Northeastern U. Suspends ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’

1unnamedA young man from Brookline, Massachusetts poses for a photo somewhere inside the Palestinian territories. He’s got a bullet belt wrapped around his shoulders, wannabe-Rambo-style. Together with a young woman, he’s proudly showing off a terror group’s PK-class machine gun. A gun like that can take down a helicopter or pierce a Humvee’s armor. The AR-15 “assault” gun used to massacre the children of Newtown, CT is little better than an old hunting rifle compared to the firing power of this killing machine, whose likely main purpose is to massacre the children (and adults) of Israel.

The young man is Max Geller, leader and spokesman of Northeastern University’s Students for Justice in Palestine (NU SJP). The young woman is also a NU SJP member.

Last week, Northeastern suspended NU SJP after years of anti-Semitic vandalism, glorification of terrorist groups, calls for the destruction of Israel, and other actions by NU SJP’s leadership, all of which have created a hostile learning environment for Jewish pro-Israel students on campus.

NU SJP emerged as a belligerent presence at Northeastern when its members crashed a Holocaust Awareness Week event in 2011 by whipping out anti-Israel signs and yelling insults at the audience and speakers before storming out.

By 2012, NU SJP faculty advisor M. Shahid Alam was bragging to SJP members at one of the group’s meetings that anti-Israel activism on campus has made pro-Israel students afraid to speak out in support of the Jewish State. He can be seen suggesting to NU SJP members that they should be proud to be called anti-Semites and that they should wear this label as a badge of honor.

During the 2012 Israel Apartheid Week, members of Students for Justice in Palestine vandalized the campus with anti-Semitic messages, specifically targeting and defacing the statue of a Jewish donor and trustee of the university.

Israel’s November 2012 operation against deadly rocket fire from Gaza gave NU SJP the opportunity to take their disruptive tactics into the Boston neighborhoods surrounding Northeastern. Protests organized by NU SJP shut down traffic in sections of downtown Boston’s dense Back Bay neighborhood, as its members marched from Northeastern’s campus to the Israeli Consulate. The protesters’ chants of choice were: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” – a call for the destruction of the entire Jewish state, and: “Resistance is justified when people are occupied” – a justification of Palestinian terrorism against Israeli civilians.

At one such protest, NU SJP spokesman Max Geller decided to wear a headband with the emblem of Palestinian Islamic Jihad – the most violent Palestinian terrorist group. Geller has a penchant for fetishizing terrorists, having posted pictures of himself wearing a Hizbullah flag T-shirt and a T-shirt glorifying Hizbullah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah.


Max Geller with Palestinian Islamic Jihad headband.


Max Geller with Hizbullah flag T-shirt.


Geller with T-shirt of Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Geller is not the only terrorist groupie within NU SJP. NU SJP board member and philosophy graduate student Ryan Branagan likes to do his protesting in a t-shirt featuring convicted terrorist hijacker Laila Khaled clutching an AK-47. For the past five months, his Facebook cover photo was a masked terrorist aiming an M-16 automatic rifle with the word “resistance” in block letters above the gun. Two weeks ago, in honor of International Women’s Day, he replaced this photo with one showing a woman holding the M-16. Tributes to women’s rights aside, these are not your average gun control left-wingers.


Branagan (front) in Laila Khaled T-shirt.


Facebook page of Ryan Branagan.


Image posting on Ryan Branagan’s Facebook page.

By 2013, NU SJP was beginning to get some pushback. After a series of video exposes by Americans for Peace and Tolerance detailing the anti-Semitic climate the group and sympathetic faculty created at Northeastern, the Zionist Organization of America wrote a letter to Northeastern’s administration asking that the university remedy the hostile campus environment for Jewish students. The administration commendably took action. Northeastern President Joseph Aoun made a campus-wide announcement that anti-Semitism will not be tolerated. NU SJP was put on probation.

The administration tried to come to a middle-ground resolution where NU SJP would maintain its status as a student group while at the same time moderating its behavior. The organization’s leaders were asked to meet with student life administrators and to sign a statement agreeing to follow campus rules. NU SJP refused to do either. Instead, its members and sympathizers began to lash out in increasingly threatening ways.

In September of 2013, Boston’s WBZ ran an investigative report featuring Jewish Northeastern students describing the threats and hostility they face on campus. NU SJP posted about the story on Facebook and the comments section under the online story was quickly flooded with anti-Semitic vitriol. A Jewish Northeastern student claiming that she too felt the hostility on campus was told that, “transfer is always an option… so is the oven.  … You need to take a shower, you filthy joo!” The comments remain published on the WBZ website.

Responding to the WBZ report, Northeastern Law School grad and former NU SJP leader Andrew Pappone wrote: “At least the commenters on the article seem to be on the right side.”

Messages to Americans for Peace and Tolerance about Northeastern were more direct. One individual wrote: “you really need to die so allah can show you the right path … you Jews are all worthless to me, god bless Hitler for trying to do whats right … if i see a jew il tell him whats on my mind and if he has anything to say il decapitate him!! and il sit the rest of my life in jail with honor.” Nice.

Meanwhile, NU SJP continued to inflame the situation. Within two weeks in early 2014, it held two events with Jewish anti-Israel hate mongers Max Blumenthal and Ilan Pappe, who proclaimed from Northeastern’s podia that Israel must be destroyed.

