Obamacare’s Stunning Redistribution of Wealth

obama-health-careFor all the attention Obamacare has drawn in recent weeks, few observers have noted that the law is having the unexpected, yet most welcome, effect of transforming scores of millions of Americans, virtually overnight, into generous benefactors of the less fortunate. A real-world example—representative of countless millions of similar situations—will make this crystal clear:

Let’s say that you are a healthy, hardworking 54-year-old single adult in San Francisco earning $45,960 per year—the income level at which federal Obamacare subsidies from your fellow taxpayers are no longer available to help you pay your monthly health-insurance premiums. As a San Francisco resident, you are permitted to choose from among 16 separate Obamacare-compliant insurance plans. Four of these are so-called “Bronze” plans, low-level policies whose average premium will cost you $453 per month, or $5,436 per year. In exchange for those premium payments, a Bronze plan will cover 60% of your medical expenses—that is, after you meet the $5,000 out-of-pocket annual deductible. For this priceless peace of mind, you can thank Obamacare—the Democratic Party’s gift to a grateful America.

Let us contrast your case with that of Joe, another 54-year-old single individual in San Francisco, who happens to be an obese alcoholic and longtime drug abuser with little ambition and no history of ever having held a full-time job for very long. Joe currently earns $15,860 per year, which is just above the income level that would have made him eligible for Medicaid. Because Joe doesn’t qualify for Medicaid, Obamacare stipulates that he must now purchase his own health insurance—thereby proving that, contrary to the shrill rhetoric of conservative naysayers, no one gets an undeserved free ride under Obamacare.

Like you, Joe can choose from among 16 separate plans that are available to San Francisco residents. But unlike you, he is eligible to receive federal government subsidies—money that other, wealthier Americans, such as you, magnanimously “contribute” toward the healthcare expenses of financially “disadvantaged” individuals. If he selects one of the four Bronze plans (whose average monthly premium is $453), Joe qualifies for $452 in average monthly subsidies—meaning that, regardless of which Bronze plan he chooses, he will pay a monthly premium of exactly $1. You read that correctly. The very same healthcare plan that would cost you $453 per month, is available to Joe for $1 per month—i.e., the cost of three oatmeal-raisin cookies at your local Subway sandwich shop. Over the course of a year, you will pay a total of $5,436 in policy premiums, while Joe, who sadly failed to qualify for free healthcare through Medicaid, will pay his own fair share of $12. This is all in the interest of social justice, you understand. And please, don’t even think about whispering that Obamacare might be some sort of “wealth redistribution” scheme, lest you expose yourself as a petulant reactionary who doesn’t give a damn about sick people.

Oh, imagine what a wonderful world it would be if we could somehow transfer this same brand of Obamacare-style fairness to realms other than health insurance. In such a utopia, for example, the $25,000 new automobile that you purchase would cost a deserving soul like Joe just $55. Your $100 nightly fee at a motel would be 45 cents for Joe. And the $25 hardcover book you purchase at Barnes & Noble would set Joe back about a nickel. What’s that, you say? These items aren’t life-and-death necessities, like medical care, and thus don’t serve as useful analogies? Good point! Let’s stick with real necessities, such as food and housing: The same load of groceries that costs you $250 would cost Joe 55 cents. Your $1,200-per-month rent or mortgage payment would be available to Joe for about $2.65 a month. And the $250,000 home you seek to buy could be Joe’s for about $552. Yes, we’re talking about a veritable paradise of fairness!

But let’s return, for a moment, to the subject of healthcare in the here-and-now. Suppose you decide to opt for something substantially better than the aforementioned Bronze plan. As a resident of San Francisco, you can also choose from among four separate Silver plans, which each pay 70% of your medical costs (after a $2,000 annual deductible) and have an average monthly premium of $614. For Joe, these same four plans are available for an average of $38 per month—thanks to the marvelous, magical subsidies that are built into Obamacare. In fact, one of the Silver plans in particular would cost Joe just twenty nickels per month—a darned fair deal for someone needing healthcare, wouldn’t you say? And again, try not to view the disparity between your fee and Joe’s fee as some form of “wealth redistribution,” but rather as an opportunity for you to cultivate the fiscal virtue that our president terms “neighborliness,” whereby those who are “sitting pretty”—like you—extend a helping hand to the “less fortunate”—like Joe. Yes indeed, think about how deliriously happy you’re making good-ol’ Joe!

Now, if you’re feeling somewhat bold and are inclined to seek out even better coverage, you might opt to enroll in one of San Francisco’s four Gold insurance plans, which pay 80% of your medical costs (with no deductibles) and have an average monthly premium of $752. For Joe, the average cost of such a policy is $166 per month.

And then there are the top-of-the-line policies—the four Platinum plans—which will pay 90% of your medical expenses and will cost you, on average, $843 in monthly premiums. For Joe, by contrast, the cost of these plans will run about $258 a month.

So, let’s review: Joe can have the very best coverage available—the type of Platinum plan that our revered overlords in Washington have carefully secured for themselves—for roughly half the cost that you must pay for the most meager, bare-bones, low-end Bronze coverage in existence. Or, alternatively, he can have:

  • a Gold plan for about one-third of what you pay for the Bronze;
  • a Silver plan for one-twelfth of what you pay for the Bronze; or
  • his own Bronze plan for less than four-tenths of 1 percent of what you pay for the same plan.

And why is Joe able to do all this? Because you, my generous comrade, are largely buying his plan for him. Hooray for you! Hooray for advancing the vision that our president so eloquently laid bare just one month ago, when he identified the eradication of “inequality” as the motive that “drives everything I do in this office.” Ain’t it wonderful to be part of such a grand crusade?

And in case you seek additional cause for celebration, rest assured that Obamacare imposes the same type of fairness and equity on family plans as it does on individual plans. For instance, a 54-year-old San Francisco couple with two grown children (ages 19 and 20) living at home—and with a $94,200 household income (the income level at which subsidies are no longer available)—can enroll in a bare-bones Bronze family plan (with an annual deductible of $10,000) for an average monthly premium of $1,175. Meanwhile, an identically structured San Francisco family whose household income is $32,500—just above the level that would have qualified them for Medicaid—can obtain a Bronze plan for precisely $4 per month. Yes, the same plan that costs $14,100 per year for the first family, costs $48 per year for the second family.

The four Silver family plans, meanwhile, have an average monthly premium of $1,593 for the first family, and $81 per month for the second family. Annual outlays would be $19,116 for the first family, vs. $972 for the second family.

This, in a nutshell, is the exquisite beauty of Obamacare: It is redistribution … er, um, er … It is neighborliness on a scale never before seen in this country. And many millions of Americans are poised to reap its glorious benefits! As a form of shorthand, you can simply refer to these fortunate millions as “Democrats,” in honor of the party of benefactors that is, at this very moment, purchasing their eternal political allegiance with your dollars. Take pride in the fact that this wonderful arrangement is but one aspect of the “fundamental transformation” of America that our president is so faithfully pursuing, true to his word. At its essence, it is an arrangement designed to take from certain individuals according to their ability to pay, while giving to other individuals according to their need—a profoundly neat and elegant formula if ever there was one. It almost makes you wonder if anyone else has ever thought of anything like it before.[1]


[1] A central principle of Marxism, popularized by Karl Marx himself, is this: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

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  • objectivefactsmatter

    I need it. Where is it?

