The ‘Central Park Five’: Still Guilty

The-Central-Park-FiveTwenty-five years ago, Trisha Meili—“the Central Park jogger”—was a 28 year-old employee for a prestigious Manhattan investment banker when she was mercilessly beaten, raped, and left for dead by thugs.

Meili lost approximately 80 percent of her blood.  Her skull was fractured to the point that her one eye had popped out of its socket.  On the scale of 3 to 15 that neurologists use to gauge brain functioning, Meili’s was assigned a rating of 4.  She spent nearly the next two weeks in a coma, with experts expecting her to die.

This crime became a racially explosive issue, for Meili was white and her assailants were not: Of the 30 or so minority youths that had been randomly terrorizing park dwellers, four blacks and one Hispanic confessed to having engaged in the attack on Meili.  Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Kharey Wise, and Yusef Salaam were arrested, tried, convicted, and issued prison sentences.

But in 2002, long after “the Central Park Five,” as documentarian and apologist for the convicts, Ken Burns has dubbed them, had done their time, and long after the statute of limitations on the 13 year-old crime had expired, convicted serial rapist and murderer, Matias Reyes, who was already serving a life term, confessed to being Meili’s lone assailant.   DNA testing confirmed that it was Matias’ semen—and his alone—that was found on Meili’s body and around the scene of the crime.

Shortly afterwards, District Attorney Robert Morgenthau prevailed upon his state’s Supreme Court to “vacate” the convictions of “the Central Park Five.”  Not unsurprisingly, the latter sued the City of New York for wrongful imprisonment to the tune of $250 million. 

In June, courtesy of the ever illustrious Mayor DiBlasio, “the Central Park Five” discovered that they would receive $40 million.

Not since the O.J. Simpson acquittal have we witnessed this gross a travesty of justice.  Yet it’s also a travesty of intelligence, for only a fool—or perhaps a liar—could think that “the Central Park Five” were innocent of anything, much less the attack on Trisha Meili.

For starters, no one has ever disputed that the Harlem thugs had been in Central Park that fateful evening for the sole purpose of assaulting and mugging innocents (one of whom had been bludgeoned with a pipe).  As is the wont of cowards, “the Five” set upon only those who they outnumbered, those who were weaker and more vulnerable.  This they confessed from the moment they were in police custody.

To the present day, they have never retracted this confession.

Yet “the Five” also proceeded immediately to implicate themselves in the assault on Meili.  On multiple occasions, while alone with the police as well as when they were accompanied by their adult relatives, they left no doubts about their role in this act of barbarism:

Antron McCray: “We charged her.  We got her on the ground.  Everybody started hitting her and stuff.  She was on the ground.  Everybody stompin’ and everything. Then we got, each—I grabbed one arm, some other kid grabbed one arm, and we grabbed her legs and stuff.  Then we all took turns getting on her, getting on top of her.”

Kevin Richardson: “Raymond [Santana] had her arms, and Steve [Lopez] had her legs.  He spread it out.  And Antron [McCray] got on top, took her panties off.”

Raymond Santana: “He was smackin’ her, he was sayin’, ‘Shut up, bitch!’ Just smackin’ her…I was grabbin’ the lady’s tits.”

Kharey Wise: “This was my first rape.”

Ann Coulter reminds us that Melody Jackson, whose brother was friends with Wise, testified that the latter told her by phone while he was incarcerated at Riker’s Island that even though he didn’t’ actually rape Meili, he did restrain the victim’s legs while Kevin Richardson “fucked her.”

Jackson, incidentally, informed the police of this exchange only because she thought that it would help Wise’s case.

Coulter also notes that one of the youths apprehended by police shortly after the attack against Meili insisted—prior to being questioned—that he knew “who did the murder.”  This is proof that, at the very least, the pummeling that Meili endured was witnessed by multiple people and that its severity was such that it was assumed that it was fatal.

Meili was left for dead.

But there is more.

This same punk—again, mind you, without even being asked about the attack, much less a murder—fingered none other than Antron McCray as “the murderer.”

Multiple videotaped confessions of “the Five”; the presence of semen, blood, and hair on all of the suspects; a scratch on Kevin Richardson’s neck that, in the company of his father, he admitted he received by Meili; and several witness accounts confirmed for the police that the vermin who Ken Burns would years later make into martyrs were as guilty as sin itself of initiating and facilitating an attack against Trisha Meili that nearly cost the poor woman her life.

Matias Reyes semen was the only attacker’s DNA found on Meili or at the crime scene.  However, neither this nor the word of this serial rapist and murderer that he acted alone goes any distance whatsoever toward proving the innocence of “the Central Park Five.”