On February 24, 2014, during this year’s Israel Apartheid Week, Northeastern students had fake eviction notices slipped under their dorm doors telling them that they were getting kicked out for no reason because that’s exactly what Israel does to the Palestinians. NU SJP then put out a statement mocking  Northeastern Hillel’s reassuring message to Jewish students who felt threatened and isolated by this action.  In response, the administration suspended the group until 2015.

As one would expect, NU SJP is now playing the victim card, claiming that its free speech rights are being denied, and (echoing classic anti-Semitic memes) that it’s being repressed by an administration unduly influenced by certain “rich donors.” The anti-Israel blog mob is weighing in with its usual histrionics and rehearsing the “victim of Jewish pressure” theme.

Reflecting the moral confusion so common on campuses, Northeastern’s student newspaper is supporting NU SJP. Its editors bizarrely claim that: “just because a rule [which NU SJP broke] is on the books it does not mean the school is right to enforce it.”  According to the editorial, violations of campus rules are protected freedom of expression as long as such violations are motivated by a political purpose. Never mind that the political purpose in this case is to harass pro-Israel Jewish students.

Students for Justice in Palestine is a rogue Hamas-linked campus organization founded at UC Berkeley in 2000. It was at Berkeley in 2010 that SJP head Hussam Zakharia sent a teenage Jewish girl to the hospital by smashing her in the back with a shopping cart for holding a sign that said “Israel Wants Peace.”

Like so many other radical organizations, SJP exploits academic freedom, free speech, and civic norms to promote an agenda of hate. Sadly, these days the only hatred tolerated on campus is the one directed at Israel and its supporters, and so administrations at dozens of other colleges continue to turn a blind eye to SJP bigotry. Hopefully, NU SJP’s justified suspension becomes a wakeup call for those schools as well.

Ilya Feoktistov is Director of Research at Americans for Peace and Tolerance.

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    Chant this…

    From the River to the Sea,
    Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be!

    Northeastern is in Boston, home of the Boston Marathon, bombed by islamofascist swine, murdering and maiming people.

    I wish the people of Boston would give these islamofascist scum students a piece of their mind.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      Please show some respect for swine.


        Respect for the four legged swine.

        None for the two legged swine.

    • whycan’teveryonebekind

      So this article is about how the pro-palestine group is disrespecting pro-Israel people… and you saying Pal-e-SWINE will never be and calling them scum for expressing their views, as everyone below is any different how? Granted their tactics might not all be okay and some may be too extreme but you are insulting them as this article says they are insulting you….

      • Rob Hobart

        Concern troll. Go away.


          Concern troll.


      • Drakken

        Your goofy views are for massive violence against the Jewish people, state of Israel and are pro Islamic jihad, the only thing you should be met with is a 2 by 4 and a smile.

      • rainbow_zebra

        I fully agree with you. Palestinians are not all bad people, just the ones who murder and spread hate. As a people, they deserve our respect. Some palestinian individuals and groups though, do not.

        • GerriAttricks

          They are all scum of the earth.

          • rainbow_zebra

            You are mistaken if you think that. Most Palestinians want peace. Of course the ones with the guns and bombs speak louder than others, they are the bad ones. Not the innocent.

          • reader

            When most polling in Gaza says that from 70% on up want no part in any peace deal with the Jews, and not a single Jew is allowed alive outside Israeli proper, one has to be forcefully self-delusional or a liar to claim what you claim. Take your pick.

          • rainbow_zebra

            Show me these polls you speak of, because the polls I see say otherwise. EVEN SO, how accurate do you think these polls possible are? What percent of people in ghettos that don’t even have running water do you think are actually polled, let alone know such polls even exist?

            All polls aside, you also need to understand the politics of the situation and how it affects the people to make such claims. The Palestinian Authority starves its own people, it jacks up the prices of imports so much that many citizens can’t even afford them, and then to top it off, they use the public schools and hospitals to store and launch missiles (which results in those areas being flattened by returned fire, killing many innocent people). MOST Palestinians are shit on every day by their leadership, that is not how they want to be living.


            reader AKBAR!


            Most “palestinians” want peace?

            What kind of peace? Sharia peace? Jihad peace?


            They deserve ETERNAL NAKBA.

          • Drakken

            Bullsh*t! Those effing pali savages want all Jews dead and celebrate it with huge rallies, if you love them so much, go live there, Darwin needs his due.

          • kikorikid

            Hamas, the armed arm of the Muslim Brotherhood,
            does not care, even a smidgin, about “innocents.”
            If they are killed they are “Martyrs”. Just ask them.

          • GerriAttricks

            There are no “innocent” ones. There are only fundamentalist Muslims who want to kill us all or the chicken-sh*t moderate Muslims who are too cowardly to get their hands dirty but would like us dead just the same. So you can stop fooling yourself anytime. Its not too late to come to your senses.

          • rainbow_zebra

            I hope one day you realize how stupid an answer that is.

          • GerriAttricks

            I’ve been there, I fought there. You are the one with the stupid comments or answers. Your handle says it all. Take off the rose colored glasses and really take a good look. What I stated is the way it is whether you like it or not. The lot of them are a bunch of murderous bastards.

          • rainbow_zebra

            And that’s exactly why your view is so off, your exposure has been in the worst countries of the worst people.

            Calling every single Muslim a “murderous bastard” is truly testament to your ignorance.