  • http://www.kizi1.org/ Kizi 1

    good luck obama

  • truebearing

    Obama’s scam is not only redistribution, but more precisely, reparational redistribution. It is clearly intended to give minorities a free ride at the expense of whites, conservatives, or anyone who has a good work ethic. Obamacare is a way of getting even, while grabbing massive amounts of power.

    Another intended consequence of Obamacare is the impoverishing of political opponents. Political donations will dry up for conservative candidates when voters are facing the exhorbitant costs of insuring themselves, or their families. Obama has ensured that the Left will always have plenty of money because he has spread our nation’s wealth to cronies who will, by design, kick lots of it back to support the Left.

    • MarilynA

      We have been paying reparations for years in the form of welfare payments, affirmative action and other government mandates which take from the productive and give to the parasites. Since none of these giveaways have been labeled reparations, these leeches are demanding reparations in the form of a big one time pay off in addition to all these other regular payoffs. They fully expect to keep on getting a free ride and regular payments in addition to their big reparations pay off.

    • gyrwan

      Okay. So it’s exactly like welfare, Medicaid, S.S. Disability, Medicare, AND ….. Social Security RETIREMENT Benefits.

      (Well, not exactly like Social Security. But only because elderly on social security COULD HAVE saved for their retirement on their own.)

      It’s also like the discharge of debts in bankruptcy, or HUD’s new Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), homeowner’s Flood Insurance, any business subsidy, etc, etc, etc.

      As well as the Progressive Income Tax, the Estate (death) Tax, Dividend taxes, Property taxes, and other taxes innumerable.

      In other words, this isn’t a compelling argument against ObamaCare. It is, however, a compelling argument against nearly the entirety of the United States Government.

      • truebearing

        It’s a compelling argument against Obamacare, and there are many others. The other forms of taxation don’t give the government the control of one’s existential lifeline, but they have been used to buy a lot of votes for a lot of Progressives.

        • Sophia Mefford

          Just a bit of info. if you include ALL welfare programs including all forms of SS the total combined fraud is 3%. The truth is hospitals abuse the disability terminology in order to get paid for the care they provide that they could not otherwise get for someone. Don’t blame the person, blame the system. SS disability claims are about to plummet due to AHCA because hospitals are going to be paid for every visit and can now control costs that would have been passed onto you with higher hospital fees.

          • Jon Sobieski

            Oh, so that’s’ reassuring, one rigged scheme to replace a rigged scheme. The point is that they are all wealth redistribution schemes, and there is nothing new about putting another WR scheme on top of another. That is why our govterment’s accounting is a ponzi scheme. The federal govt will have a huge budget blowout in 2014 from Obamacare and the Medicaid expanstion. Speaking of Obvamacare and Medicaid, the cadillac of all plans is Medicaid. Pretty much zerio deductibles and no monthly payments. Medicaid patients are dirt poor (except for the fraudsters) and could not afford even the deductibles.

          • gyrwan


          • 96440060

            Are you kidding me Sophia. I don’t know where you’re getting your information, but, attributing only 3% of ALL welfare programs including SS, as being fraudulent, is a total joke. The CBO estimated in 2012, that at least 25% of the money being spent on Medicare and Medicaid (alone) are of a fraudulent nature. And I can assure you that SSI and SSDI are even worse. All, and I mean ALL government run programs are inefficient, ineffective and costs significantly more than it would, if it were being run by private business – even with profit being taken into account.

          • gyrwan

            Notwithstanding what the CBO claims, 100% of money spent on these programs is fraudulent.
            How can fraud against the government even be considered relevant when the programs are composed, in their entirety, of government FRAUD against the people and is in contravention of the purpose for which that government was created (BY the people) and the authority given to it (again, BY the people)?

          • truebearing

            If over the years, duly elected politicians passed amendments, designed agencies to solve problems, or allocated tax revenue for the purpose of pandering to the voters, it was done with the full knowledge of the electorate. There have been worthwhile amendments to the constitution, and some that have proven to be a bad idea, but the amendment process was followed. The problem now is that the Left is ignoring the constitution in its entirety and voters have progressively become less educated, less moral, and increasing narcissistic. Blame the American voter for the decline. Democracy fails when the majority are uneducated and immoral.

            Since America has become so immoral, Libertarianism has even less of a chance of becoming the dominant, or remotely functional, ideology, and it never worked to begin with — the failure of The Articles of Confederation proved that, and that failure was the very reason we ended up with a federalist constitution.

          • cheezyphil

            A whopping 62% of Federal Spending goes to entitlement programs. Tell me that 3% is a margin that we can choose to ignore.


          • truebearing

            What was your source for those ridiculous, laughable claims? You are completely untethered to reality, but I understand. You’re still in high school.

        • gyrwan

          “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending the money of their constituents on objects of benevolence”
          — James Madison

          • truebearing

            You are a ranting idiot, and no doubt, a doctrinaire libertarian ideologue who lives in just as much of an idealistic delusion as any Marxist.

            It is impossible to turn the clock back to a time when the vast majority of Americans were self-sufficient, basically moral, and Christian. Back then, land was cheap, game was plentiful, and Europe was eager to buy everything we could produce. People could live off the land, and families were still intact. In that primarily agrarian culture, people took care of their own.
            You can’t magically go back to that period by quoting Madison and labeing everyone who isn’t deluded into believing in libertarian utopianism a Marxist. Radical libertarianism is a failure before it even gets started, especially since fools like yourself have zero ability to provide a coherent explanation as to how it could be accomplished.

          • gyrwan

            “What is your solution to helping individuals who were injured severely, paralyzed, with no support available from their families?”
            Well, I was going to say Charity.
            BUT, you’ve convinced me. I have seen the light.
            I will now flip-flop and say that my solution is to send armed men to take your stuff, so that I can give it to individuals who were injured severely, paralyzed, and have no support available from their families. In this way, I will have done my part.
            And I’ll still get to call MY giving of YOUR stuff “charity”, and call other people immoral, ignorant, stupid, and cold-hearted if they complain about how much of their stuff I take.

          • Feemster

            The answer is even simpler than that. It’s called “means testing.” If you cull the free loaders from the system….there is plenty of money to take care of the TRULY needed.

          • Feemster

            YOU say we can’t go back. WHY?? Simply because you say so….right?? Big Business currently pressuring our governments to open our borders to allow a food of labor to come into our country to do jobs Americans won’t do. This while American are expecting the government to extend their unemployment payments for the third time. I not only think we CAN go back….I think we have to.

    • CanuckleDragger

      Not to worry. The Koch Brothers will support the conservatives so they can continue unfettered polluting of the atmosphere. “At the expanse of whites and conservatives”. Another right wing racist @sshole has the mike. You wouldn’t by chance be from the south would you?

      • travis

        We’re not in the 50’s anymore. America could stop all carbon emissions and what good would it do with the rest of the world using up carbon based energy sources. Do you realize you are made of carbon and pollute the world every day just by breathing? With your logic we should all kill ourselves to protect the planet. What an idiot!

