‘White Privilege’ Exposed

white-privelageThe idea of “white privilege” has made the news recently. The truth, though, is that it has been a fetish of leftist academics for quite some time.

“White privilege,” as one sage puts it, “is a form of racism” that’s “predicated on preserving the privileges”—by which he means the “social and economic benefits”—of whites.  Because “white privilege” is maintained via “hegemonic structures, practices, and ideologies,” individual whites “do not necessarily intend to hurt people of color,” even though “they inevitably do.”

So, white privilege is all about “preserving the privileges of white people” by way of those white privilege-producing things that “reproduce whites’ privileged status.”

That the definition of “white privilege” is rigged from the outset to paint all whites as victimizers and all non-whites (particularly blacks) as victims can be seen by its viciously circular reasoning.  But it is also, necessarily, highly abstract.  Once we make concrete its implications, however, its ridiculousness is exposed.

Statistically, blacks, say, have far higher rates of criminality than do whites.  This, it is held, is a legacy of “racism” or “white privilege.”  Of course, raw numbers in and of themselves go zero distance in establishing anything.  Inter-racial statistical disparities no more signify injustice than does the fact that there are statistical disparities between the rates at which men and women are struck by lightning indicate injustice.

Back in 2000, Reginald and Jonathan Carr, two black brothers, beat, tortured, sexually humiliated, and robbed five white victims: Jason Befort, Brad Heyka, Aaron Sander, Heather Muller, and a woman known only as H.G.  The Carrs repeatedly raped the women before shooting all five of their prey in the backs of their heads and driving over their bodies in a stolen pick-up truck. H.G. was the lone survivor.

If the theory of “white privilege” is true, then the Carrs are the real victims and those whose lives they destroyed are the victimizers, for in the absence of “white privilege,” the Carrs would have been decent, law-abiding citizens.

In 2007, in Nashville, Tennessee, a young white couple, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, were out on a date.  They were carjacked, abducted, raped, and murdered by five blacks.  Newsom was sodomized and shot.  His body was wrapped and set on fire.  Christian was raped anally, orally, and vaginally.  She was forced to ingest bleach to remove traces of her assailants’ DNA and stuffed alive in garbage bags.  Over the span of hours, she gradually suffocated to death.

If the theory of “white privilege” is true, these black criminals are the real victims and those whites whose lives they destroyed were actually the victimizers, for in the absence of “white privilege,” these black rapist murderers would have been decent, law-abiding citizens.

Last summer, Delby “Shorty” Benton, an 89-year-old white World War II veteran, was jumped and beaten to death by two black teenagers in Seattle.

If the theory of “white privilege” is true, then Benton’s murderers are the real victims and this WWII hero was the victimizer, for in the absence of “white privilege,” these thugs would’ve been decent, law-abiding citizens.  

On Christmas Eve 2010, in Houston, a 12-year-old white boy, Jonathan Foster, was kidnapped, bound, and killed by way of a blowtorch courtesy of a 44-year-old black woman, Mona Nelson.  His remains were discarded in a ditch along the side of a road.

If the theory of “white privilege” is true, then Nelson was the real victim and young Foster was the victimizer, for in the absence of “white privilege,” Nelson would’ve been a decent, law-abiding citizen.  

Last year, a 99-year-old white woman, Fannie Gumbinger, was greeted by a 20-year-old black male intruder in her Poughkeepsie, New York home.  Gumbinger was subsequently murdered. Police say she died of “multiple injuries.”

If the theory of “white privilege” is true, then the black man who beat Gumbinger to death was the real victim and Gumbinger was the victimizer, for in the absence of “white privilege,” this robber and murderer would’ve been a decent, law-abiding citizen. 

In my hometown of Trenton, New Jersey, back in 1992, black career criminal Ambrose Harris carjacked Kristin Huggins, a young white female.  Harris carjacked Huggins, and while she pleaded with him not to deprive her of her virginity, he sodomized her.  While begging for her life, Harris put a bullet in the back of Huggins’ head and left her body in a shallow grave.

If the theory of “white privilege” is true, then Harris is the real victim and Huggins is the victimizer, for in the absence of “white privilege,” Harris would’ve been a decent, law-abiding citizen.

The 18th century philosopher David Hume remarked that many an absurd theory has taken refuge behind high levels of abstraction.

To this list we can add the theory of “white privilege,” surely one of the most absurd positions of them all.  

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  • UCSPanther

    I ran across this zinger, written by a Texas-based blogger known as “Angry White Dude”.