            On a side note, did you see that wildly popular post on Reddit today? The one where an ex Military guy boldly said that the people he served with were some of the dullest low lives he’s ever met in his life? The overwhelming response to him was other service men coming to his defence and agreeing. Now I am very grateful for those who risk their lives to defend our country, but you are most certainly clustered in there with the dull guys this man spoke of, if you truly believe what you just said.

          • HarryDaniel

            For you to make such ignorant assumption, what makes you think you are better than any of them?

          • GerriAttricks

            I’ll tell you what makes me think I’m better than any of them. As a matter of fact I’ll state unequivocably that I’m even way better than you are. My head is at least screwed on straight unlike yours. I don’t belong to a religion that advocates killing or cutting off the heads of unbelievers as they call them. I don’t advocate hatred on a daily basis. I’m not a member of a society that glorifies killing innocent women and children to appease some ding-bat moon god. For just those few reasons I’ve mentioned I’m way better than them or than you are for that matter. For you to even try and equate the value these pieces of human dreck with the people they are hell bent on eradicating is beyond a sane person’s ability to comprehend. Sadly the world is full of brainless twits like yourself. How can you think the way you do and look at yourself in the mirror every morning?


        Insulting savages upsets you?

        When you are kind to the cruel,
        you are cruel to the kind.

        Insulting terrorists upsets you? YOU have a problem distinguishing right from wrong.

  • UCSPanther

    In my books, wearing a t-shirt with Hezbollah’s emblem on it is the same as wearing a T-shirt with the German Swastika on it.

    By wearing either, one is implicitly praising a political entity with a genocidal agenda.

    • Larry Larkin

      Nothing implicit about it. It’s quite explicit. They are a bunch of low life genocidal dirt bags.

      • StanleyT

        Precisely. Let us all remember the great leader of HIzbullah, Hassan Nazrullah’s famous promise: “If all the Jews gather in Israel it will save us going after them around the world.”
        Wearing his organization’s t-shirt tells us that you support him in this quest. And I have no doubt that like Hitler, his promise extends to ALL Jews, including the Gellers, Blumenthals and Pappes.

      • BS77

        They are mentally ill. Irrational. Sick and stupid….nothing you can do about that in some people.

        • kikorikid

          Bet the farm that this organization is a proxy
          for MSA, Muslim Students Association, a Muslim
          Brotherhood front group exposed during
          the “Holyland Foundation” trial,(07-08) as
          a “Unindicted Co-Conspirator.” MSA is always
          building some kind of “Bridge of Understanding”
          with other faiths but they NEVER tell the truth
          that the “Bridge” has ONLY one-way styles
          towards Islam. Everything they say is TAQIYYA SCAT!

          • BaconLovingInfidel

            I see SJP as less dangerous than an MSA chapter because they’re too dumb to hide what a bunch of extremist freaks they are. MSA is increasingly successful as passing itself off as a legitimate student cultural organization despite it’s well documented history as an exclusively extremist Islamist organization that supports terrorism.

            SJP members are the wiggers of Jihad.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      You’re exactly right.

      As long as you don’t see every Swastika as a symbol of Hitlerian fascism just because those disgusting barbarians hijacked it.

    • Gee

      Both should be targets regardless of the person wearing them

      • Drakken

        If your in Israel Gee, you may want to have some target practice with these low lifes. I hear Rachel Corrie calling their names. They won’t be missed and hopefully you don’t either.

        • whycan’teveryonebekind

          who are “these low lifes” – the people in the article or are you just generalizing an entire race/group of people. if it’s the latter… well seems to me like you’re no better than the people you are suggesting should be killed. do you not see how there is no difference between those pro palestinians who kill for their goal and you who would kill out of hate? if anything you are worse off -but you and them are both wrong

          • kikorikid

            Hurry!, Just north of San Francisco are
            some really really big trees that need hugging.

          • whycan’teveryonebekind

            oh yeah I love those redwoods I hope I get to do that one day, thanks for the reminder

          • BaconLovingInfidel

            I believe this would require a team of hippies. Fortunately, it’s Frisco, so there is an abundance of juveniles of all ages readily available for the cause.

            I’ve long wished to visit Endor in person but hope not to smell any hippies.



            Where do you post calls for islamofascists to end their jihad against people all over the world???

            You don’t see a difference between people who want to run in a Marathon and those who place a bomb amongst spectators.

            If so, you are immoral.

          • whycan’teveryonebekind

            I’m sorry but bringing up the Boston Marathon is kind of out of left field. I wasn’t considering you a marathon victim for one.. and number two i in ABSOLUTELY NO way support jihads or terrorists and geller shouldn’t have implied he supported it but you and drakken seem to be lumping those terrorists with all Palestinians and that is my problem with what you are saying. to the jihadists, they are attacking israel because israel is attacking them to you and those who agree with you, you want to attack them because they are attacking you. neither of those attitudes is right. but to the civilians in Palestine, and likely many in israel, all they want is peace and a place to call home. it is those people you seem to be forgetting about and that isn’t right.

            but i can see you and drakken are not people with open minds to look at the full picture and so you will not change your views, so i will stop discussing this with you. just one more thought- if you look at history fighting violence with violence only means more loss of life and further violence. some wars were ended that way but at great cost, and the conflict we are discussing has not been solved that way since it began oh so long ago. but go on preaching that tactic. i’ll just be sitting here glad you are not in a position of power .

            best wishes and here’s hoping for a more peaceful solution and future for all ~


            You claim your so called “palestinians” want peace?

