Tampa Terror Radio

FBI ArrestsFor the past nine years, a radio show has been broadcast out of Tampa Bay, Florida every Friday representing the viewpoints of radical Islamists. The subjects on the show, ironically called ‘True Talk,’ almost always revolve around two subjects: extreme hatred of Israel and/or support for those associated with terrorism.

During the month of March, different anti-Israel and terror-related content made its way over the airwaves with the blessing of one of the show’s co-hosts, Ahmed Bedier.

On March 14th, over half of Bedier’s radio show consisted of a recorded speech given by Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi discussing strides being made by the boycott movement against Israel. Khalidi has previously been identified in different news reports as “a PLO spokesman” and “a director of the Palestinian press agency, Wafa” (Wikalat al-Anba al-Filastinija), which Khalidi himself has described as “the PLO’s news agency.”

According to the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act of 1987, signed into law by then-President Ronald Reagan, “The PLO and its constituent groups have taken credit for, and been implicated in, the murders of dozens of American citizens abroad… [T]he Congress determines that the PLO and its affiliates are a terrorist organization and a threat to the interests of the United States, its allies, and to international law…”

Bedier took calls in response to Khalidi’s speech, while lauding him as a “Middle East scholar.”

The previous week, on March 7th, Bedier had as a guest on the show the mother of convicted terrorist Ziyad Yaghi. According to the indictment against him, “the multiple defendants in the case,” Yaghi included, “prepared themselves to engage in violent acts and were willing to die as martyrs. They also offered training in weapons and financing and helped arrange overseas travel and contacts so others could wage violent acts overseas.” Yaghi was convicted on all counts and was sentenced to 31+ years in prison. He and his fellow co-conspirators lost their appeal.

According to his mom, Laila, Ziyad did nothing wrong. She called him a “goofy young man… a young man having fun.” She said that his only crime in the eyes of the prosecutors was that he was a Muslim.

Bedier agreed with the racism angle. But even if Yaghi was a terrorist, for Bedier it was not a problem, because Yaghi didn’t actually carry out any violence. He said it was “shocking” that Yaghi was arrested before he actually did anything. He asked, “What kind of jihad and terrorism did these guys commit?… Did they commit any violence? Did they kill anybody? Did they hurt anyone? Did they shoot anyone?” Bedier called it a “preemptive prosecution” or arresting a terrorist before the crime takes place. What he failed to understand was that a conspiracy to commit terrorism is a crime in itself. For Bedier, it’s just a case of Freedom of Speech.

The ringleader of the group was Daniel Patrick Boyd a.k.a. Saifullah (“Sword of Allah”). Boyd, a convert to Islam, received training in terrorist camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Boyd recruited and trained others to go overseas and undertake violent jihad. He had discussed attacking the Quantico, Virginia Marine Corps base, while in possession of a large arsenal of firearms. He pled guilty to one count of conspiring to “provide material support to terrorists” and one count of conspiring to “murder, kidnap, maim and injure persons in a foreign country.”

Yaghi’s mom said, much as her feelings towards her son, that she didn’t think Boyd “did anything wrong.” She said he was coerced by his lawyers into pleading guilty. Bedier, on the other hand, parodied Boyd as a Duck Dynasty wannabe, who probably just liked to go hunting.

One of the subjects brought up during Bedier’s interview of Laila Yaghi was that of Ziyad Yaghi’s intention to get married overseas, a subject that came up during the trial. Laila made light of this saying that Muslims get married at a young age, and Bedier flippantly asked if intending to get married was “against the law.” However, this subject in reality dealt with a conversation that Ziyad Yaghi had with Daniel Boyd, where Ziyad was discussing his intention to become “married” to the battlefield in jihad. Either Laila Yaghi was totally in the dark about her son’s militant plans or she was covering up for him.

While these things may seem to be merely show material for the station’s listeners, for Bedier it’s much more than that, as he himself has been directly involved with groups and individuals connected to terrorism.

Bedier was the Executive Director of the Tampa office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR has been named by the U.S. Justice Department as a co-conspirator for two federal trials dealing with the financing of millions of dollars to Hamas. CAIR was using its national website to raise money for the main group on trial, the Holy Land Foundation (HLF), which along with its leadership was found guilty on all charges.

During his tenure with CAIR, Bedier became a spokesman for Sami al-Arian, a co-founder and North American leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). In discussing the al-Arian case on a local Tampa TV news show, Bedier stated that, “before 1995, there was nothing immoral” about associating with PIJ. Prior to 1995, PIJ took credit for five terrorist attacks, which included a suicide bombing. The attacks resulted in the murders of eight innocent individuals.

Bedier has been a representative, as well, for Islamic Relief (IR). In 2006, Israel labeled IR a front for Hamas, after arresting the group’s Gaza program manager for providing “funds and assistance to various Hamas institutions and organizations.” In 1999, IR gave millions of dollars to and received tens of thousands of dollars from groups associated with al-Qaeda. Bedier is still involved with IR, attending a fundraiser for the group as recently as last month.

