How Amnesty Will Harm U.S. Support for Israel

bds-580x433The more patriotic Jewish Americans may see connections between the latest Gaza uprising and the onslaught of unaccompanied alien children at our southern borders. The waves of Qassam rockets hitting Beersheva and Ashdod and the waves of illegal aliens coming over into Texas and Arizona have posed respective existential threats to Israel and the US for years and the challenge is getting increasingly serious. Although the BDS movement hasn’t died down in the US, polls showing continued American support for Israel’s efforts in Gaza no doubt provide reassurance to most American Jews. But depending on how the US manages its southern borders in the years ahead, broad support for Israel may not always be a sure thing.

The number of Hispanics in America, both legal and illegal, has almost quadrupled since the last census in 2010. The level of support for Israel among this rapidly-expanding demographic, however, is at polar opposites with groups like traditional conservatives, the strongest supporters of Israel in the US, outside American Jews. A 2011 poll covered by the Israeli press found that nearly 50 percent of Hispanics thought the ‘US was too supportive of Israel.’ These results should have acted as a “wake-up call” according to the Jewish organization that commissioned it. Jewish advocacy groups in general, however, like Bend the Arc or the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), continue to support amnesty for illegal aliens, including the latest wave we’ve seen. Whether groups such as these are paying close attention to the long-term effects of their lobbying is doubtful.

The recent waves of unaccompanied alien children have arrived mostly from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, countries that have each made moves in the face of US and Israeli opposition to recognize Palestine as a sovereign, independent state – Mexico has also made similar moves – Meanwhile, opinion polls in other Hispanic countries, such as Brazil, Chile and Argentina, show Israel to be about as popular as North Korea and Iran. Kenya, India and Russia, countries that have very large Islamic populations and a history of poor relations with Israel, are generally shown to be more supportive than most Latin American countries – Although polling in Venezuela could not be located, just recently that country pledged to send the Palestinian Authority 240,000 barrels of oil, presumably as an act of solidarity.

As the Hispanic population and its share of the electorate continues to lurch forward, American Jews, especially those committed to open-borders, should pay greater attention to this issue. Apart from Bill Kristol, Jewish immigration-restrictionists don’t have wide profiles. Former American Jewish Congress director and senior analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), Stuart Steinlight has warned open-borders Jewish groups that continuous waves of Hispanics will “erode Jewish political clout” in this country. Groups like HIAS, according to Steinlight, are fronted by “unelected, aging plutocrats” who are actually working against Jewish interests by “pushing to let in more and more Muslims.”

Although Steinlight and CIS are frequently targeted by the pro-amnesty Anti-Defamation League (ADL), that organization found in a 2002 poll that the levels of anti-Semitism in the US was highest among Hispanics and triple the rate found among Whites.

Other figures have noted the potential long-term threat to Israel from America’s immigration policy. Following Obama’s 2012 re-election, Michael Freund, ex-communications director for Prime Minister Netayahu, wrote an op-ed in The Jerusalem Post demanding that, due to the ‘changing face of America’, Israel must “launch a comprehensive and coordinated Hasbara, or public diplomacy, campaign that makes Israel’s case to Hispanics directly and ‘en Espanol.’”

Whether a PR campaign could be so successful is unclear. The four decades-old Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA), a Hispanic activist organization with a long history of pushing for open-borders, endorsed the BDS movement in 2012.  Their announcement was made on Cesar Chavez Day, which happens to fall on ‘Palestinian Land Day.’

In a report on Hispanic and Palestinian solidarity, the anti-Zionist website Electronic Intifada profiled Gabriel Camacho of the open-borders American Friends Service Committee who said he was inspired after a trip to the West Bank to start a new activism project: a presentation called “Two Walls, One Struggle: a structural comparison of colonization, territorial loss, and racist aggression in Mexico and Palestine.”

Electronic Intifada’s report concludes, “[a]s long as Latinos in the US are subjected to racial profiling, the deportation of undocumented loved ones, and the effects of colonialism in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and in the southwest states, comparisons will be made between Latinos and Palestinians.”

In pushing for increased immigration and amnesty for illegals, such a comparison could become increasingly mainstream. Some American Jewish groups may need to begin asking themselves just what they’re advocating and who they’re really advocating for.

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  • American Patriot

    Why doesn’t the far-left talk about the brutal negative effects of colonialism in Tibet? That is because the radical left supports Communist China and the Communist ideology in general. Besides, the radical left ignores the fact that Mexico during the 1840s wanted to conquer land all the way to Washington DC (they estimated that they could do it in as little as six weeks) and that Central America (with the exception of Panama, which was part of Gran Colombia; and Belize, as well as parts of Honduras, Nicaragua and the northeastern part of Costa Rica, which were controlled by the British and known as “British Honduras”) was once part of Mexico until 1823. Furthermore, the radical left’s obsession with Puerto Rico has to stop. The island’s residents have already voted to be a state of the United States. Besides, most island residents are pro-Israel.

    • Bulan Sabriel

      The far left stopped talking about Tibet, because they are led by Hollywood, and Hollywood is dependent on China now.