        • CanuckleDragger

          We are made of carbon? That’s your point? The party you support’s plan is to do nothing. It sounds like that’s your plan as well. If the best comeback you have in your arsenal is “we are made of carbon”, you are the Tea Party’s base. Uneducated, non thinking redneck with no point to make.

          • travis

            I actually have a college degree and am a Captain in the US Army. The carbon reference was just one example. The point is that America is sacrificing a lot of jobs in the name of environmental friendliness. America is dropping in status. We’ve been downgraded once, what happens next time is the interest goes up and the debt will rise even faster. Once the universal currency shifts away from the dollar there will be inflation the likes we’ve never seen. This level of fiscal carelessness cannot last forever. I don’t support a party either but it’s clear you’re a Democrat by the way you categorize and make generalizations that are simply talking points.

          • CanuckleDragger

            Yes, I dislike democrats least if that makes me one. I thing they collude when the doors are closed. Sadly for the middle class, I think EXXON and the Koch Brothers have more to say than either party. Self serving rich people are running America. Thank the supreme court and Justice Roberts for selling America. The problem being, it wasn’t his to sell. Roberts should be treated by history like Benedict Arnold.

  • samuraiajg

    Obama is converting America into another Cuba and North Korea with him at the helm. Welcome to Communism and the new Amerika. All the Stupid people who voted for this Dictator are to blame. How do you like Obama now?

    • wlrpaul

      My parents came to America to ESCAPE communism. NOW, it is here. I have no words.

      • Carolyn

        Another friend of mine from Slovakia said the same thing.

        • Debbie G

          And my friend from Hungary.

    • Sophia Mefford

      More accurately Sweden or another one of those smarter nations.

      • Drakken

        Your either being obtuse, or your living in the lefty progressive universe of make believe.

        • Notalibfool

          Apparently she has either missed or is intentionally ignoring the fact that the lefties have been trashing Sweden for decades.

          • tr60

            Say what?

      • Notalibfool

        What is so smart about Sweden?

        • tr60

          The people that live there.

      • truebearing

        Sweden is being overrun with radical Muslims who are brutally raping Swedish girls and women at every opportunity. Is that what you call smart? The Swedish government isn’t protecting its citizens, choosing instead to blockheadedly adhere to the idiocy of political correctness, while Muslims are flooding the nation with the intent of converting Sweden to Islam. Do you want to wear a burkha and be a third class citizen? Do you want to live under shariah, where your husband can beat you, or even kill you, for some trivial or made up reason?

        Wake up, grow up, and stop embarrassing yourself by commenting on things you know nothing about.

        • tr60

          Exactly how many Muslims are you talking about, how many rapes are being committed? As for converting to Islam, most Swedes are atheist.

          Many women in this country choose to wear the burka, does that make them 3rd class citizens?

    • tr60

      You wouldn’t know Communism if Marx smacked you in the head with a sledge hammer and Lenin slapped you in the as$ with a sickle.

  • http://www.clarespark.com/ Clare Spark

    My first response was reparations, but upon reflection, I think it is continued co-option of rowdy movements from below. See http://clarespark.com/2010/07/18/white-elite-enabling-of-black-power/. “White elite enabling of black power.” Such liberal elite policies keep the rich less nervous about revolution from below.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Reparations are part of everything that the DEMs do.

      In Illinois, I know a couple where the husband is retired, and on SSR, and the wife is severely disabled. They get food stamps … isn’t that great? How much? Seven dollars per month (the State of Illinois lowered their allotment by $1 per month, at the beginning of this year).

      Next door to them lives a black couple, living in almost the same circumstances. However, they receive $338 worth of food stamps, per month, and their allotment went up, this month. I know this because they feel bad about this, and share part of their allotment with the first couple.

      Did I mention that the first couple is white?

  • safed

    For those who have lost their coverage I ask, “How does it feel to be rich?” For you are being taken from so that others may have coverage. For those who say that Obamacare is providing more coverage to those who did not have it, I would suggest you do some simple matn: Have more people signed up for new coverage than those who have lost it? Do you feel more secure about your continued coverage now than before?

  • Grow Up America!!!!

    It really makes me sad how greedy and insensitive this country has become!!!! We sit in judgement of each other, so scared to death that we might have to help someone else while screaming what Christians we are. How many times did Christ cry about helping someone or talk about how fair it was that someone got a break?

    How many times did Christ refuse help to someone because they did not think the same way He did? I think all of you conservative “Christian” assholes need to take a long hard look in the mirror and get honest with yourselves. Has it ever, EVER occured to you that if Health costs were lower, so would health insurance costs be lower? NO! It is much easier to demonize Obama than to look at the Conservative controlled and supported health care industry.

    • David Funk

      How many times did Christ insist that the government redistribute wealth? ‘Spreading the Wealth’ is not charity it is robbery at gun point. Charity is when the giver decides to give. Spreading the Wealth is when the government decides to give my money to someone else, with the backing of the power of force. This is robbery, just a bit more sophistacated than with a knife on a street corner, but the essentials are the same.

    • Trappedincalifornia

      Haven’t been to church in many years, but I do remember hearing “God helps those who help themselves” and no has to try to demonize Obama, he’s doing a great job on his own.

      Someone as naive and gullible as you will need to learn many lessons before you can be considered a productive member of society. Good luck with that.

    • cjkcjk

      People like you who deceptively use Christ to back up your evil and unjust imposition of crooked ideas and ideals on others are the biggest hypocrites of all.
      YOU MAKE ME SICK you wicked, evil, lying, fool doing the will of your father, Satan..

    • UCSPanther

      Wanna know what advocating “wealth redistribution” makes you?
      A thief. You advocate theft by stealing from those who make an honest living and giving to those who are too lazy, too drug addled and too willfully stupid to survive on their own.

      Thou shalt not steal.

    • JamesJ

      Jesus never said, the parasites will inherit the earth.

      • wlrpaul

        Jesus also never said, “hand all your money to Caesar and kiss his feet when he sends you to the gas chamber.”

    • Habbgun

      I’m not christian. Can I get a waiver? Is your christianity compulsory?

    • Notalibfool

      How about YOU grow up! We are not being greedy and insensitive. Some of us NEED the money we EARN in order to survive. ObamaCare steals that money and gives it to others who often times have a better life than we workers enjoy.

      Don’t drag Jesus’ good name into your pathetic argument. Did he help people? YES! But did he advocate theft (whiuch is what Obamacare really is)? HECK NO!!!!!

      Health care costs money for a reason. Take some basic business classes and you may begin to understand that.

      And if you think I’m an asshole, GOOD!

    • kilfincelt

      You are assuming that health costs under Obamacare will be lower; however, the items that he insisted be covered under the new plans will increase premiums, not lower them. In order to significantly lower premiums a large number of young, healthy individuals will have to sign up for coverage

      I worked in the insurance industry so I am fully aware how premiums are calculated. I am also aware of the amount of abuse and fraud that is committed against insurance companies, particularly by those who no longer want to work. Such abuse and fraud has to be factored into the price of coverage as well which, of course, increases the cost.