    Couldn’t sum up the “white privledge” meme any better…

  • American1969

    Here’s a novel idea: How about if we actually start holding people accountable for their behavior instead of making excuses?

    • skf1999

      Whites are more likely to have dealt or used drugs but blacks are three times as likely to be jailed for drug offenses. What’s that about holding people accountable? http://www.alternet.org/story/154286/whites_more_likely_to_be_drug_addicts_than_blacks%3B_so_why_do_racial_drug_stereotypes_persist

      • Charles Martel

        One thing i will say for blacks, they are equal opportunity killers. They are doing their best to cull their own numbers in cities with anything over 25% black. Detroit, Cleveland, Atlanta, and even countries such as South Africa. What a dump wrought by the black man once given rule in only twenty years.

      • cjkcjk

        When reality is just to hard to face because it convicts your racist hopes brought on by a deep envy of whites and their accomplishment as opposed to the almost zero of your people, lie and live in an alternet dreamworld.

      • American1969

        Those whites you are talking about most likely come from well-to-do families. Poor whites wouldn’t get the kinds of breaks a rich person would get. Anyone poor gets the shaft. Wealthy people get away with stuff because they can afford the attorneys to get them off.

      • SoCalMike

        More counterfactual fantasy from someone with a need to believe that interferes and obstructs the ability to think and reason.
        If BS came in the form of dancing shoes, skf1999 would be Michael Jackson or Fred Astaire.

      • @made-up-bs

        I call BS. The stats show:

        Of the major racial/ethnic groups, the rate of drug use is highest among the American Indian/Native American population (10.6%) and those reporting mixed race (11.2%), followed by African Americans (7.7%), Hispanics (6.8%), whites (6.6%). The lowest rates are found among the Asian population. (3.2%).

        Furthermore, people go to jail after being arrested, prosecuted, and convicted, not for use of or dealing drugs. There is a difference between using or dealing and being arrested, prosecuted, and convicted and that difference exist even if you don’t wish to acknowledge that it exist.

        Also, I happen to know that $$$ has a lot to do with the outcome of such matters. I know this because I can read. People with money are able to seek treatment as an alternative to jail time. They are also more able to hire better lawyers.

        There is an obvious class issue regarding such things. Thats is why OJ walked on the murder charges. He had $$$.

        Go find a bunch of good lawyers that will work for free. Good luck with that. Then find a bunch of good therapist that will work for free. Good luck with that, too.

        The illegal use of drugs are a terrible scourge upon our house and it is my hope that all who have problems with substance abuse find the help that they need. The dealers are in need of better educations and higher paying jobs. Perhaps you should go start a business and provide those jobs.

        Till then, piss off.


          Legalization of Marijuana will hurt black people most.

      • Hunter421

        Where are these statistics? Because from my experience the majority of drug dealers are black.

      • Drakken

        What’s the matter pimp mack daddy? Go to jail a few times for getting caught?

  • http://oddhammer.com/tutorials/debt_clock/US_debt_clock_dynamic.swf John Barleycorn

    The day will come when white privileged
    will exact a price upon the scum who
    says whites are the victimizer..

  • Rather Soon

    Let’s have affirmative action preferences to benefit all members of ethnic groups who suffered from discrimination and quotas against them under affirmative action for the past 50 years!

  • the truth

    For ever 9 inter-racial crimes between blacks and whites 8 are black on white for a grand total of 88% of all inter-racial crime being black on white
    For every inter-racial male on female rape between blacks and whites 99.99% is black on whiten rape. Well over ten-thousand white women every year are raped by the ‘N” word plural.
    Blacks are 13% of the population and commit 50% of the crime. If the elderly and the young are excluded 5% of the black population creates over 50% of the crime.
    All this mess can be traced back to the Democratic policies of the sixties

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

    I’m disappointed with this article. The concrete issue that is relevant here is economic advancement in everyday life, not the rare cases of crime.

    For all my adult life there’s been “black privilege.” There has never been a point in my professional life that it wouldn’t have been easier and more doors would have opened if I had only been black. I don’t ask that it be easier but merely note that “black skin privilege” is real because of white guilt. Fifty years of “affirmative action” is a reality.

    • Race_Dissident

      Exactly. Call it the benefits of blackness. White privilege my ass.

      • http://stopwhitegenocide.com/ Jay Bee

        EVERYBODY says that there is a White Privilege.
        EVERYBODY says that this Privilege can be taken away.
        EVERYBODY says that there is ONLY one way to solve this problem.
        They say we were BORN with it. The solution is to do away with the problem of us BEING HERE; white genocide. They say things like “We all bleed red. We’re all one race,” what they really mean is “on Earth, whites have no place.”
        They say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.
        Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

        • Race_Dissident

          You took the words right off of my keyboard.

