Me” (“the Eternal Court of History…”) and “Work will Make Men Out of You” (“Work will Set You Free”).

    • Reco2

      Took phrases? Hitler’s slogan was “Germany will be Marxist Free”……hmmmm, sound like something Pinochet and Reagan would say.

      • His Excellency

        How about when Fidel Castro lied to the Cuban people and others by saying, “I am not a Communist!”? How about in Venezuela when Hugo Chavez said during his 1998 presidential run, “I am not a socialist, I am a humanist”, six years after his attempted coup against democracy, back when the incident was still fairly fresh among voters in that country? That seems strange, yet interesting.