      • American Patriot

        Most of the far-left opposes the Tibetan people’s struggle for freedom and self-determination because the radical left supports Communist China. Remember that Communism is a radical left ideology and that other than economics, Communist China shares the radical left-wing ideology. That is why the radical left is against Tibet.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I suspect that poor illiterate struggling illegalitos will have better things to do.

  • El Cid

    Let me first credential to say that I am a conservative who believes in the value of strong borders and well defined barriers. “Amnesty” is not the answer.

    That being said, I believe that Mr. Smith does not understand Jews. We do not value freedom and life for other people based on whether or not their politics and beliefs are “correct”. Being human beings is sufficient. More over, our narrative and needs are not more important than anyone else. We are all G-ds people.

    Finally, I observe that Spanish speaking, catholic immigrants from south of the border have the kind of conservative values, hard work, strong family commitment, education, etc. that make them strong contributors to the US economy, social fabric, and military after 1 or 2 generations in the US. These are the immigrants that build America.

    What we need is a sensible law that we apply consistently when dealing with our borders.

    • Habbgun

      I don’t think America should make policy decisions based on what creates popularity for Israel in America. It is not surprising that Leftists allied with other Leftists sound like Leftists. America is under threat on the border but that is a symptom of the internal rot and that rot is centered in the government and academia. Until we reform America itself somewhere and somehow its internal enemies will find opportunities for harm.

    • GSR

      Do you really think dirt poor, non-White people are going to support limited constitutional government with individual liberty? Most immigrants, regardless of where they came from, are left of center politically.

    • Bulan Sabriel

      “That being said, I believe that Mr. Smith does not understand Jews.
      We do not value freedom and life for other people based on whether or
      not their politics and beliefs are “correct”. Being human beings is
      sufficient. More over, our narrative and needs are not more important
      than anyone else. We are all G-ds people.”

      Indeed most Jews do not think of Jewish interests, and many will prove their leftist virtue by actively opposing it. But, many ersatz Jewish groups go out of their way to promote anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, and anti-American policies as Jewish on immigration and other issues. Too many of these organizations do everything they can to redeem the Pharoah, who saw Hebrews as an enemy class disloyal to the state: ” Yosef died, as did all his brothers and all that generation. 7 The
      descendants of Isra’el were fruitful, increased abundantly, multiplied
      and grew very powerful; the land became filled with them.

      8 Now there arose a new king over Egypt. He knew nothing about Yosef 9 but said to his people, “Look, the descendants of Isra’el have become a people too numerous and powerful for us. 10 Come,
      let’s use wisdom in dealing with them. Otherwise, they’ll continue to
      multiply; and in the event of war they might ally themselves with our
      enemies, fight against us and leave the land altogether.”” (Exodus 1:6-10)

      “We are all G-ds people.” is not true. Israel does not belong to the world. The concept of nation is entirely supported in the Torah.

      “Finally, I observe that Spanish speaking, catholic immigrants from south
      of the border have the kind of conservative values, hard work, strong
      family commitment, education, etc. that make them strong contributors
      to the US economy, social fabric, and military after 1 or 2 generations
      in the US. These are the immigrants that build America.”
      Then clearly you haven’t noticed their out of wedlock birthrates, high drop out rates, dependency and support for welfare and socialism, the worsening of social demographics amongst second and third generation Latinos, and the utter political irrelevence of Hispanic social conservatism just like taht of Black social conservatives who vote for pro-abortion, pro-Homosexual, anti-religion leftist politicians, who will persecute religious Jews.

  • GSR

    But frankly, I’d say, most Jewish Americans are liberal, in fact, quite a few are very far left. Consequently, they almost all favor open borders and/or lack of real enforcement of immigration laws and borders.
    Do you think the several Muslim women in burkas, who have moved into my neighborhood over the past few years, are gonna be supportive of Israel?
    All immigration into the US should be reduced for a good decade. The cheap labor lobby needs to be reined in. Plus the Leftists just love more non-White people – they are natural Democrat voters.

    • Edward E

      In the 1960′s “Anti-racists” forced EVERY & ONLY white countries to open their borders to massive non-white immigration.

      Then “Anti-racists” FORCED ALL & ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “intolerant”.

      Now “Anti-racists” are calculating that ALL and ONLY white children will become minorities and eventually EXTINCT!

      If “Anti-racists” did this to EVERY & ONLY black countries, IT WOULD be called a GENOCIDE!

      Anti-racist is a >code< for anti-White

      • wisntons

        Yes, it also goes by the term “multiculturalism”,

  • Bulan Sabriel

    Even without doubling legal immigration and flooding the US with
    Muslims, who will soon outnumber Jews, immigration is horrible for Jews
    and Zionists.
    Neoconservatives, Randian Zionists, and Liberal Zionist Jews are utterly blind to reality. There is a reason that the leftist elite lied to silence STEPHEN Steinlight: they have no argument.

  • Snakes on a Car

    Shut the borders down now!

  • winstons

    The Radical Left, with a combination of persistence and a brilliant plan using the media and schools, have won.

  • Martin

    Wonderful piece!

  • Sharmake Yusuf

    This article is an eye opener to me: Jews only focus on their narrow interests…even US jews dont think like americans….they put the interests of Jews before those of America…..can they really be trusted by non-jewish Americans! Incredible!