            Really? Where are they? There is an Israeli peace group called Peace Now.

            Where is the “palestinian” Peace Now? When have they demonstrated against Hamass, Hezbullah, Al Qada, Islamic Jihad.

            YOU must provide supporting evidence for your claim that “palestinans” want peace.


            The Boston Marathon and the first anniversary of the bombing and the murder of spectators is very relevant.

            You would prefer that the murderous attack be forgotten, swept under the rug, because it has created more animosity against your fascist jihadi friends who murder people all over the world.

          • kikorikid

            Islam has been stopped with force before.
            Charles Martel ring a bell.
            Do not say it did not work because they
            are back,so what, they need more sword.

          • Drakken

            When a group of people are trying their best to kill you and yours< eff them and theirs. There is a huge bloody difference between leftarded regressive communist who openly support and defend Islamic jihad, and those that defend western civilization and make no goddam mistake, Israel is part and parcel of the west. There is middle neutral ground period, your either support the Islamic savages or you support the west, choose wisely, for there will be no second chances once the festivities kick off.

      • Drakken

        If your in Israel Gee, and you see these two Quislings, don’t miss.

      • Drakken

        The next time those two Quislings are in Gaza supporting their favorite jihadist, make sure you don’t miss.

    • DENNIS X

      Or wearing the confederate flag , the amerikkkcan swastika.

      • UCSPanther

        I would consider the Nation of Islam flag to be far worse.

        • kikorikid

          Any day!


        The swastika is a national SOCIALIST symbol.

      • Western Canadian

        If you are referring to the confederate battle flag, you are wrong. Regardless, you are an ignorant hate monger and plitically correct racist, so your opinion of worthless.

      • kikorikid

        Not equivalent!
        Confederate Flag represents a time in U.S. history
        when there was a war between the States.
        The Swastika represents Nazi Germany, Hitler,the
        Holocaust, World War II.Approx 50+ million dead.

    • ashland

      The only way the jews are going to get peace is to start killing these inbred barbarians. The world will be a better place for it

      • PhillipGaley

        Somewhere along our neo-political line we appear to have lost at least some of the knowledge of what bearing rule is about, . . . In those former times, the rebels and their society might have been reduced by half or be whole, . . . I mean, rule in a firm hand is probably the only thing which these modern belligerents understand, . . .


        It’s not just Jews that are targets of islamofascists, it’s Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahais, the wrong kind of Muslim, school children, girls who want an education, gays….

      • DavidHenrie

        that’s exactly what Hitler thought of when he started the Holocaust………..

  • herb benty

    Reminds me of Jane Fonda in N. Vietnam showing off on the AA gun. Anyone who doubts there is a God and a satan is blind.

  • Infidel

    They’ve only been suspended (not expelled) because of bad publicity. Have no fear, academia is still a hive of Jew and America hating villains.


      In other words academia is a hotbed of fascist SOCIALISM.

      • kikorikid

        …and Islamist recruitment.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      Do you like bacon?

      • kikorikid

        on everything!

  • Hans Soeplepel

    Those elite-fascists can be reached here:

  • iluvisrael

    Serves the useful idiots right.

  • Daniel T

    The fact that such behavior has been tolerated for years is outrageous. Should this group have been a white power organization throwing threats at the black community, people would have been up in arms immediately. The Jewish community should be just as respected and protected as all the others.

    • Drakken

      The jewish students and Israeli supporters should be giving them what they so richly deserve, a Louisville slugger and the batter is up and knock one out of the ballpark. Unless they start fearing you, they will continue to give support to Islamic jihad, make them pay for it.


        The Muslim Students Association should be banned as a racist hate group – with the figleaf of being a religious organization.

        Where is the SPLC?

  • Dyer’s Eve

    Take comfort in the fact that traitors are the first to be shot. A Quisling is the lowest of the low. As are Muslim coverts! Know your totem pole… know your place on it.

    • Dyer’s Eve

      I meant Muslim ‘converts’. Typo.

    • Drakken


      • kikorikid

        That’s OK!, There ARE Muslim coverts around.
        Taqiyya masters.

  • Chiron_Venizelos

    If we fail to stand against organizations like NU SJP, we, by default, stand for them. Remember well the words of Deitrich Bonhoeffer.
    Every American parent should investigate what kinds of organizations are allowed to exist on university campii, and if hate groups of ANY kind are present they must not write the checks for their childrens’ tuition to attend that school.
    There are PLENTY of universities to choose from without choosing one that enables hate.

  • CowboyUp

    I’m fine with people “promoting an agenda of hate.” That is free speech, and it’s to advantage of the good that it’s known who they are, we be reminded what and how people like them think. Hamas shirts are like che shirts to me, handily marking their wearers.
    Threats, vandalism, and violence are another matter, and those lines were plainly and repeatedly crossed. They should have been suspended the first time they disrupted another group’s meeting or speaker. The failure to do so emboldened them to more egregious violations of the rights of others.

  • Clare Spark

    These students at Northeastern and elsewhere are egged on by the Left. See, : “Hobsbawm, Obama, Israel.”

  • Meryl T

    Why don’t we, how shall put it remove him from the argument?


      Send him to Pal-e-SWINE in his short-shorts.

      I’m sure hamass would welcome the useful idiot.