    • krinks

      Rare cases of crime my butt. Check the stats. All white parts of the country are safe with low crime rates. That that aren’t, can’t make this claim. Please point out, where are these all black places that are crime free. I know the dirty little secret of NYC is 90% of the crime is black and Hispanic.

      • skf1999

        That’s a lie.

        • krinks

          Look it up. It is true.

          • skf1999

            No it isn’t. I grew up in NYC and know damn well that you had white drug dealers, gangsters and street criminals. As far as interracial crime is concerned, if a black were to walk through white neighborhoods like Bedford Park, Mt. Carmel, Howard Beach or Bensonhurst they would almost certainly be attacked if not killed.

          • Charles Martel

            Hope on over to the website sbpdl and have your eyes opened to truth. The truth will set you free.

            There are so many statistics pointing out the black criminality percentage to population that it is not even disputed by anyone but the most vicious haters of the white race. Go on over to the site mentioned above.

          • skf1999

            Your beloved stats show people who were arrested for crimes. The racist justice system doesn’t punish blacks and whites at the same rates. But it TARGETS blacks. And another fact for you. Most violent crime is INTRA-RACIAL. Meaning that you are far more likely STATISTICALLY to be harmed by someone you know or someone of your own race than by someone of another race.

          • cjkcjk

            Your low IQ is showing to those of us who have a grasp of math.

          • Charles Martel

            Here is just one article with a good dose of statistical evidence. You are the person who asked for facts above. Now you are showing your true color and inability to reason. You must be from the new debate team using ebonics and getting accolades for gibberish and getting praised for it. But that is just another sign of Black Run America and the true privileges being shown to those who least deserve them and are totally incapable of building stable modern societies. http://stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.com/2014/05/god-loves-black-man-kills-how-long.html

          • skf1999

            This site is a joke.


            Every site that bursts your bubble is a “joke”.

            But the “joke” is on you.


          • @made-up-bs

            Nope. Not a joke. It’s real. The stats don’t lie, but you do.

            The idea known as “white privilege” is just the new cover for leftist racist. They hate. That is very clear. All you have to do is ask them and they will tell you all about their hate.

          • Drakken

            What’s the matter Buckwheat, don’t like it when whitey calls your bluff?

          • Markdpez

            On a positive note, the free market internet provides thousands and thousands of websites willing to print your thoughts, verbatim, and provide moral support from like -minded commenters no matter how absurd. This just isn’t one of those kind of sites.


            It doesn’t target black people.

            It targets people who break the law – commit crimes.

            Black people are overwhelmingly victims of crimes – committed by other people of color.


          • American Patriot

            Really? The criminal justice system targets blacks and lets whites go free? What happened to James Byrd, Jr.’s killers then? Where they acquitted or did they get convicted of their horrible crime against Byrd? Two of the suspects ended up getting capital punishment. And one of them who received that sentence was executed over two and a half years ago. What about the OJ Simpson case. Was he convicted or was he acquitted? The justice system is not as biased as you think and it is definitely not as biased as America’s adversaries.

          • Drakken

            You flunked lunch, much less simple math didn’t you buckwheat?

          • cjkcjk


          • skf1999

            Your cellmate tickling you?

          • cjkcjk

            I’m white, hence I work for a living and don’t land in jail like so many of your race do loser. I bet you think George Zimmerman was guilty of hunting down and killing a poor little 12 year old?

          • American Patriot

            Most of the cases you described were isolated incidents, uptownsteve. How about if a white person walked through black neighborhoods like Harlem, Bedford-Styvensant, Jamaica or parts of Crown Heights during the 1980s and the early 1990s? Remember the Crown Heights riots (which leftists like you probably refer to as an “uprising”)? Learn from facts.

          • skf1999

            The Crown Heights riots were a tragedy. Ignited by a unlicensed Jewish cab driver who ran a red light, exceeded the speed limit and ran over two black toddlers, killing one. Then a Jewish Ambulance service refused to treat the toddlers and whisked the vehicular murderer away to safety.



            1) The driver was of the car involved in the ACCIDENT was NOT a cab driver – but a member of the Lubavitch Rabbi of Crown Heights entourage.

            2) Because the crowd that gathered at the accident scene became threatening, the police advised the Orthodox Jewish ambulance service to take the driver away for his safety.

            Thanks to Al (Tawana Brawley hoax, Freddie’s Fashion Mart tragedy, Racist Huckster) two white people were killed by black mobs – and the incompetent black mayor of NYC at the time, David Dinkins, was unwilling, unable to have the NYPD control the black mobs that roamed the streets for three days.

