Omaha’s Tri-Faith Initiative Mirrors “Pact of Umar”

OmarFor those of you unfamiliar with Islamic history, Umar bin al-Khattab – the second Islamic Caliph – made an agreement with the subjugated Christians of Syria setting forth the conditions under which said Christians would be permitted to live in proximity to the conquering Muslims.

This Pact of Umar is the origination of the concept of dhimmitude, a dehumanizing status belonging to subjugated non-Muslims in Islamist societies.

The translation I have re-produced below comes from the stellar book by Raymond Ibrahim, titled Crucified Again.

In return for their lives, the Christians agreed:

Not to build a church in our city—nor a monastery, convent, or monk’s cell in the surrounding areas—and not to repair those that fall in ruins or are in Muslim quarters;

Not to clang our cymbals except lightly and from the innermost recesses of our churches;

Not to display a cross on them [churches], nor raise our voices during prayer or readings in our churches anywhere near Muslims;

Not to produce a cross or [Christian] book in the markets of the Muslims;

Not to congregate in the open for Easter or Palm Sunday, nor lift our voices [in lamentation] for our dead nor show our firelights with them near the market places of the Muslims;

Not to display any signs of polytheism, nor make our religion appealing, nor call or proselytize anyone to it;

Not to prevent any of our relatives who wish to enter into Islam;

Not to possess or bear any arms whatsoever, nor gird ourselves with swords;

To honor the Muslims, show them the way, and rise up from our seats if they wish to sit down;

Adhere to these conditions and live. Break these conditions and all bets are off. While this pact was made in the early 7th Century, it is still considered relevant today as evidenced by its widespread application throughout the Middle East.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) certainly considers these conditions to be quite pertinent to the present-day conduct of interfaith relations. They are enforcing the conditions on the Christian residents of Syria, in addition to the regions they have recently conquered in Iraq.

According to the BBC, ISIS offers a heck of a deal – you must convert to Islam or if you remain Christian, you must accept dhimmi status and pay the jizya, (a tax for non-Muslims only) or… you can just be put to the sword.

As wildly enticing as the first or third choices may appear, most opt for door number two and live out their lives as second-class subjects. This is the hard-tyranny of Islamic supremacy. The inherently political and social nature of Islam and Sharia leave no room for other forms of intersection between believers and unbelievers.

This hard-tyranny is the hallmark of the Caliphate system. Freedom is an unknown concept; liberty is blasphemy in a system that crushes the individual into mortar paste for the building of greater Islam.

The global left views the advent of a new Caliphate as something akin to an Islamic version of the European Union, an economic and political alliance designed to trade with the rest of the world on an equal footing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Caliphate is a means toward an end; that end being Islamic dominance. The Caliphate is merely the structural entity that will administer Sharia throughout an Islamist-controlled world.

Considering the recent proliferation of “interfaith” initiatives throughout Western Europe and the United States, it seems prudent to give more than a cursory glance to the preferred ground-rules of the Islamists, and to examine the role such interfaith efforts might play in an expanding the Caliphate system.

One such interfaith initiative, here in Omaha, Nebraska intends to co-locate a Mosque, a Synagogue and a Church on the same campus.

There is a “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOA) that governs the interaction between the three faiths that make up the Tri-Faith Initiative, as they call themselves. It lays the ground rules for everything from site planning, to building design and subsequent use.

From the MOA:

  • Each Participant controls the ultimate design of their own building.  To the extent that design issues can be coordinated among the buildings, we will attempt to do so.
  • A common “look and feel” shall be sought in the design of buildings on this campus.

The Synagogue has already been built on the Tri-Faith site. This building has no outward indications of the Jewish faith. No Star of David, no Menorah. The only indication that this isn’t an ordinary office building is a stylized Hebrew script on the clerestory windows, done in a much understated manner.

The general understanding of the MOA is that it will likewise require a similar incoherence on the exterior of the Christian church slated for the project. No exterior display of the Cross. Where have we seen this before? Let’s ask our buddy Umar!

Not to display a cross on them [churches], nor raise our voices during prayer or readings in our churches anywhere near Muslims; Not to produce a cross or [Christian] book in the markets of the Muslims;

While it is possibly a simple oversight on the part of the architect, the rendering of the Mosque provided by the Mosque organizers features a very prominent Crescent and Star, an internationally known symbol of Islam, in apparent defiance of the MOA.

