Pro-Amnesty Elites Treat People as ‘Commodities’

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Perhaps no issue better illustrates the current divide between everyday citizens and our political and business elites than the issue of immigration. The latter group draws the financial gains from a generous labor supply without considering the perspective of those on the other side of the ledger: the working people who have to worry about being laid off and replaced with lower-wage workers, about the strain placed on their local hospitals and neighborhood resources, or about cartel violence spilling across the border into their own communities.

For instance, Sheldon Adelson recently wrote that: “The immigrants here illegally need jobs, want to work and are willing to take on jobs that are not appealing to many Americans.” What about Americans who need jobs? Human beings are not commodities. We need to get our own workers off of unemployment and into good-paying jobs that can support their families. That means if a job is hard or strenuous, employers should raise wages and improve working conditions – why shouldn’t Americans who do tough work get paid more for their efforts?

Rupert Murdoch also recently argued for a dramatic expansion of the controversial H1B guest worker program. Murdoch writes that “there is a shortage of qualified American candidates,” to fill jobs in STEM fields like computer services and engineering. But the evidence shows the opposite: the US graduates approximately twice as many STEM-trained students each year as there are STEM jobs to fill. There is a large surplus of unemployed Americans with STEM degrees and yet, per the Economic Policy Institute, “the annual inflow of guestworkers amount to one-third to one-half of all new IT jobs holders.” As Rutgers Professor Hal Salzman poignantly asked, “Average wages in IT today are the same as they were when Bill Clinton was president well over a decade ago…if there is in fact a shortage, why doesn’t that reflect in the market? Why don’t wages go up?”

The United States has the most generous immigration policy in the world. Each year, the US grants permanent legal admission to an additional 1 million immigrants who will be able to apply for citizenship, along with roughly 700,000 guest workers, 200,000 relatives of guest workers, and 500,000 students. These are overwhelmingly not farm workers as activists falsely suggest, but are instead workers brought in to fill jobs in every sector, occupation and industry throughout the US economy.

Overall, the number of people living in the US who were born in another country has quadrupled since 1970. And yet the Senate immigration bill doubles the rate of future immigration and guest worker admissions.

For too long, the immigration debate has been driven by the needs of politicians, business interests, and immigration activists who fail to appreciate that a nation owes certain obligations to its own citizens.

Consider immigration policy from the viewpoint of a middle-aged unemployed American who has to borrow gas money to drive to a job interview 100 miles away. Imagine how his or her life is affected when the company gives that open job to a temporary guest worker hired from 10,000 miles away. Imagine what any of the 58 million working-age Americans who don’t have jobs might have to say to the lawmakers and activists who claim there is a “labor shortage”.

The phrase “immigration reform” has been thoughtlessly applied to any legislation that combines amnesty with dramatic future increases to our record supply of labor. This is the singular vision championed by President Obama and Congressional Democrats. It therefore falls on the shoulders of Republicans to stand alone as the one party representing the interests of everyday working Americans.

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  • Rdlake

    Another Obama lying piece of garbage appointee. You add Holder, Perez & justice dept. & this is the result.

    • Aurelius

      Amazing that Obummer and his mouthpieces are getting away with this. The media is an accomplice too.

  • MN dude

    jeff sessions for president!

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  • Lanna

    The needs of America do not coincide with the One World Calipaphate! Obama’s priorities are wrong….we will be a One World government according to his plans!

  • Pete

    Lumber, oil coal, water are resources.

    So why did we change the name of the personnel departs for organization around the country to Human Resources?

    Anyone else worried?

  • BagLady

    and immigration activists who fail to appreciate that a nation owes certain obligations to its own citizens.”

    According to Blair, you are not getting with the 21st century. Globalisation does not recognise such parochial expressions as ‘citizens’. In fact it could be termed ‘racist’ as it discriminates against the ‘other’.

    We must welcome the new era of zero hour contracts with no ‘perks’, lofty employers accountable to no-one. In our new streamlined world there is no place for a middle class and these upstarts must return to the bottom wrung, and do it quietly, if they know what’s good for them.

    • Pete

      The United Arab Emirates never fails to make a distinction between native Emirati. If you read the newspapers there is never a problem in determining if a person committed a crime whether they were a native or non-native. this is unlike American journalism. In America we have to read the British Daily mail to learn if not all the facts, then ,ore fact than we would learn form an American paper of record.

      In Japan a non-native cannot own land.

      Blair is living in La-LA Land. He is living in a land of the LEFT’s own invention.

      • BagLady

        Correction. Blair is not ‘left’ he is New Labour, ie totally rightwing self-seeking money grubber.

        • Pete

          I don’t care what the “Betters” do. I don’t care if they are hypocrites. I don’t care if they talk socialism, communism and live conservatively and feather their nest and the nest of their children.