Police have been prevented by the District Attorney, Robert Morgenthau, who recommended that the convictions of “the Five” be vacated, from interrogating Reyes.

Linda Fairstein, the original prosecutor in this case, expressed her certainty that “the Central Park Five” are guilty.  Reyes, she believes, merely finished what they had started.  As for this notion that the NYPD “coerced” false confessions from the suspects, Mike Sheehan, one of the central detectives who investigated the crime, and who, in his own words, had spent decades taking “over 1,000 confessions, in 3,000 homicides,” has nothing but contempt. “All of this stuff about coercion really pisses me off,” Sheehan has said.  “Do you honestly think that we—detectives with more than 20 years in, family men with pensions—would risk all of that so we could put words in the mouth of a 15 year-old kid? Absolutely not.”

Even Morgenthau concedes that no police misconduct—like coercing the teens into admitting to a crime in which they had zero involvement—ever occurred.

Now “the Central Park Five” is $40 million richer.

But the taxpayers of New York City—including the victims of the “wilding” rampage visited upon Central Park 25 years ago—have suffered a loss far greater than this.

For that matter, the fortune of “the Central Park Five” is the misfortune of all decent people.






  • Lassiefaire

    Crime pays… the murderous thugs will probably use the money to enrich drug dealers.

    • CensoredSpeech

      Hopefully by overdosing!

      • Chamileon


        • CensoredSpeech

          Whatsa matter, not getting your “fair share”?

  • bob e

    they be makin’ a rap video ..

  • johnlac

    This case typifies why liberalism is dangerous. Not just as far as damaging gov. policies, but physically dangerous to the citizens of the U.S. Psychopaths are not only allowed to escape proper punishment for their crimes, they are rewarded with millions of taxpayer dollars. The just reward for all the thugs involved in the heinous crime should be a strong rope and a long drop. And somebody should expose Ken Burns for being an apologist for criminal behavior.

  • DaCoachK

    All a part of the long, long Left-Wing-Kook war on white folks. Since the 1960s, those long-haired, dope-smoking, maggot-infested hippies have been engaged in destroying America and white people, who, are, after all, nothing more than Klansmen. The truly sad part is that a large portion of this group are whites. I am a teacher. You wouldn’t believe the nuts I am around each and every day. They too are the “white-guilt-ers” that believe every problem in the world is due to white folks, just like Chomsky, Ayers, and the other white fools featured in D’Souza’s film. I am thankful that I got to live a good portion of my life in a great country. Sadly, that is not the case anymore.

    • Johnny U Taw

      Don’t forget Susan Sontag who once said something along the lines that whites are mainly responsible for all the world’s ills.


        Now Susan Sontag is a good Socialist.

    • krinks

      We see this is the army of liberal American Jews that love Muslims and hate Israel, the one place on Earth they’d be safe from Muslims.

      D’Souza’s America was an awesome film. My favorite part was Michael Moore hating capitalism, the same capitalism that afforded him the ability to own 9 homes with a net worth exceeding $100 million.

      • Arf

        So everything is the fault of the Jews? You are one sick SOB.

      • Chamileon


  • daveclay

    They think they “beat the system”, but God knows, and they’ll stand before Him one day soon and give an account.

    • adamjw2

      I’m so glad you wrote this. I was depressed after reading this article and I was just thinking: I wish there was someone, like Batman, who could exact justice onto these wicked people who get away with their crimes. But your comment reminded me that there is someone whose retribution will be greater than anything we can conjure on earth. Thank you.

      • axarzam

        So you say “they get away with their crimes”. Then they were taking some vacation on prison or what. But i like your comment. Batman instead of bad police officers (the good thing is that there are more good cops).

        • adamjw2

          Did you read the article? Do you not consider winning a suit and $40million against the City of New York to be getting away with their crime? The evidence proved they were guilty, but instead of rotting in prison for life, they are getting awarded for gang raping a young woman.

    • Mo86

      Yes, indeed. That is my comfort whenever I hear of these horrors.

    • Pete

      They will think they can get away with crime again, since they got away with this crime. di Blasio and other have not saved them. They have condemned them.

      4 out 5 of them will come to bad ends in this world.

      • Ginger Li

        Unfortunately, there will likely be other victims, perhaps themselves as they are now worthy of being preyed upon by others of their kind. Perhaps Burns will then be moved to do a weepy followup.

    • godisgay69

      First of all, they didnt do it, and second of all, there is no god.