Similarly, the MOA outlines how people are to behave outside of their respective buildings:

To the extent Practices take place outside the walls of one’s own religious space, consideration shall be given to the beliefs of other Participants.

Rules governing shared space and practices allowed therein will give maximum consideration to issues of respect for and tolerance of the beliefs of all Participants. (authors’ emphasis)

Could such an innocuous bylaw be construed as a parallel to yet another of Umar’s conditions?

Not to congregate in the open for Easter or Palm Sunday, nor lift our voices [in lamentation] for our dead nor show our firelights with them near the market places of the Muslims;

Not to clang our cymbals except lightly and from the innermost recesses of our churches;

Perhaps not. It is for the reader to decide.

The MOA continues:

No Participant shall engage in any proselytizing (intending to convert members of other Participants).

Now that exhortation rings a bell…

Not to display any signs of polytheism, nor make our religion appealing, nor call or proselytize anyone to it; (authors’ emphasis)

Setting aside for a moment the command of Jesus to spread the Gospel, it is instructive to note that Islam considers the Cross to be a “sign of polytheism” as is any graphic representation of the Christian concept of the Trinity, a feature of Christianity that is foundational.

Insisting on these sorts of prohibitions under the rubric of respect is the methodology Islamists have employed across Europe to first bully citizens, then governments into a forced respect for their often barbaric 7th Century traditions and notions of worship.

The end result is the functional equivalent of the installation of the Pact of Umar among the societies where Muslims are not in control of the government. This is the soft-tyranny of Islamism, utilized when hard-tyranny is not an option. One certainty however remains consistent throughout…Islam reigns supreme.

I have written previously about the troubling connections between the governing board of the Tri-Faith venture and two known fronts for Muslim Brotherhood operations in the US – CAIR (Council on American and Islamic Relations) and ISNA (The Islamic Society of North America).

As of the time of this writing, the board stubbornly refuses to disavow relationships with either group, despite being presented with evidence from the FBI linking these groups to the terror group HAMAS.

The clear parallels between the Tri-Faith Memorandum of Understanding and the Pact of Umar cannot be ignored and should not be discounted – especially given the refusal of the Mosque organizers to renounce the involvement of CAIR and ISNA in their project.

Islamists spread their radical ideology through all means, not just the sword. Will the Tri-Faith Initiative prove to be a Midwest expression of 7th Century subjugation, albeit a voluntary one? That remains to be seen, but the vision emerging is not a hopeful one, unless you’re Umar bin al-Khattab.

Joe Herring writes from Omaha, Nebraska and welcomes visitors to his website at Dr. Mark Christian, a former Muslim, is the Executive Director of the Global Faith Institute, also based in Omaha.

  • Mullah Lodabullah

    # The Tri-Faith Initiative, a partnership of the three Abrahamic faith groups

    Not a ‘partnership’ I will be joining.

  • Mullah Lodabullah

    # We, the members of the three Abrahamic faiths — Judaism, Christianity and Islam — impelled by visions of human harmony, wish to share our grand and mutual heritage, that is, the belief in, and worship of, One Almighty God.

    “Allah” (Islam) is not my God.

    • CaoMoo

      Ah Rahman was a yemeni moon good and Mohameds first god he preached. Later when he set eyes on the KAABA a temple of Rock gods he took on Allah the Meccan moon god and head god of the KAABA. allah is also 180 from the judeo christian yahweh/jehovah

  • jwmiller

    COEXIST Crappola.

  • notme123

    Islam, the real devil worshipers, followers of Satan.

    • CaoMoo

      of that there is little doubt.

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  • Greg Hamilton

    I am trying to raise awareness of the way the Conditions of Omar are being established right under our noses in a new campaign called “Enjoy the Conditions of Omar”.

    It is precisely through the kind of accommodations that are described in the article that the Conditions are being established. On the non-Muslim side there is an understandable desire to co-exist and live in peace; to avoid confrontation and discord. But this attitude is based on a profound ignorance of the Islamic worldview which is inherently supremacist. When we yield, Islam advances. There will never be any reciprocation for goodwill because the divisiveness and arrogance of Islam blocks it.