          The way they get their is by talking LEFT for the most part.

          See Clinton, See Al gore, See Obama. See Maurice Strong. See the whole Chinese Communist party. See Fidel Castro. See Daniel Ortega. …

        • Pete

          New Labour, where have we hear this?

          “New Labour, New Life For Britain is a political manifesto published in 1996 by the British Labour Party. The party had recently restyled itself as New Labour under Tony Blair. The manifesto set out the party’s new “Third Way” centrist approach to policy, with subsequent success at the 1997 general election”

          Where have we heard centrist, third way?

          “The New Democrats, organized as the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), called for welfare reform, smaller government, and other policies not supported by traditional liberals, arguing that the path to the party’s electoral success at the national level following the landslide victories of Ronald Reagan involved attracting the support of voters in the political middle, who would vote Republican unless the Democrats became more centrist.”

          And like the expense scandal in America we had the Congressional Post Office scandal.

          Scandal Marks ‘Disintegration of New Labour’


    • Daniel Greenfield

      but at least the globalists will spare some subsidies for them, just like the elites in Egypt and China do

      • BagLady

        Do you mean minimum wage. That pittance that keeps workers just above slave labour and indentured servitude?

        Unless you are a total loner, your efforts form part of a team, each element essential to the whole. To keep such a team well oiled, it requires that each element be happy with the recognition it receives by way of financial reward etc.

        Globalisation is not fulfilling it’s vital role. The middle man is stealing the bread from the mouths that feed him.

        I speak of shareholders, of course.

  • GSR

    Political, business, academic, media elites have been pushing for years now, to create a world where borders are erased and people (and capital) flow freely between “pseudo-states”. Well, there’s a problem with this. People have history, culture, language, religion, customs, heritage, etc.

    No one is against reasonable levels of legal immigration but US immigration is too dominated by the wholesale input of cheap labor – and poor peasants almost always support and vote left of center. Plus, legal immigrants are allowed to bring if I’m not mistaken, an unlimited number of their relatives here and those (elderly) relatives are almost always signed up for some form of welfare, SSI (Supplemental Security Income). Mass immigration feeds growing Big Government.

    The US should reduce all forms of immigration for a good 10-20 years in order to “re-balance” the scales back in the favor of native born Americans. Period.

    • seewithyourowneyes

      A world with clear borders allows experiments in government. One can see which policies lead to success and which policies fail. Neither Progressives nor Islamists like the results of these experiments, so they contrive to destroy the evidence by destroying the sovereignty of the free, successful nations.

  • Gee

    The statement “The United States has the most generous immigration policy in the world.” is false.
    Israel has the most generous immigration policy in the world and has since 1948.

  • Aurelius

    If only more republicans believed as Senator Sessions does. Sadly, they do not and are covertly, if not outrightly, on board with Obama and the demoncats on demographic-changing, nation-altering, immigration “reform.”

    • Erudite Mavin

      That would be the Libertarians who have teamed up for their pro Amnesty agenda, Murdoch, Rand Paul, and Grover Norquist.

  • jakeleone

    There are 2 black markets for worker in the U.S., both created by our government’s incompetence.

    And both of these markets are damaging our economic progress.

    The illegal alien black market allows employers to treat people like rent-able robots. This black market undercuts natural wage growth, improvements in working standards, and worker productivity. It holds back our entire nation from improving in several economic dimensions.

    We wouldn’t even be debating an increase in the minimum wage, if not for our inability to secure our own border. Securing the border is critical, not only for our safety, but for our future economic progress.

    The other black market is for indentured IT workers. This black market has created a class of worker that is beholden to their employer. It allows companies to bring in workers from overseas, with the express purpose to be trained and remove whole departments full of jobs to overseas locations. The H-1b visa made the Outsourcing Industry. The H-1b visa, as it currently stands, is the biggest job destroying program ever put out by a bought-off Congress.

    Most H-1b visas are used by Offshore Outsourcing companies. The reality is that the H-1b visa is basically manna from heaven for the parasitic business model of the Offshore Outsourcing industry.

    • Tim N

      You absolutely nailed the IT market. I’ve personally seen the abuse that employers can get away with using H1B’s to scarf up a pool of subservient, cheap, easy to manipulate and intimidate slave labor.
      Our so called shortage of STEM professionals is a scam. Like the illegals the real shortage is of workers who will work for chicken feed (i.e. less than a decent living wage) and be properly groveling and subservient.

  • cxt

    Not really that surprising–its how they view pretty much everyone.

    Mores the pity.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Companies that are members of the US Chamber of Commerce must be boycotted. It’s time for the tea party to get down and dirty like the left. They want to support amnesty and pathways to citizenship that hurt our interests, then we must fight back against them in all the ways that we can. Indeed, only by boycotting those actual members of the US Chamber of Commerce can we effect change. Let’s hit them where it hurts, right at the bottom line and make them and their stockholders squeal.