            Al Sharptons words also resulted in deaths at Freddie’s Fashion Mart.

            The crime that plagued NYC in those days, and today, is committed by people you can see on the news on TV. The explosion of video cameras by business and cellphones help to solve street crimes.

          • reuvenavram

            Thank you.

          • reuvenavram

            Ccan we get this hateful, disgusting user, whose probably on Jesse Jackson’s payroll, removed?

          • skf1999

            Can’t stand having your racist lies challenged, huh? LMAO!!!!!!

          • Drakken

            Yeah and I suppose that if whitey happened to be in a black neighborhood nothing would happen right shortbus? The Ivans in Howard Beach sure know how to take care of things there, just like when the Wops ran things.

          • American Patriot

            Who are the Ivans?

      • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

        By rare I mean it isn’t an everyday occurrence in the lives of the vast majority of people. We still expect to go through life without being assaulted or killed and almost everyone dies a natural death. (I remember reading about on anthropologists reflection on a life studying a tribe in the Amazon and he realized that half the people he met died a violent death. I grant you that’s extreme.)

        Now crime is still too high everywhere and much too high in poor black areas. But even there every black person (except gang members) expect to die a natural death. What they worry about is income. And skin color is no impediment to income, indeed black skin gives one extra advantages.

    • skf1999

      Racist garbage. You couldn’t prove this with any factual evidence if your life depended on it.

      • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

        We all know it is true. We see institutions eager to high blacks and they often lower their standards. In many cases, they target blacks in recruitment programs. I’m not saying that will stop whites and Asians from getting jobs; I’m only saying that if you have black skin it will be made easier for you. We all know this. It’s called affirmative action.

        “Asian-Americans needed nearly perfect SAT scores of 1550 to have the same chance of being accepted at a top private university as whites who scored 1410 and African Americans who got 1100.”

        • cjkcjk

          Of course he even knows it’s true so in hate driven by envy and resentment he strikes at truth with lies.

          • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

            It’s hard to believe someone can be so disconnected from reality.

          • cjkcjk

            What do you do if you’re basically an evil person and the truth clearly condemns what you wish?

          • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

            Here’s an amusing story. Back in the 1970s when I went to college in Harlem I had an interesting conversation. I was traveling from school to the Upper East Side in a friend’s Mercedes. He was a rich Nigerian who never experienced poverty or even seen it (grew up in the UK). With me was a fellow from Jamaica. During the conversation I mentioned how Harlem had a high crime rate while the Upper East Side was relatively safe. The rich Nigerian said that can’t be true because criminals from poor areas would rob the rich people not the poor. I replied that criminals are desperate and rob where they are: in poor areas. He couldn’t believe it but the Jamaican fellow confirmed it’s a universal truth. Poor areas have higher crime rates.

            Every few decades I come across someone who is completely disconnected from reality. But at all other times I come across liars and scoundrels giving me PC crap … for the reason you note.


            It’s the Emperors New Clothes syndrome.

        • skf1999

          My azz. Here are some more FACTS for you.

          “Higher education has become a two-tiered system that perpetuates white privilege: Eighty-five percent of white students attend the top institutions, while 75 percent of blacks and Latinos attend open-enrollment or community colleges.

          Just 22 percent of whites with a 3.5 GPA or higher in high school attend community colleges, compared with nearly a third of blacks and Latinos.”


          • Drakken

            More libtarded stupidity and the fact that you buy into it.

          • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P

            That says nothing about white privilege … it says something about white achievement. And Asian achievement is greater than white.

            Privilege is special treatment and its blacks that get that.

          • skf1999

            Yeah, “special treatment” like Stop and Frisk.

          • American Patriot

            You probably think that race riots like Crown Heights and Los Angeles are “uprisings”, right, a**hole?

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Affirmative Action didn’t work as well for most blacks as it did for women overall. Black men forget how good they had it. After all, they had the right to vote long before any woman, black or white. Did they use it? Hardly.

      One place I do see the system seem to lean though is with laws that deny voting rights. If you get a felony for bad checks in Florida, you can’t legally vote. Ever. And that’s just for a fiscal crime.

      Most of the black men who can’t vote in the US can trace it right back to a felony conviction and often a plea agreement that kept them out of jail. For the moment. But these same judicial traps exist for all Americans. Some seem to dodge it better than others.

      Perhaps one of the Privileges of being white is being able to avoid acts of crime against others. Another might be the ability to adapt readily to a given environment. How often do you hear white Americans suggesting that what was done to their Italian, Greek, Spanish or Irish relatives well over a century ago is their primary reason for not gaining success?