    These events, when viewed with an insight into Islamic doctrine and history, can be teaching moments for the ignorant. Without this insight, people will continue to sleepwalk into slavery. Hence my campaign:

  • retired

    Reminds me of something Ralph Peters said a few years ago.

    “The Jihadis aren’t much,but they are something! You can’t beat something with nothing”.The non-Moslems involved in this nonsense believe in nothing & therefore are nothing!

  • Webb

    Nebraska is not benign. The state capitol building in Lincoln was designed and built to be a huge Satanic Baal Temple. Read the book, The Franklin Coverup: Satanism, Murder, and Child Abuse in Nebraska, by John DeCamp.

  • Kees

    Wrong figure. The kneeling man is probably not a dhimmy. It is a criminal, supposedly a muslim, being judged by Jazzar Pasha, governor of Syria, early 19th century. The dhimmy is the man with the eyepatch. It is the jew Hayyim Farhi, adviser of Jazzar, holding a list of accusations.

  • AG

    My first thought was what kind of Rabbi would put his Shul through what is essentially inevitable. And a small amount of research confirmed my suspicions; only a fake Rabbi from a progressive reform shul would be so ignorant to her own people’s history with Islam to agree to join this group. It’s long past time we Jews started holding those who wantto claims to be Jewish to higher standard and excommunicate those who aren’t even educated enough to figre these things out on their own. This could end badly.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      AG, it will end badly …

    • Habbgun

      I wondered about the Rabbi too but also what kind of church would adhere to this? By the way Islam is allowed to appear as another religion to entice people to Islam. There are organizations that say they are churches but all the speakers come from the Nation of Islam. Reverend Wright was out of that mold. This may not even be a reform synagogue. It may just be a front period. It may not be a church. It may be a front period. The b’tards are on the move aren’t they.

  • Webb

    Nebraska is not benign. The state capitol building was designed and built to be a Satanic Baal Temple. See John DeCamp’s book, The Franklin Coverup: Satanism, Murder, and Child Abuse in Nebraska.

  • Distantsmoke

    Well, to be honest, if I were a Leader of the Islamic faith, I would also seek to prevent Christianity from being honestly presented to muslims. I mean, really who in their right mind wouldn’t leave islam for Christianity?

    • allyt

      Someone who would want to aspire to the peaceful example of behaviour of Jesus, as opposed to copying an armed-robbing, slave-trading, raping & pillaging, psychotic, warlord paedophile!

  • Marlene Wilkins

    The idea we’re exploring, we Native Americans, is about taking this ‘treaty of umar’ and applying it to muslims, fully and completely.
    Simply put, we have had ENOUGH of being invaded, of everyone fucking around with trying to eradicate what remains of our Culture and Civilization, and islam has NO business in the Americas, Don’t even TRY talking to me about the ‘muzlim discovery of the Americas’ that is absolute nonsense, a full-out LIE told by islam to try to justify ‘right of return’ and to award themselves the label of bing ‘Indigenous’, which they are NOT and never will be.

    We’re starting to Clean House and reclaim OUR Homelands, things will be changing, and those who don’t like it–can Leave.
    NO we are not going to be ‘discussing’ it, after centuries of bullshit and oppression and assorted other crap we have had ENOUGH and are taking back for our children and grandchildren what was and always will be OURS.

    • Chance

      Right on Marlene Wilkins; I couldn’t agree more with what you said!

  • sheikyermami

    Submission. Usurpation. Annihilation. In the end, only Islam remains….

  • Ted

    What happens when the Moslems start the call to prayer? You know that will happen.

    • Ralph Haglund

      A loudspeaker started to hoot muslim prayers while the pope was talking to the palestine arabs – he had no complaint whatsoever and few papers mentioned it.

  • Zoinkies

    There is no such prohibition on putting a cross on the building. Many synagogues do not overtly place symbols on their buildings regardless of their location. You are reading into this agreement what you want to be true it seems. I am sorry you had such a horrible experience in Egypt. Unfortunately in the US you are more likely to be killed in a Christian church by a ‘Christian’ than experience violence at the hands of a Muslim any place of worship[1]. I’m not quite sure why this building project has put you over the edge, as these groups have been peacefully inviting each other on projects for years without anyone subjugating anybody as you have alleged, and that has been occurring even since before you converted.

    [1] Church Security Concepts and Statistics – Carl Chinn