The Meltdown of Danielle Dimacali

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Last week, the UCLA Student Council rejected an anti-Israel divestment resolution by a vote of 7-5, dealing a devastating blow to the BDS movement on campus. TruthRevolt’s Editor-in-Chief, Ben Shapiro, a UCLA alumnus, showed up and delivered a powerful two-minute speech that brilliantly unveiled the pernicious hypocrisy and double standards of the BDS movement.

The BDS movement’s defeat didn’t sit well with the anti-Israel students, especially with a certain Danielle Dimacali, the student council’s note-taker, who engaged in some intriguing behavior in the student council meeting following the resolution’s defeat. The clip of her performance, which included sobbing and pounding on the table, is a must-view.

In the comments section afterwards at the Daily Bruin, Dimacali accused her critics of “obvious blatant racist microaggression.” Her behavior reflected well the meltdowns of many other BDS supporters, who were foaming at the mouth about their failure to contribute to the world’s racist assault on the Jewish State.

Upon watching the video of Danielle Dimacali’s response to the momentary defeat of her movement’s mission, I couldn’t keep from wondering a few things:

I wondered how many tears Dimacali had shed for Ilan Halimi, the young French Jewish man in Paris who was kidnapped in 2006 by a group called the “Gang of Barbarians” and tortured horrifically over a period of three weeks, which finally ended in his tragic death. The gang members cut his fingers, ears, bits of his flesh; they burned him with acid and poured flammable liquid on him and set him on fire. Four-fifths of his body was mutilated by torture.

I couldn’t help from wondering: how did Dimacali react when she learned of the terror and unimaginable suffering that Ilan had endured? What were her emotions when she thought of how the gang forced Ilan’s mother to listen to her son’s tortured screams over the phone while they simultaneously recited Quranic verses to her? What were Dimacali’s feelings when, at his trial, the leader of the gang, Youssouf Fofana, smirked at Ilan’s mom and relatives and shouted, “Allahu akbar”?

Did Dimacali sob and pound on a table?

Did she whimper?

Or has she till this day never even heard of Ilan Halimi?

Have any of her friends?

Would she care?

Would they?

I also couldn’t help reflecting on what Dimacali’s emotional reaction must have been when, in March 2011, she learned of the fate of the Fogel family in the West Bank community of Itamar. Two Palestinian teenagers broke into the Fogel’s home and murdered five members of the family — the parents, 11- and 4-year-old boys, and a 3-month-old girl. They shot the parents to the death; stabbed the boys to death; and slit the throat of 3-month-old crying Hadas.

The two perpetrators, Hakim Mazen Awad, 18, and Amjad Mahmad Awad, 19, later, upon interrogation, expressed great regret ….. that they had not killed two other Fogel boys, 8-year-old Roi and 2-year-old Yishai, who were sleeping in the house and were, consequently, left undetected by the two intruders.

I couldn’t keep from wondering: what kind of moaning and pounding on a table did Dimacali engage in when she learned of the 3-month-old crying Hadas having her throat slit?

How did Dimacali stutter and whine when she brooded and agonized over how the two murderers are today praised as “heroes” and “legends” in Palestinian society?

Or has Dimacali till this day never even heard of the Fogel family?

Have any of her friends?

Would she care?

Would they?


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  • Aaron

    How many little Hitler’s can the Arabs inspire?

  • Kahane had it right!!

    She’s on facebook. I just sent her a message asking her if she is the chick that had the meltdown because she hates Jews.

    • laura r

      maybe she is an indonesian muslim?? meanwhile she is unhinged, maybe violent.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    What a performance! She can dish it out but can not take it! She lives in her own
    anti-Semitic world! She is BDS moron!

  • James

    I’d have to read a transcript, I guess, because I couldn’t make much out other than “and I’m like” a half-dozen times.

  • onemotherpucker

    This is the kind of mentally unstable morons that we have let take over.

  • Sharpshooter

    A whole different reality and a parallel universe out there in KKKalifornia.

    • DB1954

      Kalifornia ueber alles!

  • Ghost

    Keep floodng the United States with culturally and psychologically displaced turd world loosers–all the tune, BTW, of “Jews” singing the praises of “immigrants make us stronger”. These pieces of s*** ‘acculturate’ at the margins: whatever the zeitgeist is, however absurd, becomes normative for these poorly urbanized third world peasants. Right now (well for a long time now–thanks to the, ehm, Frankfurt School), left wing extremism, including BDS, is all the rage. Woe unto Israel.


    Bravo, Mr. Glazov!!! I wish the horrors of what these innocent people endured could be rubbed in the faces of people like this b!tch. And oh, by the way:

    In the comments section afterwards at the Daily Bruin, Dimacali accused her critics of “obvious blatant racist microaggression.”

    That sounds an awful lot like a classical case of “projection” to me.

  • laura r

    i still dont get what kind of involvement that girl has w/palestine. is she islamic? is she arabic? if not, she is doing everyone a great service in presenting the left wing progressive side. she would be great on MSNBC, have they interviewed her? have they hired her?

  • laura r

    double win. see isreallycool websight (aussiedave). her boss is an supporter of isreal. this girl will get it from all ends.

  • Insecticide

    Buy her a Palestinian dildo!

  • Niku
  • pslinger

    BOO-HOO!!! Someone ruined my little hate party, WAAAAHHHH!!!!

    Progressives are immature spoiled brats.

  • mtnhikerdude

    A one way ticket to Fallujah is the only answer to these Israeli haters.
    Let them wallow in the reality of Islam. , “The Religion of Hate.”

  • uleaveuswithnoalternative

    I wonder if Ms. Dimacali cried when Pakistani terrorists kidnapped Daniel Pearl and beheaded him simply because he was an American Jew? Does she know about the hijacking of the cruise ship, the Achille Lauro by the oh so the “brave” PLO/PLF members who murdered an elderly Jewish man confined to a wheelchair and threw his body overboard, way back in 1985? Does she remember the horrors of 9-11 and did she cry for the 3,000 human beings murdered that day in the name of Allah? Does she cry about the ethnic cleansing of Christians who are being tortured, beheaded, gassed, hung, crucified, disemboweled, set on fire and shot throughout the Middle East?
    What about gays who are hung or thrown from cliffs simply because they are gay?
    How about little girls who are forced to have all or part of their external genitals cut off in order “to keep them pure?” Does she weep for the little girls who are raped and sodomized daily by their so called “husbands”; does she cry for the women and girls raped and murdered by jihadi terrorists?
    No, she doesn’t weep for these victims.
    She has that type of evil blindness peculiar only to Progressives, a blindness that only allows them to see the things that support their warped world view.

  • Mel Dimacali

    To make up for one Dimacali’s failure. Here’s a documentary on how the Philippines welcomed 3000 Jewish immigrants from persecution during World War II.