      Maybe that’s the most obvious white privilege; not blaming our faults on people long dead!

      • skf1999

        You’re insane. Until 1965 blacks in the South were prevented from voting. That was where most of the blacks in the country lived. What do you think the Voting Rights Act was for? You righties are certifiable.

        • Sheik Yerbouti

          That’s all you got from that?

        • American Patriot

          But most can vote now. In Zimbabwe, whites can’t own any farms and in some areas of that country, whites can’t even vote in elections.

          • Jack

            They shouldn’t. Whites invaded that country and tried to steal the land and colonize the country. If somebody did that to you would you let them vote? They can go back to the caves and hills of Europe.

  • http://libertyandculture.blogspot.com/ Jason P
  • rktman

    Got my house, truck, elec, water, gasoline, groceries, movie tickets, airline tickets all free just ’cause.

  • laura r

    the problem is that most white people believe this. im sure most college students do.

    • Robert_Fl

      I seriously doubt that MOST white people believe this nonsense.

      • laura r

        hope you are correct. how many people buy into the party line, the media, the nonsence. i dont know. but MSNBC is still broadcasting. the colleges are getting worse. so many people are meek scared. race riot? bring it on. lets see how the chips fall.

        • skf1999

          Yeah, bring on the race riot. You’ll find out real quick how marginalized you far right goobers are. The world is passing you by.

          • cjkcjk

            we have always stacked your bodies up like cordwood when push comes to shove.

          • laura r

            ok big shot stevie, you bring it on! if you cant, how about al? whats a goober?

          • @made-up-bs

            Leftist hate. Here is an example. When the person he addresses brings up “race riot”, this leftist changes the subject to “far right wing goobers”, which is not a race, yet still manages to encourage a race riot. This logical construction is an attempt to hide the fact that he (or she) wishes for a race riot, one of the most horrible “activities” known on earth.

            That’s just sick. Clean thru.

          • Drakken

            You dumb ghetto rat, you don’t understand simple numbers do you?

  • Fed Up

    Years ago my longest living friend and I would chat on the phone every evening about politics, social issues, etc. He was a typical, liberal-ish jewish American but intellectually fair and open minded. One night as he was making some standard lib complaint about race and ethnicity in that tone that implies I was somehow culpable, I stopped him.

    I said, “Jeff, it may surprise you to know that I don’t wake up every day and think of myself as a ‘”white man”‘ and how that fits me into the world. I don’t go around thinking about race and how I relate to others in that way. I don’t frame issues in terms of how they effect “my people”, other whites, because others are not “my people” just because of the color of their skin. And I don’t believe the great mass of white people do either. I’m just me, a Heinz 57 American and not part of some self-conscious racial group. But one day, if the race hustlers and grievance-mongers keep it up, we just might reach a critical mass of racial self-consciousness in self-defense and begin to think politically and deliberately move in concert as a group with all its implications- group rights, prerogatives and preferences we are willing to codify and enforce. And since there’s about 200 million white people in this country, you might want to think about what that could mean. Don’t be surprised if after corralling the great majority into conscious racial solidarity the outcome is something quite different than the social engineer’s grand schemes.”

    He got really quiet and said, “I see your point” and never laid that crap on me again. We have remained good friends and after 25 years in the public school system he is now to the right of me on many issues. I may be an Atilla the Hun conservative but he has become Vlad the Impaler.

    I thought a real split would come in my children’s lives later this century but it would seem the grievance industry is intent on speeding the process along. It wasn’t enough for them to go after known or demonstrable racists. Now, they want to tar and punish an entire race in the name of anti-racism no less. Orwell, call your office.

    Let the coalescing begin.

    • cjkcjk

      Well said.

  • Soxtory

    Unless there are pictures, the fact that the perp is black is very often not even known because the media will not identify race!

    • De Doc

      Of course it becomes easy to surmise the ethnic background when you read the name of the perp – Shaniquialla Jackson is probably not some old White lady from the local bridge club.

  • nimbii

    I’m waiting for the symbolic gesture of whites wearing slave collars for next years events.

    • laura r

      the schools have white wrist bands. read david horowitz. i may suggest the slave collars on a blog or twitter. i bet it will take off as a trend. want to bet??

  • Libslayer

    The Obama era has emboldened a generation of Trayvon Martins, ready to take “reparations” into their own hands.
    These are Eric Holder’s “people”, so in the name of social justice, the white guy needs to pay, and pay, and pay, and pay…

  • trapper

    Benton was killed in Spokane.