  • nopeacenow

    These same tactics are used as many other Western universities. Too many university presidents and administrations are too afraid to do anything about it and many happen to side with the anti-Israel crowd. Free speech is well and good but when there are organizations who refuse to allow the free speech of others or use intimidation tactics to harass and intimidate fellow students, the organizations and students should be suspended. Continual use of such tactics should lead to their permanent expulsion.

    • ashland

      IF they are Americans strip them of their citizenship and ship them out of the country. If they aren’t Americans ship them out and bar them from ever coming back. These people only respect brute force. This going on in the open on campi need to have all tax payers money cut off.

      • nopeacenow

        Great ideas. Difficult sale to the university presidents who will probably defend the indefensible “free speech” for these political terrorists.

  • cecil91

    May the suspension become permanent expulsion for these racist bigots and all the stuff they regularly accuse others of being. May as well throw in hypocrisy, but then they already knew that.

  • American Soldier

    What a wimp, he makes his girlfriend hold the heavy machine gun!

    • Shmalkandik

      The PKM, successor to the very popular RPK, is not as heavy a carry as you might think. Yes, it weighs 20lbs, but is very balanced and the carry handle really helps. The Negev machine gun, the comparable product in the Israeli arsenal, is not as good.

      So too it is on campus. The antic-fascists, where they exist at all, are highly outnumbered and under armed. Morevover,, the amount of islamofascist behavior on campus around the country is secularly increasing. That miscreants here have been disciplined at all is, in my opinion, because Northeastern is a school not for future members of the elite, but for working people. So this result is more a bump on the road to cntinued student terrorism, rather than a turning point against it. The enemy has the better arms, and more fighters. What has their opposition got? No much, not yet.

      Keep worrying.
      Keep worrying more.
      And, to the extent that the law allows – arm.

      • kikorikid

        “that the Law allows”?
        The Law is the 2nd Amendment and
        the “Right of the People to keep and bear arms
        shall NOT be infringed”. Period.
        MOLON LABE! Now if I could just
        find some ammo.
        MOLON LABE

      • Drakken

        Target their leaders and the rest will fall apart, it is that bloody simple. Cut off the head of the snake and the rest of the snake dies.


          Israel did that for a bit.

          Israel sent Snake Yassin to H E L L.
          Then Israel sent Rantisi to H E L L.

          I wish they would knock off the next head hamasshole.


    Chant this…

    From the River to the Sea,
    Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be!

  • danhoch

    You know I’m so tired of this “free speech” that if it were up to me, there would be NO free speech in our country if it involved this sort of activity. Inciting riots, groups banging heads with other good people, if it’s peaceful fine, but I draw the line. If they like Palestine so much, MOVE THERE and fight your cause THERE. I would definitely shut down this “free speech”, anyone that doesn’t like it, LEAVE.
    So you better not elect me President, because there’s going to be CHANGE in our country.

    • Drakken

      Advocating for the enemy and carrying their water is not free speech, it is incitement and treason.

      • kikorikid

        Yes, and the SC has already decided that the 1st Amendment
        is not “Absolute”. You cant yell,”Fire” in a theater.
        Also, and this is germane here, there are such things
        as “fighting words”. Words that provoke violence from
        those the words are directed at.
        Interestingly, the “fighting words” concept is eerily
        similar to what Islamist say is applied to ALL words
        about Islam, “blaspheme”. “Fighting words” is very narrow
        in application and difficult to substantiate. Blaspheme
        is ANY and ALL words about/against Islam.
        So this skewed reality gives the Islamist a huge advantage
        in the “speech” arena.

  • Habbgun

    The boy is Ali G without the physique. Has he ever seen a weight room?

    • Drakken

      Leftarded puzzys like that guy always are the first to get it, I say let Darwin have his winner with our compliments.


      Correction: All Brüno Gehard.

  • Phil McMorrow

    Typical Facists. All that are missing are the brown shirts and swastika armbands. Good riddance, from a NU Alumni.

  • Phil McMorrow

    Great stage name. Luv it.

  • Esther Suzern

    They are not students, they do not support justice, and there is no such country as “Palestine”!

    • ashland

      The true palestinans are Jews. Jews were living there 600 years before the arabs started moving in and claiming they were there first. They like Obama are liars.

      • Air4099

        Try 2000 years before the death cult of Islam

      • Darius19

        I think you mean 2,600* years.

  • grammarsnare
    • nopeacenow

      They are not really pro-Palestinian. No one cares about the Palestinians just as no one cares about the dead and dying Syrians. If the Palestinians were fighting other Muslims or Christians there would be no news reports just as the killing of 100,000 Christians in Muslim countries does not bring any denunciation of such killing at the UN or any other international body. It is only that Jews and the Jewish state is involved that everyone is so concerned with Palestinians. Just anti-Semitism directed at the Jewish state.

      • grammarsnare

        Palestinians are Semitic.

        • nopeacenow

          So what is your point? There are even anti-Semitic Jews. Even in Israel. I call them leftists rather than Jews. But above all, the term anti-Semitic was coined to describe the hatred of Jews only. So even Palestinians can be anti-Semites and many of them are.



      Socialism is a Crime Against Humanity.

  • Sniper’s Oath

    This is true “Hate Crimes”. Want to see what it looks like then read this. Rising all over again. This is what “The Progressive Virus” has aloud , and promoted, for years. Many different faces, but the same evil.

  • glpage

    Would the campus newspaper be as supportive of Jewish organizations that returned the favor to SJP? I doubt it very seriously. Fascists don’t like to receive what they give.