Bedier has (or more appropriately had) his own association with al-Qaeda, as his brother, Amir, was a devoted follower of Osama bin Laden. Last August, Ahmed accompanied Amir, who Ahmed has exalted as a “hero,” to a Muslim Brotherhood demonstration in Cairo against Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. This was days before Amir was shot and killed at the same location by the Egyptian military in a disbursement action against terrorists. Ahmed helped with the dead bodies, the next morning.

On a regular basis, Ahmed Bedier uses his radio program, found on WMNF 88.5 FM Tampa, to provide a forum for radicals, including himself, who wish to spout hatred and/or protect those associated with terrorist activity.

The show and Bedier’s actions outside the show are evils in our democratic society that need to be exposed.

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  • jeepwonder

    The enemy from within no longer hides and tries to blend in.
    That can’t be a good sign.

    • Dan Goucho

      And our self-serving elected officials don’t do a damn thing about it, lest they hurt their political careers.

      • jeepwonder

        Then we need to be a bigger impact on their elections.

  • UCSPanther

    Before, our enemies had to get useful idiots (IE Father Charles Coughlin during WWII) to do their dirty propaganda work for them.

    Now, they can do it themselves.


      charlie coughlin was a Fascist.

      • richdonnagreat

        If you revere a sociopath named MUHAMMAD WHO PERSONALLY DECAPITATED 900 UNARMED JEWS, what does it mater if you call them socialists or fascists? As Winston Churchill wisely stated: “Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog”.

        • jeepwonder

          At least a rabid dog foams at the mouth so you can spot him in a crowd.

      • UCSPanther

        A useful idiot is still a useful idiot, regardless of what ideology our enemies (and their puppets) proclaim to align themselves with.

        Pete Seeger: Another excellent example.

      • Anamah

        Just as our enemies are! Socialist of both types are fascist, that means totalitarian. And Islamics were Hitler partners.

      • Seek

        Father Coughlin, first and foremost, was a Catholic priest of a particularly reactionary variety. The fact that during the first few years of FDR he supported the New Deal doesn’t change that.

  • Christoper Logan

    Radical Islamists? That makes it sound like there are “moderate” Islamists. They are Muslims. Plain and simple.

  • wildjew

    I just started listening to Robert Spencer’s latest book, “Arab Winter Comes to America: The Truth About the War We’re In.” Unfortunately these unsavory characters have and are infiltrating both parties along with American government institutions. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and some of her colleagues were publicly flayed because they called for an investigation into this pervasive infiltration by Muslim Brotherhood activists and jihadists. Speaker Boehner called her work “dangerous.” What is worse, the GOP (my party) has Grover Norquist and Suhail Kahn working to further Islam’s interests.

    Barack Obama ran with jihadists, PLO activists, racists, etc., like Rashid Khalidi his entire adult life. There is no question in my mind the American people elected a racist in 2008; then again in 2012. There are consequences for electing a racist. Unbeknownst to me at the time, George W. Bush and his family campaigned with Islamic Jihadist Sami al-Arian and his family here in Florida in 2000. After Bush squeaked by in Florida, al-Arian boasted he went mosque to mosque and delivered the Muslim vote for Bush. Bush cut a deal with then Saudi Crown Prince (now king) Abdullah to sell-out Israel late August 2001 only days before the September attacks, largely financed by the Saudis. Bush then unveiled his vision for a Muslim-terror state in Israel’s heartland early October 2001 as he promised the Saudis. Is it any wonder Americans elected a dangerous Muslim-born president with deep sympathies to Islam only 7 years out the 9/11 attacks. Instead of educating us about the violent teachings inherent in the religion of Obama’s birth, Bush assured us Islam’s teachings are peaceful and good.

    Sadly most conservative activists, writers, radio talk show hosts were silent during the Bush years when they should have called him out. Now we have a nightmare at the helm. Lincoln said, “To sin by silence when they know they should protest, makes cowards of men.”


      I don’t believe the slanders about Bush and Cheney.

      • wildjew

        Slanders are false statements. Which ones do you dispute? BTW, I am a forty three year registered Republican. I voted for Bush in 2000. After the September attacks and in light of the things President Bush said and did following them I began doing my due diligence. How about you?

        • Gislef

          “Bush then unveiled his vision for a Muslim-terror state in Israel’s heartland early October 2001 as he promised the Saudis.”

          Could you be a bit more specific, like posting specifically what he said? Thanks!

          • wildjew

            A Palestinian or PLO terror state in Israel’s heartland had long been intimated especially by President Bill Clinton. George W. Bush formalized the vision and he codified it for the first time in our national party platform August 2004. Prior to that point the Republican party had specifically excluded the idea of a Palestinian state in Israel or any entity which would threaten Israel’s security.

            1992 Republican Party Platform (excerpts)

            “We oppose the creation of an independent Palestinian state. Nor will we support the creation of any political entity that would jeopardize Israel’s security.”