  • DennisMets

    This is one reason why I can not be around blacks, blacks are like no other race, they can not hold a normal conversation without bringing race into it. on top of that they realize the only way they are going to be able to hold on to their unfair affirmative action they will have to keep the whites ashamed of themselves and make the world think it is the whites that need to be punished. why would any white person want to raise a family around little black kids that have been programmed to hate the devil privileged whites? blacks spend their entire life programming their black “family” to hate whites. whites would be better off with their own country because no matter how much whites sacrifice to them it will never be enough. so how is this fair to any white to stand by and watch blacks get affirmative action for blacks to teach your kids to be ashamed of their race? blacks know if they can program you little white kids to feel ashamed of whites they will grow up to be good democraps like the clintons or such and will do every thing in their power to punish the demon privileged white honk eyes.

    • laura r

      you make many valid points. but you will be surprised of the amount of blk conservatives there are, besides the ones we know. they may be a minority but they are goeowing in number. i have a twitter acct, have blk followers.

  • Habbgun

    That Leftist socialist crap is still taken seriously is the real white privilege. If a failure that is socialism would be at its intellectual roots a product of Asian, African or South American vintage it would be long forgotten. Since socialism is beloved by the Europeans and thought to be evidence of their superior intellects it sticks around. Look at white privilege in everyday life. A white junkie Occupier without a bath is taken seriously by the press but a black college educated conservative can’t possibly be anything than an Uncle Tom. That is real white privilege straight up.

  • Habbgun

    That Leftist socialist crap is still taken seriously is the real white privilege. If a failure that is socialism would be at its intellectual roots a product of Asian, African or South American vintage it would be long forgotten. Since socialism is beloved by the Europeans and thought to be evidence of their superior intellects it sticks around. Look at white privilege in everyday life. A white junkie Occupier without a bath is taken seriously by the press but a black college educated conservative can’t possibly be anything than an Uncle Tom. That is real white privilege straight up.

  • American Patriot

    Regarding the Carr brothers, there were two other victims of their crime sprees: Andrew Schreiber and Ann Walenta. Schreiber was the first victim who was robbed by the Carr brothers. They forced him to withdraw cash from his account, but left him unharmed. Later on, the brothers attacked Walenta as she tried to flee them in her car. She was critically injured and was taken to the hospital, where she died a few weeks later. The crimes were part of a series of crimes the Carr brothers committed in Wichita, Kansas over the course of a week in December 2000. Like the other five victims, Schreiber and Walenta were also forgotten by the mainstream media.

  • skf1999

    Racist righttwingers scream that “Black men under 30 commit over 1/2 of all murders in this country even though they make up about 3% of the population”,

    The FACT is:

    You are more likely to be killed by a drunk white guy in Wyoming driving a car…

    Than by a black man with a gun in any major city….

    In U.S. cities with populations greater than 250,000, the mean homicide rate was 12.1 per 100,000 –


    The death by automobile rate in Wyoming the same years was …

    30.2 per 100,000.


    AND white folks in Wyoming also killed each other at the fourth highest rate in the country at 18.8 per 100k.

    So take your racist bullsquat and stick it.

    • cjkcjk

      The FACT is that automobile accidents have ZERO to do with the racial crimes you commit, but your low IQ is showing again.

    • dallas25305

      Stop committing all those murders , rapes, muggings, car jackings and the other assorted criminal crap you seem to enjoy so much. If you can’t take the criticism then don’t commit the crimes you doofus.

    • @made-up-bs

      I call bullshit.

      Murder rate in Wyoming is less than 4 per 100K.

    • @made-up-bs

      70% of the automobile accidents in Wyoming are single vehicle accidents. Meanwhile, Wyoming has the lowest percentage of deaths of occupants of vehicle accidents.


      Your fbi link returns…

      “This page does not seem to exist”

    • Kahane had it right!!

      This may be the dumbest analogy in the history of the World

    • soccermom

      Oh it’s Steve Fair the genius. Hey dum dum it”s one thing to get hit by a car and another to get murdered. Dum dum

    • Drakken

      Take your race card and your low IQ and shove it up your black azz buckwheat.

    • MrUniteUs1

      #1 killer of white men, white men.
      #1 cause, suicide.

      #1 method, gunshot to the head.
      Suicides outnumber homicides 2-1

  • JK

    Delbert Benton was murdered in Spokane, not Seattle. Just sayin’.