      Some people do need help and I have no problem helping them. But many more are working the system to their advantage and to the disadvantage of the rest of us who follow the rules. If we have become desensitized as a country then the blame should lie squarely at the feet of those who feel the rules don’t apply to them and those who would empower them by ignoring the real problem and solutions.

    • Sam

      You are an idiot. Try reading some history and learn something. America is the most compassionate, generous country in all of history.

      • Notalibfool

        America has been too compassionate and generous. Now we are about to pay for it.

    • jay2010master

      To use the Bible as you did suggest that you also know that the people who do not work will not inherit the kingdom – RIGHT? Well that is what you are doing by giving healthcare to all the people that refuse to work and take it from the people that are working.

    • wlrpaul

      You are allowed to cut your own personal check to match that of the RIGHT, which, across the board, at all wealth levels, VOLUNTARILY cuts checks 33% BIGGER to charity than the left does.

    • gyrwan


      • Notalibfool

        Those who support ObamaTheft are no doubt the same people who hate the Ten Commandments. Wonder why? :)

    • Sussex Girl

      Um, by what evidence do you believe that conservatives run healthcare? If conservatives were running healthcare, there would be no abortions or morning-after pills. In the same way, if conservatives were running education, the students would be able to read and calculate simple sums..

  • Gamal

    You don’t just get to pay for Joe, you get to pay for Mary’s abortions too.

  • David Funk

    When living in Germany I knew a lot of people from the “East” or the Peoples Democratic Republic of Germany. None of then had ever heard the old saw “from each according to his means, to each according to his need.” What they heard was “each individual has the right and responsibility to work.” Would that the Democrat/Progressive party followed this motto.

  • TomD

    I’m confused! Obamacare Bronze plans have a $5,000 deductible? I clearly remember people who supported government health plans hated evil greedy insurance companies when they cheated poor people with $5,000 deductibles. Now those same people support Obamacare? What is going on?!

  • dougjmiller

    I believe that ObamaCare was mainly designed as a tax increase on the middle class. It was designed to fail as a health care “plan.” It’s so burdensome and expensive, that the majority of people won’t complain when they replace it with the single payer plan. Socialized medicine, here we come.

    • Notalibfool

      Agreed! ObamaCare was never really about helping people, it is about destroying the middle class as part of the path towards a socialist utopia.

      • Bert

        Canada has socialized medicine, and it costs less per person than the U.S. Irrespective of their income, people are taken care of by tax dollars. It costs less overall, ’cause the cost is pooled by (provincial) governments.
        US has the biggest gap between the rich and the poor in the developed world and its healthcare system is the laughing stock of the (developed) world

        • goldcds

          Canada healthcare is almost as good as the best healthcare in third wold countries. Go back to Canada and stay there you comrade,

        • Sussex Girl

          You are aware, Bert, that more Canadians, and citizens in the UK, for that matter, die of common cancers, like prostate and breast, than here in the States with its horrible, terrible, no-good healthcare system, right? And you are aware that wait times for treatment once diagnosed are so shudderingly long that Canada actually has a two-tiered system–those who have to stay in Canada and wait for treatment and those who can afford to come to the States for treatment, paying completely out of pocket, of course?

          My pulmonary specialist used to work at an asthma research center in Colorado, and he told me that 20% of the patients he treated were Canadians who insisted that they loved their healthcare system.

          • Sophia Mefford

            Actually the literal statistics are this, per 100,000 people death by all cancers. Canada 125.8, UK 137, US 123.8. So UK is noticeably higher, Canada is not. Let us also note that the US spends DOUBLE the amount per person than Canada does, which makes it on of the most inefficient systems on the planet. Want some more HONEST statistics? Over 40% of Americans do not have their own doctor. Only about 10% of Canadians. The only backing statistic in your favor is ER wait times. 42% over 2 hrs in Canada and 29% in the US. Those on Medicaid in the US wait on average of 3 months to see specialists. On average in the US, 17 days. Canada? 14 days. What this means is that generally speaking they are similar until you look at the costs. Double the cost for similar results. Can you explain that? I will because I doubt you can, see because we do not have nationalized healthcare that controls costs and provide blanket coverage. Hosptials and doctors charge whatever they want based on the coverage the person has and the likelyhood they can afford to pay it. You pay ALOT more for your care in the existing system because so many people do not have quality insurance ( 40% to remind you ). So you are already paying for the poor people in increased costs which leads to exclusions and increased premiums. Now you know.

          • tr60

            The population of Canada is around 30 million. The population of the US is over 300 million. They simply cannot have the saturation of specialists in the density that we have. For many the specific health care provider is much closer in the US than it is in Canada. They come here, get treated, and get reimbursed by the Canadian health care system

        • Notalibfool

          Bert, I live in the real world. I know what I see.

          People taken care of by tax dollars? Who pays those taxes, did you ever think of that? It’s people like me, struggling to survive on next to nothing while the freeloader down the street has a nice relaxing life.

        • Omar

          Oh, yeah? What about inequality in Communist Cuba, where the average monthly salary is $19. A single passport in Cuba costs about $100, which means that Cubans are required to spend almost half their annual salary to pay for something that is a guarantee for travelers in every country in the world except for North Korea, which also has inequality. Learn from facts instead of repeating Stalinist/Maoist propaganda.

    • tr60

      A single-payer plan is not socialized medicine. It merely means that there is one payer of health bills. The doctors and hospitals can remain as private entities. They just won’t need the massive staff to handle billing.

  • veritaseequitas


    • BruceMichaelGrant

      Repeal OBAMA.

      • Mo86

        Now there’s an idea!

        How this criminal got to be in the highest office of the land is truly one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the American public.

        • Notalibfool

          Agreed, but let’s not forget the legions of accomplices who helped him. They deserve to be charged and prosecuted.

          • tr60

            With what, for what? Voting?

          • RedEyeJedi

            For what reason do you deeply believe in the idea that this was an election won by voter fraud, and the only one in history that was ever the least bit crooked?
            Ignoring the obvious examples of voter fraud in your own party, including a Presidential election,?

        • tr60

          Because more Americans than ever before in history, got up, got in line, and voted for Barack Hussein Obama to be the President of the United States.

          • Candice Hiler

            Obama must be the new ‘messiah’, as he has been able to resurrect the dead so they can vote, and has been able to turn a handful of voters into an entire precinct, PLUS, so that he has gotten more votes in some precincts than there are registered voters.

          • tr60

            Prove it.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    So the ditch digger is made equal to the doctor. Sounds like the Marxist dreams come true.

    • Softly Bob

      I agree with your premise, but ‘ditch digger’ is a bad analogy – at least ditch diggers work by sweat and toil.
      A better analogy is ‘the dope-head dropout is made equal to the doctor’.

    • poli-sy

      yeah, because if people can’t afford heath care, f*ck em’ right?

      • gyrwan

        No. Help them.
        YOU help them.
        With YOUR money.
        Stop STEALING money that belongs to someone else, giving it away, and calling it charity.
        Convince someone else to give to the needy … WILLINGLY. Not by threat of prosecution, imprisonment, or threat of EVEN GREATER theft.
        Your pre- and post-facto justifications for simple theft are highly immoral.