            Here is how Glenn Kessler (Washington Post) reported the nuance between Clinton and Bush:

            “The person I work for, President Bush, is the first president in the history of America to say we believe the Palestinians should have a state, living side by side in peace with Israel,” (Karen) Hughes told al-Jazeera satellite television. She repeated the statement two more times in the five-minute interview.

            Bush first publicly called for a Palestinian state in October 2001, during a meeting with congressional leaders, saying that “the idea of a Palestinian state has always been part of a vision, so long as the right to Israel to exist is respected.”

            Challenged by reporters to explain the difference between the comments by Bush and Clinton, Hughes said: “President George W. Bush is the first president to make it a matter of United States policy that we support two states living side by side in peace and freedom” — an important nuance that was left out of her repeated statements on her Middle East tour.

            Shibley Telhami, a Middle East expert at the University of Maryland, agrees that Bush formally made creating a Palestinian state the goal of U.S. policy, largely to appeal to the Muslim world at a time when the United States had attacked Afghanistan.

            The Clinton administration had been careful to say it would not prejudge “final status” issues, which included the establishment of a state. But the concept was not so radical by the time Bush assumed the presidency.

          • William James Ward

            Does George Bush still consider Islam a
            religion of Peace?…………..William

          • wildjew

            I don’t know. Do you think he sincerely believed what he told the public for seven plus years? Does Obama? One would think Obama has read the Qur’an and some of the Hadith.

          • William James Ward

            I think they are both one World advocates and
            that if violence is part of the way to achieve it,
            well then that is just to bad. Only a person that
            is working and agenda could be blind to the
            depredations of Islam, something you have been
            explaining and detailing for quite some time and
            it is appreciated……………………..William


    “Khalidi has previously been identified in different news reports as “a
    PLO spokesman” and “a director of the Palestinian press agency, Wafa”
    (Wikalat al-Anba al-Filastinija), which Khalidi himself has described as
    “the PLO’s news agency.”

    Counter-Taqiyya Translation: Khalidi has the Josef Goebbels Chair for the Ministry of Propaganda of Pal-e-SWINE.

    • samuraiajg

      And all the Conservative talk show radio hosts are being suspended, fired, restricted in their speech, etc. There is a definite attack on free speech and the people speaking the truth to the public by the Communist, Radical Left in America. Time to expose the Communists and return America to Americans and respect the Constitution.

  • http://johnnyangel10.WordPress.com JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

    Just send our “patriotic” government in to arrest them all !! Never happen ! We have a Muslim in Chief who although seems anti-terror, allies this government with anti-free segments of the Arab world !! Figure that one out…if you can TROLLS !

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

      There is kind of a First Amendment issue in play here. His speech may be repulsive, but it is protected…unless there is active subversive. As for the anti-free segments of the Arab world…would you rather be allied with Russia, which seeks America’s destruction and can do it faster? You have to pick one or the other.

      @samuraiajg:disqus – no conservative talk show host can claim to be fired as a result of his or her views; if they are losing jobs, it is because their audience is too old off of whom to make money.

      @dangoucho:disqus – you have to identify what can be done about it without running afoul of the Constitution.

  • richdonnagreat

    Typical Muslim….like all Muslims he reveres the sociopath MUHAMMAD who PERSONALLY DECAPITATED 900 UNARMED JEWS in 627…

  • garyfouse

    What was the govt supposed to do wait until he carried out an act of terror before arresting him. Under conspiracy laws when two or more people conspire to commit a crime (agreement) and one of those persons commits an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy even when that act is by itself legal (purchasing a car to blow up for example), the crime of conspiracy is complete.

  • Nyak

    The longevity of a non-profit is directly proportional to it being taken over by progressives.

    Nonprofit longevity ∝ progressive take-over

    “The station is licensed to the Nathan B. Stubblefield Foundation, a non-profit organization established solely for this purpose.”

    “The new facility is over 12,000 square feet (1,100 m2) with three broadcast studios, two production studios and a live performance studio named in memory of Mike Eisenstadt, longtime host of the Sunday Simcha, a Jewish music and public affairs show that still airs on Sundays at noon.”



  • nomoretraitors

    If he keeps it up, he’ll probably be offered a job in the Maobama White House

  • JoeGoldner

    Joe Kaufam is running for congress in CD 23 against Debbie Wasserman Schultz. We need to give him all the support he needs to defeat DWS and finally have someone who actually sees the dangers out there and will not waiver under political pressure from any side or party.

  • William James Ward

    So when does this rat get shut down? The people of Tampa allow
    this crap, boycott Tampa…………………William

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

      Tampa doesn’t permit this; they are not in a position to stop any of this from happening. As for the radio station, as it’s below 91.9 (87.9 to 91.7 are noncommercial stations), there is nothing to really boycott.

      • William James Ward

        If it can not be boycotted, maybe it can be jammed…..

  • Bob Nemtusak

    “A disbursement action against terrorists.”–who talks like that?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Pull up a truck in front of his studio and blast white noise in the 130dB range 24 hrs a day