    • Chamileon


  • Jason P

    This is not the first time that Morgenthau has given into the mob to be popular. I’m saddened by the lack of concern for justice. I’m glad I don’t live in NYC anymore.

    • Pete

      Do you thing the five will be involved in more crime?

      • Jason P

        No doubt, if they haven’t already.

        • Pete

          1. But they haven’t been caught.

          2. If they are caught the usually apologists will say they were brutalized by the system. They were nice boys before, but after their experience they became bitter. So the apologists will, blame us not them. they pulled the same stunt with the Guantanamo releasees, who went back to the battlefield.

          • Toa

            That’s what they did with those punks who were plugged on the NY subway car by Bernie Goetz. They immediately leaped to the occasion and published “sweetie” photos of the punks, and created the atmosphere that some kind of holocaust had taken place. When it became widely known who these guys were, however, the Media was forced to come to grips with the truth about them.
            But that was a long time ago. Our Media these days has even less integrity and courage than they did then…and they didn’t have much then.

          • Pete

            Long time, no see.

          • The Mouse

            Don’t forget that at least one of them I know for sure, was charged years later with raping a woman on a rooftop in NYC; I believe. So much for “innocent” victims of racist America.

    • Habbgun

      I may be out of NYC soon. The economy is terrible. It wants to die. De Blasio is a leftist zombie sucking the place dry and it was still shaky before he was elected. Bloomberg made it a happy home for hipster cafes but not for real businesses. Now we see the outcome.

    • Chamileon


  • Ari

    Good analysis. Sad but true. Perhaps a civil suit by the victim against the perps is warranted though the statute of limitations would likely prevent such an action from being undertaken.

  • DogmaelJones1

    This article proves that “crime pays.” Get a blubbering liberal and “martyr-happy” Ken Burns on your side, and you’ve hit the jackpot.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Did the issue ever come up that the attack was “racially motivated”?

  • Lastango

    I wonder how much of the $40 million the lawyers got… and how close District Attorney Robert Morgenthau and the members of the state’s Supreme Court are to those particular lawyers.

  • hrwolfe

    I noticed Ken Burns failings from the beginning. In the Civil War, which IS an outstanding documentary he never shirks from slamming the North for something of little consequence. From then on there is always something extra to point out failings and lay guilt rather than contextualize. The film War is no different and to some extent render’s it unwatchable for me. He is a film maker not a historian and it painfully shows, though few seem to see through his excellent film making. On these pages Colin Flaherty has documented the extreme rise in racial violence, we see it on the news daily yet it is not or seldom discussed. More propaganda that Gobbles would be proud of. Documentaries by Burns and others is where America now gets it’s history, books are for sissies and teaching truth effects the Party Line.

    • Ginger Li

      It’s the narration by David McCullough that makes the Civil War series very watchable. The purposely emphasized narrative that slavery was the primary and practically sole reason for the conflict is what identifies Burns as a leftist history revisionist – and racialist. Personally, I would never watch anything produced by Burns again.

      • fizziks

        Slavery was the primary and practically sole reason for the Civil War. It is mentioned prominently in all of the articles and resolutions of succession by the various states.

  • truebearing

    This is the kind of “justice” that results in vigilantes. This is what leads to social breakdown, and the Left is doing it on purpose. They use outrage strategically.

  • Ceualiok

    THEY WERE CONVICTED AND JAILED FOR A SPECIFIC CRIME – and it turns out that they were innocent, of THAT crime. Ya, they’re the scum of the earth (in my opinion) and I resent them stealing oxygen that others could use to better effect – regardless, they must go free.

    THE GOOD THING – and stop and think on it, is that they’re now millionaires!

    YAY! Now they can go out and destroy their lives with total abandon, being able to finance any sort of perversity they desire. With luck, and the right circumstances, they’ll OD and be tossed in the city’s Potter’s Field ASAP. Wealth to a fool equates to destruction – just look at all the people who’ve won larger lotteries like PowerBall. Perhaps, just perhaps, one of them stopped long enough to learn something while incarcerated – and they’ll be worthy to wear the label called ‘Human’.

    • Ginger Li

      Stop and thinking does not change the fact that they all participated in the crime and regardless of whether all of them got their meat wet does not exonerate any one of them of equal guilt of the most serious charges. This kind of judicial revisionism that makes millionaires of criminals is what encourages more of the same and makes concealed carrying for personal safety a more pressing issue than ever.And making them dead makes certain they don’t repeat the same or profit from their murderous assaults.