  • dallas25305

    What about what is really happening “Black Privilege”. Why is it OK for the black guy to get the job when he is less qualified? Why should the black guy get to University when there are 50 white and 20 Asian guys who have higher marks and better qualifications? Why should blacks get to sit on their backside and collect welfare to spend on drugs and booze. Why don’t they get out a build something? Do you here this in Detroit? Why does the Liberal Socialist Democrap media over look the black power racist sucker punch gangs who attack whites and Asians? Black Privilege is the reason. If they don’t want to get out and work for it, they should be given nothing. Let them get hungry until they start to act like civilized human beings? If that is possible?? END BLACK PRIVILEGE.

  • SoCalMike

    The sad thing is this factually false BS about white privilege is taught in schools for teachers by older (left wing mentally conformed) teachers.
    When one such bimbo dropped this factual silliness on a class I attended, I informed her that such factual silliness is not only counter intuitive, it’s counter factual and belonged in the trash can outside.
    I got an A anyway but realized ESL teachers and programs in California were hives of mediocrity for people who couldn’t really do anything else.
    Not that they could teach English either.

  • Fritz

    If white privilege existed, then there would be no poor white people, and no wealthy black people. If the system of education discriminated in favor of white then there would be no black lawyers, college professors (of hard disciplines), medical doctors, dentists, accountants, engineers, architects, etc, which we know is not true. If the criminal law system discriminated in favor of whites then there would be few white people in jail.
    With regards to crime statistics the rate of black on black crime vastly outnumbers black on white or white on black crime, so where is the white privilege there? The only institutional racial discrimination that I can see is with regards to the abortion industry, the majority of Planned Parenthood and other abortuaries are located in black neighborhoods. Since Margaret Sanger’s mission in life was to eradicate the black race I am skeptical as to whether this is only a coincidence.

  • DogmaelJones1

    “White privilege” is a Marxist euphemism for “class privilege.” The propagation and ubiquitous use of the term “white privilege” is a measure of how successful the Left has been in indoctrinating students in all levels of education, not to mention the public and the news media. Take any random chapter of Das Kapital and substitute the term “class privilege” (or its equivalent) with “white privilege” and you’ll come up with the same picture. When I’m in a supermarket, and a black person has a shopping cart loaded with groceries which she pays for with an EBT card or food stamps, and I’m in line back of her with a basket with a few store-brand items I can afford to buy from my productive work life, I can’t but help think that the government has created a “black privileged” class and has a vested interest in keeping and expanding that class. What puts the cherry on top of that “privilege” is seeing her unload her groceries into a late model SUV, while I go to my second-hand car and my purchases barely fill the passenger seat. Of course, not all blacks are dependent on government handouts and the like; one thing I’m certain of is that Obama Inc. wish to eradicate the black middle class. No better evidence of that is the constant snipping at prominent black personalities such as Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, and Allen West, among others, including writers and thinkers such as Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell.

  • GSR

    “White Privilege” is sort of like claiming Italian Privilege in Italy or Japanese Privilege in Japan. The USA was about 90% White for most of it’s history, up until the last 2-3 decades, when mass immigration and family chain migration rules have reduced the percentage of native born White Americans.

  • barrycooper

    Socialism at its core is a rejection of personal moral agency. It is a rejection, in principle, of moral values. Conformity and the random exercise of power are its sole values. I “derive” these necessary conclusions in this piece: http://www.goodnessmovement.com/Page19.html , and name the Marquis de Sade as the patron saint of Communism, Nazism, and all the other names which mask this beast.

    • catherineinpvb

      So well put! It is often difficult to capture the evil of these ‘isms’ in ‘few words’. You just did here; and in a ‘nutshell'; where one is needed.

      [Marquis de Sade as the patron saint of Communism, Nazism, and all the other names which mask this beast.]

      Have always thought these isms were political expression of an unfiltered, degraded narcissism (narcissism, a perversion, in itself, of course) and attracted those ‘like-minded’ – or grew them, where possible. There are grades, here, for certain; but the worst of narcissism IS a ‘sadism'; and Marquis de Sade, works perfectly; when Beauty – or just the naked Emperor – turns ‘human beast’.

  • lorraine

    Nothing changes the fact that white people kidnapped black Africans, brought them to America, and elsewhere, and enslaved them. It was illegal for them to read and write. Even after emancipation, they were not given the same opportunities. Prior to integration, all black schools were poorly funded, and there was strong discrimination when it came to employment. A child raised in a home/neighborhood where education levels are low and unemployment is the norm, really has an uphill battle to escape from the poverty cycle. Sadly, most don’t and this breeds bitterness and frustration.