      • Mo86

        Tell me, by what right does the government have authority to FORCE people to buy insurance? By what right does the government have the right to take money, again, by FORCE, from one group of people to give to another?

        Are you going to answer? Or are you going to ignore this question, just like it’s been ignored by every liberal I’ve ever asked?

        • tr60

          How do you explain the $4 BILLION in subsidies given to the oil companies? have you ever read the Farm Bill? As for taking money, do you collect a paycheck?

          • KillLiberalism

            You mean farm bill that is comprised of 80% funding to food stamps?

      • Notalibfool

        How about YOU pay for Obamacare?

      • Jason Hall

        If people could afford healthcare make them so they can’t afford healthcare because they are better than everybody else and needs to be brought down to a lower class.

  • carltjohnson

    Seems to me that our incomes were far less re-distributed before comiecare and the bills still got paid. Yes, those of us that are responsible did pay for the care of others in terms of cost of our health care and state taxes. Again, the bills got paid. Hospitals still got paid and still got donations from various sources. Sure it could of worked better and more fairly. My point… we could of had some of the good regulations without Federal redistribution and ridiculous coverage’s comiecare imposes upon the majority.
    It is my observation that obama’s comiecare puts us all “back in chains”, makes us poorer and disempowers us from doing what conscious human beings would do naturally.

  • naro

    I got to get out of this rotten country.

    • Sam

      The whole world is getting rottener by the day. There is no where to go so stand and fight like a good patriot.

    • Crassus

      I hear Paraguay is nice. If I ever hit the lottery I’ll move there.

  • Sam

    All obama is doing is making everyone poor. He deserves to be shot.

  • It’sAllAboutLiberty!

    This TRAVESTY OF SOCIAL JUSTICE leaves ALL Bronze & Silver plan patients way short & in dire peril of BANKRUPTCY if an illness or accident are acute. Medicare supplement insurance is designed to fill the GAP left after Medicare is done paying what it deems reasonable/allowed/approved. For under age 65 patients there is NO supplemental coverage to fill the gap & protect against CATASTROPHIC OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSE after #Obamacare Bronze or Silver plans are through paying all ELIGIBLE EXPENSES. Regardless the cost in premium for #Obamacare insurance, whether subsidized or not, every American on Bronze & Silver plans risk bankruptcy.

    What you say, #Obamacare plans are superior to non-grandfathered plans? WRONG !!! Adequate health insurance should be designed, like insurance of any kind, to protect against CATASTROPHIC LOSS by sharing risk to “plug holes so the boat won’t sink” — a fundamental of what insurance SHOULD be all about. Instead, #Obamacare creates such INEQUALITY for those unfortunate VICTIMS OF #Obamacare who have to dig deep into their own pockets to fill the gap after Bronze & Silver plans pay their percentage limits.

    By design, #Obamacare’s Bronze & Silver INEQUITABLE benefit packages will force the discussion, springboard protest, in the direction of a SINGLE-PAYER SYSTEM where everyone has identical UNIVERSAL COVERAGE & NO CHOICE between health insurance plans. The Medicare “Medi-gap” supplemental insurance program where social system & free enterprise work hand in hand to protect against catastrophic loss does not exist in #Obamacare.

    Before we even get started talking about #Obamacare’s ACTUARIAL INSANITY we have to focus on it’s OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSE which defies every principle of insurance.

    • Silly Boy Me

      I detest the non-affordable travesty known as obamacare, but the “catastrophic” out-of-pocket expense is limited to around $6,000-7,000 in all of the Bronze & Silver plans. If that would drive you into bankruptcy, then you would have been driven into bankruptcy with any form of existing private insurance.

      • Flakyme

        That is after your deductible so if your deductible is 5,000 that would be $11,000-$12,000 not to mention the cost of the insurance itself and that would just be for an individual, it is much higher for families

        • Silly Boy Me

          Your statement is not correct, as you could easily confirm by googling the question “what does the out-of-pocket maximum include?” The answer is, it includes everything you pay for your covered expenses EXCEPT your insurance premiums, any expenses considered excessive to customary and reasonable, or incurred out-of-network. OOPM does include your deductible, co-pays, and co-insurance amounts.

  • Paula-LiveFreeorDie

    Beautifully written. Easy to understand with such clarity. Here is the redistribution of wealth via Obamacare explained for the average Joe.

    • poli-sy

      rich people have raped the middle class for 30 years and now you’re worried about redistribution? wake the f up.

      • Paula-LiveFreeorDie

        Having lived in both worlds, and now working with poor, I
        believe many have had ample opportunity to pull themselves up by their
        bootstraps but have chosen not to. It’s easier to kick-back, do drugs, have
        children, waste money on tattoos and let someone else pay for it. Don’t ask
        others to support you when you are capable of doing so yourself.

        • Notalibfool

          The low-income apartment complexes in my hometown are filled with people that fit that description to a tee.

          Don’t forget that besides being freeloaders, they tend to look at us workers as their servants. They are not thankful for the handouts they receive but are happy to demand even more. Thus many of them end up with a higher standard of living than those who work.

        • tr60

          I’ve seen lots of freeloaders gaming the system for all that it’s worth…
          I’m also seeing a lot of people having a damn hard time of it. Let’s have a little compassion for those who’ve had the bottom dropped out beneath them. Their problems drag the rest of us down.

          • Candice Hiler

            Fifty years of FAILED liberal policies to bring the ‘poor’ out of poverty and we haven’t gained a thing. I say pull the plug on all of the freebie welfare gimme, gimme, gimme programs and let people discover for themselves what they can do FOR themselves (or not). Those who are TRULY in need will be cared for by the churches and benevolent members of society. It is NOT the place of the government to play ‘charity’ at the expense of hard working people.

          • tr60

            And what do you work so hard at? I take it you have a job, or a spouse to mooch off of, or maybe you’re a trust fund baby. For the rest there is the reality of an expanding economy (the DOW is over 16,000), historic corporate profits – AND NO JOBS. They’ve all been off-shored to slave labor in China.

            The function of government is protection; whether it’s invading hordes or domestic brigands. But protection also extends to floods, drought, plague and famine. Remember Joseph from the Bible? His job was to lay up grain in times of plenty (ya know, take from those who have it) and distribute during times of need (give to those moochers).

            You go cutting the hordes loose with no food, shelter or hope and they’ll turn on you. Just study the revolutions over the last 200 years and notice what they did to the top 1%. You want that grief turned lose on this land?

      • Notalibfool

        More like the rich leftists and their freeloading friends have been financially murdering the middle class. Redistribution is killing us working-class folks. If you were a worker you would know that.

  • Old Buckeye

    And this doesn’t include the 3.8% surtax on capital gains and dividends which is the ObamaCare tax that went into effect last January 1.

  • John Prospero

    I don’t see this as an issue…..Joe…..scumbag Joe that is….they guy getting subsidies….was already an Obama voter….so it’s not like the leftist tent is getting new recruits….although those silly fools that work for a living but vote democrat are getting the short end of the stick….and hopefully waking up…


    Obama is the first President to have simultaneously justified nullification, secession, impeachment, and revolution.