  • Forums4Justice

    if illegal immigrants couldn’t get a job, or collect entitlements, they wouldn’t come


    House Republican Legalization Amnesty Pukes

  • Martel

    Interesting title. It reminds me of a review of “Against Inclusiveness” written by Jared Taylor:

    “But why destroy the age-old and inevitable discriminations? Mr. Kalb
    writes that the regime wants to fit all people into the appropriate
    slots in its vast machinery of production, consumption, and governance.
    The only permitted distinctions are therefore those that arise from
    commerce or bureaucracy, and each of us is allowed an antiseptically
    functional identity stripped of organic or spiritual loyalties. Our
    roles may be those of accountant or bureaucrat or even millionaire, but
    we must never act publicly as a white man or a heterosexual or a

    I must say that though I have heard about the spirited defense of the American borders by Senator Sessions, even the few conservatives who still wish to prevent illegal immigration to change American society beyond recognition, lack any convincing arguments to actually convince the American public that non-European immigration is undesirable. Before Ted Kennedy pushed the 1965 immigration act through the throat of European-Americans, he and his cohorts actually had to convince his audience that this act would not fundamentally change the dominant position of European-Americans. In those days, “conservatives” where a lot wiser then they are today. Equality doctrine has penetrated even the most “radical” circles of the conservative movement, and no one dares to say what they really know what would preserve American culture and protect the values they hold dear from becoming compromised any further, which is ensuring that Europeans remain the majority demographic. Unfortunately, that chance seems lost now. Euro-Americans are heading towards minority status, and American culture will be irretrievably lost.

  • donS2

    I agree with MN dude. Another concern is enviromental quality, available water, the lefts constant push to cut energy usage, and we need MORE PEOPLE in this country?

  • econdataus

    When it comes to H-1B visas, Murdoch doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He states that “we already know” that there is a “shortage of qualified American candidates” but the articles linked to at (including a recent one by Paul Krugman) suggest that the so-called “skills gap” is greatly overstated if not an outright myth. The H-1B visa program is supposed to be designed to bring in the “best and the brightest”. Yet the 2012 Census numbers at show that nearly half of the software developers in Silicon Valley are non-citizens. Hence, the H-1B visa program is being used to fill mid-level software jobs, not just jobs with unique skills that cannot be filled by American candidates.

    Furthermore, Labor Condition Applications (LCAs) which are required with each H-1B visa are supposed to protect H-1B and American workers. However, I recently looked at the LCAs disclosed online and posted the results at . As you can see, very few are denied and many of those that are certified are rife with errors. For example, there were a number of certified applications that did not appear to contain enough information to determine the workplace location, a critical piece of information for evaluating the requests. Then, I noticed that nearly every application that proposed to pay a salary significantly below the prevailing wage was denied. However, many that proposed to pay a salary many multiples the prevailing wage, suggesting bad salary data, were certified. For example, a request to pay a product consultant $11.4 million a year and a staff dentist $15.5 million a year were certified! That’s despite the fact that they listed the prevailing wages as $84,344 and $136,864, respectively. It appears that someone is just applying a set of filters to the data and “rubber stamping” everything else. This seems to agree with a 1996 OIG audit which stated that the Department of Labor’s role amounted to little more than a “rubber stamping” for LCA program applications (see ).

    For a further response to Murdoch’s editorial, see

  • AntiLeftist

    This problem stems from a misunderstanding of what it means, culturally, to be a US citizen. With respect to illegal immigrant infants, as multiculturalists, we need to show them right away that we embrace the culture of their home country. If they show up at the border with a dirty diaper, please don’t insult their culture by changing it.

  • PaulRosen1959

    1) Too frequent I have seen Indian programmers with
    many 2-5 page long resumes, claiming 10+ years of experience, with dozen of
    impressive previous consulting jobs and projects with cutting edge technology
    with big name companies. However when they are brought in it’s obvious that
    their skills are not half of what they pretend to be. India’s only “talent” is hyping themselves, infiltrating and then gutting US

    2) The programming skills of many these imported
    computer programmers can be taught in a two year community college program
    right out of high school.

    3) In the Silicon Valley there are a large number
    of established American-Indian executives that make a large amount of money by providing “temp” worker through the established connections. The Top 10 users for the last 10 years also were almost ALL Indian contracting companies. They use 60-70% of total H1b
    visas on Indians. While other nations split the rest.

    4) In many neighborhood of Silicon Valley you think
    you are in India or china. In addition, many plan to retire in India or China.

    5) Every single foreign student in our universities
    is sitting in a seat that could have gone to an American who would’ve done as
    well or better