Obama’s Border Crisis: Facilitating Child Trafficking

Illegals-AZ-board-Bus-APLast week, the lawlessness of Obama’s non-deportation policy came home to roost when Homeland Security (DHS) estimated 60,000 “unaccompanied alien children” were expected to enter the country illegally this year. The figures have since gone up to 90,000, which is more than a ten-fold increase from 2011. Unsurprisingly, according to interviews with those caught, the news waves are directly related to Obama’s rolling orders to DHS to ramp up amnesty efforts wherever possible.  Yesterday, Senator Cornyn of Texas called Obama’s continued amnesty push an “extremely dangerous incentive for children” and “a painful example of the law of unintended consequences.”

Stories have been ongoing of illegal alien children, teens and adults being flown around the Border States in search of any government facility that may have available space. After it was reported last week that Greyhound stations in Phoenix were becoming drop-off points for detained-illegals flown in from border-checkpoints in Texas, Arizona’s Governor Brewer fired off a letter to the President asking him to end his “unconscionable policy.”

Considering the depth and scale of Obama’s subversion of our immigration laws, the prospect of thousands more children and teens illegally entering the country won’t likely change his approach to border security any time soon. After all, as it was revealed last December, DHS has actually been directly and proactively facilitating human-trafficking for quite some time.

In the case of U.S. v. Nava-Martinez, border agents busted a repeat-felon attempting to smuggle a 10-year old El Salvadorian girl across a checkpoint in Texas later discovering that the operation was organized by the girl’s mother, an illegal alien living in Virginia. But when the agents contacted DHS officials they refused to arrange for her arrest. Instead, according to Judge Andrew Hanen of the Southern District Court of Texas, DHS “successfully complet(ed) the mission of the criminal conspiracy” by flying the child to her mother in Virginia at taxpayer expense.

The order issued by Judge Hanen is a crushing rebuke of Obama’s DHS. In it he warns that such immoral and illegal policies would dramatically increase the number of minors attempting to make the dangerous trip across the border. With DHS’s new estimates and the huge problems hitting the Border States, we can now see how right the good judge was.

In just the previous month alone, Judge Hanen had seen four cases of “DHS completing [a] criminal conspiracy… by delivering [minors caught at the border] to the custody of parents illegally living in the United States.” In none of the cases were the children detained or the illegal alien parent deported.

Besides the concerns that DHS’s facilitation of illegal activities works to decrease border agents’ morale and helps fund drug cartels (the chief operators of human smuggling rings), the remarkably prescient judge had noted that such a policy “undermines the deterrent effect the laws may have and inspires others to commit further violations.” The consequences of this undermining effect we’re now seeing and hopefully it’s becoming clear to the elite and media classes just how dangerous it is to play politics with immigration enforcement.

Since the first amnesty in 1986, the illegal alien population has ballooned from 3 million to 12 million with most of that increase coming in the last decade. Obama’s first administrative amnesty in 2012, the “Deferred Action for Children Arrivals” program, applied specifically to children and young adults, which, along with further mini-amnesties since, has acted as an announcement to the people of Mexico and Central America that the US is not at all serious about its border security.

Who knows what the next round of figures from DHS will be, but it’s possible they’ll be double or even triple the recent estimates. The same goes for deaths at the border, which have already been on the increase since Obama started his amnesty-push. As Judge Hanen devastatingly wrote at the close of his order, if DHS persists with such a policy, “more children are going to be harmed, and DHS will be partly responsible because it encourages this kind of Russian roulette.” It’s now time for Obama and Democrats to finally consider the consequences of their policies, which harm citizens on both sides of the border, and turn off the amnesty magnet.

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  • LoneWolf

    Wages have fallen to 30 year lows thanks to illegal immigration, while the burden on taxpayers to fund schools, healthcare, housing and feeding of illegals has spiked to 200 billion dollars per year.

    It is time immigration policies focus on the needs of citizens: harsh fines for employers of illegal aliens, e-verify required and enforced within 12 months, visa tracking with deportations for overstaying, immediate deportations for those caught at the border (no trial needed) and administrative deportations for all interior illegal alien contacts (no trial needed). Finally, ending chain migration and birthright citizenship. Australia did it in 2007, New Zealand in 2006, Ireland in 2005, France in 1993, and the United Kingdom in 1983.

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  • redheart

    Thanks all the RINO’s and the Democrats that have invited this disaster.

  • maxxammo

    can you be sure its unintended consequences I believe its intented to destroy America theres back to back disasters going on .

    • maisy

      It is very much intended. He is working to destroy the USA .

  • BMS

    Now the 50% of this country who are already working to pay for the 50% of non-working people in this country will have a new burden, paying for even more illegals. No doubt these new illegals will get free health care, food, clothes, shelter phone, computers etc. These are not doctors, lawyers and engineers coming into this country. These are individuals with no skills, who barely speak English and who will become the future welfare recipients of this country and future Democrats. This president said he was the president of hope and change…yeah hope for all the illegals and change of the demographics of America and any expense for the hardworking Americans today.
    Truly disgusting what is happening to this country and even more disgusting that we have a President who refuses to enforce the laws of the land.

  • rbla

    The great compassionate liberal Obama hates White America so much that he is even willing to endanger the health and safety of thousands of Hispanic children.

  • Hard Little Machine

    You know that anyone who objects to any of this will be branded an Official Racist. So I say let it burn. Screw it. Get a job that can’t be done by a Mexican with a 6th grade education and no English.

  • Lou Hodges

    drop them off in Washington DC, that’s obvious

    • Pete

      & Georgetown

  • Pete

    Obama’s foreign policy is disastrous. If the U.S.’s economic indicators 2nd quarter are as bad or anemic, expect Obama’s poll number to stay 32 or go as low as 28.

    It doesn’t matter. They will still push Amnesty on August 1st. We need to man the ramparts on July 31st and put the fear of the electorate and their franchise in backsliding Republicans and some Democrats too.

    We will need too. Consider Michael Medved. He is pretty good and I listen to his show. But yesterday he was off the chain and completely delusional. He said Cantor lost the primary because he opposed Amnesty. It is the exact opposite of what most others were saying. The other pundits could be wrong. But i do not believe so. Point is if a pundit like Medved could get it wrong, you can bet your bottom dollar that all the RINOS will too.

    Man the F_Cking Ramparts come July 31st. Vacation is over then.

    • maisy

      Medveds been for it all along. Probably being paid well to push it!

  • seewithyourowneyes

    North African migrants cross the Mediterranean in rickety boats. Some have threatened to throw their own children into the sea if Europeans didn’t pick them up and allow them entry. Later it was discovered that the endangered toddlers were actually no relation to their supposed “parents.” How many more children will be kidnapped, used and abandoned in this way?

    • maisy

      Ask Obama and DHS sec Johnson / they are using children as human shields for their plan to collapse the country.

  • http://libertyandgrace.org/ LibertyGrace

    Who will stand up to this dictator (Barack Obama) and stop him?