      • Chamileon


  • TruthBeTold

    This is nonsense. Fairstein is doing her best to try to spin this in her favor once again but all you have to do is look at the facts and you will see that she and the detectives in the case relied on lies and coercion to force confessions out of these young teenagers. Sheehan was later convicted of embezzlement and forced out of NYPD–so much for the statement about his ethics. For all those who keep perpetuating this farce, hope that you don’t find yourself in their shoes one day with no one to defend you. They did hard time for a crime they didn’t commit. They paid with their younger lives. Justice has been hard fought and now it’s time to focus on why so many innocent black men have been left to rot in jail (some innocent white men as well) due to a corrupt justice system that just doesn’t work anymore.

    • CobrayRPB

      I always had plenty of alibis when I would go wilding in the park. It just makes sense. I mean I would hate to be convicted of a crime I didn’t do while I was committing crimes I wasn’t accused of. Or were those little darlings just cutting through the park on the way to a chess club meeting?

      • 95Theses

        Actually, I believe it they had just left a Bible study … followed by a prayer meeting (probably led by the ‘Reverend’ Jeremiah A. Wright).

        As you say, poor darklings. (As it happens, I had meant to type ‘darlings’ but after having mis-typed it I looked at it and a wry, bemused smile turned up one corner of my mouth and … I decided to leave it as is. Hmmmm. I wonder how long before Steve-o or MPS leap on this as an instance of latent racism!)

      • Chamileon


        • CobrayRPB

          You are an idiot and your rank ignorance shows by calling me MF. You dont t have the courage to use the whole swear word. Look up non secretor genius. It has nothing to do with the random man that impregnated your mother either, so dont go buying post dated Father’s Day cards, Chadoofus

    • CensoredSpeech


    • nightspore

      Well, you talked your way past this article pretty well (nothing like non sequiturs to muddy the waters). But I don’t think you’ve convinced anyone other than yourself.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    Thanks Jack.

  • Ginger Li

    How much was Meili, their crime victim, indemnified for her grievous trauma and loss? Where is the ‘feminist’ outrage, those great defenders of women rights? The silence is deafening.This is another example of the left’s situational ethics/moral relativism.

  • JR Kipling

    Decades later, millions of dollars lost, the entire white populace terrified, a womans life destroyed all sense of justice and decency destroyed and it could have all been stopped on the spot by a citizen with a Glock 10 mm and 15 rounds
    Sure you say..but what would have become of he citizen for having a gun in NYC..
    which is the reason why we need a Tea Party Citizens Union. Citizens targetted by the Liberal system are will not be left denfenseless. The Citizens Union will come to the rescue of its members who have been attacked by the Liberal criminal system. Arrested for a “hate crime” or “racism”? You are not alone. Belong to the Citizens Union and teams of lawyers, will get you out of jail, journalists will destroy the Lefts narrative. Judges who support the Liberal system will be removed from office and know it.
    All for the price you pay to belong to Triple A roadside rescue. Its an idea whose time has come. .

    • Chamileon


      • CobrayRPB

        America hasn’t been a country for 500 years you dolt

  • snafubar

    NYC is a hell-hole.

  • IceManLikeGervin

    White folks commit black/brown genocide all around the world via imperialism/colonialism while stealing foreign lands from Native peoples under the guise of pilgrim (exploration) lies but these 5 are somehow still guilty even thought they didn’t commit the crime?

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttt (Clay Davis voice)

    • Chamileon


  • Claire W.

    Those teenagers did NOT rape that woman, i can’t believe people today still think that they did it. Those teenagers had no trace of blood on them whatsoever when they were captured that night, no evidence at all to prove that they did the crime. The justice system messed up their lives and they still have to live with that horrible title because the media brain washed the majority of you. Watch the documentary and that’s all the information you will need. If that doesn’t change your mind then you are either stubborn or just racist.

  • Daosium

    This is a case where it’s impossible to draw a conclusion because there is no readily available resource for the actual evidence presented at trial. There is hearsay, from both sides, which is just about meaningless.

    If one of them confessed in the police car, before the police knew there was a victim, that’s strong evidence pointing towards guilt. We have what, Anne Coulter’s word? She’s a media hound professional troll that thought Amanda Knox was guilty, her word is worth nothing.

    On the other hand, the defense that it was all a set up and their confessions were purely coerced and maniuplated means very little as well.

    It seems like there is no interest to look at the case from a totally dispassionate evidence based view, from either side. So I can’t draw any conclusions other than, they may be guilty, or they may not be.

  • Xoanon

    So much wrong.