  • Samurai

    This is in Massachusetts, home of the Liberal Zombie Democrats who have trained these people how to think like a Radical. The Democrat party has been infiltrated by the Left wing Marxist, Stalinist, Communist people. Wake up New England. Your Democrat politicians are not the Democrats of the 1930’s and 40’s. The Democrat Party is the most Anti American political party in America. And Massachusetts has the most restricted gun laws. I bet these Radicals have plenty of illegal weapons and ammo on hand. But not the honest citizens who have been disarmed by the Democrat Ruling Party on Beacon Hill.


      How would Lexington, Concord, Boston have won freedom from britain without guns???

    • glitterabuse

      Yeeeep. Massachusetts is SICKENINGLY liberal. I’ve lived here all my life, yet somehow managed to develop a moral compass. In other words, I tend to side much more conservatively.

  • Suzanne

    This sounds like very good news to me at a time when good news seems hard to find. However, I’m a little confused. When the author states that the NU SJP has been “suspended” from Northeastern University is that the same as the organization being abolished and forever forbidden to re-appear on that campus? It was a little unclear to me just how final this action is.

  • bleedinell

    Wish he’d visit my neighborhood. We’d give him a nice warm welcome.
    Pig roast?

  • bleedinell

    While he has the first amendment right to threaten me, I have the second amendment right to protect myself and shoot the bastard.

  • Darius19

    Death to Fakestine



  • AngryGoy

    This pathetic article betrays a critical reality that should make you kosher sociopaths shvitz at night: if not for your overwhelming financial and media influence and lack of compunction in employing the sleaziest of tactics against your opponents, you jewish supremacists propping up the illegal Zionist
    entity know that you would have lost a LONG time ago. You people know
    full well you can’t win in a fair fight because the facts aren’t on
    your side (and your don’t know how to fight fair). Thus, you
    deliberately obscure those facts and promulgate an insidiously dishonest
    alternate narrative, replete with the finest Talmudic sophistry and
    sleight of hand. Fortunately for the Palestinians, the Zionist house of
    cards is tumbling down. You and your criminal apartheid entity are becoming increasingly isolated internationally, and it may get to the point where not even your American “goyim” puppets can save you.

    To expedite the destruction of Zionism and help re-enfranchise the Palestinians, we who acknowledge the scourges of jewish supremacism and Zionism must not be intimidated by the “anti-Semite” charge; I, for one, refuse to be. One cannot understand, much less explain to others, the roots of the Zionist-Palestinian conflict if one ignores how jewish supremacist domination of Western media, financial institutions, and organs of government perpetuates the status quo and prolongs the occupation (to say nothing of how it corrupts Western societies). It’s time for jews and Gentiles alike to accept that THE TRUTH IS “ANTI-SEMITIC.”

    • Drakken

      You and facts in the same sentence is an oxymoron. If you love those effing jihadist savages so much, go join them in Gaza, I really hope the Israeli’s don’t miss you. I hear your good friend Rachel Corrie is looking for company.

    • Stosh777

      Ah, another Jew-hater who can’t stand the fact that the Jews and Israel can now stand up and defend themselves. Israel isn’t going anywhere, so choke on your bile, jerk!

    • UCSPanther

      You know you are a loser when you read that pathetic forgery known as the Protocols like its a bible…

    • reader

      Schlomo, reality cannot be critical. And nether are your thinking skills. The truth cannot be anti-semitic. You are. The Jews cannot dominate western media, because they’re neither the most affluent, nor the most numerous population segment in the West or anywhere else. And if they still are, you’re in a world of hurt, because only divine intervention can explain this paradox. It’s time for your accept the TRUTH and PANIC! O-o-o-o!

    • iluvisrael

      stick to goose-stepping in mommy’s basement you worthless psycho.



      Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender 1945

  • kikorikid

    What? I see EVERY swastika as a symbol of
    “Hitlerian fascism”. So did the Muslim Brotherhood
    officials that often stood by Hitler’s side and who
    supplied Hitler with a couple of Divisions in WWII.
    They loved Hitler because Hitler was killing Jews
    on a wholesale basis. Hitler sent his Muslim brothers
    into the maw of Stalingrad where they disappeared
    forever. The End.
    Nice story, huh. Good ending and I didn’t have to
    make it up.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      The swastika is thousands of years older than Hitler and his Nazis. Muslim Brotherhood thugs knew well that the Nazis were appropriating an ancient symbol. Long before the Nazis, and long before the Brotherhood, the bloodthirsty Islamist hordes saw it often while butchering, raping, torturing, and subjugating countless millions who proudly displayed the swastika as an auspicious symbol of godly devotion.

      Swastika is a Sanskrit word that predates the Nazis by at least 1700 years. The symbol itself dates to at least the neolithic era (5-6000 years before Christ) in use by the Vincan civilization of Southern Europe and Indus Valley civilizations of course. It is an important Hindu icon (and Buddhist and Jain) most commonly displayed as a tantric symbol invoking and inviting Lakshmi, the Vedic goddess of wealth, spiritual prosperity, and luck. It spread to many other ancient cultures throughout Europe and Asia and was a popular Western good luck symbol not too long before the Nazi cult bastardized it to their own ends.

      For example of the difference, it is illegal to display a Nazi swastika in Germany, but a Hindu swastika is perfectly legal.