    • catherineinpvb

      Few ‘white people’ kidnapped the Black Africans. They were ‘kidnapped’ by Black African ‘traders’. Many were sold by tribes; who ‘won’ them from another tribes per their ‘spoils/slaves of war’. . .and others were prisoners; or about to be, for their crimes committed. This heinous practice, illegal after four hundred years; found about eleven million Africans moved ‘out of Africa'; of which ‘five percent’ came to America. (Better per long haul, to have landed in America, of course. . .than say Cuba.)

      An ignored ‘irony’, in that there is still today; an active slave-trade growing out of same Arab/African milieu, as when/where early slave trade prospered. That the very word ‘slave’ comes from ‘slav’/slavic, gives hint, too; at least where practice embedded by way of the Slavic populations used as slaves, througout Europe; well before hitting the continent of Africa. There have always been, in history no matter the culture; a ‘serf’ class; indentured ‘servitude'; prisoners. . .and ‘slaves’ and in at least one Religion, ‘mainstreaming’ a variation of slavery by way of Shariah – by intention/cause and effect.

      Anyway; bottom line here. . .’White Privelege’. . .meant to ride on ‘White Guilt’/PC to advance ‘division/strife/chaos; and so invite/allow, Leftist Change. All offered up as a hellish, hate-trip; the only kind the Left takes; while insisting that the rest of us, join them.

  • NonPCconservative

    “White privilege” has always and will forever be about failure of non-whites to take responsibility for their actions. Born in the culture of victim status and steeped in the sauce of equal outcomes it is the story of people wanting the same lifestyle as those they envy without doing anything to deserve it.

    It is a mantra of collectivists which culminated in a president who says he doesn’t want those who contribute nothing to bear the burden of those who don’t contribute enough.

  • GSR

    Separation is probably the best solution to all this. Bottom line: most people of different races (and even ethnicities), prefer to live and work with others similar to them. I predict the US will break up into 3 or 4 smaller countries, based on race/ethnicity/language. White, Black, Latino, etc. It’s extremely hard for people of different races/ethnicities to get along. It’s just human nature. Why always try to force it? That’s what “integration” is, what “diversity” is, although diversity is now being used as yet another excuse for more and more immigration.

    • skf1999

      Most people of different races get along fine. America is a nation of diversity. It is the rightwing element who constantly clamors for white resistance and grievance. They feel that their birthright of power and privilege is being threatened by the presence of people of color who they despise.

      • GSR

        Because of mass immigration, over the past 25 years or so, the US today has a “fetish” for diversity. It is repeated and implied in every tv, radio, internet ad. Every movie, tv show and government school. It is a fetish. Before about the 1970’s, the US was approximately 90% native born White.

    • MrUniteUs1

      You leave the least diverse continent, then come to America and complain about diversity.

  • WhiteRabbit

    Canada is 64% Racist and 36% Diverse.
    Australia is 69% Racist and 31% Diverse.
    Europe is 82% Racist and 18% Diverse.
    The U.S. is 62% Racist and 38% Diverse.


    – Anti-racist logic
    It’s White Genocide.

    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  • MrUniteUs1

    More right wing Jewish race baiting.

    • American Patriot

      More left-wing Muslim race baiting from you.

      • MrUniteUs1

        I am a pro life Christian.

        • American Patriot

          Yeah, right. You know that you are a pro-Islamist Muslim.

          • MrUniteUs1

            Ever heard of the Baltimore Cathecism?
            Altar boy 6 am service.

  • MrUniteUs1

    V. Stiviano beaten and called the n-word by 2 white men.
    Donald Sterling attends Black church in Los Angeles

  • nyesq1

    The bottom line is that blacks need whites but whites don’t need blacks. Most everything else is commentary. Most low IQ jobs that blacks are capable of such as flipping burgers can be done by machines.

    Blacks without whites = Africa
    Low IQ, violence, rape, terrible infrastructure
    Have you ever seen blacks build a space shuttle?
    Have you ever seen blacks create a new medication?
    How many blacks actually create startups and companies from the ground up instead of get hired as diversity officers.

    And…. blacks know who butters their bread.

    • MrUniteUs1

      Blacks without whites = Africa before the Greeks entered Ancient Egypt
      Low IQ, violence, rape, terrible infrastructure: Appalachia, Eastern Europe
      Space Shuttle: Team effort. William. Harwell Space Shuttle Retrieval Arm. Adolphus. Sams multistage rockets Frederick Gregory, space shuttle commander.
      Businesses and Startups. Many Thousands See Black Enterprise magazine. You must been absent they covered this in class

  • Joshua Cantu

    We all think Hitler is cool right?