  • Paul Sel

    OB☭M☭C☭RE ● has DEATH SPIRAL written all over it. I do hope the Republicans are meeting with Insurance Companies as I write figuring out how to defuse this Economic time bomb when they regain the Senate

    • Eisenhower Republican

      Not happening. They’re in bed altogether. If they weren’t, this scam would have been dead and buried a few years ago. And if the R’s do get the Senate, they’ll ignore it and use some other stuff that doesn’t have squat to do with anything to make it look like they’re doing something.

  • Eisenhower Republican

    More like it goes to Wall Street and the insurance industry – the supposed “enemy” Obama pretended to be against. But, go figure. He was formulated by the 1% and you chumps fell for it hook, line and sinker.

  • Sally Smith

    Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 504 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc. http://danfromsquirrelhill.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/obama-252/

  • ebonystone

    So the cost of the bronze plan in the example is $5436/yr. Is that cost the same thing as the Obamacare cost that the Roberts Court ruled is a TAX?
    Because if it is, then it cannot be included when itemizing deductions, unlike medical insurance purchased privately.
    Under 2012 IRS rules [is 2013 different? I haven’t seen the forms yet.] only medical expenses above 7.5% of AGI can be included when itemizing. So for the fellow in the example that’s $3447/yr. A policy purchased privately for the same price as the 0care price — $5436/yr — puts him nearly $2000 over that cut-off point. Then add to that any actual medical or dental expenses; just the annual check-ups would add several hundred dollars to that.
    But if that $5436/yr is a tax, and I think that’s what the Roberts court was talking about, then it’s not deductible when itemizing, just as Social Security taxes are not deductible. So the fellow in the example could pay $3400 in actual medical bills, plus the $5436 for the plan, and not be able to deduct one penny.

    • Flakyme

      Actually, the other thing Obama and the democrats did was change the 7.5% to 10% so we lose out there too.

  • http://darkangelpolitics.com/ Angel

    Capitalism is the unequal creation of wealth based on talent, ability, and hard work. Marxism is the equal distribution of misery. As Mao, Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot taught us, it also results in the mass murder of its citizens.

  • dagot

    The only fallacy of this article is in the author’s use of the term “unexpected.” The consequences of this vile law were woven into its development by the chief distributor of income. Most people with good sense also knew this was the aim of the law. It was hardly unexpected, except by the mindless mass that thought Obama was so “cool” and so “hip” and wouldn’t it be nice to elect the first African-American president.

    • ConservaDave2

      Perhaps you missed the facetious tone of the author’s statement…

      • dagot

        Um, no, I didn’t miss it at all. I just quibble with the word “unexpected.” Like you, I’m a conservative and reserve the right to be cranky and contrary :-)

  • Sam

    We do have recourse through the Constitution. What has to happen is that 2/3 of the governors must get together to over ride the federal government. We should be bugging hell out of our governors daily until they join the convention. There is a legal way to put the clamps on the demoncrats and RINOs. God help us all.

  • ConservaDave2

    While we’re on the subject of equality why not consider equality of effort, equality of commitment, equality of planning, equality of getting an education. Perhaps the benefactors of income equality should also be required to be equal in these other realms.

  • John Ross Zaydi

    This article DOESN’T mention the fact that those people who are now stuck paying for the ‘free riders’ have played by the rules all along, the rules that society had set forth for making a good living, while the ‘free riders’ didn’t. And while we can argue about how the poor are mostly poor because of circumstances beyond their control, the wealth distribution theory only makes sense–only works–in THEORY. That is, the poor will ALWAYS be poor due to a fact that liberals never consider: The poor don;t know HOW to manage money. Give EVERY poor person a million dollars, and in a year they will ALL again be poor. … whereas money in the hands of those who know how to handle it will ALWAYS lead to the generation of MORE money, which also means more jobs!!
    [Let’s not forget how well charities work during booming economies (if only we could get the Dems out of ANY control of economic issues — they’re simply over their heads on such issues!!), which is to say, much better than government programs, whose WASTE is astronomical.]
    My ‘practical’ argument against wealth distribution is separate from the moral argument against it, which says that it is simply and always WRONG to take from those who have earned in order to give to those who haven’t earned, for two reasons: 1. the recipients will be imbued with a false sense of entitlement, which erodes their sense of industry AND their sense of pride and esteem (see the welfare rolls for examples of same); and 2. the incentive of those who DO earn the money will be diminished eventually to nil, as they see their efforts go unrewarded, which eventually leads to much fewer Earners, which means much fewer of those who PAY THE WAY for everyone, which leads to the collapse of the system. How on earth can such a devise be moral? It only leads to MORE poor and MORE misery, a prescription that the Obama years has shown to be only too true.
    And THAT’S what is REALLY “the Democratic Party’s gift to a grateful America.”
    Remember, we now have over 3 million fewer people in the workforce b/c
    of pres. Oduma’s ‘smart’ economic policies, AND we also have average
    incomes down by close to 10%. What a genius we have as POTUS. … with closet-blond Pelosi and Dingy Harry Reid as the Democratic Trinity of Idiots.

  • hbk72777

    Exactly. I’m someone who is down right now, but I don’t take a dime from anyone. No welfare, no disability check, no food stamps, and I’m not signing up for healthcare, penalty be damned.

    I don’t know how any self respecting person can accept this? I guess pride can be bought.

  • disqus_PxMGbpLOCq

    What a slanted article. Using an example of a poor person who is an addict and no ambition is not the case of millions of the hard-working poor who make inadequate wages to the COL (a better opportunity for wealth redistribution that the right adamantly opposes also). Also, IF the higher income purchasers had to pay the above figures, w/o employer contribution, and I question the source material, it would be similar and often less than what they would have paid before on the private market. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” is also, by the way, directly from the Christian Bible. Read it and weep, hypocrisy lives.

    • jlevyellow

      Everyone has wishes, fantasies, dreams. In countries with single payer systems, you believe the poor have exactly the same access to health care services as the middle class and the wealthy? You are dreaming again. In many countries doctors are permitted by law to take private patients or do so anyway. I have a friend who needed to address benign prostatic hypertrophy, but in the country in which he was living, the only available treatment was major prostate revision with the risks of impotence and incontinence. He came to America and obtained “green light” laser treatment on an out patient basis at the Cleveland Clinic. In his country, there was greater reimbursement for the more radical procedure. This is beginning to happen in America as well, since hospitals need to maximize their income. The stupid patients are merely cash cows!!!

      • disqus_PxMGbpLOCq

        I expect that the rich will always be able to afford better and more (nonelective, etc) healthcare…but that the lesser should get access to basic healthcare. Regulations and enforcement to prevent fraud and abuse/misuse should go without saying….

    • gyrwan

      “Read it and weep”
      I have. But I must have missed the part where Freidrich Engels led his people to the promised land. Is that in the Gospel of MarkMarx?
      “To each according to his need” may be compatible with Christian teaching. It’s the first phrase of that sentence that must have been omitted from my copy of the KJV Bible. Do you have the Howard Zinn version?