      • kikorikid

        A nice mini-lesson for a Cultural Anthropology
        class. This is not that class. The Swastika is what
        it has become, a symbol of Nazi Germany.
        You’d have more luck hugging those trees we
        talked about

        • BaconLovingInfidel

          A symbol is a symbol and nothing more. It only has subjective meaning attributed by the observer.

          The swastika means exactly what it has since long before the perversions of Nazi Germany to more than two billion people across the globe as well as to the better educated in other cultures such as here in the US.

          It’s very unusual to have to explain what you obviously didn’t know at a place like this or in any academic discussion of history, culture, symbolism, or “Cultural Anthropology”.

          • kikorikid

            Fair enough statement.
            Let’s look at the frequency distribution of
            the “meaning of the swastika”
            You will find that the Mode is NAZI!
            Other measures of central tendency
            would reveal “Sanskrit” is included but not significant.
            Do you understand this?
            So what you are really doing is obfuscating
            to turn attention away from the mode.
            In modern parlance: Trolling

  • Lee Kaplan

    Max Geller is another “Jew” who prefers communism anarchism to his Jewish family background. These are the biggest anti-Semites of all..

    • Claire

      Heaps of Jewish folk have been both communists and anarchists historically and today. Are you saying that a Jewish family background is incompatible with communist or anarchist political values?

      • Lee Kaplan

        Yes. Attacks on “Zionists” are part of the Stalinist platform. Communists and anarchists engage in groupthink which explains how such people may be of Jewish descent but still are anti-Semitic. I am saying these people may be of Jewish descent but have so Jewish family background sense, Most of these “Jews” know little of the religion, are only marginally Jewish (maybe a grandfather several generations removed), or not even really Jewish but posing as Jews to deconstruct criticism of what they do. Zionism is a core foundation of Judaism going back to the Macabees and Jesus.


          And King David and King Solomon and the prophets.

      • Lee Kaplan

        Yes. Attacks on “Zionists” are part of the Stalinist platform. Communists and anarchists engage in groupthink which explains how such people may be of Jewish descent but still are anti-Semitic. I am saying these people may be of Jewish descent but have so Jewish family background sense, Most of these “Jews” know little of the religion, are only marginally Jewish (maybe a grandfather several generations removed), or not even really Jewish but posing as Jews to deconstruct criticism of what they do. Zionism is a core foundation of Judaism going back to the Macabees and Jesus.

  • Danny

    It’s astonishing, isn’t it? To see Jews fighting on the side of Muslim terrorists. I could spend hours dissecting their psychology, but ultimately trying to understand what makes Jews become self hating isn’t going to help. They should be viewed with contempt and dismissed. Can you imagine Muslim individuals who want to see Muslims oppressed or murdered? The idea is ridiculous. No, unfortunately this type of self-hating psychopathology is a Jewish monopoly.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      All of the successful people are asked to hate themselves.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      All of the successful people are asked to hate themselves.

    • Keren Burdt

      These loathsome creatures have been with us since we left Egypt thousands of years ago. Max Gellar and his other “Jewish ilk” are none other than the “Erev Rav”. If you haven’t heard of them go onto and look them up. They were early Jewish ‘converts’ that came along for the ride when Moshe took the Children of Israel out into the Desert. They invented the Golden Calf. They were the malcontent whiners that were always complaining to Moshe and Aaron about something. These guys are just the descendants still making a mockery of Judaism after all these years.

  • jscumm

    its funny. pam geller runs the anti-islam show


      mscumm, You are a useful idiot for al qada, islamofascism, 9/11 hijackers, the islamfascist regime of iran which hangs gay teens, stones girls to death…

      • jscumm

        you judgment is wrong dude! calling me a “pro islam” is just as good as calling the pope not a catholic

  • Claire

    Feoktistov is a director of research? This article is short on facts and long on character assassination, false equivalencies, and logical fallacies. Anyone close to this situation on campus knows what a distorted view this article shows. Geller is in the NU Law School chapter of SJP and isn’t a member of the undergraduate SJP group, which was the one sanctioned by the administration. The students who were initially targeted by NU for expulsion are undergraduate students. The online vitriol (things like “The only way the jews are going to get peace is to start killing these
    inbred barbarians. The world will be a better place for it,” taken from the comments below) is stirred up by people like Feoktistov and the organisation Americans for Peace and Tolerance, as well as the army of anonymous online commenters who are thirsty for any opportunity to spout hateful rhetoric aimed at uni students who support Palestinian self-determination. This is an asymmetrical conflict with one side (the AFT) having massive financial resources with which to harass and target student activists.

    • Bklyn Farmer

      I love it when I see Islamo-fascist apologist like yourself running around the internet like roaches posting nonsensical comments trying to do damage control.

    • Bklyn Farmer

      I love it when I see Islamo-fascist apologist like yourself running around the internet like roaches posting nonsensical comments trying to do damage control.

    • reader

      Your entire house of cards rests on a big fat fallacy: “Palestinian self-determination.” There’s no such thing. It’s a scientific fact: prior to 1967 Gaza and West Bank were parts of Egypt and Jordan respectively and no-one lamented the Egyptian and Jordanian occupation. Call the spade the spade: it’s all about Jew hating. You are a Jew hater. Free yourself: everybody else already knows that you are. Here’s what your asymmetrical conflict is all about: the Jews refuse to die in the oven anymore.


      Any student who sides with a fake nationality which murders people all over the world, which assassinated US Senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, deserves the scorn it receives.

      Terrorism is an Islamist enterprise, carried out against people all over the world.