      • disqus_PxMGbpLOCq

        I am not a strict verbatim requiring person myself…the gist is the same. According to need implies according to ability, its a bit redundant. We all take the bible and interpret and implement in a variety of ways. How God’s commands to love and care for the poor, according to need is implemented in economics is debatable, but I suspect we are doing a piss poor job of it at the moment. We don’t have to strip individual freedoms and liberties and ownership/enterprise via the mistakes of communism in the past, but our current hands-off, each man/woman for himself, blind eyes to conditions (prices/wages/job availability, and lessened availability of free land and the freedom to take from the land to provide for self as in the days of ye old pioneers) is failing…

  • Alexander Horn

    Forget the pseudo-medical insurance comparisons. The last shoe to drop is when the masses realize that they voted for the Federal Government (IRS) to have DIRECT WITHDRAWAL ACCESS to your bank accounts. Now there is a slippery slope. Whenever the Government wants your money, for anything, THAT’S ANYTHING, they now have the access to rob you. You now can vote to obtain other people’s property and wealth without recourse. You can’t even sue the IRS.

    • wlrpaul

      sure justifies things like bitcoin.

  • Never Forget

    And the ships in Boston Harbor are guarding against white guys dressed as Native Americans slipping onboard to thru the boxes of Tea into the harbor fomenting the seeds of Revolution.
    Obama’s Home Land Security is ready at a moments notice of the implementation of Martial Law, 240 thousand of them (Brown Shirts/Gestopo) armed with 1.6 billion rounds of ammunitions that are banned by the Geneva Convention.

  • wlrpaul

    Obama’s redistribution of wealth, to the very rich who own this evil puppet, maybe.

  • wlrpaul

    TWO MILLION sign ups, three months in, wow, less than 1% support.

    Maybe Americans are NOT insane after all.

  • Zach Hyson

    Truly a real piece of sh*t media source

  • Gamal

    The biggest benefit for Joe isn’t sharing his money with the less fortunate, it’s waiting a lot longer to get treated by the doctor so that those less fortunate than he get to be treated too. Maybe Joe will get to go to heaven early thanks to Obamacare.

  • SpeedersKill

    How much proof do we need. Obozo is a socialist and the biggest racist in history. Everything with him is about taking money from working whites and giving it to deadbeat non-whites.

  • Ed

    Thus went the way of the Roman Empire, we are going in the exact same direction and the average American seems to fiddelling.

  • goldcds

    It has been proven over and over that socialism does NOT work yet our idiot politicians are trying it here. MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SpeedersKill

      Nothing moronic about it. Democrats use socialism to buy votes. They know it’s bad for america but don’t care. They just want to stay in power.

  • Funk Obumer

    Do you not know if any man worship the Beast O Bamah, or his name Barack Hussein Obama aka Obamacare, or his mark the RFID implantable chip found in HR 3962 and HR 4872. If any man takes his mark is condemned in the lake of fire. He is the False Man of Peace who ran on Hope and Change. Obamacare was his Goal first term. Second Term Implementation of his mark and 7 Year Peace Treaty Underway Can Only Mean Death and Destruction to Syria Iran and Under Syria’s New Leader Egypt is Finally Back to Muslim Brotherhood Control. The Devil was mad when Egypt overthrew Morsi.Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil! And will lie to you in Jesus name by saying Obamacare nor the RFID chip is not the Mark of the Beast.

  • Obamadislika

    I think Obama is a real sexy, skinny, gorilla. Don’t you?

  • Obamadislika

    His Auntie is back in Kenya swinging on vines.

  • poli-sy

    The rich have stolen our wages, our pensions, our 401ks, our houses, and you’re telling me class warfare is just beginning?

    where have you been for the past 30 years?

    • Notalibfool

      Where have I been for the past 30 years? Here in Democrat-controlled Washington State, watching the Democrats destroy the middle class, including my own family. So much for being the party that cares about the workers…….

  • Obamadislika

    She had to leave an apartment in NY because she was tagged as an
    illegal alien. THIS IS FACTUAL. And her nephew (Obama) knew she
    was there and breaking the law. What a scumbag he is !

  • Sophia Mefford

    Let us ignore the fact that BOTH parties have to pay their deductible out of pocket FIRST. This actually means that because he makes less, his coverage cost is less. So in one case of the Bronze the person must pay 10% of his income out of pocket first, the other must pay 30%. The Silver is still that same huge gap. Both parties get preventative care equally. Which includes ALCOHOL TREATMENT and DRUG TREATMENT FOR that cost fully paid, instead of the cost of a new liver. that would be paid by increased fees to those of us who pay our medical bills, when he cannot afford to pay it out of pocket. Also name ONE insurance plan at $752 per month with no deductible and pays 80% of costs? Numbers only tell the story you choose to tell, not the honest one unless your intent was to be honest in the first place. Agenda much?

  • Victor Manino

    This may be wealth redistribution, but not to who this article says. When everyone is forced to buy it, pay more than ever before with deductibles higher than ever, even if you get a pittance of a subsidy, money is pouring into corporate coffers

    • Richard Fontaine

      Ah , another economic moron. The only corporate coffers that the money pours into are the ones that partner with the Communists to fleece the public in the first place and then the money flows back to the financial powers that control the talking head politicians. The businesses that actually have to compete against the crony capitalists are crushed by the regulations and taxes pushed by the government stooges.

      • Victor Manino

        Thanks for the insult but you merely said what I implied. Does your mother know you’re using her computer?

  • Moa

    Most citizens already give between 1/3 and 1/2 of their income to poorer people. It’s called “tax”. Although the ‘advocates’ of the poor act as if none of this is given by the ‘greedy’ taxpayers.

    But that isn’t enough for the wasteful and inefficient Government and the whingers (who often don’t actually pay tax to help the poor themselves). They know extorting more tax is bad and the citizens are fed up, so they concoct another name for their wealth extraction schemes – like Obamacare, and carbon tax, etc.

  • xzr56

    Medicaid is NOT “free healthcare” between ages 55-65.. it is a LOAN tracked by the government and recovered by/paid back to the government out of one’s remaining assets or estate at death. The poor are getting screwed again, losing all their assets due to illness, leaving not even the family shack to the kids. Wall Street always knows how to screw the poor in the most imaginative of ways!

  • xzr56

    Obamacare is just another method to inject newly printed dollars into
    our economy, rather than toss all those dollars out of helicopters. The only person paying those Obamacare subsidies is Ben Bernanke using the 40 Billion per month in freshly printed dollars he is givng our government. We all pay via INFLATION for ALL THIS MONEY PRINTING. Remember, INFLATION IS THE ULTIMATE FLAT TAX, something Republicans love.

    • Richard Fontaine

      Ah a true, economic moron. You should run for office as a Democrat.

      • Notalibfool

        Or get a job teaching at the Evergreen State College, the laughingstock of the Pacific Northwest.

  • xzr56

    Obamacare desperately needs TWO major improvements OVER ANY OTHERS:

    1. “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL” which segregates America’s health insurance risk pools between the employed and the unemployed. America needs to END SEGREGATION of health insurance risk pools. (Thanks to Ronald Reagan for the inspiring quote!)

    2. Grant EQUAL TAX TREATMENT to all health insurance purchases so individuals can buy health insurance with BEFORE-TAX-DOLLARS just like businesses AND CONGRESS do.

    Pity those middle class Americans who
    are first SEGREGATED into the “UNEMPLOYED RISK POOL” and then forced to
    buy health insurance with AFTER-TAX-DOLLARS, all while getting NO


  • Steeloak

    The immediate logic of Obamacare is to tell the productive people of this country that they are stupid.
    Sit back, take it easy, be a bum, and all will be provided to you! Work hard, save, invest, pay your bills and you will get shafted.
    Its not hard to see what the effect of this will be – lots of people will start taking the easy way, as many already have. Project that out a decade or so & its clear the country will be well along the path to being just like Detroit.

  • vladimirval

    This is Socialism at its worse. As in every socialist state the people footing the bill for those unable or unwilling to pay their way will be less and less until there is no one left to pay the bills of of others and society deteriorates to a point where all are at the poverty level. As the saying goes, “eventually the state runs out of money” because the state is unable to generate an economy that can sustain a healthy GDP. This happened in Cuba as no one was allowed to practice private enterprise. There are no new cars in Cuba. Everything is run by the state providing not enough needed products and services. There are no automobile or any other private factories. The profit motive is nonresistant. The economy can not sustain production nor the services required for a robust economy. This includes health care. There are not enough qualified healthcare professionals to care for Cubans. The same happened in the Soviet Union. They were sucking the spoils of the countries under their control (iron curtain countries) to feed their own economy. Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, and a few other countries had better economies, although poor by western standards, than the Soviet Union. That was due to the Soviet Union’s government micro managed all production and service by people who were not qualified in any of the fields they controlled. The other reason was that it tool too many resources to control the people; police and military were primary consumers of the their GDP. The current U.S. administration is heading our country in to the same dead end as these failed regimes. The US government took over our auto industry handed it to the unions, and stole the assets of the stock and bond holders. In the USSR it was called “dictatorship of the proletariat” our government called it a bailout. We can and must put a stop to this destruction of our Republic. We must make changes in our governments from Federal to state to local. We must replace the current office holders with patriots willing to serve our nation and follow the path of our founders. Let’s make this a government of, by, and for the people as intended by our founders. Hey people DO SOMETHING!

    • Smith and Wesson and Me

      Nah. They’ve already succeeded in draining any life force from us to do anything with two generations of leftist propaganda. A couple of generations earlier?…the Capitol and the White House would be smouldering ashes by now.

      • vladimirval

        Your attitude is just as damaging to our Republic as the Socialist have done or ever will do. Had George Washington and his officers your defeatist attitude, we would all be subjects of the Crown. The world would have never witnessed the greatest experiment in self government on earth. We must never forget the sacrifices or abandon the effort of our founders. You sound like the viche (sp) government of France during the Nazi occupation. I for one will not give up the fight for I realize what is at stake and the probable disastrous consequences.

  • keithj

    Now these revelations bring it home—–the reality of the train wreck coming our way. Thank the progressives for their bleeding-heart approach to individual responsibility and accountability.

  • gvanderleun

    What’s Right (and Wrong) with This Picture

    “1) Perazzo’s right about the incomes and the differential premium prices for the different incomes. But he forgets to mention that poorer people get big subsidies on the co-pays and the deductibles, too (if they choose a silver plan), so their monetary advantages are not just for the premiums but for the whole kit and kaboodle (at least for a silver plan).

    “(2) Those percentages he gives—60% for bronze (40% contribution from the patient), 70% for silver (30% contribution from the patient)—are not explained correctly by him. First of all, those are just averages; the real patient contributions could differ a great deal depending on how much health care a person actually uses in a year. What’s more, he says that those are the percentages people pay AFTER they have paid the deductible, which is wrong. Those patient contribution percentages actually include what the person pays for the deductible, too.

    “(3) He’s right about the differential prices for premiums depending on income, but he’s wrong about the details of the redistribution part. The money that the richer people pay to buy health insurance does not go to DIRECTLY subsidize the premiums of the poor people. The money that the richer people pay for premiums goes to the insurance companies, and the insurance companies get exactly the same amount for premiums for the poor people–it’s just that the insurance companies get it mostly from the government instead of from the poor person him/herself (or from richer people’s premiums). The insurance company makes the same on rich and poor people. So where does the government get the money for the subsidies, if not from the richer people’s premiums? From a whole bunch of new taxes, for example on those making over $250K, on medical devices, etc. (see the list here: http://jeffduncan.house.gov/full-list-obamacare-tax-hikes ), some of which are borne by the rich and some by the middle class. “

  • 56Survivor

    I will not comply.

  • Langosta

    What you have to remember is that “Joe” the bum was subsidized under the old system too. He showed up at the emergency room when he got sick and then stiffed the hospital on his bill. The rest of us got over-billed to pay for Joe the Bum, so there was the same amount of redistribution going on then as there will be with Obamacare

  • Juls

    Are you kidding me? You’re missing the forest for the trees!

    At an annual income of less than $16,000 old Joe has no better insurance than the guy making $46,000 and paying the full boat. Can’t you see that?
    Even with the subsidy Joe still has the annual $5000 deductible for 60% coverage on the Bronze plan and the coveted Silver plans would still cost him $250 bucks a month after a subsidy. With a monthly income of $1300 do you really think either of these plans are a viable alternative for Joe? You’re paying the premium for insurance Joe can’t afford to use!
    EVERYBODY is getting screwed on Obamacare. If people who get the insurance don’t use it because they can’t afford it – then where is all that money going?

  • Feemster

    When was in Junior High back in the 60’s….our teachers would tell us….about four times a day…if we didn’t work hard and study hard…we would never accomplish anything or HAVE anything. I guess they were wrong.

  • MediaMentions

    Eh, it has it’s pros and cons. What I don’t get is why the US didn’t just adopt a Canadian system. Here’s 22 reasons why: I don’t get why the US didn’t just adopt the Canadian system: http://www.pressreader.com/bookmark/FSNFF82HB3O7/TextView economically, politically, we’re similar enough that it could work if done properly. And it’s not even an apples and oranges question. the two are similar enough that done right, it could work in a fair and equitable manner without punishing dependents.

  • Susan

    An excellent explanation of how this plans works. It just seems so unfair that hard working Americans get to pay more for their health insurance than ever before and the less motivated, who don’t work or barely work get the same or better health insurance for almost free.

  • Crabby

    Sorry, but I guess that I am a little slow. Assuming that Joe pays the $1.00 per month for the bronze plan where is he getting the money to pay the $5,000.00 annual deductible and the remaining 40% of his medical costs after that deductible is met?? What am I missing?? Help!

  • Death

    Do you really expect anyone to take this article’s criticism of Obamacare seriously when the example recipient of subsidized insurance plan is characterized as “an obese alcoholic and longtime drug abuser with little ambition and no history of ever having held a full-time job for very long” ?

    Come on…

  • Gamal

    There is a video called The Danger of Wealth Redistribution: Lessons from Obamacare that is a good supplement to this article. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njQvy5ZPyqU