      Your students are useful idiots, defending racists, murderers, misogynists, homo phobes, hijackers, bombers, pedophiles.

      Remember who bombed the Boston Marathon?

      What has crippled your moral compass????

      What prevents you from seeing what is in front of your eyes????

    • Drakken

      If you support and defend Islamic jihad, and that is exactly what those inbred savages of so called fakestine are, you are as much of an enemy as that traitor Geller and deserve what you have coming to you. One way or another you and your commi leftist ilk will be held to account.

    • Americans Peace

      Why then, Claire Lewis of Northeastern’s Progressive Student Alliance, is Max Geller quoted in article after article as the leader or member of the undergraduate SJP – the one that was suspended? What you mean by “close to this situation,” is that you’re part of those morality-challenged students who are supporting bigotry against Jewish students on campus.

  • Paul Marks

    Support for terrorism is not legitimate political activity – and Mr Max Geller is clearly a supporter of terrorism against Jewish civilians. And a supporter of the Iranian backed front organisation that is terrorising Lebanon and Syria.

  • geneww1938

    Why did it take so long to kick that terrorist off the campus. His transcript should be clearly edited to indicate the disciplinary action

  • pudge

    ive always leaned left but never considered myself a democrat until the actions of the republican party pushed me there. Similarly I’ve always been pro-isreal but never considered myself a “zionist,” however when i see people who behave like this i have to think; “whatever they’re for, i’m against.” Which begs the question, does being an anti-anti-zionist make me a zionist?

  • KyraNelson

    Hmmm was my peace loving comment deleted??? It was positively biblical. I really pray for a most ignominious end to self-hating Jews who join with Al Jazeera, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the rest. Not Sorry At all.

  • jwbaumann

    Suspension? Why aren’t these bastards in jail?


      They’re not in jail because they’re SOCIALISTS.

  • Matt

    Whoever wrote this article seriously needs to check their facts and their sources. The murderer of the children of Newton CT did NOT use an AR-15 he used handguns inside the school. He killed his mother with the AR-15 but that gun didn’t leave his car. It’s funny how the liberal media likes to twist facts for their anti gun agenda.

    Also, strange he was only suspended and not expelled…That kind of hatred shouldn’t be tolerated in an academic institution.

  • TheCaptain

    I actually go to Northeastern and have talked to members of SJP and have jewish friends on campus and I can totally verify that most of this article is vastly exaggerated. SJP is not some sort of student lead terrorist group. I’m not defending their actions because their behavior on campus was inappropriate and misguided but SJP and it’s members have nothing to do with Hamas and other such terrorist groups.

    • kikorikid

      Betcha dollars to donuts that SJP is a Proxy for MSA,
      Muslim Students of America, front group for the
      Muslim Brotherhood, and is on hundreds of campuses

  • Lynx Eye

    While it is true that Jewish people are coming under attack at universities. Anyone with a Judeo-Christiian mindset also comes in for abuse.

  • kraychik

    The irony is thick when homosexuals like Max Geller with Jewish heritage align themselves with contemporary Nazis.

  • Zahava

    Hi there. I’m a student at Northeastern University School of Law and a co-chair of the law school student group Alliance For Israel. I just want to fact-check one thing. The YouTube video that is linked below does not refer to an Holocaust Awareness event in 2011. It refers to a Huskies For Israel (the undergrad student group) event that they had in 2013, where they brought in Israeli solders to talk about what’s it’s like to serve in the IDF. This was the first time that SJP was put on probation because they were specifically told to act civilly and instead they disrupted the event with what they continue to call a “silent walkout.” Which you can see from the video is anything but silent. I may the details slightly wrong, but my understanding is that they were told that their group would be suspended until they came out with a statement of civility for how they would act in the future. They never produced one, claiming that they were being targeted. A few months later they pulled the “mock eviction” stunt. At that point they got in more trouble because they were already on parole.

    “NU SJP emerged as a belligerent presence at Northeastern when its members crashed a Holocaust Awareness Week event in 2011 by whipping out anti-Israel signs and yelling insults at the audience and speakers before storming out.”



      One thing your group can do is when the pro-islamofascist thugs act out, call them, correctly, FASCISTS.

      Chant this…

      From the River to the Sea,
      palestine Will Never Be!

  • Moliminous

    Why doesn’t he just move, lock stock and barrel, to his dream land? Feel the sands between your toes, enjoy the lush breezes of hatred, and sleep content in a graveyard. Go! Quit talking about. Quit play-acting. Do it.

  • The Guardian

    Did Mr Geller’s reform Shul raise the money for his trip to Gaza?

  • Steven H

    Suspended? Every member of the group should be expelled and investigated. The Tosser in the photos should be arrested has has he returns to the U. S.

  • La Sha

    Do not most Jews support liberals despite this though?

  • Moses kestenbaum ODA

    Fck you palastine

  • aviva1

    As a daughter of Holocaust survivors, I am appalled by this new phenomena, Terrorist Groupie. Our sacred ancestors were brutally murdered in much the same climate. Shame on these uneducated young students, who probably know little of Middle East history, or know that these nations only came to be in this century. Israel has been in the same place- Judea Sumaria for only over 3000 years. Parents save your hard earned money, let them spend a year in the West Bank

  • Drakken

    I would prefer his head on that spear decorating my hut myself.


    Why smell up your hut.

    Send his head to the Skull and Bones society.